March 24th, 2010


Final part of 2AM’s I Did Wrong music drama released!

After Seulong, Jinwoon, Changmin and Jo Kwon’s teaser for 2AM’s latest track I Did Wrong was released, it was only a matter of time for the first part of their music drama to be released. The first part released on March 15th revealed the boys’ great acting skills as they fought for one girl.

For those of you who were curious what was going to happen next, we’ve got the final part of the music drama! Check it out below.

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sources: allkpop + goingv6 @ youtube

Danbi surpasses Family Outing.

'Danbi' surpasses 'FO', does it save 'Sunday Night'?

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MBC 'Sunday Sunday Night' that aired on the 21st got a 5.7% viewers rating of the whole nation, forcing it to be last place. However, the first corner 'Danbi' beat 'Family Outing'. AGB Nielsen media's results from the real time investigation on viewers ratings stated that 'Danbi' received a record of 13~14% viewers ratings while 'Family Outing' was 1~2% behind.

That day on 'Danbi', Nichkhun and Song Ji Hyo made appearances as guests and went to a village in the Phillipines where they had a good time with the natives and presented a lot of laughter. In the past they have focused on touching people's hearts and had left out a lof of the entertainment aspects, but on this day they made the viewers burst out laughing and received a good review.

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Foxy’s MV gets banned on free to air TV

New girl group, Foxy, was expected to grab attention due to Han Jang Hee, the 2006 World Cup girl, being one of the members. Unfortunately, one of Korea’s largest broadcasting channel, SBS, has banned their music video for their song Why Are You Doing This To Me.

Things are looking worse, as the other two main brodcasting channels, KBS and MBC, have also banned their music video from airing on their channels as well.

The music video showed a lot of skinship and promoted sexual relationships with men and women. It was decided by the censorship department of all 3 tv stations that the music video was over-the-top and very inappropriate.

Foxy’s company, MC Entertainment stated, “The decision for Foxy’s music video being banned on free to air television stations was a big blow to us. We are thinking of editing the video and hoping for it to be accepted on TV. The music video for their World Cup Song, which will be released in May, will not have this problem.”

Let’s hope that things will look better for them in the future!

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Source(s): AKP, AsianMusicVideoHD @ youtube
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Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young choose loyalty over money

Having been free agents since their departure in January as members of Jewelry, it was announced that Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young have chosen loyalty over money and will be staying on with Star Empire to continue their solo career.

A Star Empire representative expressed on the 23rd, “Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young may have made the decision to leave Jewelry but they have decided to stay on with the family to continue their solo activities.”

Since becoming free agents in January, Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young have been linked with many other companies who promised more money than what Star Empire offered them. But the long years spent with Star Empire and the warmth treatment accorded to them by the company, left them to make the easy choice of staying to show their gratitude and loyalty.

The representative concluded, “Both of them will have busy schedules lined up in the rest of the year. Park Jung Ah will be involved with filming (Prosecutor Princess) for now and she will also continue singing. Seo In Young will meanwhile be concentrating her efforts on singing. Please continue to show them support.”

Source: allkpop

Wow. Warm treatment from a company?
I never thought I'd see that phrase in Kpop.

Also, I want another solo Park Jung Ah album so badly!

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Ethiopian becomes first refugee-citizen in South Korea

South Korea has awarded citizenship to an Ethiopian refugee - the first such move in the country's history, says the UN's refugee agency.

The UN's Melissa Fleming called it a "highly significant milestone" in East and South East Asia - where few nations have signed the UN refugee convention.

She urged other Asian countries to follow South Korea's lead.

The 38-year-old Ethiopian fled persecution in his home country in 2001 and was given citizenship last week.

Ms Fleming said South Korea had signed the refugee convention in 1994, and had so far accepted 175 claims of refugee status and given humanitarian assistance.

The country also houses thousands of refugees from North Korea, but the UN says North Koreans have a different status and are automatically considered to be South Korean citizens.

BBC News
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Secret to make their comeback April 1st!

