April 7th, 2010

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WonderGirls’ Korea comeback stage in May for Dream Concert? “Plans are not confirmed yet”

There has been great interets about WonderGirls’ comeback in Korea.

It has been earlier announced that they will be releasing a new album simultaneously in various cities on 16th May. And the album is released in various languages like English, Korean and Mandarin.

Recently news have came that the WonderGirls will be appearing for Dream Concert on 22nd May at Seoul WorldCup Stadium. With a JYP Entertainment rep voiced, “We know that there has been much talks about the girls’ comeback stage in Korea after the news of their new album. Even though we cannot say that there are no plans for that, but nothing has been confirmed as yet.”

Currently it has been known that the girls have completed the album recording and MV filming.

Meanwhile, coming 4th June onwards, the girls will be holding their Wonder World Tour in the States with 2AM and 2PM as their opening guests.

Sources: Newsen & Sookyeong

I really miss their presence in the Korean music scene but at least I have the new album/MV to look forward to! And kinda OT but does anyone know where to get a WG lightstick? Or sites that sell K-pop lightsticks in general?
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Kim Jong Gook sheds tears on Strong Heart

Kim Jong Gook came on Strong Heart and talked about how he thought his singing career was once over. As he spoke about his sentimental story, he started to shed tears and spread his sorrow to the other guests.

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Source: allkpop
I always thought it was because of a girl (coughyooneunhyecough), but now that I know it's because of his career... D': Don't cry bby <3

Super Junior’s Leeteuk Suspends Radio Hosting After Injury

It’s been revealed that Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk will take a break from being a radio DJ/host on Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio due to his back injury.

While preparing for the group’s fourth album, he injured his back and is in the middle of recovery at the moment.

SM Entertainment said, “The earliest he will return to radio hosting is the 9th. He had injured his back during dance practice for Super Junior’s new album.

Special guest DJs will take turns to host in Leeteuk’s absence. f(x)’s Krystal, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and Donghae and SHINee’s Onew will thus be the guest DJs in the next couple of days. This shows the close relationship among the SM family members as they help each other in times like this.

Netizens commented,
I hope you get better soon.
I feel Leeteuk’s emptiness. Come back healthy.

I guess he was giving it all for the dance practice.

Source: akp

on the 9th? aren't they supposed to be here in the Phils by then? LOL. anyway, I hope he gets better soon. after Kyu's injury, now Teuk. the boys are really working hard for 4jib.

2AM Changmin is going to be a radio DJ?..."I'm happy my dream came true"

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Changmin, the lead vocal of popular idol group 2AM, has achieved his dream of becoming a radio DJ.

A KBS representative stated on the 7th through Asian Economic News, "2AM's Changmin will be a new DJ beginning in the spring," and "He will take over from Suh Kyung Seok's Music Show, although the title of the program has not yet been determined."

Changmin is scheduled to take over on the 19th of this month as Cool FM(89.1MHz) DJ on afternoons from 2-4PM.

Changmin, whose group 2AM continues to earn explosive popularity through hit songs such as "I Can't Let You Go If I Die" and "I Did Wrong," expressed his long desire to become a radio DJ.

Known for his low, melodious voice which has captured the love of female fans, Changmin stood in as a DJ for Park Kyung Lim for 3 days on MBC's "On A Starry Night" at the end of last year, which was met with good reactions. He also gained recognition for his potential as a radio DJ through appearances on MBC's "Shindong and Kim Shin Young's Shim Shim Ta Pa" and "Kangin and Taeyeon's Close Friend."

The KBS radio representative stated, "We recognized Changmin's potential to be not only a singer but also as a radio DJ. We are very much looking forward [to his show]."

KBS is also expected to announce on the 12th that the new DJs of "Raise the Volume" will include not only Changmin, but also Narsha of "Brown Eyed Girls," Park Joon Hyung, Shim Hyun Seop, Joo Hyun Mi, and Lee Soo Young, who will take over in the spring.

Original source: Gwangnam News
Translated by: 49.5bananas @ wild2day

congrats bb
『Jang Fucking Seuk』chu

Rhy Band Debuts with “Take Me”

Indie bands are gaining popularity in the Kpop music industry. In the past years, FT Island, Mate, CN Blue, and Sponge Band have debuted, reaching various levels of success. Now another band, Rhy Band, may be added to that list.

Rhy Band is made up of three members, two guys, Kim HyunSung and Nam ShinWoo, and one girl, MC Rhy. Kim HyunSung is responsible for bass. Nam ShinWoo and MC Rhy compose music, and MC Rhy also writes lyrics and is the main vocalist. Earlier, MC Rhy made her debut in late 2007 with a single, but she never made a comeback. Rhy Band previously appeared on Cyworld Indie Club, but they made their official debut on April 5 with an EP titled Crhy.


