April 12th, 2010


Super Junior Kim Heechul smirked when taking photo for his driver's license

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Kim Heechul has said on his own radio SBS Youngstreet that he will reveal his driver's license and indeed after saying that, the photo of Kim Heechul's driver's license has been posted on Youngstreet's official homepage. The reason why his driver's license gets a lot of attention and laugh from netizens is because Heechul had smirked when he took photo for it.
Netizens left comments like "You're bold, Kim Heechul", "Your driver's license is really the best"...but some left comments like "But smirk on the photo on driver's license is a little too much", "I hope you will be more careful with those identification photos from now on"...

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source: here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net


Daesung & Seungri Compose Song For Haha Mong Show

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Big Bang DaeSung and SeungRi will release the song ‘Like Big Bang’ which they composed together.

‘Like Big Bang’ is a song with strong melody with lyrics talking about DaeSung’s shocking confession of he dreamt of plastic surgery after the car accident last year and SeungRi revealing the secrets of the other Big Bang members. The 2 even came up with the idea of a MV together.

The 2 will release their song via the corner ‘Free Rap MV’ on upcoming SBS pilot show ‘Haha Mong Show’. The corner allows artistes on the show to reveal the thoughts in their hearts out. And DaeSung and SeungRi put up a comical side of them during the filming of the show recently, taking up the challenge to rap.

The song and MV will be revealed on the show on 17th April at 5.05pm.

Source: Kbites

Teaser for Infinite's reality show!

Infinite, the band that Epik High's Tablo is producing, will be having their own reality show where they compete to be the best elder brother to a high school girl. The previous post about the show is here. The show is premiering on April 12th @ 7:30pm.
Woollim Entertainment released a teaser for the show today on their youtube channel.

인 피니트_당신은 나의 오빠 티저


Commentary by strawberry_efeu w/info from the previous post : )
Thanks ♥Jessi -Tuchung bear lollipop

2PM for Hunbul Cosmetic

2PM was chosen models for Hunbul Cosmetic
Hanbul Cosmatic revealed on April 12, “We have thought that 2PM is in the fittest position since they are able to cast a spell on women’s heart and are charming among international markets. Those reasons made us chose them.”

Moreover, 'It' skin' Brand Shop’ ads will be aired in the middle of this month.

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Source : Here@2PMalways , pics here .
Translated by Tik and Kagetsu Crackerbaby K. @2PMalways
F.T Island ~ Lee Jaejin fake sleep

Lee Joon & Kwak Minjung in a CF

Second Rain & Second Kim Yuna : Lee Joon & Kwak Minjung, Plans on Even Drink CF

Second Rain who has been grasping fans' hearts with his chocolate abs Lee Joon and little Kim Yunah who was part of the Winter Olympics figure skater Kwak Minjung have met.

MBLAQ's Lee Joon and figure skater Kwak Minjung have been chosen to be models for present day liquid medicine made with veggies that will help your body better.

The company has said "We focused on Lee Joon and Kwak Minjung's healthy beauty and their infinite ability" and "I think we were able to get the perfect concept across with Lee Joon's healthy and sexy image and Kwak Minjung's healthy and cute charms."

On the other hand Kwak Minjung plans on going back to Toronto Canada to train more after shortly resting after finishing up the World Skater Competition last month. And Lee Joon has recently cut his hair and has been gathering a lot of interest by looking very similar to Rain and the comeback soon.

Source: Naver
Translation: mir-ified @ absolutemblaq
[*SS501] only the best as 일
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SS501's Kim Kyujong releases a solo song!

Kim Kyujong recently recorded a solo version of SS501's "Confession (서툰 고백)" for the Superstar drama OST, and it was released today in Korea! Check it out:

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Credits: 919urnobody @ Youtube
Carol12Anne @ Youtube
kimxiuhyun @ Youtube

Honestly, I never found Kyujong's voice outstanding or unique by any means within SS501, but this is omgsopretty and mellow :'D ♥ /loops.

Midnight ban imposed on online games

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A pair of policies were announced yesterday that will attempt to block underaged access to online computer games after midnight in light of the rising problem of video game addiction among youth.

In what’s being touted as the "nighttime shutdown," the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism hopes the new measures they have implemented will help eradicate video game addiction among teenagers.

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Source: Korean Herald

LOL, I like how Starcraft wasn't mentioned at all.


2NE1 + 2PM for Anycall Corby Family Festival

On the 12th, Samsung representative, Choi Jisung stated that they will be holding the 'Anycall Corby Family Festival' at the Olympic fencing stadium on the 24th, with 2NE1 and 2PM, etc.

