April 5th, 2010


JYP fires the admins of the Hottest fancafe?

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The current admins of 2PM’s fancafe Hottest are getting laid off. On the bulletin board of the fancafe, a new entry announced that they are looking for new admins.

The admins are the operators of the fancafe and take care of the notices and menu. There is usually more than one admin to operate things smoothly and efficiently.

JYP Entertainment is in charge of the cafe keeper for the Hottest fancafe and the fans are the admins. However, it seems that JYP Entertainment has fired the admins because a notice reads, “JYPE has released (the name of the admin).”

A representative said, “After ending Jaebeom’s contract, we haven’t taken care of the fancafe. We can’t leave the fancafe alone for long so, after discussing things with the admins, we have decided to change them. The fans will be choosing new admins.”

Do you think JYPE fired them or do you think the admins resigned because they’re still angry over the Jaebeom conflict?

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TVXQ’s Jaejoong caught in a kimchi controversy?

As many of you may know, kimchi is Korea's most popular dish. Though it's just a side dish, it's used for more than just food. People actually say kimchi when they pose for a picture, just like how Americans say cheese when they smile for the camera.

There's however a lot of bad blood between Korea's kimchi and Japan's kimuchi.

Last year, Jung Woo Sung went through a hard time because he spelled kimchi as kimuchi on a Japanese program and got criticized by Koreans for it. He later on apologized for his "mistake."

Now, TVXQ's Jaejoong is going through the same controversy. While shooting for a magazine, a Japanese morning program came to interview him. While posing for a photo he yelled, "Kimuchi!" Koreans are now mad that he didn't say kimchi.

Some fans are saying people should be more understanding since he is in Japan so it makes sense to say kimuchi. But other netizens said, "He should be more careful as a Korean artist."

Netizens also pointed out that Se7en and BoA always make sure to say kimchi in other countries so Jaejoong should also do likewise.
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Oh lord.
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SNSD wins #1 on KBS Music Bank KChart with song ‘Run Devil Run’ on 2nd April

It has been known that girlgroup So Nyeo Shi Dae has won their first #1 on music program with the song ‘Run Devil Run’ off their 2nd repackage album.

According to KBS Music Bank homepage on 5th April, the girls have won the #1 spot on K Chart on on the show on 2nd April. The show was not aired on 2nd April in view of the CheonAhn naval ship sinking.

The girls had surpassed groups like KARA and 2AM to be at the #1 spot on K Chart. Meanwhile, the girls had won #1 on Music Bank for 5 consecutive weeks and on SBS Inkigayo for 3 weeks with the song ‘Oh!’ off their 2nd full length album previously.

And currently the song is up dominating various Asian music charts.

Source: kbites

congrats to the girls! you better run run run run run~
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Another Park Shin Hye post... in vogue girl april

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well, since she was kinda girly in the previous editorial post, in this one she looks cute, a little androgynous but pretty at the same time. well, IMO i guess (cause not everyone finds bowlcuts adorable) but the clothes def. look way better. OT but the outfits remind me of a certain brit who goes by the name of alexa chung. i love her to bits!!!

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DJ Mo Twister responds to U-Kiss fangirl rage

Ever since DJ Mo Twister posted an incendiary tweet about U-Kiss that spread all over the kpopverse, the DJ has undoubtedly been antagonized and been criticized as a close-minded, discriminated and even racist figure. Although he made it pretty clear that he didn’t plan on apologizing, the Filipino DJ wrote a response to the whole situation on his blog today. It’s been pretty clear how fans of U-Kiss feel about the controversy, so it’s only fair to hear DJ Mo Twister’s side, right?

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Source: allkpop

tl;dr, he isn't homophobic, fans who imply that the comment is derogatory is homophobic themselves, he will not apologize for something that he thinks is not offensive at all, he was going to apologize (what lol idgi) but death threats from 12-year-olds made him lol so no, not really.