Take Me (Original)
Thank You
Real Want
Dear My J (Bonus)
Take Me (Radio Edit/Title Track)
Thank You (Instrumental)
Take Me (Instrumental)

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sources: kpoplive, AsianMusicVideoHD @ youtube

4minute Japanese Single Tracklist + Covers Revealed!

On April 7th, UMJ/FET in charge of promoting 4minute in Japan revealed the 4 covers and the tracklist of the girls’ Japanese first single, Muzik

Release date: 2010.05.05

01. Muzik(Japanese Version)
02. HOT ISSUE(Original Version)
03. Muzik(Original Version)
04. Muzik(Instrumental)
05. HOT ISSUE(Instrumental)

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hot, sexy, amazing! i can't even say anything else~ @_@
sorry, mods! i got the covers mixed up and had to edit the post! ^^

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TVXQ Members Apologize

Popular K-pop and J-pop group TVXQ has finally delivered their side of the story to the fans regarding their official disbandment through their Japanese webpage.

The members wrote, “To our fans and affiliates, we are sorry for causing any worries. We each will work hard in our individual fields.”

The disbandment was released on Apr. 3 also via the band’s Japanese website.

TVXQ’s Japanese management company, Avex Group stated on Apr. 3, “TVXQ will end their careers as a group but we will support these very talented young people in any way we can.”

Three members of TVXQ, Xiah Jun-soo, Hero Jae-joong and Micky Yoo-chun, were involved in a contract dispute with their Korean management company, SM Entertainment since July 2009.

Xiah is scheduled to release a solo album on May 26 and Hero, Micky and Max will be working as actors in different pieces.

Source: JoongAng Daily

ETA: Don't freak out too much over that "official disbandment" part of the article, I think it's just the reporter's personal take on the situation.
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SNSD Makes Cameo Appearance On "Oh! My Lady", Showing Loyalty To Choi Siwon

SNSD's Sooyoung, Jessica, and Hyoyeon is setting out to be Choi Siwon's supporters.

They are taking the cameo roles in SBS's "Oh! My Lady", which Choi Siwon is starring in.

On the recording which took place on the 7th, Sooyoung, Jessica, and Hyoyeon became models for Choi Siwon, who could not go up on the fashion show stage due to his health.

As SNSD is showing talent in different fields other than singing, they have no problems with fashion shows as well.

The producer of "Oh! My Lady" has stated, "Choi Siwon and SNSD are both in SM Entertainment, and because they have such a close relationship, it seems as they are appearing as cameos.
As SNSD members are appearing, it shows a greater image of the plot with celebrity, fans, and managers."

SM Entertainment stated, "SNSD and Choi Siwon has a very close friendship. The cameo appearance has been decided from this extension as well.
It's nice to see SNSD members and Choi Siwon helping each other."

Credit: Sosiz & Soshified
Translation: typicalharu@soshified.com/forums
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BEAST Jang Hyunseung, "I'm Hungry"

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Beast Jang HyunSeung, was a member of Big Bang but unfortunately eliminated on the show "MTV Big Bang", then he moved on and joined BEAST's agency. Now, He's more famous as "BEAST member Jang Hyun Seung" rather than "Big Bang ex-member Jang Hyun Seung". Being introduce as "Big Bang's eliminated member" on articles somehow caused him to have antis. This also happens when T-News first wrote about BEAST during their "BAD GIRL" days.
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Credits: Sports Chosun; Trans: giggle @ B2ST Rising

Antis from being eliminated? O_o

Jo PD, “JaeBum’s succession from 2PM, rather than an unilateral problem, it was the difference in co

Singer producer Jo PD’s comments on the succession of member Park JaeBum from 2PM draw attention from netizens.

Recently, Jo PD who is recently working with SuperStar K Jung SeulGi for her album, had an interview was conducted at his company office. And when asked which idol singer had his most interests lately and his answer was ‘JaeBum’.

During the interview, he said, “It seems that the company and the artiste are not at the same inclination. Instead of thinking that it was an unilateral mistake, the fundamental problem is the difference in code.” giving his opinions on it.

“But as much as they have had successful results, the situation was a shame for the both side. Shouldn’t it be the case where when a talent artiste meets a competent company, they will show music which portrays ‘people to people’?”

With that, the company representative said, “To Jo PD who has worked with singers like Brown Eyed Girls, In Sooni, Lee JungHyun as well as new singers, such problems are just ordinary for him. He had never picked a specific target by talking with the past teams again whenever he received a question.”

cr: Newsen + sookyeong
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Lee Hyori’s 4th album release postponed till 13th April

Singer Lee Hyori will postpone her album release date.

