April 19th, 2010

Lee Jung Hyun Delays Comeback

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Singer Lee Jung Hyun is currently resting at home after being discharged from the hospital.

Lee Jung Hyun’s rep said on the 19th, “Lee Jung Hyun has left the hospital and is now resting at home. She did faint on the 17th but did not suffer any serious complications and has gotten a lot better.”

They continued, “Her album will be postponed by about a week. So as of now, she will release her 7th album in mid May.”

Let’s hope she’s all better now!

Source: AKP

UGH! More waiting. Oh well, I hope she gets the rest she needs.

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talking bout my girl [Sohee]

2PM's new song 'Without U' takes 1st place on real-time charts

2PM's new song 'Without U' has risen to 1st place on real-time charts and is again seeking to dominate the music world.

On the 19th, their 3rd single album 'Don't Stop Can't Stop' and its six songs were announced. The title song 'Without U' took first place on the real-time chart of the music portal site Monkey 3 (www.monkey3.co.kr) while all of the other songs [on the new album], including 'As Soon As,' and 'I'm Risking My Life,' entered the chart in the top 20.

Not only that, 2PM's songs have also risen to the top of music charts on CyWorld, Melon, and others, heightening anticipation for their comeback.

The JYP-produced 3rd single album 'Don't Stop Can't Stop''s title song 'Without U' is about a man who was hurt by the lies and betrayal of a woman and decides to stand on his feet again.

Lee Jung Kyu, manager of Monkey 3's music division, said "It will be interesting to see how 2PM's comeback as the representative of male idol groups will change the charts, which are currently dominated by strong solo artists like Lee Hyori and Rain."

2PM's 3rd single album 'Don't Stop Can't Stop,' as well as the music video [for 'Without U'] are available on Monkey 3 (www.monkey3.co.kr).

Original article: NATE News
Translated by: 49.5bananas @ W2D

I really hope they keep this momentum going and have a successful comeback. In other news, see Coldests, even Jay likes the new song!
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After School Nana transforms into a ballerina for May issue of Elle Girl

After School member Nana, who was a super model before her singer career, transforms into a ballerina for her new photoshoot.

Nana will be featured for a photoshoot for the May issue of Elle Girl. Nana has been doing the sexy image all this time, and even though she is doing the ballerina concept for the first time, she was able to carry out the pure and innocent image of a ballerina in the photos.

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Source: K Bites

Son Ilrak (b2st dongwoon's father) book, "Cheer for the boy crazed for his dreams"

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■Introducing the book

BEAST (B2ST) Son Dongwoon’s father
Professor Son Ilrak’s letter to his son.

Professor Son Ilrak, who caused a lot of controversy over the internet with a topic called ‘Have tolerance towards 2PM’s leader Park Jaebum!’ writes his 8th book. As the father of the recently rising idol group BEAST (B2ST)’s Son Dongwoon’s father, he’s also a professor as Chungjoo University. In bringing comfort and support for the teenagers as he carries his message in another volume of his books.

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maybe tl;dr for some, but this just sweet.
daddy Son is seriously one of the best kpop dads out there. ♥
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T-ara: Exclusive Faces for Beauty Care Company

T-ara have signed exclusive modelling contract with beauty and healthcare company Mentholatum Korea. T-ara will now be the face of the company's diverse range of cosmetics from the brand.

6-member female idol group T-ara have gained incredible popularity with "Crazy Because of You" and will be appearing in commercials to show a cute and lively image that only T-ara has. Products are marketed towards teenagers, addressing skin care issues like acne, blocked pores and have specialist care brands such as "Mentholatum Acnes", the lipcare brand "Mentholatum Lip" and the sunscreen "Mentholatum Sunplay".

In an advertising campaign to be unveiled mid-April, "Mentholatum Acnes" and "Mentholatum Lip" is expected to show scenes of a nervous T-ara worrying about skin problems before going on stage, their natural backstage liveliness but the most anticipated scene is their shock transformation into and performance as a rock band.

Mentholatum Korea's marketing manager Park Jaehyun explained the choice: "With a cute but mature image, T-ara were the perfect as models for Mentholatum Korea's skincare products for teens and people in their early-twenties. Our expectations are high that T-ara will make the brand a much more familiar one to consumers."

Having released their second album "Breaking Heart" in February, T-ara have flourished not just in music programs but also in dramas and variety shows, gaining more and more loving fans.

Source: tiaradiadem, asiae.co.kr

Wow!! So cute! every female idol wants to get a beautycare CF. i wish i could get one!
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T-ara reveals photos of their World Cup music video filming

We revealed last week that T-ara will be singing a song for the upcoming 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa.

And now we have photos from their music video filming!

The song was written by Jo Young Soo to wish for the success of Korea’s national team and had been recorded with a choir consisting of 500 members.

The T-ara girls were invited to perform the song and fans will be able to hear it on May 3rd when the song and music video are released together.

Filming of the music video took place last weekend and photos have been released, showing the T-ara members clad in red outfits sponsored by Omphalos and Intercrew and as they also drew on face paint to show their support!

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Source: akp

I guess the rumors are true! They really are the busiest business-dols. and their face paint is soo cute! i wish i could use it at school during world cup time
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T-ara Boram's Grandmother Baek Seolhee Rushed to the Hospital

T-ara's Boram was reported visiting her elder grandmother Baek Seol Hee (born Kim Hee Suk).

On April 14th, an official for T-ara revealed that, "Boram's grandmother has recently been admitted to the hospital and Boram wishes she could come visit more and she also wishes that she is in good care and has a speedy recovery." She also said, "She's sorry she can not see her grandmother often because she's busy with her schedule."

