March 31st, 2010

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Ivy's (kinda) coming back!

Ivy to make her comeback and battle Lee Hyori and Son Dambi?
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One of Korea’s sexiest singers, Ivy, is making a minor comeback with a digital single in the end of April.

Not only does this mean she’s returning once again but it means there will be a battle between the three hottest divas, Lee Hyori, Ivy and Son Dambi.

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source: akp

m'so excited even though she won't be promoting it!
[Korean] MBLAQ - Seungho Pout

J.tune confirms Seungho's Twitter

10.03.31 20:31

Hello, this is Jtune Camp.

At the moment, there are many questions about Yang Seungho’s Twitter.

It is not a impersonation or fraud, and we confirm it is actually his but there has been no decision as to whether he will use it officially.

There have been many personal phone calls about the Twitter matter but please refrain from doing so as it is disturbing our work.

Thank you

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Source: MBLAQ's Daum Cafe
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Tweets: Seungho's Twitter
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Seungho's love for technology & the internet strikes again!
He already writes the most UFO replies and now he's tweeting back fans ♥
Someone tell him to force Joon to create one so we can read his fail English tweets :P

Daniel Henney in New Zealand!

Daniel Henney
is in a flower field.

He is in the cable channel Olive TV reality show "Daniel Henney goes out back".

The actor is in New Zealand in a very foreign setting where he is digging for onions and is in a field picking flowers.

Many fans say that he looks like a flower farmer.

This cable show will be aired on April 2nd.

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Ha Si-eun in MAXIM

"The Slave Hunters" character called Lee Seon-yeong as a woman with brain damage. Ha Si-eun came back in a very dramatic change!

Ha Si-eun is in the MAXIM magazine's April edition. She is revealing her healthy and fit body no longer hiding it under traditional costumes.
Her entertainment company thinks that her image as a brain damaged character was so strong that her regular image would be affecting her future career.
So to show her in a different image, this photoshoot was taken.

Her hairstyle makes her look very active and her body is very fit and sexy!

Sources: hancinema + ( Korean )

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2NE1, the first boyish photoshoot 3 parts

Part 1: 2NE1, the first boyish photoshoot - "Did you say we looked like boys?"

'Even while wearing boyish clothing, can they still express themselves in a sexy and polished way?'

Representative girl groups from South Korea participated in the '2010 Big Project Girl Group Crossdressing Photoshoot", a collaboration between Star News and fashion site Style M for the fashion magazine Arena's May issue. The first to appear is 2NE1.
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G-Dragon’s “Live Concert Album” goes to #1 instantly on Album Charts

G-Dragon earlier released his “Shine A Light: Live Concert Album” which consisted of new remixes and a new song featuring American hip-hop artist “Flo-Rida“.

Although the album consists of no actual new songs seeing as most of them are just remixes or the ‘live concert’ versions of them, it was still able to grab the #1 spot as soon as it was released with a total of 16 songs and a Bonus CD, both on Daily Album Charts and Real-time Album Charts.

This album beat out albums from other artists that actually contained new songs such as After Shool’s ‘Bang’ and Epik High’s ‘Epilogue’. Proving once again his impact on the k-pop scene and it’s sales. What is even better is that the profits of the selling of this album will all go to charity, and if it’s at number 1 then it must mean that it is selling lots of copies that will further help the poor and the ones in need.

source: ibigbang

Congrats G-Dragon

Secret releases Magic MV

Girl group Secret has finally returned after a long break from their last single, I Want You Back.

While other rookie girl groups have moved on with new songs, Secret has not done much musical-wise. Fans have been waiting patiently for their comeback and their wait is finally over with the release of their new sexy dance track, Magic, a radical transformation from their debut image.

Secret will really have to step up because they are coming back in the same week as Rain and Lee Hyori but they must be feeling they have what it takes.

What do you think?

sources: allkpop + 5xrauren@yt

Younha records soundtrack for drama "Personal Preference"

Korean pop singer Younha has recorded a song for the soundtrack of MBC's new TV series "Personal Preference", according to her agency Lion Media on Wednesday.

Lion said Younha will sing the theme song titled "You Don't Say" for actress Son Ye-jin's character in the Wednesday/Thursday drama. This will be the first time she has contributed to a soundtrack since her debut.

"You Don't Say", directed by the producer of "I Broke Up Today" from her third full-length album "Part. B Growing Season", will also be released on several online music sites tomorrow in time with the premiere of the drama.

Younha, 22, made her singing debut in Japan in 2005, appearing on the Korean music scene two years later. She has many hits under her name including "Password 486", "Comet" and "Telepathy".