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Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100412n06116
Translated by GEE @ ygladies.com

TTFM & My Colour LIVE?!?!
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♀ ❛ never was a good girl ❜
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YG Entertainment will go back to court regarding G-Dragon’s concert

Although we believed G-Dragon was finally cleared of charges regarding his concert scandal, it was recently revealed that this may not necessarily be true.

Seoul’s Child Protection Services stated on the 9th that for charges regarding planned performance of a concert that contained harmful material, G-Dragon’s management company YG Entertainment and concert team manager Mr. Jung will be brought back to court for an official hearing.

They had paid 3,000,000 won ($2600 USD) in fines last month.

However, after YG pleaded not guilty to the case, the case will be resent for another hearing. A Child Protection Services affiliated individual stated, “Because of YG’s not guilty plea, we decided on another hearing to check on whether they are right or wrong. The official hearing is likely to take place sometime this month.”

Considering that G-Dragon is my all-time favorite male celebrity, it’s quite depressing to hear this news of him and YG Entertainment having to face this concert issue again. I sincerely hope this case gets settled in the quickest, most problem-free manner.


Lee Jung Hyun Announces April Comeback

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On the day when Lee Hyori unleashed her alien concept MV for her title song Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the techno queen of Korea, Lee Jung Hyun announced on the 12th that she will be having her own comeback in April too!

The reason why many singers are choosing April or May to release their albums is because they want to avoid June as all eyes in Korea will be mainly focused on watching their national team in the Fifa World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

Lee Jung Hyun who has always thrown in a unique concept for her albums, will be releasing her 7th album at the end of April. It is said that her album will be comprised mainly of synthpop tracks and she will once again show her fans another radical transformation for her stage performances.

Comparisons are bound to be thrown up by the media by pitting Lee Hyori against Lee Jung Hyun, with the former almost taking a leaf out of the latter’s book for her latest music video concept.

Lee Jung Hyun who has been based mainly in China all this while, will be filming the Chinese drama, Confucius later this year.

Source: AKP

Hyori's comeback concept may be extraterrestrial, but I don't doubt that LJH is actually an alien...
Penelope is pretty.
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Korean film "Bestseller" in talks for Hollywood remake

Korean film "Bestseller" is already in discussions for a Hollywood remake prior to its local release on Thursday, according to the film's production company Daisy Entertainment on Monday.

Daisy explained in a press release that they have been contacted by U.S. film production company Vertigo Entertainment, who offered to buy remake copyrights for the thriller pic.

Vertigo is owned by Roy Lee, a Korean-American movie producer who is known for turning Asian hit films into Hollywood remakes.

Some of his successful re-productions include "The Ring" (2002), "The Grudge" (2004), "My Sassy Girl" (2008), "The Uninvited" (2009) and the Oscar-winning "The Departed" (2006), which Martin Scorsese directed based on the hit Hong Kong film "Infernal Affairs".

, which stars Korean singer and actress Uhm Jung-hwa, is about a successful novelist who becomes accused of plagiarism and hears voices in a remote cabin she escapes to.

The film is scheduled for release in Korea on April 15.

Source: asiae.co.kr

SNSD's Tiffany Found On Porn Site


You guys read it right! It was only recently discovered that a picture of SNSD’s Tiffany was posted on a pornographic website in the Netherlands.

The picture used on the website was from last year, during one of SNSD’s Tell Me Your Wish performances. In the picture, Tiffany is seen singing with her eyes closed while sporting a marine uniform, as it was the concept for Tell Me Your Wish.

About the whole situation, SM Entertainment said,

We have no idea how something like this could have happened. We are currently investigating the case, and are planning to take legal action. No matter what kind of photo was used, the fact that her photo was posted on a site like that is a shock to both Tiffany and her fans.

This hasn’t been the first time that Kpop celebrities have been portrayed as something that they are not in other places around the world. Late last year, Dirty Eyed Girls‘ consisting of 2AM’s JoKwon and Seulong as well as 2PM’s Taecyeon, Chansung, and Wooyoung put their own fun spin on Brown Eyed Girls‘ hit song Abracadabra. However, it was interpreted by others as a group of Chinese homosexual guys’ pornography.

Wishing that all goes well with Tiffany! Hopefully, in the future, Kpop idols won’t be put in such unusual predicaments.

Source: Newsen (origional article here
Image Credit:Allkpop

Translation: ch0sshi@ KpopLive

this is my fourth time posting. Hopefully i get it right D:
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Earnings and profits for ‘Big 3′ SM-YG-JYP for year 2009 revealed!

How much were the earnings and net profits for Korea’s top 3 management companies – SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment – in year 2009?

