April 4th, 2010

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Star King gets criticized for sticking to regular broadcast

Despite the mass cancellation of programs this week due to the naval ship tragedy, the surprising decision by SBS to stick to the regular broadcast of Star King on April 3rd has come in for some criticism from netizens.

In view of the solemn mood surrounding the nation, the decision by SBS caught everyone by surprise. In contrast with SBS, KBS and MBC had canceled their weekend programmes like Gag Concert, Invincible Baseball, Star Golden Bell, We Got Married, Infinity Challenge and so on.

So while re-runs and news programs replaced normal programming on KBS and MBC, SBS’s decision to broadcast a new episode of Star King saw it obtained the #1 rating for it’s timeslot with 14.4% according to AGB Nielsen Korea.

The naval ship tragedy situation had gotten worst on Saturday after it was revealed that nine fishermen on board a fishing vessel assisting in the rescue operations, had perished in the sea after it collided with a Cambodian-registered 1,472-ton freighter.

The search operation for the 46 missing sailors of the Cheonan has also been called off, as they are presumed to be dead at this point. Work will be started soon on salvaging the wreckage from the bottom of the ocean bed instead.

Netizens mostly commented, “It’s just not the right time to see celebrities smiling on tv while this is going on.

source: allkpop
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James Cameron to make first visit to South Korea

SEOUL – "Avatar" director and founder of Lightstorm Entertainment James Cameron will visit Korea next month to give a keynote speech for Seoul Digital Forum, which will be broadcast nationwide.

The forum, which takes place in Seoul on April 12-13, is an international conference exploring issues of technology, entertainment and media business by SBS, a major Korean broadcasting company. Cameron will speak on technology and 3D cinema.

The director’s first Korean visit is likely draw much attention, given the recent hype on 3D cinema and the score of “Avatar,” which became the most-watched film in Korean theater history by drawing 13.3 million viewers.

“With his long time interest in Korea and Korean culture and entertainment, and as Avatar has become the No.1 movie in Korean boxoffice history, Mr. Cameron is excited about his first visit to Seoul and his participation in the Seoul Digital Forum,” the director’s company noted through an email address. “He sees it as a great opportunity to share his vision and connect with his fans in Korea.”

Along with the director, the forum also presents noted guests from the media sector including Shi Zhengrong, chairman of Suntech Power and Ken Auletta media columnist for the New Yorker magazine.

Seoul Digital Forum has previously hosted distinguished guests as its keynote speakers including Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt and Al Gore.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Gong Minji 'Ero Minji?' Out of male idols 'Ero Jokwon' (Interview)

What does girl group 2NE1's maknae Gong Minji think of the nickname 'Ero Minji' fans gave her.

Recently Gong Minji has transformed as a boy for the project '2010 Big Project Girl Group Male Clothing Photoshoot.' She looked like she came out of a cartoon with the clothes she was wearing.

- It seems like you wear denim a lot. What's the brand you like?
M: Yes I do wear it a lot. I don't have a lot of confidence in my legs but I do wear shorts a lot and wear Bean Pole jeans.

- What's your appearance when you go out?
M: I usually go out with a fresh face (no makeup). I also wear beanies a lot (- Don't you still get recognised?) Haha I don't get recognised.

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Source: Nate News
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4minute's Japan debut campaign

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Organized by Universal Music Japan, a campaign to help 4minute debut in Japan is currently ongoing. Fans have to register for this 4minute mail magazine and they will be given 4minute handphone wallpapers. This mail magazine will have the latest updates of 4minute, including studio recordings and personal information.

So why campaign? That's because a large group of people will be mobilized in welcoming 4minute in their country through the latest updates.

For our friends in Japan who are interested, the wallpapers will be downloadable around the 20th of April if you subscribe/register latest by 12th April. Visit Far Eastern Tribe Records for more details.
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sorry, mods! please accept this post, not the other one! good luck girls! i hope they get to collab with big bang in japan some time~♥ they probably will since they're their 'little sisters'.
4minute International Forums & Universal Music Japan & 4minute Soompi Thread.
Mankae and former mankae
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T-ara Qri’s past in ‘Working Girl’ garners attention

T-ara member Qri’s little past in cable channel program ‘Working Girl’ has been the hot topic amongst netizens of late.

Some captures of Qri’s appearance on the program posted up feature her in revealing clothes and lips locking with her client boyfriend and doing love-shots. And the subtitles written on the captures read ‘The Working Girl who goes bold from the start’.

Netizens’ responses to this is split, some commented “This is the past, why bring it up?”, “This is after all what happened in the past” while some commented “Even though this is past happening, I am disappointed”, “I cannot believe this, shocking” etc.

