April 14th, 2010


Daesung gets no love from female idols who chose him as their ideal type

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During the recording of upcoming SBS pilot reality program Haha Mong Show, Big Bang’s Daesung admonished the female idols who had selected him as their ideal type.

At one point or another, members of the top girl groups such as After School’s UEE, Kara’s Kang Jiyoung and T-ara’s Hyomin confessed that Daesung was their ideal type of guy.

However, Daesung made a depressing revelation about the truth behind the cameras.

He said, “The girls who chose me as their ideal type were all talk; they don’t approach me at all. Even when I meet them at broadcasting stations and greet them enthusiastically, they just walk past me.”

Daesung added, “I think that they picked me as their ideal type because, after looking at my face, I was a safe choice,” sending those on set into laughter.

It makes you wonder if SNSD’s Sooyoung, who recently admitted that she wanted to get closer with Daesung, will follow the same route.

The episode will air on the 17th.

Source: Allkpop

40% of actors have considered suicide

Actress Park Jin Hee

Four out of every 10 actors here have been suffering from depression and have had suicidal urges from time to time
, according to a degree paper by actress Park Jin-hee, Tuesday.

About 20 percent have actually purchased toxic agents or "devices" for suicide, she revealed, claiming that the extreme stress to stay attractive and to remain in the limelight drives them to mental instability and leads them to make drastic choices.

For her masters degree paper for Yonsei University, "Studies on Depression and Suicidal Urges Among Actors," Park, who has played leading roles in numerous movies and TV dramas, interviewed 260 actors last year with incomes ranging from 10 million won-per-episode to less than 1 million won a month.

She found that 40 percent were suffering from depression.

Respondents were quoted as saying, "I am sick of being alive. I want to die" and "I want to commit suicide and have often thought about going through with it." About 20 percent of them actually bought pills or other harmful devices to kill themselves and another 20 percent said that they have confessed to others about their urges.

Park said most of these symptoms derive from their "unstable status" in life. They thought their employment status was too rocky and that their talents weren't received well enough by the public and industry insiders.

The gap between the general public's perception that entertainers "live flamboyant and happy lives" and their actual life being "not so glamorous" also caused them mental anguish.

They were often forced to hide their real characters or feelings from others to remain "likable" and some of them thought "having to stay young and blissful" was self-consuming.

Their stress index marked 53.12 out 100, which is higher than that of self-employed men at 48.12 and salaried workers, at 48.18.

Park's report is expected to create a whirlwind in the showbiz world recently reeling from many celebrities committing suicide and the possible copycat syndrome among their fans.

Actresses Lee Eun-joo, Chung-Da-bin, Choi Jin-sil; actor Choi Jin-young and pop singer Yuni are just some of the well-known celebrities who have taken their own lives of late.

After the suicide by the late actress Choi Jin-sil in October 2008, the number of suicides jumped by 60 percent compared to the previous year, according to Statistics Korea.

"The numbers show that people, who seem to be in the middle of amiability, love and glamour, are some of the most lonesome and troubled," Park said in the paper.

source: Korea Times

Hyori is keeping an eye on SNSD’s Yuri and 2NE1’s CL

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At a press conference held on the 13th in celebration of her 4th album’s release, Lee Hyori was asked “Which girl group hoobae are you eyeing?” Without hesitation, the Queen of K-pop answered, SNSD’s Yuri and 2NE1’s CL, two members from the nation’s top girl groups.

Regarding Yuri, Hyori stated, “It was like seeing myself in the past. I watched SNSD’s concert and Yuri’s solo performance was impressive. During the Fin.K.L days, I, too, performed a solo performance at the concert and received attention from the music industry shortly thereafter. I have seen Yuri sing solo before and I think she is capable of succeeding as a solo artist.”

Regarding CL, Hyori stated, “She possesses a powerful aura that no one else has had until now. Her originality and charm are something that cannot be easily found in Korea. As opposed to being a pretty and sexy singer, her powerful singing and rapping skills will lead her to become a major figure in the music industry.”

Hyori added, “The featured artists in my album, 4minute’s Jiyoon and After School’s Bekah, are friends that I have already stamped my approval on.”

Hyori also did not forget to lend a few words of advice to all the idols undergoing promotional activities. “As you receive training, you perform as much as you are taught. For now, you do as you are told by the management company, but once the contract ends, you will be all alone. If you do not learn to become independent, you may end up in a situation similar to that of an orphan who lost his/her parents.”