Mnet Media said, “We will postpone the album release date from 8th April to 13th April. With that, the MV and the title song reveal will also be postponed.” This is the measure from the company in view that many weekly music shows have been cancelled due to the CheonAhn naval ship sinking.

Earlier on, the album was postponed to 8th April due to the cancellation of the music shows. Mnet revealed, “If all the music shows are cancelled, the album will be released on 13th April. And she will have her comeback activities next week.”

Meanwhile, the song ‘Swing’ off Lee Hyori’s 4th album is currently up #1 on various online music charts like Bugs, Dosirak, Soribada, Daum music etc.

Source: Newsen
Via: sookyeong
scarlett johansson → i&#39;m your number one

Ajumma! Are you Krazy???

Here's a funny little trailer for the short film Ajumma! Are you Krazy???, written and directed by Brent Anbe. Described as "Hawaii's First Kim Chee Comedy," it's a wacky, zany tale about the misadventures of three Korean drama fanatics:
Fueled by their schoolgirl hormones, the hopelessly romantic Ajummas, Judy (Thea Matsuda), the lovable and innocent heroine, Susan (Tessie Magaoay) the gruff-tough one, and Amy (Cari Mizumoto) the sassy tart, go on a hilarious journey to try and meet Korean super star Michael Park (Michael Hsia) by stealing his itinerary, breaking into his hotel room, and sneaking on to his music video set.
It's pretty silly, and some of the acting's a bit awkward, but overall the film is a lot of fun -- particularly if you know and love some Korean drama fanatics in your life. The film is currently making its way through the film festival circuit. For more information check out the Ajumma! Are you Krazy??? website here.

SOURCE: Angry Asian Man

If you go to their website, you can listen to a track called Bounce ...it's lulz worthy but you can't deny that it does sound like Kpop.

Please Put on Makeup

SNSD's member Sunny revealed her story about the trip to an amusement without her manager

SBS' variety program, "Strong Hearts" was aired on the 6th and Sunny shared her secret story about going to
an amusement park with Hyo Yeon, Jessica and Tiffany.

During their break prior to the official announcement of, "Gee" the girls went to an amusement with scarfs but
no makeup. However, there were still some people who noticed them making their trip a bit difficult. That's why the 4 girls decided to wear the raccoon masks sold by the amusement. In the end, the girls were able to enjoy their rides with raccoon masks on.

Just before they were planning to go back, a high 180km speed roller coaster caught their eyes. They waited for an hour for the ride, but apparently in order to get on you had to take off all hats, scarfs and masks. The girls decided that after waiting for so long, it'd be a waste to not to ride it so they took of their masks and scarfs to enjoyed the roller coaster.

The girls thought their escape went unnoticed, however on the next day their company's atmosphere wasn't so good. The manager started off by asking, "Did you guys go to an amusement park?" and ended with, "If you were planning to go, you should have at least put some makeup on" the reason was because pictures of them without makeup was taken at the amusement park and now on the internet.

Sunny replied, "We really tried to stay hidden, but got caught." and continued on saying "Due to the release of these pictures, we were warned by our company to use makeup more often." which made everyone laugh.

Source: Soshified
Original Source: Tvreport
Translated By: DjAddick@soshified.com/forums
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Uhm Jung Hwa Won't Let Her Age Stop Her

During her appearance on on MBC’s Golden Fishery, singer-actress Uhm Jung Hwa talked about her age and how it has affected her career as a dance singer.

On the show she said,

“When most artists turned 30, they all seem to go into ballad. I think that, because there weren’t many artists over 30 back then, I received a lot of negative comments. People would say things like, “She doesn’t know how to act her age” and, “She’s that old and she comes out looking like that?” and I began to ponder whether or not I should quit.”

Uhm Jung Hwa then talked about Korean sex icon Lee Hyori, saying, “Looking at Lee Hyori right now, I think, ‘She’s aged too… She’s old too,’ but even though she’s 30 or 31, she looks young. But then I asked myself, ‘What about me?’”

However, despite what people say, Uhm Jung Hwa says she won’t let her fans down and will continue to do what she loves. “Because of comments like those, I sometimes regret what I do,” she said. “I wish my peers would not say such things. But because my fans have cheered me on, I do not want to quit as a dance artist. However, I am a bit sad that there are not that many seasoned artists nowadays.”

More power to you Uhm Jung Hwa! Despite what people say, this woman is here to stay. Even at the seasoned age of 41, the singer will do the dance and the disco. After all, she has been dubbed as “the Madonna of Korea.”


Never change! Love her