The show was said to have gone under fire by netizens and then stopped production after it was said to feature skinship and conversations not appropriately for young audience.
With all the discussions going on between netizens about this, Qri wrote on her minihompy on 4th April, “Bored reporter” showing her cool attitude towards it.

Source: kbites

Qri is so sassy!!

So U guys know, the show is about a woman suspecting her boyfriend/husband is cheating on her so they get a sexy diva decoy (Qri) to go out with him and catch him in the act
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Kim Jong Kook's Sudden Confession "Shin Bong Sun is My Ideal Type"

[Sports Chosun T-News Baek Ji Eun reporting] Kim Jong Kook chose gagwoman Shin Bong Sun as his ideal.

Kim Jong Kook participated in a recent taping of MBC 'Fantasy Couple/Partner'. Ear master (Jung Shi Yeon) asked Kim Jong Kook in the 'Love Classroom' corner "Being a good adult to your friend, (finding?) a good ideal woman to your parents" Kim Jong Kook revealed "Among the celebrities, Shin Bong Sun is my ideal."

Shin Bong Sun "Is this a confession then?" causing laughters. This doesn't stop Kim Jong Kook and he complemented Shin Bong Sun more causing the filming shoot location to be abuzzed.

To follow up, Ear master and MC Kim Jae Dong asked Kim Jong Kook and Shin Bong Sun to do a love skit. Kim Jong Kook said "We really match well, don't we?" "I think I can contact her separately" once again suprising everyone.

Kim Jong Kook again said "Although you may not see it but when it comes to love I'm shy." Ear master asked "You're handsome and cool. Why don't you have a girlfriend?" Kim Jong Kook answered all questions with answers relating to working out. Ear Master said "Kim Jong Kook has fallen in love with working out." making everyone laugh.

Braodcast will be on April 4th at 9:25 AM.

Sources: Nate & o-cha@soompi
Just date already..
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S.Korea to salvage warship

A giant offshore crane arrives near the sunken South Korean navy ship Cheonan off South Korea's Baengnyeong Island. South Korea prepares to salvage a navy ship submerged near the disputed sea border with North Korea, hours after ending its underwater hunt for dozens of sailors believed trapped in the wreckage. -- PHOTO: AP

SEOUL - SOUTH Korea prepared on Sunday to salvage a warship that sank near a disputed sea border with North Korea after calling off a dangerous operation to rescue its missing crewmen.

The operation stopped at the request of relatives of the missing sailors late on Saturday after rescuers recovered the first body from the sunken warship, the navy said. 'We have called off the operation. From now we will focus on salvaging the wreckage,' a navy spokesman told AFP.

The 1,200-tonne Cheonan, crewed by 104 sailors, broke in two and sank on March 26 after a mystery explosion near the maritime border in the Yellow Sea. A total of 58 people were rescued from the bow section of the 88-metre (290-foot) warship soon after but efforts to locate the missing 46 crew were hampered by bad weather and strong currents.

Navy officials said the body of Senior Chief Petty Officer Nam Ki Hoon was retrieved from the petty officers' mess hall of the sunken corvette.

After getting confirmation of Nam's death, the families of the missing crew asked the military to halt the rescue. 'We decided to request the military to stop the search and rescue operation and begin work to salvage the hull,' Choi Soo Dong, representing the families, told reporters. A navy diver died last week during the rescue operation.

Officials are still searching for answers as to what caused the ship to break in two in the murky waters off Baengyeong Island. Military and presidential officials have dismissed media reports that the ship had been tracking North Korean submarines at the time. -- AFP

Source: The Straits Times
Don't know what to tag, please help me, moderators! Thanks :D Anyway, hope the missing people get found soon.

Wonder Girls are going on tour and confirm American album release date!

Wonder Girls have been MIA for quite awhile these days but they are definitely returning soon with their US album.

Wonder Girls are currently hard at work with their EP album which will have their hit songs in English and new songs. The Wonder Girls will also hold an event for their album release on May 15th at 6PM (Western time) and the album launch event will be streamed live on Ustream. Perez Hilton has been penciled in as the event host, so get ready!

Here’s some more good news for Wonderfuls as the Wonder Girls are going to hold their own tour this June! JYP Entertainment announced on the same day that the Wonder Girls are going on their Wonder World Tour starting June 4th. Live Nation is sponsoring and working with them so for those of you dying to get tickets, make sure to check out Live Nation when the time comes around regarding the sale of tickets.

JYP Entertainment said, “We asked for their own tour after seeing their success opening for the Jonas Brothers. This is the first time a Korean artist is touring with Live Nation.”

They will go to Washing DC, New York, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Francisco and more. In total, they will hold 20 concerts.

