April 15th, 2010

TVXQ’s Changmin and SHINee’s Minho are dating?

Japanese tabloid Friday has reported a very odd scandal

In the magazine, it said, TVXQ’s Changmin is there to see Yunho’s (Michael Jackson tribute) performance. He is sitting in the VIP seat with a mysterious woman.” In the photo, Changmin is indeed in a performance area, he’s seated and surrounded by ladies but…the lady he is seen with is SHINee’s Minho!

That’s quite hilarious, I must say.

Netizens commented,
“Minho’s first scandal is with Changmin.”
“He’s a man!”
“Minho, congrats on your Japan debut.”

A netizen uploaded this photo and titled it “[Scan] Our Minho FRIDAY Debut!” on an online bulletin board. How funny is this?

Source: All Kpop

Hyungwhore strikes again.


South Korea raises war ship, seeks clues on blast

(Reuters) - South Korea on Thursday lifted the stern of a naval ship that sank after an unexplained explosion near a contested sea border with North Korea to see if Pyongyang may have had a hand in the incident that killed dozens.

South Korea's defense minister said this month the 1,200-tonne Cheonan may have been hit by a torpedo, immediately putting suspicion on North Korea and stoking concerns that the incident could start a conflict on the long divided peninsula.

Twenty-two bodies of the 46 sailors who went missing have so far been recovered from the ship's stern, the defense ministry said. The bodies of two other sailors were found before the salvage operation, and 58 were rescued alive.

Government officials said Seoul was looking at all possibilities for the sinking and expected the raised stern to provide clues on what caused the explosion.

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source: reuters

this is why music shows were cancelled again.

T-ara's Eunjung to star in up-coming SBS drama

It has been known that T-ara EunJung has been chosen as one of the candidates to be casted as the female lead for upcoming SBS drama ‘Page One’.

EunJung has been chosen as one of the candidates for new drama ‘Page One’ set to air in May. The female lead in the drama is Kang SeungYeon who will face many obstacles in life with optimism. An official to the drama revealed on 15th April, “EunJung is one of the candidates for our female lead casting. We are currently considering 3 female actresses for the role.”

Meanwhile, EunJung has got past acting experiences when she was younger in movie ‘Madeleine’, drama ‘Torch’ etc. She has also recently been casted for movie ‘White’.


‘Page One’ is set to take over drama ‘oh! My lady’

Source: sookyeong

i hope she gets the role..
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Rain Sued of Embezzlement (Allkpop got it wrong)

Prosecutors investigating Rain embezzlement accusation

Prosecutors have launched an investigation into accusations of embezzlement made against K-pop sensation Rain, according to officials on Wednesday.

The Seoul Central Prosecutors' Office confirmed the investigation department has started looking into a lawsuit filed last week by a fabric manufacturing company which has charged Rain and other officials of his agency with embezzlement and dereliction.

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Source: asiae.co.kr

Rain Accused of Embezzlement

Korean pop star Rain has been accused of embezzlement.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office said Wednesday it had opened an investigation into the singer, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, as he was listed among eight people that a 52-year-old man recently filed a petition against for embezzlement.

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Source: The Korea Times
Penelope is pretty.
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Lee Hyori rules Gaon singles chart with "Swing"

Korean queen of pop Lee Hyori has ascended her way up to the top of Gaon's singles chart for the week of April 4 to 10 with her latest single "Swing."

The songstress scored her first win during the second week of April, scaling up 11 spots on the music chart to beat out last week's winner Rain.

The new song by Lee has been gaining popularity since its release earlier this month on online music sites. She will be making her stage comeback today on the televised music program "Mnet Countdown."Collapse )

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Source: asiae.co.kr - 1, 2, 3
「錦戸亮」love me more.

Beast's 10asia Interview

10: How did you feel at the moment when you guys scored your first win ever since your debut with "Shock" on Mnet's "Mnet Countdown?" The image of the group crying and the thank you speech was memorable.
Jun-hyung: Unlike the other idol groups, we didn't have a smooth debut and when the results were announced all the difficulties that we had in the past just came pouring through. I wouldn't really say it's bad but we had a lot of hard times and the sweat from practices just flashed in my head like a panorama. However, the tears had another meaning because it was the first time since our debut we reached No. 1 and our fans wanted it for us for such a long time.

10: I'm sure you guys have had a hard times or difficulties starting from your debut until now.
Du-jun: I think after five months since our debut instead of every moment being hard it was fun. It is harder than when I was a trainee but I'm having a lot of fun doing what I'm doing now.

10: Can you grasp the reality of how the number of members on your fan site is growing and the response to BEAST on and offline is better?
Jun-hyung: When we first made our debut the reactions that we got were "Who are they? I bet they will disappear soon" and also I read a lot of sarcastic comments from those who didn't like us. But even though not a lot of time has passed the response towards us has gotten better. I think the group likes how the public sees us as "a team with no holes."

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4minute dolls up in Hong Kong

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It’s rather rare to find photos where 4minute actually looks girly. However, their latest photo shoot for High Cut shows all 5 members of 4minute (yes, even Jiyoon!) dolled up and showing off their feminine charms.