The piano playing artist has sold over 30,000 copies of her third full-length record "Part. B Growing Season", which went on sale December 11 last year.

Reporter : Lucia Hong
Editor : Jessica Kim
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Source: hancinema + ( English Korean )


Rain's album release postponed to April 7

The release date for Asian pop sensation Rain's new album, originally due out tomorrow, has been delayed to April 7, according to the singer's agency on Wednesday.

"He was supposed to start promoting his album by giving his comeback performances on music shows this week but they have been cancelled so we put off the release date to next week", an official at J.Tune Entertainment told Asia Economic Daily over the phone.

All three of Korea's public networks have cancelled or delayed the airing of most of their entertainment shows this week following the sinking of South Korea's naval ship Cheonan late on March 26.

The country has been in a state of grievance after a mysterious explosion tore apart the vessel, leaving 46 sailors missing or thought to be trapped inside the warship now sitting 40 meters under water. Fifty-eight crew members, including the captain, have been rescued so far.

Meanwhile, "Love Song", the title track to Rain's special album "BACK TO BASICS" unveiled yesterday, is currently topping the music charts of several online music providers and major social networking websites.

The song, released yesterday, is about a man's unforgotten love for his woman even though they are separated.

"BASIC" marks Rain's comeback to the Korean pop music scene in two years after releasing his last studio album "Rainism" in 2008.

Jessica Kim
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Source : hancinema ( English Korean )


2NE1 performs at F1 Grand Open Fiesta

2NE1 were spotted at the F1 Grand Open Fiesta, which was held at the Seoul Grand Hilton Hotel Convention Center.The event was hosted by actor Ryu Si Won & the girls performed their hit songs 'Fire' & 'I Don't Care'.

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pictures' source: 톡쏘는채린@ DC2NE1 / tees2mai@LJ
video source: tajizero2@YT
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i want those Fila sneakers ... & how adorable are they, dressed in dresses & skirt?!

Stars promote Think Green campaign

For the month of April, LG Fashion’s brand HAZZYS will be actively promoting its “Think Green” environmental campaign. They have brought on a group of stars to help push its eco-friendly message and organic T-shirts with a photo shoot. The sales of the HAZZYS 100% organic cotton T-shirts will be donated to an environmental organization.

The brand ambassadors are actors Kim Bum, Lee Soo-kyung, Kim Hyo-jin, Min Hyo-rin, Kim Ji-suk, and Ki Tae-young, and on a purely superficial note, the shoot is very simple but looks lovely.

The prints for the T-shirts are the result of a collaboration with painter Lee Chul-soo. Customers who buy a certain amount over the duration of the campaign will be given a gift and will be invited to a special event for patrons.

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Source: dramabeans + Segye

Jaejoong in Anan preview + article.

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Source: SYC; 1 and 2

Source: Sankei Sports News Japan
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Oh yeah so Jaejoong is just talking about love and shit, I guess there's no raunchy photos unless he's gonna demonstrate what he's gonna say.

For those of you who forgot, the issue is coming out on April 7th.

U-KISS ekes P1M in 3-day RP tour

Don’t underestimate the power of fans.

Korean all-male pop group U-Kiss had their local fans to thank for when it earned more than P1 million in sales during a recent tour.

Local support for the group was palpable during the first leg of the tour held at SM Megamall on March 26, where over 5,000 fans showed up.

The fans, who call themselves "Pinoy Kiss Me’s," screamed and cheered when U-Kiss performed “Man Man Ha Ni" and their current single "Bingeul Bingeul."

Fans were at the venue as early as 7:30 a.m., lining up to get a copy of U-Kiss’ “Only One” CD, which came with an exclusive U-Kiss Philippine promo tour poster.

U-Kiss sold more than 1,000 copies of the CD that day.

According to SM Mall personnel, U-Kiss' first day CD sales broke the peak sales record of another K-pop act that performed at SM North Edsa Annex recently.

To show their appreciation to fans, group management scheduled another fan signing even at SM Megamall on March 28, which again allowed for a good number of sales.

Meanwhile, a larger mob greeted the group during the second leg of the tour held at the SM North Edsa Annex, with fans already outside the mall as early as 5 a.m. A big come-on was the promise of being included in a signing event after the performance.

By 2 p.m., U-Kiss officially broke their own record by selling more than 1,300 CDs.

On a related note, Kiss Me Pinay, the U-Kiss Philippines fan group, said their membership tripled after the promo tour.