Omona, how about an experiment? Show a non-kpop/jpop friend (ignore your friend's gender/sexuality/orientation) these pictures (or others you might like, Kwon, Taemin, Key, Khun etc), and let's see their reaction. I for one think it'd be the same, minus the bluntness and snarkiness lol.
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Wonder Girls Tour Dates Released

In 2009 summer, Wonder Girls had the opportunity to be the opening act for Jonas Brothers,toured over 50 cities & performed infront of more than 1.5 million people.

After the success of touring with the Jonas Brothers, the Wonder Girls plans to start their own solo US tour “Wonder World Tour”, after their album release. The tour will commence on June 4th, over 9 different cities (Washington, DC, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, and Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Francisco).

Fellow company artiste, 2AM & 2PM, were also announced as the opening acts for Wonder Girls’ “Wonder World Tour”. Both 2AM & 2PM will be taking alternate turns to do the openings for the tour. This time would be an opportunity for the 2AM & 2PM boys to try opening up own their piece of the US market.

“Wonder World Tour” Tour Dates (*TBA):
Fri, June 04 (Washinton DC / Warner Theater)
Sat, June 05 (Atlanta / Tabernacle)
Sun, June 06 (New York / Hammerstein)
Tue, June 08 (Chicago / House of Blues)
Wed, June 09 (Houston / House of Blues)
Thr, June 10 (Dallas / House of Blues)
Fri, June 11 (Los Angeles / Palladium)
Sat, June 12 (Anaheim, CA / House of Blues)
Sun, June 13 (San Francisco / Nob hill Masonic)
* This is only the 9 confirmed dates, there will be 20 in total so the rest will be announced later.

Source: todaykorea, wonderfusworld

I wonder if they'll also go to my home country Thailand where I'll be in the summer!!
I guess they'll only promote in Korea from the album release date to early June when the tour starts.
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After School makes a shocking transformation

Girl group After School recently made their comeback with the release of their 3rd single Bang! Unfortunately, the girls have only been able to perform once due to the naval ship tragedy. But now, pictures from a recent photoshoot have been released and the results are quite shocking!

Similar to 2NE1’s shoot, the girls made a daring transformation to show a more tough and masculine side of themselves. This photoshoot had been for Arena magazine and they definitely steered into an unconventional path for the concept.

Some of the girls are almost unrecognizable at first glance and some even pull off looking like an actual guy. They sport leather jackets and chains with wild hair as they give off a “don’t mess with us” kind of vibe.

Unfortunately, UEE is missing from these photos due to her busy schedule with her new upcoming drama. But still we have these photos to enjoy as After School further teases for their live stage return. Check out the photos below!

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Raina makes one sexy doode.


Narsha Recruited As KBS DJ + New BEG Mini Album

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It seems KBS has a new DJ … and it’s Narsha!

Taking the spot of Maybee, Narsha has been recruited to become the new DJ on KBS COOL FM’s .

Spring is right around the corner, so to welcome in the new season as well as their new DJ, Narsha, KBS has plans to redesign the show in a way that fits the Brown Eyed Girls member’s personality.

Shin WonSup PD commented on the change, and stated: “Narsha, among other girl group members, has been receiving love from a wide range of age groups. I am looking forward to having her passion and unique character bring a new energy to the 8:00pm KBS FM Program.”

Meanwhile, Narsha, despite the fact that she has now become the new DJ starting this month, is also actively participating in her group activities as a BEG member. Also, on KBS 2-TV’s ‘Invincible Youth‘, Narsha is diligently maintaining her image as the ‘adult-dol’ of the group.

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Source(s): KPopLive + AllKPop + 919urnobody

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I am pleased with both of these announcements.
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TVXQ'S fans are calm + Matsuura's tweets

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On the 4th, a day after it was revealed that the popular, 5-member Korean group Tohoshinki is going on an indefinite hiatus, their official fanclub [Bigeast] received a flood of more than 6,000 emails of supportive messages on their site.