It must be an honor for Yuri and CL to be praised by the Queen of K-pop herself. Her observations are right on point too; Yuri and CL are both a popular favorite among the domestic and international crowd. With Yuri’s sex appeal and down-to-earth personality and CL’s natural charisma on and off stage, the future ahead looks bright for the two of them.

source: allkpop

2NE1 Transform into Cosmetics Models!

2NE1 is a girl group that has always filled the stage with their charisma, but what would they look like as cosmetics model?

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picture source & original article: nate
Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100413n08667
Translated by knucklepink@YGLadies

they look good ... wow.

14th April is MBLAQ Day!

MBLAQ has announced 14th April as MBLAQ Day.

G.O revealed on their UFO Radio on 14th April, “14th April, which is known as Black Day, is MBLAQ Day for us MBLAQ members. From now on, let’s call 14th April MBLAQ Day.”

With that CheonDoong (Thunder) said, “Let’s eat jajangmyun for lunch today.” which got the agreement from the other members. Lee Joon added, “Black Day is a day for people who did not receive any chocolates on Valentines Day and White Day to come together to eat jajangmyun. MBLAQ members who do not have girlfriends will eat jajangmyun with the A+ (MBLAQ official fanclub) fans who do not have boyfriends.”


And on MBLAQ Day, the MBLAQ members picked out some of the messages left by fans to them and sent out replies to these lucky fans.

G.O, “If you do not have any boyfriend, how about having jajangmyun with me?”. SeungHo, “On a day like this, how about having a picnic at the park with me? If you are lazy, let’s have jajangmyun from a lunchbox at the park instead”. Lee Joon, “Come to oppa~ I will buy you jajangmyun and sweet and sour pork!”. And Mir, “Don’t be dismayed on Black Day, next time think of 14th April as MBLAQ day!”

Source: sookyeong

this is too cute~


The Romantic Movement Seoul-A Korean Short Film Web Series


The Romantic Movement Seoul is a new project staring Min Hyo-rin and adapted from the first several chapters of Romantic Movement, a novel by popular Swiss writer Alain de Botton. Now this sounds like just another Korean drama, especially with directors such as Kang Chul-woo and Park Hyun-jin at the helm.

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Sources: Paper Spaceships and The Romantic Movement Seoul Offical site
video credit: The RoMo Seoul YouTube Channel

Super Junior Holds 1st Concert in Manila + Press Conference transcript + FANCAMS!

Super Junior Holds 1st Concert in Manila

By Jonathan Hicap
Korea Times Correspondent

MANILA ― From the moment they arrived at the airport until they performed at their one-night-only concert, Korean boy band Super Junior proved their immense popularity in the Philippines.

Thousands of Filipino fans filled the Araneta Coliseum to watch ``The 2nd Asia Tour: Super Show 2'' on April 10.

The Philippines was the last leg of Super Junior's concert series, which ran for nine months since it kicked off in Seoul in July last year and toured China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Super Junior's arrival here on Friday created pandemonium and hysteria when fans stormed the Ninoy Aquino International Airport just to get a glimpse of their idols despite the searing summer heat.

The last few years has seen the rising popularity of hallyu (the Korean wave), and especially K-pop, among Filipinos.

Fans of Super Junior had clamored for the boy band to perform here. In January, concert organizer Pulp Live Productions announced that it had signed the idol group to hold a concert in the Philippines.

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credit: The Korea Times

Transcript of their press conference last April 10th

Click for full size.

Note from source: This is not word for word, but yeah, this is pretty much it anyway. :3 We didn’t translate this! There was a translator during the press conference.
credit: awesomefivesome

Who said cameras weren't allowed? ;P EVERYONE inside Araneta had a camera that night, hence the overwhelming amount of fancams + photos. And here they are! (includes the epic condom/thong fancam!) Please do tell me if I've missed anything. :)

Members' introduction - Siwon's and Shindong's were the best! Shindong spoke in Tagalog!

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credit: awesomefivesome, sjm7rainbow, g3mdr3i, acinat05, danellehernandez, sherrilyn, mrskwonjiyong, princekyu, ettergramm, rimuchan11, ninayskie, arahee03, alverue, 01MidnightFantasy, ololcas, greenict

New boy group 2NISE releases MV teaser

New boy group 2NISE have released an MV teaser for their debut single featuring Ha Joo Yeon of Jewelry and it has been getting a lot of attention for its sexy star, Yoo Sara, who has been dubbed the “Engineering School Beauty.”

