April 8th, 2010

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Hangeng always sleeps before 12!

Former SJ Member Hangeng has just returned to China, and talks about the things he does after contract termination for the first time. He revealed to the reporter that his life is very disciplined now, he has more time to spend with his parents.

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uk 𝄆 숟가락 두게 [still].

100408 SHINee Me2Day Update

[Key] 종현이형 생일!! Key의 스페셜 선물ㅋㅋㅋ 종현이형이 아직 못봤어요,저 Simpsons Bag에 넣어서 줘야지~ 입혀서 인증샷 찍을게요~ P.S - 생일빵도 저기 있네!

[Key] Jonghyun hyung's birthday!! Key's special present kekeke. Jonghyun hyung hasn't seen it yet, I shall put it in the Simpsons bag and give it to him~ I'll take a photograph of proof with him wearing the shirts later~ P.S. - There's birthday bread too!

In the note: Eat a lot and live healthy for a long time~ ♥ Kim Key

source: me2day | translations by filmsession @ omona_prection

He couldn't be there for Jong's fanmeet surprise party so it's nice he updated like this ♥ Happy birthday Raptor.
Eunjeong Hungry
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Wonder Girls to save JYPE from Financial Crisis?

Last year, Wonder Girls had the chance to tour with the Jonas Brothers taking the attention of many and making a name for themselves. They also made it into the Billboard Hot 100 Singles and "Nobody" even become the best selling single of the year. But how did JYPE fair with the expenses of Wonder Girls’ American debut?

On April 6th it was reported by the Financial Supervisory Service that JYP USA’s audit report showed they had a net loss of 4,008,330,000₩ with their sales stopping at 180,750,000₩.

The cost of promotions in America, together with the currency change and the worldwide economic slump were the reasons given for this deficit.

The question is, how will JYP deal with this situation? Using his hidden card…

Wonder Girls are currently scheduled to release a new song on May 15th with an album release party in Los Angeles, California. They will also embark on a world tour in June, starting with 9 concerts across the US.

The Wonder World Tour will be their first solo tour in the US. With this hit or miss large-scale project, JYPE hopes to be saved from their financial problems. If successful, the estimated gain from the tour will be 10 times bigger than what they earned in 2009.

Wonder Girls left Korea at the peak of their career and risked all to enter the US market. Fans are more excited than ever with their soon worldwide comeback which hopefully will take the girls to the top once again.

The new Wonder Girls’ Era is close, are you guys ready to witness it?

Source: wgspectacle

Yenny daebak! Already got my tickets! I guess the company just can't survive with their #1 group WG being inactive for so long..
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Wonder Girls MV filming completed

Wonder Girls wraps up music video shoot for new album

K-pop princesses Wonder Girls have finished shooting the music videos for their U.S. debut album in Korea, according to their agency on Thursday.

"The girls shot their music videos for two days till yesterday in the Gyeonggi Province," a representative from JYP Entertainment explained, adding they will return to the U.S. next week to finish preparing for their album.

Their new album, to contain their title track recorded in three languages including English, Chinese and Korean, will be unveiled worldwide on May 16.

Their music videos were also produced in each language, the first time in the world for such an attempt to be made.

On the day of the album's release, the girls are set to hold a launching party which will air live on online service provider Ustream, followed by a live-chatting session with their fans from all over the world and a live performance by the girls.

Wonder Girls made a splash into the music industry in 2007, quickly becoming one of the biggest pop acts in the country with numerous hit singles.

They are also the most successful Asian group to have made a crossover to the U.S., chosen as the opening act for popular boy band The Jonas Brothers and appearing in radio and television shows last year.

The girls continued to celebrate their success, becoming the first Korean artists in Billboard history to enter the Hot100 chart with their U.S. single “Nobody” debuting at No. 76.

However, the quintet --composed of Sohee, Yubin, Sun, Yenny and Mimi-- suffered a setback to kick off their singing career in the U.S. full scale when original member Mimi decided to leave the group to pursue her studies. She was replaced with new member Lim in March.

Source: asiae.co.kr

I hope Yenny is ok..
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T-ara’s secret to sexy concept – adult videos?

Girlgroup T-ara share the secret to their sexy concept when they recently took part in the filming for KBS 2TV ‘Star GoldenBell’.