According to their recording company, Avex, the contents were, "I'll wait for when all 5 of them come back together again" and "continue the fanclub". There were also mails from Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and more.

Upon receiving news of the pause in their activities, the fans' reactions seemed to be more calm than expected. Also, since it's a "pause on activities" and not "disbandment", there are many who believe that there will come a day when all 5 of them will do activities together again.

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100404 Max Matsuura's Twitter Messages

Tweeted at 4.32PM (JST), 4 April

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I don't know if the Korean side has given their permission, so even at my own discretion, I can't say anything, but I'm trying my best so that Bigeast can continue.

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Secret's Practice Video to "Break Time" revealed

Group Secret releases a video titled ‘Break Time’ and the video has received overwhelming responses from netizens and fans.

The video shows the girls practising the choreography for their upcoming 1st minialbum ‘Secret Time’. In the video, the girls revealed, “Since we have many change in venue and need to walk a lot for the MV filming, it took over 24 hours to finish filming. And since we are revealing our stomach, we could not eat anything and in the end we ran out of stamina.”

They added, “Our feet were sored because we were wearing shoes. And showing this ‘Break Time’ video, because our knee kept touching the cement floor, they are also bruised. But as much as we have practised, we are sad that it did not get released.”

Meanwhile, Secret will release their 1st minialbum on 6th April

Source: K-Bites, 5xrauren
dubu ^^

Kim C is unhappy with variety programs being canceled

No doubt most k-pop fans are aware of this situation with the naval ship tragedy and that it’s been affecting the Korean media a lot lately. Variety and live music programs like We Got Married, Infinity Challenge, Music Bank, Inkigayo and others were canceled last week because of the tragedy.

Although these programs were canceled out of respect to those who were involved with the tragedy, it seems that singer Kim C is a bit upset with the aftermath.

On the 4th he ranted on his personal Twitter account saying, “It’s like Alice in Wonderland. Sports are okay, movies are okay and so are dramas, but variety programs aren’t; does this mean they don’t want us to laugh?”

Perhaps this tweet was in retaliation to those that were opposed to SBS Star King making a normal broadcast. Whether or not that’s the case, Kim C’s thoughts seems to have shifted the minds of netizens that were against the continuation of variety programs as one even said, “What’s the difference between variety programs and a comedy movie – this seems very one sided.”

So it seems that Kim C definitely brings up an interesting point.

The tragedy may have been a terrible one but the variety and music programs are in no way related to the unfortunate event. Canceling them the first week out of respect was definitely a fine gesture but continuing to do so may seem a tad bit ridiculous to some. After all, if one did not want to laugh, they could merely change the channel.

What do you guys think, are you for or against the variety and music programs being canceled?

source: allkpop
talking bout my girl [Sohee]

Return of the 2PM Airport Post™

2PM at Incheon Airport in Seoul on April 5th, departing for Thailand:

moviestar!Khun "welcomes" you in...

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SOURCE: as tagged + 2pmalways

Taec and Junho were either not there (Cinderella's Sister? Dream Team?) or were too ninja for fangirls' cameras.... Yeah, Taec isn't there because he's filming Family Outing with Kwon, and Junho is doing something else on his own. (from 2pmalways)

D-NA Interview with Music Bugs

'D-NA' - new idol who receives the hottest responses directly. Nice to meet you! Please give your first introduction for the Bugs Family.
D-NA : Hello, We're DNA.
Hyunmin : I'm the 'Husky Boy' Hyunmin.
Jay : I'm the 'Fresh Energy' youngest Jay.
Injoon : I'm the 'Lifeblood' Injoon.
Karam : I'm 'Shining' Karam.
Mika : I'm the 'Charisma Leader' Mika.

