April 10th, 2010

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The Housemaid’s teaser video

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The preview video is out for The Housemaid’s remake, and it’s pretty damn sexy. The music, the ambiance, the juxtaposition (literal and figurative) of Jeon Do-yeon’s sly maid character — with those sneaky sidelong glances! — and Seo Woo’s young wife character… I have a feeling I may not feel a ton of sympathy for Lee Jung-jae’s cheating husband character but his magnetism abounds. He’s always been confident and sexy, but he’s even more so here.

The Housemaid will release in theaters on May 13.

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I have been WAITING for this for so long. The original can be watched here for free. It's a very, very good and clever movie and I really cannot wait for the remake! Also Lee Jung Jae is hot and suave as fuck.

SuShow 2 in Manila Craziness Part 1: ABSCBN News on SuJu's Arrival

Pinoy Suju fans are quiet today for I know a bunch of them are at Araneta already for tonight's show (mind you its 8 in the morning here). But here's a quick news clip on the boys arrival yesterday. Welcome to 'Pinas boys! Can't wait for tonight's con!

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4minute's first live broadcast in Japan announced!

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4Minute LIVE Energy Vol.1『Muzik』
Date: 8th May 2010 (Saturday)
Time: OPEN/17:00 || START/18:00
Venue: Zepp Tokyo
Ticket price: 1F standing ¥4,500 (with tax)
※¥500 extra for drinks

Following 4Minute's debut in Japan, the first live broadcast has been decided as well. This will be 4Minute's second showcase in Japan. The tickets can only be pre-ordered with the ordering of 4Minute mail magazine which is part of 4Minute's debut campaign. The deadline for ticket orders is 18th April 2010 (Sunday), 23:00.

yay! more exposure for the girls~
4minute International Forums

Lee Byung-hun warns fans his Twitter accounts are fake

Top Korean actor Lee Byung-hun has warned fans that multiple fake Twitter accounts opened up under his name are fake, according to his agency on Thursday.

BH posted a message on the actor's official website, stating that "Lee Byung-hun has never set up a Twitter account in his name."

"We heard about Lee's [fake] Twitter accounts so we are informing fans that 'Lee Byung-hun does not use Twitter.' We hope fans don't get taken advantage of," BH explained.

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No one can truly fake being this O.G

Who’s the U-Kiss member for the next MNET Scandal?

[note: article contains spoiler] Yet another idol star signs up for MNET Scandal and all hell breaks loose again!

The controversial and somewhat dreaded program made it’s return recently and have already got fangirls screaming with MBLAQ’s Thunder being the first idol star this season.

And if you still didn’t know, MNET Scandal pairs up a celebrity and a lucky girl (or guys for female celebrities) where they will act like a real dating couple.

And after seeing Thunder getting sandwiched in between episodes which featured actors Choi Philip and Ko Joo Won, another idol star will become the 4th celebrity and 2nd idol star on the show this season. A preview was released today where the U-Kiss members had masks on while a lucky girl picked randomly (?) from them to be his girlfriend, leaving viewers in suspense on who it will be.

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sources: allkpop kissmeukiss@youtube

SNSD talks about marriage on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate

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Earlier today, the pretty ladies of SNSD / Girls’ Generation appeared on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate where they had an interview session and also performed many special performances.

One of the topics brought up was marriage due to C.N. Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa make believe marriage to Seohyun on the show We Got Married. Sooyoung said this about Seohyun, “I’m so jealous because you can go out and date.” And with that comment, the members were asked who their ideal international husbands would be for a fake marriage.

Hyoyeon and Yoona wanted Kimura Takuya to be their fake husband. Yoona mentioned that she liked Kimura Takuya so much that she nearly cried while making the confession!

Jessica wanted Hollywood actor Josh Hartnett. She stated, “At the Pusan International Film Festival, I was singing and found out that he was in the audience. After I found out, I liked him more.”

Other Picks: Sunny chose Takeshi Kaneshiro, Sooyoung chose Brad Pitt, Seohyun chose Johnny Depp, Taeyeon chose Hugh Jackman, Tiffany chose Chace Crawford, and Yuri chose Justin Timberlake.

Out of all the performances I liked Tiffany performance of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face and Jessica, Seohyun, Sooyoung, Sunny, and Tiffany’s performance of Spice Girls’ Wanna Be. Check out the videos below.

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Kid version of ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Man Man Hani’ and ‘Crazy Because Of You’ on Star King!

On SBS Star King aired on 10th April, 2 young guests captured the heart of the audiences by dancing to idol hit songs like 2PM ‘Heartbeat’, T-ara ‘Crazy because of You’ and UKiss ‘Man Man HaNi’.

Go under the cut for the rest of the videos.

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T-ara chooses their favorite male idols

On the recent Star Golden Bell episode on April 10th, MC Ji Suk Jin revealed that he had asked T-ara about their favorite male idols backstage before.

From the many, many male idols, who was T-ara’s ultimate favorite? Drum roll please!

The number one spot was given to none other than….G-Dragon of Big Bang! Soyeon explained, “I met him when he was promoting ‘Heartbreaker’. He had such a presence on stage and was very charismatic.”

Beast’s GiKwang stole the second spot. However, Eunjung said, “I initially chose Doojoon of the same group” and further added, “But just a moment ago, I changed my mind to MBLAQ’s Lee Joon.” So why did she suddenly change her mind?

She explained, “Today’s filming showed me that Lee Joon has a celebrity mind.” Eunjung was apparently awed by Lee Joon’s splits!

Meanwhile, Jiyeon also chose Lee Joon and explained that it was because she was rather “shocked”. With the help of T-ara and other guests, Lee Joon performed an encore split performance!

Source: Allkpop