The song deals with the complications that arise in casual and serious relationships between men and women. 2NISE is made up of three members, John, Hohyeon, Jogeun, who all take part in the composition and production of their music. Their sound spans across genres of Hip Hop, R&B and electronica.

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sources: allkpop + QACVisual

i like it ^^

Jaebum to make an appearance on Youtube channel, ST1RFRYTV

ST1RFRYTV dubs themselves as "The hottest online variety entertainment network on YouTube". In their "What do I know?" video segments, they feature some of the most popular and talked about videos on Youtube. With over 3 million views, Jaebum's cover of B.o.B.'s "Nothing on You" captured the attention of ST1RFRYTV and was featured almost a month ago on their channel, creating an explosion of comments from fans. The ST1RFRYTV channel members were amazed by the response, dubbing it "the Jay Effect".

Now, ST1RFRYTV has a realeased a new "What do I know?" video segment in which they featured Jaebum's latest dance video, stating:

"Jay Park will be making an appearance on your Youtube Spotlight show later this month! Stay tuned...JAY EFFECT!"


(@6:53) "This guy is sick...he's got the looks, he's got the singing voice, he's got the dancing, the whole package."
jaeha x anna attic

Junsu, Jejung, Yuchun forms new unit under Avex, to perfom in Kyocera & Tokyo Dome

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It has been decided that Junsu, Jejung and Yuchun will form a new unit!

The 3 have signed a new contract with Avex Management, consisting of an exclusive management contract, and will begin activities.

Also, to show their gratitude towards the fans, these 3 decided that they will perform at the Dome as a new unit.

For more details, a notice will be put up once more information is known.

Please look forward to it!!


■5 June (Sat) Venue opens: 16:00/Performance begins: 18:00
Kyocera Dome, Osaka

■6 June (Sun) Venue opens: 14:00/Performance begins: 16:00
Kyocera Dome, Osaka

■12 June (Sat) Venue opens: 16:00/Performance begins: 18:00
Tokyo Dome

■13 June (Sun) Venue opens: 16:00/Performance begins: 18:00
Tokyo Dome

※Please note that the opening and starting time may change.

Tickets go on sale on 15 April (Noon) - 22 April (6pm)
More details here. (t/n: page currently unavailable)

Source: [bigeast fc]
Translation credits: mandasoh @ tohosomnia 
Shared by: tohosomnia.net

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2NISE releases their first album

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Earlier today, new boy group 2NISE released an MV teaser for their debut single featuring Ha Joo Yeon of Jewelry. Now, the boys have released their debut album titled 왜이래. 2NISE is made up of three members: John, Hohyeon, and Jogeun, who all take part in the composition and production of their music. Their sound spans across genres of Hip Hop, R&B and electronica.

There’s actually two versions of the title track 왜이래, a She Said version featuring Ha Joo Yeon of Jewelry and a He Said version featuring Nat-sun. These guys are pretty talented and their English is also excellent. I’m looking forward to their future, things are off to a good start. Thanks to everyone who sent this in and check out some of the tracks below.

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sources: allkpop + kaboomzaYO@yt

Are idols working too much?

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150 years ago, the average American worker worked over 3000 hours annually. Today that number has dropped to around 1777 hours annually. South Korea is known for it’s hard workers as South Korea has the longest working hours amongst the high-income OECD economies at just under 2400 hours annually. It seems idols in Korea fit this trend as they also work many hours annually.

“Are idols working all year long?“

This has been popping into the heads of many fans lately and it seems that there’s enough evidence on the k-pop scene to support this thought.

From the early 1990’s to around 2002, it was rare to see idols work so much. When an idol group or singer ended their live promotions, it was difficult to see the artists until their next comeback. That is now obviously not the case with the proliferation of the internet and increase of technology. In addition, members from idol groups continue to stay in the media long after their promotions have ended.

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source: allkpop

SunMi’s childhood photos garner netizens’ attention

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WonderGirls ex-member SunMi’s childhood photos revealed has caught the attention of many netizens of late.

Recently, photos of SunMi posted under a thread titled ‘SunMi’s growing up process’ have been the interests amongst netizens. In the photos posted up, SunMi was featured in her childhood photos looking not much different from her current features.