There's so many people who already know D-NA, but some don't know yet. Please give an introduction for your title song 'Admiring Boy.
Injoon : D-NA is the youngest male idol-group. We matched our age with our concept by debuting with a cute and shining image. In the future we think that we can show to fans a natural, innocent, and fresh image.
Karam : ‘Admiring Boy’ - just like the title, the song is about a boy who admires a girl. With medium tempo and fun melody, you can comfortably hear it.

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credit: music bugs | enchanteDNA

Reading the part about Gwangchul and Jisang broke my heart, even if they didn't mention their names. I'll just leave this here. (courtesy of Suhoon's cyworld)

4minute commemorates Arbor Day

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On April 5th, girl group 4minute commemorated Arbor Day with the newspaper Donga, in charge of the ‘Love the rose of Sharon, love the nation’ event since 1985. In Jongno-gu, 4minute gave hibiscus – the nation’s flower – seedlings to Seoul citizens who also got the opportunity to get photo shots with the members.

Even though, the Arbor Day is no longer a day off in Korea, it is still greatly celebrated in workplaces and schools. Besides the symbolic gesture, the trees planted throughout the whole country every year permit to emit a cleaner air and to fight climate change.

The seedlings were given out on a first-come-first-served basis, with SNSD, KARA and gagman, Han Min Gwan being the celebrities involved with this event in 2009.

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they have so much yet they always give back. these girls are seriously angels on earth~♥
AKP & 4minute International Forums & 4minuteVids on youtube [dot]com.

SHINee's "Hello Baby" Comes to an End

Tears are seen when it came to saying goodbye for group SHINee and YooGeun.

KBS Joy ‘SHINee’s Hello Baby’ will come to an end at its 12th episode to be aired on 6th April. The SHINee members have been playing the role of the father to YooGeun for about 3 months since the show started on 19th January. And throughout the show, they have together formed many wonderful memories and built deep affection with one another.

During the last episode when SHINee and YooGeun had to bid farewell, they were seen in tears, and the SHINee members made a time capsule as the last present for YooGeun, and he can only open the time capsule after he has turned 20 years old. In the time capsule are all the things which had memories of the past 3 months in them.

Leader Onew commented when making the capsule, “Will YooGeun still remember us when he turns 20?

Also, there was one member who was tearing really badly such that the filming had to be suspended for a while as he had a deep affection for YooGeun in the past 3 months.

Sources: TodayInKorea, KBites

*sobs* why does it have to end? T_T
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Spaniards, be ready...

... Kim HyunJoong is heading for Spain!

After gaining lots of attention for his April Fool’s joke that led thousands of fans’ hearts to sink into disbelief, SS501 leader Kim HyunJoong is leaving Korea – for just a few days of course. 
On April 1st, Kim HyunJoong stated on his official website that he’s going to Spain to pursue his studies. So true, so false!

Well, it was recently revealed that Kim HyunJoong is actually going to Spain, certainly not for his studies but for a series of photo shoots. Fans have left comments such as “Just finish the photo shoot and come back”, while some took it lightly by saying, “Your April Fool’s joke was clever.”
Indeed yes, it was pretty clever for an idol to say things like that.

On the other hand, SS501 is preparing for their new album which is set to be released in May.

Original Source: Lee UnHyuk @newsen.com
Translations: ch0sshi @kpoplive


‘Comeback’ Rain, “Promoting with Lee Hyori, I really welcome it”

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World star Rain talks about his thoughts on doing his singer promotional activities in the same period as singer Lee Hyori.

Rain held his special album release press conference on 5th April at Seoul KT Building, and at the press conference he was quoted saying, “I really welcomed promoting in the same time period as Lee Hyori.”

Rain recently released his special album ‘Back To the Basic’, “This album will be an outpost action to bring me to a larger market.” Into his 8th year since debut, Rain said, “There is only Lee Hyori who had promoted together with me. And recently during the pre-recording of a music show, I didn’t know anyone. Because of Lee Hyori and those I know, I didn’t feel bored.”

Meanwhile, Rain is promoting the song ‘Love Song’ which is doing very well up on various music charts.

source: kbites