Secret to make their comeback April 1st!

With girl group Secret scheduled to comeback in April, their jacket photo of their first mini album was revealed today!

Because their title song is called Magic, their jacket photo has a fantastic concept which expresses a freedom and yet stylish atmosphere. The director of their jacket photo was Lee Jae Yoon, who in the past has worked with top stars such as Rain, Baek Ji Young, Ivy and Park Hyo Shin.

Furthermore, Secret’s teaser is scheduled to be revealed on the 29th. Their mini album will be released a few days after, on April 1st.

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Source: AllKpop 1, AllKpop 2, Secretfour

So happy to see them back! They had such a strong debut last year. ♥

Park Jin Young voted as the most overrated songwriter

On a recent poll hosted by DC Inside, the famous man under the controversies, Park Jin Young has been voted by the netizens as Korea’s most overrated songwriter.

JYP has obtained 1769 votes out of the total 6723, which computes to nearly 26.3 percent.

DC Inside revealed, “Park Jin Young has flaunted his extraordinary talent throughout by producing many top stars like g.o.d., Rain, Wonder Girls, and 2PM. However, after the “Jaebeom incident” and “Sunmi leaving the Wonder Girls incident” recently, his reputation as a producer has taken a severe beating.”

Other well-known songwriters likeKim Do Hoon, composer of CNBlue’s I’m A Loner(2nd, 18.4%) and Teddy (3rd, 10.3%) rounded up the top 3 of this poll

Source: allkpop

Nicole Reveals the Idol Who Pushed Her to Diet

KARA’s Nicole had everyone at the edge of their seats when she unveiled the story of how she started to lose weight. It seems a certain male idol star asked her, “Just when are you going to lose that fat?” and Nicole took that to heart.

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Source: Newsen, KpopLive
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so Omona, were your guesses correct? I personally think Nicole has always looked fab.
Mankae and former mankae
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Bubi Bubi's T-ara and Yoon Si Yoon to have a sweet romance

T-ara becomes actresses with Yoon Si Yoon for a short drama.

KT Tech's latest phone, Kt Tech Touch phone just launched and T-ara and Yoon Si Yoon are the promoters of the phone called Bubi Bubi.

T-ara and Yoon Si Yoon will released 12 videos each of 5 minutes for a romance-themed drama/cf. The videos will be available on online portal sites and various sites partnered with the product.

All the T-ara members have somehow had professional experiences prior to their debut. They'll be able to showcase love, family, dreams, friendship and more through the episodes which all circles around the girls of T-ara's romance with the leading man Yoon Si Yoon. Yoon Si Yoon previously announced the adoration and affection he had for T-ara in variety shows. Through this promotion, T-ara hopes to show their various and never ending attractive sides.

More info about the movie, the movie is called "I'll Go Crazy Waiting" and was directed by Ryu Seung Jin who also made T-ara and Yoon Si Yoon's Bubi Bubi campaigns which were released on the 20th.

Source: joynews, tiaradiadem
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"Let's not be friends anymore" Soohyun speaks of his scandal with JoKwon

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In a recent interview, Soohyun of U-Kiss spoke about his scandal with 2AM's Jokwon.

[TV Daily=Kim JinYoung Reporter]
U-Kiss' Soohyun "Shocking Scandal, JoKwon says 'Let's not be friends anymore.' "

U-Kiss’ Soohyun described his feelings about his awkward scandal with 2AM’s JoKwon.

Soohyun and JoKwon were best friends even before debut.
Their deep friendship was emphasized on their individual mini-homepages. Such pictures and various ‘love signs’ confused fans into thinking they are gay.

During TV Daily’s interview with Soohyun, he remarked “The scandal with Kwon surprised me.’
Soohyun says “We became to know each other when we met as JYP trainees. I shared a friendship with all trainees not just JoKwon. Especially Beast’s KiKwang and DongWoon.
Also “Now that I read the messages over, I suppose we were a little harsh.” But “Those are all memories and it doesn’t matter because I’m not gay anyways..”