And member JiYeon and MC Ji SeokJin were talking about the sexy concept to their new song ‘Crazy Because Of You’ on the show when JiYeon revealed, “As a high school student, the sexy concept is still a tough one for me. I learned all the sexy expressions from unnie HyoMin.

And MC Jeon HyunMoo asked HyoMin, “How did you learn all the sexy expressions?” and HyoMin replied, “I learned them through watching videos. But not videos of foreign singers…” and seemed flustered and embarrassed after her confession.

SoYeon then added, “I have watched the video with HyoMin together to get the bold expressions. Even though we are officially adults, because the videos are expensive, we only watched the preview.” rousing laughter from the other guest appearances in the filming studio.

This episode of the show will be aired on 10th April.

Source: kbites
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'Cinderella Sister': 'Tired of Waiting' for Taecyeon

'When is Taecyeon going to appear?'

Many viewers who love Taecyeon, member of 2PM-turned actor, are impatiently waiting for his debut [on 'Cinderella Sister'].

KBS 2TV Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Cinderella Sister' represents Taecyeon's first foray into acting. Although it has already aired its 3rd episode, viewers are still waiting for him to appear.

Taecyeon is portraying the character of 'Jungwoo.' In the story, his character is in love with noona Eunjo (played by Moon Geun Young), who is the only person to have cared for him in his entire life. Although Taecyeon has yet to appear, his character has been portrayed by a child actor. Young Jungwoo (played by Moon Seok Hwan) has been seen occasionally up to and including the 3rd episode, giving viewers a taste [of his character]. Although he is currently a young and fat middle school student, he will presently be transformed into a charming and charismatic man, and this is the character that Taecyeon will portray.

According to the writers, Taecyeon is scheduled to appear for the first time on the 5th episode, to be aired next week. The impressive line-up includes Moon Geun Young (Eunjo), Chun Jung Myeong (Ki Hoon), and Suh Woo (Hyo Sun). Although in comparison to regular actors Moon Geun Young, Chun Jung Myeong, and Suh Woo, Taecyeon is relatively minor, his role as a 'simple and honest man' in love with Eunjo offers an indispensable mellow line to the story.

Furthermore, the story of how the rough, young Jungwoo who loves to eat and speaks in a dialect will transform into a charming and charismatic man through Taecyeon's strong body and acting ability, will be interesting. Another pivotal point is how Eunjo, who currently spends much of her time ordering young Jungwoo to run errands for her, will react to meeting the older, radically transformed Jungwoo.

Viewers who are tired of waiting for Taecyeon, who, unlike the other actors, has not yet made his appearance on the show, have been complaining and appealing to the scriptwriters. On the viewers' bulletin board are written messages like, 'Please show us Taecyeon soon,' 'When is Taecyeon showing up, I chose this drama because of Taecyeon. Please come out soon,' 'Is Taecyeon's that unimportant? Why has he not appeared yet,' 'When is older Jungwoo [appearing]?' and other similar comments that have been piling up.

Taecyeon, who will show the transformation of 'simple and honest man' Jungwoo, is scheduled to meet viewers on the 5th episode, to be aired on the 14th.

Original source: NATE News
Translated by: 49.5bananas @ wild2day

Rain and G-Dragon score winning debuts on Gaon charts

Asian pop sensation Rain has made a splashing comeback to the K-pop music scene with his new single "Love Song", debuting atop Gaon's singles chart last week.

For the week of March 28 to April 3, the singer took his first crown on the Korean music chart by defeating last week's winner Girls' Generation.

Rain's ballad track has been rapidly climbing several online charts since its release on March 30. All the tracks from his special album "BACK TO THE BASIC", which came out on April 7, have placed within the top ten on various real-time music charts on the day of its release.

Girl band After School came in second with "Bang!", climbing two spots from the previous week, and Brown Eyed Soul rounded out the top three with their hit tune "I’ll Move.”

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Source: AsiaE 1, 2, 3

Yein, "Changmin is My Ideal Man!"

Okay, I don't know who she is, but props to her for having the guts to say those things 8D

Yein who is recently receiving lots of love for her song ‘Ten’, pointed out TVXQ’s Changmin, as being her ideal man.

