April 17th, 2010

SNSD in Shanghai to Start Tour

The nine-member girl group, SNSD, will begin their Asia Tour Concert.

On the 16th SNSD's company, SM Entertainment said that SNSD will fly to Shanghai this day. This is because their concert will be held on the 17th in Shanghai.

SM representative stated that "SNSD will start off their tour in Shanghai and travel around Asia to hold multiple concerts in different places such as Thailand" and emphasized that "This year SNSD will be able to branch off Korea and meet with other Asian fans."

Currently SNSD is promoting their repackage album's title song, Run Devil Run.

Source: Soshified
Original Source: Star.mt
Translated By: soshi00@soshified.com

Kim Hyun Joong does trot for Samsung Card CF

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SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong is the current model for Samsung Card and they have released a new CF recently which was pretty hilarious.

The new CF sees Hyun Joong driving to a petrol station and belting out a trot song when his generic credit card is rejected. But he does eventually gets his petrol when he whips out his Samsung Card.

Kim Hyun Joong was also seen returning to Korea from Spain on the 15th at Incheon Airport. He will continue preparation work for SS501’s upcoming album release on May 1st although recent events might lead to a possible delay.

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Source: Allkpop & 3kimheopark

China Court: "TVXQ Has Nothing To Do With The Cosmetics Company Promotion"

SM Entertainment had attributed the main reason for the "TVXQ's Lawsuit" to be the cosmetics investment business by some of the TVXQ's members and used this reason as justification to propose a 2.2 billion won in damages from the 3 members.

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T-ara Eunjung confirmed for "Page One"/"Coffee House" drama

The leader of the girl group T-ara, Eunjung, has been confirmed as the heroine for the new SBS drama "Coffee House" (formerly 'Page One')

Eunjung appeared on April 16th with Kang Ji Hwan, Park Shi Yeon and the rest of the cast to conduct the first script reading for the drama.

Eunjung plays the role of a 9th grade civil servant (Kang Seung Yeon) who is a coffee shop owner's daughter and has to prepare for civil service examinations. A love triangle will eventually form in place between Eunjung, Kang Ji Hwan and Park Shi Yeon's characters.

Preparing for the 9th grade civil service exams is a tough reality that Kang Seung Yeon, the youthful heroine, does not lose site of and works hard for.

Eunjung formerly appeared in "Madeline" and the drama "Land" beforehand.

Meanwhile, "Coffee House" will broadcast after "Oh! My Lady" and is directed and the PD is the same as the one who took part in "Full House". So far, the cast consists of Kang Ji Hwan, Park Shi Yeon, Lee Soon Jae and Kim Ji Young.

Source: asiae.co.kr, tiaradiadem

Jessica Celebrates Her Birthday in Shanghai!

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Today (in KST) is the 22nd birthday of Jessica, the "Ice Princess" of SNSD. Her birthday was celebrated with the international S♥NEs at their Shanghai concert.

SNSD arrived in Shanghai for the start of their "Into the New World 1st Asia Tour" along with SHINee, who were the guests of the concert.

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sources: omgkpop + sonefancam@youtube

Behind the Scenes with topless 2PM for new cosmetic CF

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The boys of 2PM recently scored an endorsement deal with Hanbul Cosmetics to model their It’s Skin clinical skin solution line. Recently Entertainment Relay went Behind The Scenes (BTS) with 2PM for an upcoming It’s Skin CF.

The boys give the fan girls some eye candy as the go topless in this commercial. Unfortunately for some fans, Junho and Junsu wasn’t filmed while on set for the CF, however they did participate in the interview portion. You can check out their new hairstyles for their comeback, the most drastic change is by Junho who changed his hair color. Thanks to bahL for the tip, check out the Behind the scenes video along with some photos below.

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sources: allkpop + cleony @youtube
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World Popularity Contest: South Korea Lacks Charm After All

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South Korea has decided the world doesn't appreciate it enough, so it's spending millions of dollars to develop a national brand. Look out, Coca-Cola. You too, Czech Republic. Citizens flinch on hearing their country ridiculed as a place where politicians throw punches. They despair over a recent poll of foreigners in which four in 10 cited the nation's lack of "charm."

In the world popularity contest, South Korea feels a little like the ugly duckling that wants everyone to know it's really a swan.

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