March 28th, 2010

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D-NA is Open To Criticism

[Edaily SPN YangSeungJun] Because all the members of D-NA like DBSK so much, when they are monitored the same image comes out. "Truthfully mean comments hurt us but we don't hate them. Since we're rookies, it's and honor to be compared to DBSK sunbaes. We think criticism is essential. If we didn't care then it would be unlawful." (Dae Guk Nam Ah)

The average age of 17.4, the 5 member rookie boy group Dae Guk Nam ah. Even though the 5 boys are young they're a huge hit. An emphasized harmonized debut single "Admiring Boy" and a concept that is similar to DBSK's 'Hug.' "Though we got criticized, these criticisms make us want to work harder," says leader Suhoon. Dreaming of being the second DBSK is the five members of Dae Guk Nam Ah Suhoon, Hyunchul, Hyunmin, Injoon, and Jihwan. 'Best influence in the music industry artist', they were not the aspirations containing 'False Fame'. The five boys, to the abilities of their ages, used harmony, dance, and amazing skills to capture the attention of the fans. To make it long, 5 years, to make it short, 1 year and a half the 5 boys went through harsh practice and the hidden talent in their lives were revealed and prevailed. Collapse )

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Supreme Team is close to BEAST

You may have noticed that Supreme Team did a little bit of BEAST’s Shock dance during their performance of Step Up on Music Bank. Who knew the hip hop duo was so close with the charismatic idol group BEAST?

BEAST’s Yong Joon Hyung and the members of Supreme Team have been very close even before their respective debuts. They shared the title as ‘rappers’ and therefore became best friends in no time. Furthermore, Simon D of Supreme Team and Lee Ki Gwang of BEAST are both in the MBC variety show, Hot Brothers.

In case you missed their little dance break, here is the video. Watch out for the last 20 seconds!

It’s nice to see two groups of the total opposite genres get along so well. I hope to see more of them!

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Source: AKP; Simon D's twitter; UnknownCarrot100@Youtube

Jo Kwon slept with Sunye at a train station

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On a recent episode of Intimate Note 3, best friends Kim Jong Kook and Hong Kyung Min invited 2AM members, Jo Kwon and Seulong in an attempt to get closer with them. In this episode, the idol spoke up about his famous tight-knit friendship with fellow JYP group leader, Sunye of the Wonder Girls.

In this episode, Jo Kwon confessed, “I have cried for Sunye.”

Jo Kwon then told a story back from his trainee days and shared,

“In the past, there was a time when I went to Gangnam to eat dongkatsu with my friends because I was so hungry. I had to get back to Suwon but realized that I didn’t have 1300 won for the bus ride. I called my close friend Sunye and she came with the 1300 won. However, the last bus had already left. Eventually, we both ended up falling asleep at the train station, leaning against each other. Then we walked back to the practice room for two hours at six in the morning. That day was my 6th year anniversary as a trainee. I was so sad.”

Jo Kwon even confessed that, back in his trainee days, he often thought, “Do I have to invest all my time just to practice? Is it even guaranteed that I’ll do well if I debut as an artist?”

Jo Kwon just keeps adding on to the list of things to make his wife Ga-In jealous, but you have to admit that this is kind of adorable in its own way.

Source: Allkpop

Misleading title is misleading. But aw I love their friendship.

Steven Lee working on Rainbow & SS501’s upcoming albums

Kara’s been stealing the spotlight with their big Lupin comeback,but we haven’t seen much of their fellow DSP Entertainment fam members SS501 and Rainbow as of late. Fans have nothing to fear, because both groups’ comebacks are in the works, as the famous Korean-American producer Steven Lee recently revealed that he was working on Rainbow & SS501’s new albums!

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Source: AKP

In other words, DSP will probably release SS501's album mid-summer and Rainbow's album in the winter/early 2011.

Kim Yu-na Fails to Defend Title

Olympic champion Kim Yu-na failed to defend her world title, as she took a silver medal at the World Figure Skating Championships in Turin, Italy Sunday (KST).