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they're right ! she's so beautiful. i miss this angel so much! she's a wonder girl forever! her birthday is so soon so everyone remember to celebrate on 2 May, 2010!!!!!!!!! ♥
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Jiyeon: Hwang Jeong Eum Unnie is my rival

The hot topic that surrounds the next episode of T-ara Dot Com is the faceoff between T-ara's Jiyeon and Hwang Jeong Eum.

On the episode that will be aired 14 April, Jiyeon made T-ara Dot Com's reinforcement model Hwang Jeong Eum her rival. In this episode,T-ara will be preparing for the full operation of the website. Preparation of designs and also events for the website is done, especially the designs for Hwang Jeong Eum,who will be the special model for the website.

As a result, the designated model of T-ara Dot Com, Jiyeon worries that "Hwang Jeong Eum Unnie is my rival!" and "Is my position going to be snatched away?" resulting in her sending jealous eye signals during the photoshoot. Hwang Jeong Eum on the other hand, acted like a unnie and gave her hugs and created a warm atmosphere at the shooting location.

To add on, T-ara have prepared a surprise for the customers of T-ara Dot Com, by sending what they bought directly to their doorstep personally. Furthermore, they will chat with the customers and even did couple dance with them, completely showing great customer service.

The producers says that the members wanted to be like Hwang Jeong Eum, doing cute and pretty expressions on the streets and attract the attentions of all passer-bys. The interaction between T-ara and the customers during the personal delivery also shows us a different image of T-ara that we usually see onstage.

Source: tiaradiadem, maxmovie.com

Eugene shows off her bikini body

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Old school SES member turned actress Eugene revealed her sexy bikini body for the summer.

On the 13th, Eugene posted pictures of herself wearing a bikini via her minihompy where she titled the pictures “beach.” In the photos, Eugene was shown wearing a cute pink colored bikini and making various poses.

Additionally, Eugene also posted a picture with the title “Last Summer in Guam” where she was shown wearing a heavenly white one piece dress with a bright smile. Fans who visited her minihompy positively commented, “How could she still look so pretty even without any make up” and “She’s so beautiful.”

Meanwhile, Eugene recently attended her fellow SES member Shoo’s wedding on the 11th with third SES member Bada. The trio re-united and performed congratulatory songs together.

unnie looks so good! i'll miss those three ladies forever! :D but ugh, AKP! it's not SES - it's S.E.S.!!!! >(

4minute releases "Making love" and joins the OSTs' battle,

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4minute’s contribution to MBC Personal Taste OST has just been released. As it was introduced earlier, the song is a ballad titled "사랑 만들기"/"Making love".

4minute’s song joins the ongoing showdown between several drama OSTs. Indeed, this month, the 3 Korean main broadcasting channels started airing their star-studded dramas (Prosecutor Princess for SBS, Cinderella’s Sister for KBS and Personal Taste for MBC). It turned out the competition went above getting the most TV ratings. The tracks for the respective OSTs have been fighting for the higher spot on online charts.

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omona! i didn't realize the competition was this fierce! i hope the girls have much success like with "dreams come true"!!!
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April 14th is Black Day for all Single People in South Korea

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South Korea celebrates Valentine's Day, where local custom dictates women give gifts to men. It has taken on a popular event born in Japan but sweeping Asia known as White Day on March 14 when men return the favor with gifts for women.

But Black Day, on April 14, is a South Korean original. It is marked by people who have not found love dressing in dark colors and commiserating over meals of black food, with the dish of choice being Chinese-style noodles topped with a thick sauce of black bean paste.

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Source: Old Reuters Article
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Poster for 71-Into the Fire gets released

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You guys seemed pretty excited about the trailer for the upcoming movie 71-Into the Fire starring Kwon Sang Woo and Big Bang’s T.O.P, so here comes the poster!

The movie is a re-enactment of the battle that took place in Korea in August of 1950 where 71 men fought to their deaths. Cha Seung Won and Kim Seung Woo also star in this action-packed movie.

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Source: Allkpop
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Lee Dong-wook makes his directorial debut - a MV for new singer Zozo.

Lee Dong-wook is currently serving in the military, but it turns out he has another work to unveil. Before he enlisted, he had made his directorial debut with a music video for new singer Zozo; the video for the song, called “Dandelion,” has now been released. (Watch below.) In addition to Zozo’s rapping, the song features Park Ji-heon of V.O.S.

Lee directed the music video for free and was brought to the project via his longtime friend, singer KCM. He also acts in the MV as a high school student. Prior to this, his last acting project before his August enlistment was last summer’s drama series Partner and the film Bean Paste, which is planning to release sometime this year.

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