April 11th, 2010


2PM JunSu, “I want to appear on We Got Married together with Kim MinJung”

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2PM JunSu reveals that he wishes to appear on MBC ‘We Got Married’ with actress Kim MinJung.

2PM and KARA had a joint fanmeeting on 10th April in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul jointly organised by Spris and Lesmore. And during the fanmeeting, there was a corner where the idol members get to choose which stars they want to appear together on a make-believe marriage program togehter.

For JunSu, he picked Kim MinJung as his #1 saying, “I really like Kim MinJung when she appeared in ‘KidCop’ when she was young. I want to appear as make-believe couple with her.” For his #2 and #3, he picked KARA Nicole and GyuRi saying, “Because we have to do a fanmeeting together.”

During the fanmeeting, the 2PM boys performed songs ‘Heartbeat’ and ‘Tired Of Waiting’ off their 1st full length album and also ‘Crazy 4 S’ song for Spris.

As for KARA they performed ‘Lupin’ and ‘Mister’ much to the cheers of the fans.

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sources: kbites + UnknownCarrot110@youtube
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Sohee’s Heartfelt Confession and Appearance Gains Everyone’s Attention

Wonder Girls’ Sohee became one of the most loved female idols with her cute charms and her famous “Omonah!” during the ‘Tell Me’ days. Even though the girls have been away from the Korean entertainment scene for a long time, Sohee’s popularity is still strong. On April 9th, an interview with Wonder Girls was featured on MBC’s ‘Section TV’ where the girls talked about their upcoming comeback, and Sohee’s confession about this topic has gained lots of attention.

She expressed, “Along with the worldwide release of a new album, we are planning to make comebacks on Korean music shows. Because we want to show fans a ‘better us’, it feels extremely burdensome.

After the interview was aired, netizens commented,

That was Sohee’s honest feelings. However, we believe the outcome will be a good one.
It was nice seeing Sohee again after so long. Her healthy beauty can be seen through her typical baby face,
Looking forward to seeing Sohee’s bright and smiling face again.
Sohee’s popularity syndrome has not died, as she has a distinct cute-sexy image. Her white skin and chubby cheeks are like elements that make people feel comfortable and optimistic.

Her appearance also grabbed the attention of Lady Medi Clinic’s Director, Kim MyungHoon, who said,
Nowadays, there have been people who have been wanting a cute face like Sohee’s, because it makes a favorable impression. Skin that is clean and clear like hers can make a person more optimistic and give them confidence. With Sohee, the Wonder Girls will not have to worry about positive feedback from fans.

Many fans wondered how Sohee’s popularity would fair against all the new young idol stars. She was once Korea’s favorite maknae but she is not the youngest anymore, nor within today’s hottest idols. But as you can see… there is nothing to worry about! Be careful people, there is no cure for Sohee Syndrome!

Source: mdtoday.co.kr, wonderfulsworld

Waiting 4 a HyeonAh SoHee reunion!!
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T-ara's Eunjung to become a horror movie star

T-ara's Eunjung to become a horror movie star

T-ara's leader, Eunjung, gets cast as a character in a new horror movie.

It's been announced recently Eunjung was cast as the heroine in the new movie "White" which begins shooting next month.

The former child actress/model made her debut long ago but this is the first time she'll be appearing in a movie as an adult.

Eunjeong's casting in this 'White' movie has gotten much attention and fear since she is an Idol because of the character's genre and how the movie features sexual material.

Meanwhile, Eunjung has appeared in the 2004 drama "Land" and the movie "Madeline" beforehand.

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she's such a famous important movie star diva! can't wait!

Recent Sunmi Photos Gain Popularity

Today, it was revealed that Sunmi, a former Wonder Girls member who took time off from the group to study, had taken her high school diploma exam in Pohang. The other students eagerly asked for signatures, took pictures and fancams of the star.

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i'm so happy that people are still loving and supporting her! it's so great to see her again, i'm so much more happy now. ;_; sunmi~♥
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Preview of "Muzik" in Japanese

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4Minute's segment on the Japanese TV channel NTV's show "POPKOREA" aired today. The show includes various interviews with Japanese and Koreans living in Japan, talking about which Korean groups do they enjoy. After revealing the jackets of the four different editions of Muzik Japanese single, you must be dying to hear the song. Well, for all of you who are too curious to know how Muzik would sound like in Japanese, here is a little preview for you.

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it sounds a lot better than i thought it would! i'm excited!
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20100411 Donghae Cyworld Updates: End of Super Show 2


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Hello everyone, I’m Super Juni~~or!!
Lee Donghae!!
The Super Show 2 that has been receiving alot of love~~~ Finally ended!!^^

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To those who went to Araneta, I am sure you guys enjoyed the show. I heard there were some naughty things thrown on stage LMAO. Looking forward to an epic comeback and Super Show 3.
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[TRANS] Jaejoong AnAn April 2010 interview

With his trained figure and sweet decent features, one look from him will make you breathless. The idea of dating JeJung has made the hearts of countless young girls beat for him.

Starting from April 2010, he will debut as an actor in Japan on a new drama by Fuji TV, ‘Sunao ni Narenakute.’ This will be his first solo activity, and this has attracted a lot of attention from the public.

JeJung – "At first, I wasn't able to believe it, even after I received the script itself. Only after I met up with Eita and the rest during rehearsal that reality began to sink in; I felt really nervous. (laughs) Though the staff and cast members told me that it will be just fine, that I should just be myself and relax, I still felt the pressure of acting. I hope I can get used to it sooner."

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Full set of pics in previous omona post here.

Source: ANAN April Issue + BaiduTVXQ
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K-Gov Get Off Your Ass & Show Some Cash !

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If the government is serious about globalizing Korean fashion, it should be ready to give more financial support to designers, according to top fashion designer Rubina.

"I believe the government does not support us enough. For designers to have a collection shown overseas, you need at least 100 to 150 million won ($88,600 to $133,000). So in a year, you need at least 300 million won. To do that for 10 years, you can imagine how much money the designer would need. What the government gives us in support now is very minimal compared to what is needed," she said in an interview with The Korea Times last week.

Rubina recently presented her fall/winter collection at Seoul Fashion Week, considered the biggest fashion event in Korea. The designer is considering presenting an international collection to generate more awareness of her brand, but admitted it is very difficult.

"If you start doing a collection abroad, you need to do it for at least 10 years. In Korea, there is no system where a sponsor helps you with your overseas collection. You have to do it yourself and you have to know the system... But I do think doing a collection overseas is the only way to let the international market know about your brand," she said.

Although a handful of Korean designers have presented international collections, they have yet to make a breakthrough compared to Japanese designers. In the 1980s, Issey Miyake, Takada Kenzo, Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto made a splash in the international fashion scene.

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for tl;dr

- To globalize k-fashion like the k-gov wants they need to donate more ₩
- Designers need 300 million ₩ a year for 10 years to show collections overseas
- There is no system where a sponsor helps K-designers with their overseas collection
- K-designers want the same kind of support J-designers receive from gov/corporations
- Andre Kim is Omona's #1 fashion consultant

Korea Times