The 19-year-old scored 130.49 points in the free skating for an overall of 190.79. She wound up seventh with 60.30 in the short program Saturday after under-rotating a triple flip and missing a layback spin.

Mao Asada of Japan claimed her second world championship title with 197.58 and Finnish Laura Lepisto placed third on 178.62.

Japanese Miki Ando finished fourth and short-program leader Mirai Nagasu of the United States dropped to seventh.

Kim, who looked to rebound from her disastrous performance in the short program, landed her first four jumps cleanly, but she fell on a salchow jump and botched a double axel before wrapping up her routine.

Kwak Min-jung finished 22nd in her first appearance of the World Championships.

The 16-year-old, who racked up 47.46 points in the short, earned 73.01 in the free skate segment for 120.47 total.

Korea Times

2ne1 is the best girl group in Beast’s eyes

They were asked what who their fave girl group is, and Ki Kwang was like, our company’s 4Minute ^^; and being all cutesy LOL but then they were like seriously and so they had to think and then Ki Kwang saiddd

“Well, I guess it’d have to be, how similar to us, they’re pursuing their own music, 2NE1 who is always working hard and showing their unique colours. They’re a really cool girl group.”

And then Doojoon replies and says
“Ki Kwang-kun said that they’re too great for us, we can’t even dream about it.”

And then they somehow end up at the conclusion that all the girl groups are too great for them and how they should simply stick to 4Minute. LOOL.

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sources: letsplay2NE1 + SuJuBang2NE1 @youtube
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Daniel Henney Goes To The Outback

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Daniel Henney will make his first appearance on a reality show, “Daniel Henney Goes to Outback”, next month on April 2, airing on local cable network O’live.

The model-turned-actor attended the press conference for the show, and he has said that reality show is very much different than appearing in dramas. Being in a reality show feels harder because it doesn’t have a fixed ’script’ as to what he needs to say, unlike acting in a drama. “But still, it was interesting work experience.” “Daniel Henney Goes to Outback” is an adventure reality show about Daniel Henney and Park Seong Woo’s journey in western Australia. Park Seong Woo is the winner of the latest cooking contest dubbed “It Chef”, which was hosted by the global restaurant chain, Outback Steakhouse. Both have traveled there to reinvent the restaurant’s New Year’s limited menu. The production crew plan to return to Australia to prepare for the show’s next season.
The reality show was filmed back in February for 15 days and will debut on the Olive cable station on April 2nd at 10:00pm.

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Lee Da Hae, Jang Geun Suk, and other top stars support Kim Heechul's Youngstreet

[OSEN= Reporter Lee Myeong Joo]

Many stars, including Lee Da Hae and Jang Geun Suk, are scheduled to make appearances on the debut recording of Kim Heechul's Youngstreet, a part of SBS's new spring schedule.

For his first solo radio hosting of Youngstreet, Super Junior's Kim Heechul has organized a celebration show and invited some special close entertainer friends to the studio for his first day of broadcasting on 29th. Both Lee Da Hae, from the recent drama 'Chuno', and the charismatic Jang Geun Seuk, from [ You are Beautiful ], will make appearances and have a good time with Kim Heechul.

Recently Lee Da Hae has had a very busy schedule and has become the most wanted person in show business due to her work in 'Chuno', while Jang Geun Suk rarely appears on radio shows, but these two celebrities have both spoken of their intentions to support Kim Heechul's comeback as a DJ.

Also for the debut broadcast, there has been preparations for phone calls with Kim Heechul's close and famous friends FT Island's Lee Hongki and Epik High's Mithra.

For the second day of broadcasting on 30th, Kim Heechul will appear with 'Wang Biho' Yoon Hyeong Bin and the 'Heeline': SNSD Jessica, F(x)'s Sulli, and Super Junior's Donghae. On this broadcast, these people who have been through joy and sorrow together with Heechul for a long time are expected to share Kim Heechul's secrets.