Managing the top idol groups in Korea, Lee SooMan (SM), Yang HyunSeok (YG) and Park JinYoung (JYP) are also the largest shareholders of the companies. And there have been great interests in the rivalry going on between these 3 entertainment giants amongst fans.

On the 12th, Financial Supervisory Service revealed the earnings of YG Entertainment for year 2009. YG recently reported their earnings on the 9th, so did the other 2 companies, through an electronic announcement system under the service.

Under sales, SM Ent (The only KOSDAQ listed out of the 3) is #1 with 61,788,490,000 KRW in sales. Increase from 43.7 billions KRW recorded in 2008

SM Ent manages some of the biggest idol groups in Korea including So Nyeo Shi dae, Super Junior, SHINee, Dong Bang Shin Ki, f(x) and BoA etc.

But in terms of increase from the previous year, YG Entertainment is #1 with 35,693,360,000 KRW in terms of earnings in 2009, up 92% from the record of 18.5 billions KRW in 2008. This is also the first time the company broke through 30billions KRW in earnings in 10 years since its establishment.

2009 has been a good year for YG En with Big Bang doing well with their concert, GDragon, DaeSung, SeungRi and TaeYang with their solo activities. 2009 was also the debut of their female group 2NE1 which had roped in earnings through their various albums and CFs released.

As for JYP, their earnings last year was 10,163,540,000KRW. There is a drop in 7% in terms of earnings but considering that WonderGirls has been inactive in Korea, this is good results. Idol group 2PM also played a decisive role in the company’s earnings last year with all the saga going on.

Under operating profits taking away sales costs and salaries:

1. SM – 9,266,340,000 KRW
2. YG – 7,390,890,000 KRW
3. JYP – 230,000,000 KRW

Also, under net profit

1. SM – 4,471,310,000 KRW
2. YG – 4,162,260,000 KRW
3. JYP – lose of 4,677,770,000 KRW

For JYP's case, it was not the lose for the company and its artistes, but rather the loss was absorbed by the investors for WonderGirls’ American debut last year. So with that, the assessment of loss can only be attained based on the WonderGirls’ success in their legitimate American activities this year.

Source: Star News
Via: sookyeong

H-Logic Album + DL

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Two years after her best-selling It's Hyorish, Lee Hyo Ri is back with her brand new fourth album H-Logic. Teaming up with New York-based musician Ryan Jhun and up-and-coming composer Bahnus, K-pop's biggest diva introduces fans to her unique brand of music and logic through 14 exciting new tracks. In contrast to the current electronica trend, the album employs more acoustic instruments for a "real" dance and hip-hop sound. Hyo Ri collaborates with none other than her former Family Outing co-star Dae Sung of Big Bang for the anticipated duet How Did We Get. Plus she invited 4Minutes' Ji Yoon and After School's Bekah to feature in Bring It Back, and Leessang's Gary and Mighty Mouth's Sang Chul show up as guest rappers for the star-packed album as well. Hyo Ri also gets to reveal her songwriting talent in her self-penned Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

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If you liked what you heard, you can order the album from Yes Asia (global) / YesAsia US/Canada .

Video Source: YT @ RandyPhan6141995
Article Source: YesAsia
the beats in this album *-*

SS2 in Philippines Press Conference; Leeteuk “We have always wanted to come here”

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Korean pop group Super Junior is scheduled to hold its first full-length concert, Super Show 2, at the Araneta Coliseum at 7 p.m. tonight, April 10. The all-male performers, better known as SuJu to avid fans, is the first ever K-pop band to hold a major concert at one of the biggest entertainment venues in the Philippines.

In a press conference held earlier today at Edsa Shangri-la in Ortigas, members of Super Junior expressed their excitement for the concert.

"We've heard that we're gonna be having our concert in a big dome, so we're very much excited for it," said group leader Leeteuk in Korean. "The whole show is filled with eye-catching surprises.

"There will be a very special performance wherein we dress up as girls," he further revealed, explaining that they would be mimicking f(x), their sister group from South Korea's SM Entertainment. "So please watch out for that surprise," he added.

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SS3 in the Philippines? YES PREASE. I need closer seats. Although I still think they need a new name for their concerts. LOL

Original article: Philippine Entertainment Press
Photo credit: Arriane aka wanderrgirl @ blogspot (follow her on twitter for updates on concert pics!)

2PM confirms comeback date

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Having teased us with a piano melody yesterday, JYP Entertainment has now announced the comeback date for 2PM on the 13th!

A representative expressed, “2PM will release their new album on the 22nd of April. All recording work have been done and they will restart their full promotional schedule from next week.”

And thus 2PM will join the long list of singers who are making their comebacks in April.

