April 2nd, 2010

Mankae and former mankae
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T-ara’s online shopping mall is a roaring success

It was revealed on April 2nd that the number of visitors to T-ara’s online shopping mall has exceeded 2 million.

A representative for the online shopping mall expressed, “We are recording a daily turnover rate of 30 million won and the numbers are increasing as we speak. We are glad that it’s doing so well despite the fierce competition in the online shopping industry.”

When asked about the reason for the success, the representative added, “Their reality tv show which is related to the online shopping mall has no doubt raised the interest level. In addition, fans are happy to buy the items designed by the T-ara members as well as seeing them and F.cuz model them on the website.”

Source: allkpop

HaeWook → I want you more than they do

Hankyung to address his future in May press conference

Super Junior member, Hankyung is planning on addressing his future plans through a press conference to be held in May.

Hankyung’s representative revealed through a phone conversation that, “He is currently proceeding with the lawsuit. He will not have any activities until it’s over.”

He also said, “The rumors saying that strong forces are helping him out, or that he signed a contract for an 8-member Chinese group, are all false.”

Regarding the press conference, he said, “We cannot determine when the lawsuit will be over, but we can assume that it will be around April~May.

In the middle of May, he will have a press conference with Korean and Chinese fans to reveal his further career plans.”

He also hinted about the future, “It is correct that he is thinking about becoming an actor, but we cannot make any assumptions before the lawsuit ends.”

Whatever the outcome is, I’m sure the fans will support Hankyung!

Source: Allkpop
Original Source: SportsChosun

Unique maknae idol rules

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One netizen uploaded an ordering of SNSD members according to categories such as singing abilities, skin tone, height, popularity, etc which SNSD chuckled at because it turned out to not be too accurate.

In this ordering, Seohyun was picked as the member that “is a hidden jewel.” So let’s check out all of the hidden jewels, the maknaes, of the idol groups.

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interesting article, AKP. More known for her eyeliner than plastic surgery? Looks much younger than the other that are 15 years older? lmao~
a~chan boba

Filipino DJ disses U-KISS on Twittuh, Fans Rage, Alex's Dad Responds

Continuing from previous U-kiss Twitter diss post. 

Fans were no doubt worried that it might affect future visits to the Phillipines by U-Kiss.

Universal Records Philippines who distributes U-Kiss albums in the nation expressed that this should not affect anything and hopes the issue will die down.

Things escalated further when the father of U-Kiss member, Alex, responded angrily to the remarks through his Twitter.

Doesn’t look an apology would be happening after his latest response.

There should be freedom of speech, yes, but what’s your take on this matter?

Source: AKP

Seeing as I'm not actually a U-Kiss fan, I can see where he thinks he doesn't have to apologize, but for the sake of saving your ass and not wanting thousands of fangirls wanting you fired/dead, or even prevent further shame upon your country... Just apologize, foo'. Or yo momma didn't raise you right. [Afterthought] Then again, I wonder how people would react if Chelsea Handler took a stab at the kids, let alone kpop.

[EDIT] Ommited info already explained previously to stop the clone post train.

Seungyeon Wants to be a...

Kara's Han Seungyeon shared her dream of being a translator.

In tvN's "Taxi" that was broadcasted on April 1st, Kara members shared their future dreams after the end of Kara.

Han Seungyeon, from the question of what they want to do after Kara ends, answered that she wants to learnEnglish and be a translator. She also add that she wants a quiet job, which contradicts with her current job.

Nicole answered that her dream is to own a restaurent where she wants to work as a patissier (a person who makes bread and the like).

Goo Hara responded that as well as preparing for university, she wants to be an actress, showing her. And for leader Park Gyuri, once a child actress, she wants a job where she can communicate with people, like a job she had when she was young, expressing her passion for acting.

Maknae Kang Jiyoung said that since she is still in a starting phase, she will do her best simply as a Kara member.

Meanwhile in this episode Kara members enjoyed a pleasant dinner in Nicole's mother's restaurant.

Source:Karaholic website
Original Source:Tvreport
Translated By:holyknight@karaholic
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Rain takes the reigns of online music charts

Asian pop sensation Rain has dominated all online music charts with his latest single "Love Song," according to his agency J. Tune Entertainment on Friday.

"Love Song," the title track from his special album "BACK TO BASICS" released at midnight on Tuesday, swept all Korean charts including Melon, Mnet, Dosirak, Bugs, Soribada, Hanteo, Monkey 3 and social networking site Cyworld.

The music video for "Love Song" was released on multimedia video player GomPlayer and will be followed by a wide release.

Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, has released several albums in Korea since his debut in 2002 and ventured into the small screen starring in the television series "Full House" and "Sang Doo! Let's Go To School."

He soon made a name for himself in Hollywood after appearing in the 2008 action picture "Speed Racer" and playing the lead in the martial arts flick "Ninja Assassin" the following year.

This will mark Rain's return to the Korean pop music scene for the first time in two years.


If it's really true then congrats Rain
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U-Kiss fans want DJ Mo to apologize for Twitter remarks

Screen cap of DJ Mo’s posts on Twitter

Hell hath no fury like an insulted K-pop fan.

Filipino K-pop fans are enraged and are demanding radio talk show host DJ Mo Twister (real name Mohan Gumatay) to apologize for his Twitter posts on boy band U-Kiss.

Last March 28, U-Kiss performed on “Party Pilipinas,” the new Sunday musical varitety show on GMA-7 that replaced “SOP.” The performance was part of the boy band’s Philippine promo tour for their album.

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Source: Manila Bulletin

Girlgroup debuts! Plus comeback by WonderGirls, f(x) and 4Minute in April~May!

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The domination of the girl groups as seen by So Nyeo Shi Dae, T-ara and KARA in February and March will continue. We recently see that After School is back with the new song ‘Bang!’, and Secret with song ‘Magic’ – much to the anticipation of fans.

In mid-April, we will be expecting a new album from SM Entertainment new girlgroup f(x). Later the month, we will also be seeing a new album from another girlgroup LPG.

And coming mid-May, we will also be seeing the comeback of girlgroups like WonderGirls and 4Minute. It is known that 4Minute is currently working on their new album with the aim of a comeback album in May. While the WonderGirls will also be having their comeback in Korea with new member HyeRim. They have been away for some time with their promotions in the States. It has been known that their new song and choreography is completed.

Apart from that, we will be seeing the debut of new groups.

In mid-April, group SISTAR will debut with Bang ShiHyuk as their producer. And in May, 9-member girlgroup 나인뮤지스 will debut. The group will consists of Lee HyunJoo who came in #1 during the 2007 Asia Pacific Super Model Contest.

WHAT?! please tell me they mean a korean comeback and not 4minute's japan debut! AND f(x), too?! WG, 4M, and f(x) all together~♥