Kim Heechul has revealed his ambition at a press conference: "I want to make a brodcast that reflects my own personality". Since he is coming back to work as a DJ after 5 years, Kim Heechul has been focusing on listener's concerns before his comeback.

Source: OSEN and SJ-MARKET
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Rain the wrestler flaunts his strength on the streets

Officially back to Korea for his impending activities on BACK TO THE BASIC as a singer, Rain has launched off his public appearance, by wrestling his fans on the bustling streets of Myung Dong! Stripping off his elegant image of a world superstar, Rain Jung Ji Hoon has once again lived up to the name of the most perfect man in Korea by defeating all four participants!

The reason for displaying such an exotic show (?) was actually to keep a promise he made with the netizens, for a segment on KBS 2TV’s talk show, Win Win. This corner, namely Keep the Promise Project, follows a unique format where the show offers the netizens to pledge to perform an anything of bizarre nature, in exchange of the celebrity committing something out-of-normal as well. On this very episode, Rain was to keep the promise of having a wrestling battle on the open streets.

To give a sneak peek of its “bizarreness,” that big brown thing with four legs you see in the pictures below is an actual cow, whereas those screaming people in the background are actual random pedestrians…

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Source: AKP, TVDaily

Jeremy Scott & 2NE1 groove it out in Seoul

Adidas held a party in Seoul recently and, although the event is now over, fancams have begun to emerge on the internet!

Word of 2NE1 hanging out with famed fashion designer Jeremy Scott has quickly gotten around the block, and it looks like they really hit it off with each other. After the quartet shared a photoshoot with Jeremy Scott for NYLON, grabbed dinner and gave a birthday shoutout to 2NE1-fanboy Perez Hilton, the designer and 2NE1 (sans underaged maknae Minzy) headed to Club Answer for some more fun & bonding.

Here, they enjoy themselves with what sounds like a remix of Untrust Us by Crystal Castles as well as their songs Try to Follow Me and Let’s Go Party:

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sources: allkpop + taijizero2@youtube

Y-Star to launch Hello f(x) on April 3rd

Following suit of fellow idol groups – including 2PM, 2AM, and 2NE1 – the girl group f(x) will now be featured in their very own reality program named Hello f(x)!

Their very first episode will be launched on April 3rd at 2 PM through Y-Star, and will continue to air until the last week of April. The four episodes will consist of close coverage on the girls’ preparations for their comeback; however, the specific date for the return has not been reported yet.

Make sure to stay tuned to catch what f(x) is up to behind stage!


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Mankae and former mankae
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Wonder Girls, First Album release in May, Arrives to film music video.

Wonder Girls, First Album release in May, Arrives to film music video.

Five member girl group Wonder Girls plan to release their first American full album.

Following a JYP Entertainment official on the 29th, Wonder Girls are busy preparing for their first American full album.

Currently they are staying in Korea to film the music video of the first American album's title song. New member Hyelim revealed on Twitter the 27th of their arrival.

Wonder Girl’s original plan was to release their First American full album in February. However, due to member Sunmi’s Hiatus announcement the album was pushed.

On the other hand, Wonder Girls has been chosen as the model for the global cell phone brand, Sony, and has been getting a lot of popularity in Korea.

Source: sunmikiwangjang @ wgspectacle
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Kim Yun-jin marries in Hawaii

What a sudden announcement: Kim Yun-jin, the 36-year-old actress of U.S. television series Lost and Korean films Harmony and Shiri, will marry on March 28 in Hawaii. The actress released the news with little advance notice, via press release on the afternoon of the 28th (Korean time).

The groom, Mr. Park, is identified as a film producer who is the same age as Kim. She has been in a relationship with Park since 2007 after first meeting in 2002, when he was her manager. They began dating while she wrote her book, The World is Your Drama. Kim described her groom as “a very humorous and considerate person.”

The ceremony will be held on a private beach and attended by a small group of family and friends. Kim is currently filming the sixth season of Lost in Hawaii, so the couple will wait for shooting to end to embark on their honeymoon.

Source: OSEN
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