The photo shoot took place in Hong Kong and it showcases a more mature and lady-like side of 4minute that we have never seen before.

Enough talk, enjoy the drastic transformation of 4minute!

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GORGEOUS GIRL ALERT!!! ♥ Everyone is beautiful~ 4minute's style is so perfect. ;_; I'm so jealous~

4minute International Forums, AKP, 4minute soompi thread.
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Betting scandal hits Korean StarCraft News

The world's biggest e-sports scene - competitive StarCraft in South Korea - has been rocked by a betting scandal.

It's alleged that several top players, along with coaching staff, have been rigging the results of matches in collaboration with illegal gambling sites.

A post on the forums of long-standing StarCraft clan Team Liquid has brought the story to attention in the West, linking through to many articles in Korean. It's summarised by Kotaku and GamePron.

The players and coaches under suspicion have not been officially named, although GamePron cites a post pointing the finger at a number of leading players including former BlizzCon champion sAviOr, a.k.a. Ja Mae Yoon.

Leading teams have been accused of intentionally losing matches and leaking information to gambling syndicates. It's said the operation began in 2006 and hit its peak in 2008. sAviOr had a notable run of bad form in the 2007 and 2008 seasons.

Retired pro gamers are said to have made the initial contact between the gambling organisations and the teams. Match commentators and reporters are also said to be involved, while team coaches are alleged to have accepted money for changing their team's line-ups.

Teams are currently taking measures to clean up the scandal, forcing the offending coaches and players to leave, or even retire from the sport.

Competitive StarCraft is big business in South Korea, with games televised and players achieving fame, sponsorship and sizeable prize money. Playing Blizzard's strategy game at the top level requires both tactical nous and physical fitness, with extremely fast reflexes needed to micro-manage units and input up to five actions every second.

The scandal comes on the eve of the release of StarCraft II - due by the end of June this year - as Blizzard gambles on migrating what's almost a national sport over to a new game after ten years of domination. One way or another, it seems there'll be a changing of the guard in the Korean StarCraft leagues soon.

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SBS and MBC to postpone schedules, Music Bank cancelled

And just like the beginning of this month, SBS will be canceling some shows for this weekend again.

The South Korean naval ship, Cheonan had broken into 2 parts late last month while on a routine patrol near North Korean waters due to an unexplained explosion.

Although fifth-eight managed to be rescued, the other 46 sailors were trapped in the ship’s stern. The salvage operation which had been put off for days due to bad weather and choppy seas was carried out today to lift the stern from the ocean’s bed and several bodies were spotted by news crews filming the scene from a distance.

In view of the situation, SBS has decided to postpone the airing of Star King, Inkigayo and Good Sunday (Family Outing 2, Gold Miss) for this weekend.

KBS and MBC are expected to do the same shortly afterwards.

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Source: Music Bank
Via: AKP: 1 and 2,

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Source: with MBC 1 and 2

for those who find this tl;dr: Family Outing, Gold Miss, Star King, We Got Married, Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo will be cancelled. MNet countdown is airing currently.

Big Bang to sing a ballad for IRIS OST in Japan

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Having sang for the original OST of blockbuster drama IRIS, it has been confirmed that boy band, Big Bang, will participate in the OST for the drama in Japan as well.

Sankei Sports, stated that from the 21st of April, Big Bang’s new song Tell Me Goodbye, will be added into the drama.

The group was given permission by Japanese broadcasting company, TBS, and worked on the upcoming song for around a month.

The song will also be a ballad, which many fans have been thankful to hear.

Through the newspaper, the group stated, “I hope the song and the drama will have synergy and hope that many viewers will enjoy it.”

On another note, there will be an event called Dramatic Live Stage IRIS coming up on May 23rd at the Osaka-jo Hall and June 1st at the Saitama Super Arena.

Big Bang, Lee Byung Hyun, Kim Tae Hee, and many other celebrities will participate in this event and provide much entertainment.

It has been quite a long time since the group released a ballad track. I know you guys are excited, because I certainly am!

Stay tuned on allkpop for the release of the track.

Source: Allkpop

G-Dragon reveals Big Bang’s comeback plans

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Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon has revealed some new information about his group’s upcoming comeback.

He revealed this during his concert movie premiere on April 15th. G-Dragon said, “I’ve been working on Big Bang’s album. We are looking to release it in August or September.”

G-Dragon continued, “Since the members are working on solo albums, our album might get postponed. But Big Bang is hoping to work in August or September because that’s when we always promote and make a comeback.”

He finished off by saying, “We already have many songs. We will pick the good ones and put it in the album.”

S: allkpop
i'll believe it when i see it.
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Mr. Perfect has no time to date

WITH his towering 1.88m frame and chiselled good looks that make women go weak in the knees, you'd expect Daniel Henney to be an expert in the field of dating.

But the 30-year-old model-turned-actor - born in the US to an ethnic Korean mother and American father of British descent - is no Casanova, or so he claims.

And it all boils down to his hectic schedule.
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