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Source: TV Daily
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Preview of Big Bang’s upcoming song “Hands Up”

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Two weeks ago we reported that Big Bang’s upcoming song titled Hands Up would be the opening song for popular variety program Mezamashi Saturday. With this achievement, Big Bang has become the first Korean artist to do a theme song for a Fuji TV information program. Listen to the track on the opening of the show below

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sources: allkpop aleeexGD@ youtube 08180818copu@youtube
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BEAST Yoon Doojoon, "Let's Get Married!"

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BEAST’s leader Yoon Doojoon has come back with an elevated look of maturity. He earned the title ‘Korea’s Namchindol’ through his friendly, hard-working image shown on MBC’s ‘Sunday Sunday Night’ as he showed no complaints and solely did his work. The soft, sweet guy…what will be his handwriting like?
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Chung Lim's 2nd album teaser released

credits: AsianMusicVideoHD @ youtube

After releasing his debut mini-album "Step" on March 24th, Chung Lim is finally back! His second mini-album "Show Up", which contains 5 tracks, will be released on April 15th. The song he'll be promoting is called TANG! (탕!). In addition, he will have his own official homepage (http://www.chunglim.asia).

sources: Ever RIM daum cafe

shaking & crying, he's finally coming back omg.
who else is excited for this?!
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Lee Hyori 4th album title song decided – ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’!

Ahead of her comeback, the title song to Lee Hyori’s new album has been revealed.

It has been known that the title song to Lee Hyori’s 4th album ‘H-Logic’ to be released on 13th April will be titled ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Baang’. A Mnet rep has revealed that they have decided that the song will be the title song to the album.

The song is composed by rookie composer Ryan Jhun and the lyrics are written by Lee Hyori herself. According to the Mnet rep, “It will be a dance song with strong sound and beats.”

In addition, it is known from Korea Music Copyright Association, other songs included in the album are ‘Swing’, ‘BRING IT BACK’, FEEL THE SAME’, ‘100percent’, ‘SCANDAL’, ‘SO COLD’, ‘WANT ME BACK’, ‘GET 2 KNOW’ etc.

Currently, Lee Hyori is said to be working hard for her comeback stage after news of the delay of her album release.

Source: Newsen
Via: Sookyeong

Onew begins his musical journey and happy birthday to Jonghyun

Back in February we reported that SHINee’s Onew was going to have the lead role of Joo-Bong in the musical Brothers Were Brave. A few days ago ETN gave you a preview of Onew practicing and earlier today the first show ran and Onew made his official debut in the musical.

Onew has been getting rave reviews after his first show, and given his talents I can see why. In addition, happy birthday to Jonghyun who turns 20 today (21 in Korea). Thanks to mangatang2809 & Marilen for the tip and check out the fan cams / photos below.

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allkpop | randy19976 @ youtube | you can find a million more pics over at soompi
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Hangeng's Michael Jackson Tribute

Recently heard from the organizers of the Ten Year Music Ceremony, that Hangeng who's attending Meng Niou Music Billboard on April 11th will be the opening performance of the Ten Year Ceremony. Being one of the few in Mainland China that can both sing and dance, Hangeng's performance will contain his original dance style, and a tribute for Micheal Jackson.

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original source: ent.sina.com.cn
translated: 눈웃음 (: @ sj-world.net
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BoA's skinship scandal with Akanishi Jin? "They're just friends"

With news of scandal between singer BoA and Japanese idol Akanishi Jin brewing, BoA’s company has came out to clarify, “They are just friends.”

An article was posted up on a Japanese magazine on 6th April reporting that, “BoA and popular idol KAT-TUN member Akanishi Jin were seen in intimate behaviour and even hugging at a party in a club last month on the 23rd in Tokyo.”

The article wrote, “BoA had a good time with Akanishi Jin in the club lounge VIP seat during the party. And they hugged on several occasions.” With that, her company revealed through a phone conversation, “BoA was just enjoying herself with a few of her friends. And Jin was just one of her friends.”

Netizens’ response to BoA’s skinship scandal are “Absurd”, “You mean she cannot enjoy herself with friends at a club?”, “Seems like unreliable news source”, “Speculations from the media gone overboard” etc.

Source: K Bites (Newsen source