Kibum who was listening from the side recalled “After the news came out, during KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank,’ those two met.” Also, “Suddenly JoKwon hyung said to Soohyun hyung ‘Let’s not be friends anymore’ as a joke.”

Soohyun finalizes the interview with a smile, saying, “Truthfully I’m very grateful to Kwon. Our scandal made my name reach number 1 on various search engines.”

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Kang Byung-kyu countersues Lee Byung-hun for defamation

Baseball player-turned-TV personality Kang Byung-kyu, who was indicted last week for defamation and attempted blackmail against top Korean actor Lee Byung-hun, has countersued the Hallyu star on charges of defamation.

The former athlete held a press conference at Seocho Art Hall in Seoul on Wednesday, announcing he had filed a suit against Lee Byung-hun after being "wrongly accused" of his involvement in a feud between the actor and his ex-girlfriend identified by her last name Kwon.

A legal dispute between the former couple had fired up when Kwon lodged a complaint to court saying she was allured into having a sexual relationship with the actor on his false promises of marriage and demanded she be compensated for physical and psychological damage.

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Oh pain!
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Police start grilling Kang Ji-hwan and former agency

Police have started cross-examination of actor Kang Ji-hwan and the head of his former agency Jambo Entertainment regarding a legal spat over the actor's working contract.

The two parties on Tuesday convened at the Gangnam Police Station for a questioning session held in response to a civil suit filed by Kang's current management firm S Plus Entertainment against Jambo on charges of embezzlement and document forgery.

S Plus had pressed the charges following Jambo's claim that Kang had breached his exclusive contract with them, valid until August this year, to sign with S Plus whom Kang joined in early January.

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Sandara Park ‘Star Diary’ Part 10: “My little brother is Cheondoong..”

Previous Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

With a dongsaeng who is walking down the same path as her, and dreaming the same dream as her, she is not alone in her celebrity life.

Sandara Park’s youngest brother is Cheondoong of MBLAQ. Although he overflows with charisma on stage, to Sandara Park, he’ll always be like a little kid.

“Cheondoong and I are six years apart. Starting from when he was young I’d carry him on my back and stuff and I always worried about him. Even still, when I see him perform on stage, it’s admirable. Isn’t he cute when he shows off his personal talents on variety shows?” 

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Translation: GEE
Alternative translation from AbsoluteMblaq

This is probably the most free-flowing part so far. Because for all the other parts I kind of felt like her thoughts were cut short, like part 8, when she talked about going to school. Anyway. This is sweet. I love them. <3


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ZE:A takes takes first step into Japanese singing market

K-pop idol group ZE:A, also known as Children of Empire, will be taking their first step into expanding their career overseas by visiting Japan this week, according to their agency Star Empire Entertainment on Wednesday.

Star Empire said the group will fly into Japan on Friday to perform at Tokyo Gotanda Yoohoo Port Hall for the "Seoul Train," a monthly event which introduces various K-pop artists to music consumers in Japan.

The nine-member boy band has been accumulating fans in the country since opening their official Japanese fan site on the day of their debut early January.

A representative from Star Empire explained, "The members are very excited and nervous about visiting Japan for the first time. They are working hard to put together a great performance."

ZE:A, discovered and trained by entertainment firm Star Empire, debuted with song "Mazeltov" from their album titled "Nativity." They had garnered much attention even before their debut through the release of teaser videos and guerilla shows.

The group's second single album will go on sale on March 25.


B-boying Park Jae-beom featured in Canadian magazine

Park Jae-beom, former leader of popular Korean idol group 2PM, has been featured in a Canadian magazine while participating in a local b-boying contest.

Vancouver HYPE Magazine wrote on its online blog "justalilhype!" ( about the former K-pop idol and ran photos of Park dancing with his b-boy crew named Art of Movement at the "Battle of T.N.G: Just Battle" contest held in Vancouver on Monday.