Here’s the extra good news: 2AM and 2PM will open for them! Does it get better than this? I don’t think so.

It seems like Wonder Girls has a packed 2010 ahead of them. Let’s all wish them luck!


Seven Entertainment Agencies Establish Collaborative Corporate Body

(This news is from March 31, 2010)

Famous entertainment agencies including SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment have come together and established a collaborative corporate body.

According to KMP Holdings on the 18th, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Star Empire, Media Line, Ken Entertainment and Music Factory created a joint corporation on the 17th called KMP Holdings.

KMP Holdings stated, "We are planning to carry out an active business dealing with the contents, networks, projects and artistes of the seven companies in various industries including the music service industry, the broadcasting program production industry, and the digital music industry."

KIMP Holdings also said, "We will create a business environment where new and multifaceted music contents can be accessed by more consumers and we will establish an orderly provision of wholesome and reasonable digital music contents to further develop the Korean music industry and culture."

Representative Kim Chang Hwan of KMP Holdings stated, "The creation of smart phones, the development of mobile technology, and IPTV have created the need for new and different contents as well as a new business model and service."

Representative Kim also stated, "KMP Holdings will continually develop new business models, services and contents that are appropriate for the new market of smart phones and media."

Source: [Naver Stocks +Yuaerubi]
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Is there anyone who's savvy in business terms who can tell me what this means for the different companies?

2PM to make a comback this month!

Though we see them work hard individually these days on various things, when will we see them return together as one group? That was the question of many but guess what, 2PM is preparing for their impending comeback now.

On the 5th, it was reported that 2PM is shooting to release their new single this month.

The insider said, “Right now, 2PM is working hard for their album. Because of the naval ship sinking, many programs are taking a pause so it may affect the comeback date but it’s not a problem and they will hopefully return to the stage this month.”

2PM has been working hard for the choreography and the music video for this comeback these days. Let’s all hope it doesn’t get postponed!

Source: Allkpop

I'm happy yet extremely concerned for them; I'm scared what the crazy netizen-coldests will do to them.
Who wants to help me buy out a shipment of their album? :D

South Korean tanker hijacked by pirates

SEOUL — A South Korean oil tanker with 24 crew members was hijacked on Sunday off the coast of Somalia, apparently by pirates, Seoul's foreign ministry said.

The 300,000-ton ship, the Samho Dream, was on its way from Iraq to the US state of Louisiana with a crew of five South Koreans and 19 Filipinos, the ministry said.

The ministry said it called an emergency meeting to discuss the incident.

"The ship is presumed to have been hijacked by Somali pirates," it said in a statement, adding the government would do its best for the safety of the sailors.

South Korea has an anti-piracy warship patrolling Somali waters because of a rise in hijackings.

Somali pirates, targeting one of the world's busiest maritime trade routes, raked in an estimated 60 million dollars in ransoms last year.
A South Korean tuna ship with 25 crew was hijacked by Somali pirates in April 2006. The ship and its crew were released after four months when a ransom was paid.

In 2007, Somali pirates seized two South Korean vessels and 24 crew. The crew were released after six months in captivity.
They hijacked a South Korean cargo ship with 22 sailors in September 2008. The crew were released after the ship's owner paid a ransom.

Source: Google News/ AFP

The tank is owned by Valero Energy Corp. (U.S. oil company) as confirmed here by their spokesperson.

I really hope they can come home safely, coz those pirates are freakin scary.
Hi! Sad first post!
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20100404 Shindong's Tweet on Eunhyuk's Birthday

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오늘은 4월 4일 은혁이 생일입니다^^ 은혁아 생일축하한닷!! 나름 연습하며 생일파티 욥!!^^ㅎㅎ 상훈형님^^ F(x)루나^^ 춤선생님 대빈! 함께하셧어용 모두 축하해주세요^^

Today, April 4th is Eunhyukie’s birthday^^ Eunhyuk-ah happy birthday!! Birthday party set up while our practice !!^^haha Together with Sunghun-hyung^^ F(x) Luna^^ Dance teacher Daebin! Everyone please congratulate^^

Original Source : Shindong's Twitter
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Happy Birthday Hyukkie!!
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Jessica Channels Barbie

…except for the chunky platform boots.

Jessica of pop act, Girls Generation was spotted at designer Son Jung wan’s 2010 Fall/Winter collections for Seoul Fashion Week on April 1st, 2010. Wearing an outfit that is a throwback to the sixties, complete with poufy skirt, the SNSD member’s orangy locks brought out the hot pink lips and turquoise earrings.

Barbie anyone?

The Seoul Fashion Week was held at SETEC from March 26th to April 1st.

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I hate whoever styled her >:/