At the end of 2009, Baek Seol Hee was admitted to the hospital because of complications with her high blood pressure.

Baek Seolhee debuted as a singer in 1943. She had four children, one of them being Jeon Yongrok (Boram's father) with husband Jeon Hong-gu.

Meanwhile, Boram is currently promoting "I Go Crazy Because of You" with her T-ara members. T-ara will also release the World Cup Song soon.

Source: tiaradiadem
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DJ Taeyeon is withdrawing from MBC Chinchin radio.

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DJ Taeyeon is withdrawing from MBC Chinchin radio.

According to a staff from MBC Radio, Taeyeon will cease her DJ duties from 27th onwards. The staff said, "Due to Taeyeon's circumstances, we had decided to replace her with another DJ". Taeyeon's last radio session will be on 25th.

After Joo Jungrin left, Taeyeon took over and was partnered with Super Junior's Kang In for ChinChin. Ever since Kang In dropped out of the program last year, Taeyeon had been hosting the program as a solo DJ.

Translated by: cathode@soshified.com/forums
Edited by: Wenting@soshified.com/forums
Original: Nate News

Taeng on chinchin was so good, but I guess at least she'll have a chance for her voice to recover now.:|
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Strong Heart to shake things up

It’s been seen through its decline in ratings that SBS Strong Heart is losing its popularity these days. Since people are criticizing different aspects of the show, the show is thinking about making some changes.

The show regularly stars 18-20 stars each episode. People have been saying that that is just too many guests a show can handle.

Bang Sang Hyuk PD said, “We’re thinking about lowering the number of guests. We want to try out a new format.”

Since the show has been off air due to the naval ship sinking, the creators are thinking about some changes for it. Because of the World Cup, it may get off air for awhile once again. This is why they have time to consider possible format change.

Whatever it is, we hope they find the right formula.

Source: akp

What a shame... this show was really good. The episode where 2NE1 guested had high ratings. I think if they made Park Bom a host the ratings would go through the roof..

Tohoshinki's Representative Seki Yoshihiro's Twitter, talks about the members

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Source: Image is from the depths of my harddrive
Seki Yoshihiro's Twitter
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

Jaejoong: Whoring out his drama.
Junsu: Working on his solo album/single all by himself 'cause he's boss like that.
Changmin & Yunho: Staying GQ as always, complete with new photoshoots.
Yoochun: No one cares lol.
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Wonder Girls to Release Brand New English Album in July

It was announced that next month Wonder Girls will be releasing a new mini album worldwide. While some fans were disappointed about the news that it was just going to be an EP, it looks like this will just be a taste for what’s coming.

It turns out that in addition to an EP in May, a totally new album will be released in July.

A JYPE representative said that the May mini album will have the English versions of ‘Nobody’, ‘So Hot’, and ‘Tell Me’, as well as 2 to 3 new songs.

It is already known that the title song of the mini album will be released in 3 different languages. Meanwhile, the album to be release in July will be a completely different English album.

In December it was revealed that Wonder Girls were working with producer musician, Dave Stewart. Their collaboration resulted in a song named ‘Always Without Me’ which was supposed to be included in the album set to be released in February. After the announcement that Wonder Girls would be releasing a mini album in May, many believed this song would be forgotten but we might actually hear the Wonder Girls singing it.

The JYPE representative also said, “The album that is going to be released in July may contain the song by Eurythmic’s member Dave Stewart.

It’s kind of interesting that a new English album will be released in July while Wonder Girls will be having their tour in June where they said they would be singing in Korean and English since they don’t have many English songs.

Seems like Wonder Girls are not giving up on their journey to conquer the American market.

Source: wonderfulsworld
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What is Life Like Among the Members of SNSD?

SNSD visited the set of KBS 2TV ‘Win Win’ recently and exposed many secrets about their lives with each other. Many netizens have been speculating on the nine members’ relationships with each other, and now the girls are finally revealing the truth!

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Source: mcgwire@news.naver.com

Translation: kimbap@kpoplive.com
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South Korea Rethinks Asia's Preference for Sons

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SEOUL — When Park He Ran was a young mother, other women would approach her to ask what her secret was. Park had had three boys in a row, in an era when every South Korean mother considered it her paramount duty to bear a son. Park gets a different reaction today.

"When I tell people I have three sons and no daughter, they say they are sorry for my misfortune," said Park, 61, a newspaper executive. "Within a generation, I have turned from the luckiest woman possible to a pitiful mother."

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Source: The New York Times
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Shine A Light Drops Today!! :D

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Not too long ago, G-Dragon had turned heads by attending his Shine A Light concert’s movie premiere, and a DVD was reported to be in the works. Now, the DVD is finally completed and has been released for fans!

On the 20th, YG Entertaiment had announced, “G-Dragon’s Shine A Light DVD has been released today. This DVD will have two versions, an edited version for 12 and under, and a full length version.”

This DVD will consist of the exact footage from the concert that was held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium in December 2009. However, this DVD will not only contain songs from his solo album, but will also contain My Age Thirteen from 2001 Korea’s Hip-Hop Flex album, and songs that he contributed to during his trainee days.

Overseas VIPs, you’ve all been waiting for this, and now it’s finally out and ready to be in your possessions!

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YG Entertainment boycotts Dream Concert?

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With the grand kpop festival Dream Concert just around the corner for many domestic fans, it seems like a certain group of stars will not be joining the event after all. On the ‘finalized’ list of appearance that was posted recently, the singers under the YG Entertainment label are nowhere to be found.

Are we facing another boycott incident?

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