S: allkpop
im so excited.

Wondergirls to appear on Cambio.com

According to one Youtube video, "Cambio is a new social site for all things Jonas Brothers and the artists associated with Jonas Group. You can see Honor Society, Demi Lovato, Jordin Sparks, Meaghan Jette Martin" What they don't mention is the Wonder Girls! The girls appear in the clip at 1:30 (not even in person, but I'm assuming they were too busy with preparations for their new album to film with everyone else) and you'll have to suffer through some dude attempting to speak in Korean, but hopefully this will get their name out there as they promote their first American album! The official website is here: Cambio.com


sources: YT quote, 2twenty6ten, Cambio.com
commentary by strawberry_efeu 

Se7en set for comeback in June

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Having announced his return to the Kpop scene back in February, many have been awaiting for more information regarding the comeback of Se7en.

And much to the delight of his fans, YG Entertainment has announced on the 13th that Se7en will be making a comeback this June with his new album! Recording is still currently being done but the scheduled release date is confirmed for June. According to YG Entertainment, the album will consist of 6 new songs and 3 from his American debut, making it a total of 9.

Se7en had been based in America since his 4th album, Se7olution in 2006 and thus his comeback is highly anticipated by many.

S: allkpop

YG Entertainment announces Gummy, Big Bang and 2NE1 comeback plans

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Having announced that Se7en will be returning in June, YG Entertainment has gone one step further by revealing comeback plans for Gummy, Big Bang and 2NE1.

Gummy who last released an album with a feature by T.O.P. in 2008 will be returning in early May with her new mini-album.

2NE1 meanwhile will make their comeback this summer with a new mini-album and it will have a different charm from 2NE1’s usual music.

And finally the news that everyone is waiting for, “Although Big Bang did not release a new album in Korea last year, they will release a new mini-album this summer and near the end of the year. After Big Bang’s new album has been released, member Taeyang’s new solo album will be revealed as well.

Are you getting excited already?

S: allkpop

so. 3 artists in the summer. INTERESTING...

Super Show 2 Manila: Concert Pictures!

Tonight I bring you:

I am NOT a photographer. At all. So PLEASE do not expect professional shots. And more importantly, DSLRs were not allowed inside (although sneaky srsbiz fans, especially the Chinese girls, were able to get theirs in) so I just used my trusty prosumer camera, my Canon G11. :D
I've named it Britney: Not a girl, not yet a woman. (Better than a digicam, but not quite the SLR... Get it? /gets bricked)

There is a TOTAL SIWON BIAS going on in this set of pictures, I am warning you. *u*
Follow me on Twitter to know when the next batches of pictures are up!

The Suju boys :)

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Seungri wants Ga-In to choose between him and Jo Kwon

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It is reported that Big Bang’s Seungri showed off rather provocative feelings for Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In recently.

On the SBS’s new pilot program the HahaMong Show, Seungri said about Ga-In, “Whenever I see her, I got nervous.”

Seungri and Ga-In have known each other for five years now because they come from the same hometown. Ga-In said, “I thought you were okay when I saw you five to six years ago in Gwangju with your straw hat.”

Seungri then blurted out, “Is it Jo Kwon or me?”

This exciting episode will air on the 17th.

S: allkpop
never change Seungri <3
Flying could be fun.
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Korean Reputation for Heavy Drinking Proved Unfair

Koreans are thought to be the world's heaviest drinkers, but a recent OECD report refutes that notion. According to the OECD Health Data 2009, Koreans aged 15 or over consumed an average of 8 liters of alcohol per person in 2007, less than the OECD average of 9.5 liters. Korea ranked 11th among the 16 countries surveyed, while Ireland took first place with 13.4 liters followed by Denmark and the Czech Republic with 12.1 liters. 

Korea's alcohol consumption has not decreased, and it has never topped the OECD list
since it was first included in 1988. In fact the nation's per capita consumption level has never surpassed 10 liters. It peaked at 9.5 liters in 1988 and 1989 and has hovered around 9 liters since, well below the European average of over 10 liters.

So where does the misperception come from? It derives from an error made in a 1999 World Health Organization report which ranked Korea 2nd in the world with per capita alcohol consumption of 14.4 liters in 1996. But in the WHO statistics, ethyl alcohol concentrated from fermented cereals was mistaken for a kind of alcoholic drink and the delivered quantity of the ingredient (6.8 liters per capita) was counted in the consumption figure.

But some experts attribute the nation's low ranking to the wide difference in consumption between the genders. As Korean women drink comparatively less alcohol than their male counterparts, the nation's ranking would rise significantly if it measured only men's consumption, they point out.

Source: The Chosun Ilbo