On the MYX Chart, “Bingeul Bingeul” has already entered the "International Top 20" and the "Hit Chart."

The song is one of only three K-pop music videos that entered the chart alongside Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry-Answer" and Girls' Generation's "Oh!" in Tuesday's (March 30) MYX Daily Top 10.

The U-Kiss Philippine Promo Tour was organized by Premiere Entertainment Philippines Inc. (PEP), who recently revealed plans to bring the boys back in May this year for a bigger show.

"Only One" will be released in selected record stores nationwide on March 31.

Source: Manila Bulletin


"Prosecutor Princess" receiving attention from Japanese media

New SBS TV series "Prosecutor Princess" is stirring Japan prior to its showing on Korea's small screen, according to a press release by the show's broadcaster on Wednesday.
Producers of "Prosecutor Princess" explained that the attention from the Japanese media appears to stem from the popularity of Korean actors Park Si-hoo and Kim So-yeon, who have "recently become Hallyu stars" in the country.

"When the drama officially premieres, it will be talked about not only in Korea and Japan but throughout Asia", the producers were quoted as saying.

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getchew moar


Welcome members to the famous/epik OMNTD Free For All. This is a once a week post where you can post OT comments/questions along with ones that are relevant to the community. As well as make friends with your fellow OMNTD members.

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Free For All is moving...

What day would you prefer FFA to fall on


Current FFA time is Wednesday at around 3-4 pm Vancouver time. Need help?

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BoA gets “pecked” by a middle-aged fan

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How far will you go to show your love for a celebrity?
The latest video clip to circulate the fan pages of BoA, who is currently promoting her latest album in Japan.
The video shows her getting a peck on the cheek by a middle-aged female fan during a fan-signing event. From the video clip, it is not where or when the “attack” took place.

The woman who surprise-kissed BoA on the cheek appears to be a woman of Asian descent in her 40s. In the clip, the woman can be seen approaching BoA to ask her for an autograph, and while BoA is in the midst of signing the autograph, she reached over to give her a peck on the right cheek.

As BoA was caught off guard, you can clearly see the discomfort in her eyes after being kissed. Although the security guards stepped in later to escort the fan out, they were unable to prevent the fan from kissing BoA, as I’m sure they were just as taken aback by her actions.
After viewing the clip, comments from BoA’s fans have ranged from, “If that was a man kissing BoA on the cheek, it would have been considered sexual harassment,” to “the middle-aged woman acted inappropriately for her age,” and “she may feel daughterly towards BoA but that was not an appropriate way to act.”

What do you make of this incident? Did she go too far?


Jang WooHyuk at China Popular Music Awards

Jang WooHyuk wins Best Foreign Artist at the China Popular Music Awards in Chengdu, China. Remains a total BAMF while doing so.

On March 28th, WooHyuk arrived at 12:30am in Chengdu to attend the Popular Music Awards that same day. Despite the late hour, hundreds of fans waited at the airport for his arrival, carrying posters, flags and countless white balloons symbolising H.O.T, the popular group that WooHyuk used to be part of in the 90's.

At the awards he performed his song Sun That Never Sets and accepted his award for most popular foreign artist.

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Credit: hsy729 @ DTH Forums
Videos: hsy729 at Youtube 1, 2, 3
How I Met Your Mother; Barney &amp; Robin

Lee Hyori’s first track announced!

Sexy queen Lee Hyori, who will be making her long awaited comeback has finally unveiled a few details on her upcoming album.

The first track to be released is titled “Swing (그네)” and it will be released on April 1st. Hyori’s 4th full album H-Logic, will then be released on April 8th.

In addition, LeeSsang will be featured on this track and Mnet Media has stated that they are the perfect combination for this Hip Hop track. And although this will most likely not be the “big hit” track of the album, it’s going to be very fresh and different

Source; allkpop

Kelly Clarkson to guest judge on Superstar K

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American pop diva Kelly Clarkson, singer of a number of American hit tracks (Because of You, Behind Those Hazel Eyes etc) and winner of the first season of American Idol, was invited to be a judge for South Korea’s version of American Idol, Superstar K Season 2.

According to cable music channel Mnet’s affiliates, Kelly Clarkson will be coming to South Korea this May. On May 3rd, she will participate as a judge for the third round of this show, which is taking place in Daegu.

Mnet’s Hong Su Hyon commented,

“After winning America’s audition program American Idol and debuting as a singer, Kelly Clarkson is a star who rewrites the history of American pop everyday with her music. Her presence in the show will not only illustrate the training of a star, but will also show the purpose of maturing America’s music culture.”

source: allkpop