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Rain’s special album comeback code: “Sexy”, title song confirmed

‘World Star’ Rain (28) will be having his comeback. After his 5th album ‘Rainisim’ released in October 2008, it will be his singer comeback after 18 months.

And the comeback code will be sexy this time. He will put a stop with all the idols advocating concepts like ‘beastly-dol’ or ’sexy-dol’. Ahead of the comback, we have already seen the teaser video released on 23rd March. In the teaser, we can see Rain showing off his masculinity in the new concept.

The transformation in his style is also radical. He had shoulder-length wavy locks and fake eyelashes attached to his lower eye lashes. A JTune Ent rep said, “It will go with the music style. We have not revealed the most shocking features yet.”

This will be his 2nd album after he left JYP Entertainment and set up his own music label. And this time the album will be titled ‘Back To The Basic’ which means going back to the beginning.

There will be 5 songs in the special album. And Rain has also participated in the producing, song lyrics and composing for the whole song for more than half of the album. This is yet another chance we see Rain showing his producing capabilities after his previous works like his recollection album and MBLAQ’s debut album.

The title song to the album will be ‘널 붙잡을 노래 (The song that will capture you)’ but the genre to the song has yet been decided. We get to hear a snippet to the song through the teaser video released.

The response to the album is also heating up. With the release of the teaser video, there were over 100K views to the video in less than 12 hours .

Rain will make his comeback on KBS Music Bank on 2nd April.

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{NEWS} Shindong, “If Leeteuk ignores me, I will reveal his nude photo”

Suju’s Shindong gave a warning to Leeteuk.

On the Strong Heart episode broadcasted on the 23rd, SNSD’s Jessica said that she had secretly taken lots of photos of her members. Shindong expressed that “it is relatively normal in groups”.

Shindong revealed “To be honest, my phone has pictures of Leeteuk completely naked without clothes.”

He jokingly said, “The reason for this photo is to use it when Leeteuk ignores me in the future.”

Shindong added ” When we first started taking photos, he was saying “what are you doing” with a rejecting face but after taking more shots of each other, he even started posing happily.”

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uhhh, okay. 
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Lee Hyori’s comeback date officially set for April 2!

After constantly pushing back her comeback date, Korean sex icon Lee Hyori announced earlier this month that she had finally finished recording her album. It was then reported that her title track had been confirmed and that her comeback would be in April. We’re now glad to report that the sexy superstar will be officially returning to the k-pop scene on April 2nd!

Lee Hyori’s 4th album has been in the works for a long time and has been highly anticipated for almost half a year now. The identity of the title track and concept still remains a mystery, but it’s only a matter of time before we start receiving small teasers for next week’s release. Let’s also not forget that Lee Hyori also collaborated with 4minute’s Jiyoon and After School’s Bekah in a powerful hip-hop track that will be part of this album.

No doubt this comeback has been a greatness in the making. 2009 was a time for idol groups to make their big debuts, but 2010 is definitely going to be the solo artists’ time to steal the spotlight. And with Rain making a comeback a few days before Lee Hyori, it looks like Korea’s hottest male and female will be battling it out for the #1 spot!

Source: Allkpop

MBLAQ’s G.O. shaves his facial hair

Last week, we revealed the news of MBLAQ’s upcoming comeback in April. In the midst of preparations for their comeback, the five-member boy band was seen sporting new hairstyles, which, we speculated, were for their new image.

G.O, who has had a mustache and a goatee since MBLAQ’s debut, confessed that he would shave his facial hair in time for the group’s impending comeback. We were able to see a photoshopped image of his face without facial hair, but now we’ve got the real deal.

On March 24th, the quintet appeared as the guests of Park Kyung Lim’s Starry Night Radio. Through footage of the boys’ visit, we found that G.O. is clean-shaven! Although the quality of the video isn’t that great, we can catch a glimpse of G.O. dressed in his hoodie and a cap, with no facial hair. Check it out below at around 1:17.

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baaawww I liked his stache