April 20th, 2010

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SNSD Tiffany's Cubed3 Interview is Fake

It has come to the attention of Cubed3 that an unknown source has willingly attempted to portray themselves as Tiffany from Girls' Generation in order to gain attention.

The C3 team is currently working with SMTown/SM Entertainment to get to the bottom of this matter and hopefully an update will be forthcoming in the near future.

In the meantime, Cubed3 would like to extend its apologies to any fans that have been inconvenienced or misled by this article.

Thank you for your patience regarding this matter and please continue to enjoy the regular Nintendo-related news updates on the site.

Source: cubed
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Goo Hye Sun to Comeback with New Drama in Second Half of This Year

Actress Goo Hye Sun has planned to comeback with a new drama in the second half of this year.

Goo Hye Sun who has took part in the recent KBS 2TV “Talk Show 樂” programme recording has expressed on her activities planning for the second half of the year.

Goo Hye Sun mentioned, “Around the second half of this year, I have plans for a new drama.” She expressed, “The role will be similiar as the second of “Geum Jandi”.”

Due to ”Boys over Flowers” aired last year, Goo Hye Sun has gathered rising popularity in Taiwan and Japan etc and has rosen to a hallyu star since then.

On the programme recording day, Goo Hye Sun who has successfully made her advancement into overseas also added on, “The role “Geum Jandi” at “Boys over Flowers” has brought a big turn in my acting life.” And she showed affection while saying.

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Sources: 1 and 2 at Gongjunim
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a crap load of awesome kim jaedong news! his namesake song, a new show, and charity contributions

the kim jaedong song: okyokyokyo!
written and sung by yoon dohyun, arranged by mc mong

[follow up on previous post]

Popular TV personality Kim Jae-dong has some great friends. Singer Yoon Do-hyun released a song on the 15th through an online music site titled "Kim Jae-dong Song : Oh-kyo-kyo-kyo" which he is dedicating as a gift to Kim. Yoon commented that he started on this song because he found it "amazing that [Kim's] such small eyes could look at and take in this world".

Lyrically, there are some seemingly offensive lines that talk about Kim's "small eyes", "a face as ugly as leftover ramyun pieces", "dreary body", etc. However, Yoon also sings about Kim's "warm heart", how it's "amazing that he can move and shake this world all through the power of one microphone", and that Yoon will forever be there by Kim's side like a trusty older brother.

Rapper/singer MC Mong also took part in this project. Yoon wanted someone who had a more light, comical, and bright touch to do the arrangements for the song. Coincidentally, MC Mong had somehow heard it and decided he wanted to take part in it as well.

What's even more touching is not the birth of this song but what can potentially come from it. Yoon is planning on donating all money made from it to Kim Jae-dong's lifelong dream of building an alternative school. Yoon said that he also hopes the song will encourage people to be more warm-hearted to comfort and embrace each other amidst this dark and dreary world.

article: kbs world
video: maypaymusic2

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Kim Jaedong donates 50 million KRW (~45,000 USD) to charity + plans for a new show!

Kim Jaedong went around the country this year holding his "No Break" talk concerts. From the ticket sales revenue, Kim donated around $45,000 USD to charity. He donated it through an MBC radio show hosted by Jo Youngnam and Choi Yoora, on which they have an "Awaiting love's touch" charity program.

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sources: tvdaily, IS plus
translation: okdubu @ omona_prection 

for the tl;dr!
  • OKYOKYOKYO ROCKS; very cute lyrics, lovely vocals and nice mc mong feel
  • yoon dohyun-kim jaedong bffery is cute
  • kim jaedong to return to TV on a cable show! if you're in korea read above you may be able to catch the first recording!
  • kim jaedong donates money... aka i want his babies
F.T Island ~ Lee Jaejin fake sleep

MBLAQ G.O's shocking confession, "My age is 24, dating experience 20 times."

MBLAQ's G.O confessed about his love experiences.

On the recent Mnet A-LIVE recording, G.O made an appearance with J.ae and Brown Eyeed Soul's Jung Yeob.

The 24 year old G.O boldly confesses, "I've had many relationships", shocking J.ae, "I've had 20 relationships, because I dated at such young age, my feelings for my girlfriend was strong."

When G.O said that his longest relationship lasted for a year, J.ae replied, "Well, how long could they get since he's already been in relationships 20 times at the age of 24", causing a burst of laughter.

After which, G.O and J.ae did a duet, and Jung Yeob said, "Somehow I can tell that he was a good lover. He has great emotions when singing, and his looks and his way of talking.." in which G.O jokingly replied, "Because looks are enough, it's ok if I don't sing strongly."

Jung Yeob states, "Usually I like romatic stuff. I always plan fun events. Because whenever we meet I will give my girlfriend flowers as presents, the ahjumma at the flower store would think I'm buying for different girls."

He also added, "Girls like it when the guy goes on his knees in front of many people and give the girl flowers, or when he just gives her a hug."

G.O, who has many love experience added, "I suck at making events. I prepare well for my girlfriend but she would just ask me to buy flowers."

Airing 11pm, 19th April.

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Source: Newsen
Translation: whatthecheryl @ AbsoluteMBLAQ
Video sources: absolutemblaq2010@youtube 1, 2

20 girlfriends? wow

Go get 'em Byunghee

Shindong Just Confirmed Siwon's Twitter~

It seems like suju is slowly taking over Twitter~ WOOT!

Twitter -----> @Choi_SW 4th member....i think he is just all hyped up that they have 4 members on twitter now. I don't know the last part we'll see if anyone else can help me =.=

Okay! Here goes the better translation by TwELFs(shall leave my own there for you guys to laugh at)
IntroducingFriendthroughTwitter -----> @Choi_SW the 4th member Finally 4!!!! pls follow him everyone ㅎㅎ

Siwon's twitter: http://twitter.com/Choi_SW

Credits: http://twitter.com/ShinsFriends, TwELFs

SNSD's Taeyeon couldn't handle Gee's cute concept


It has been revealed that Taeyeon had a hard time adjusting to the cute image that came with their hit song Gee.
On KBS Win Win, Taeyeon revealed, “It was hard for me to digest the cute concept as a 19-year-old when promoting Gee, because I thought it didn’t match me. I had thoughts of needing to show fans a different side of me, rather than the cute concept we always had. However, I saw the other members trying hard, and came to reflect on my immature thoughts.
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Source: AKP
♀ ❛ never was a good girl ❜
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Seungri, "I got $200 a month as part of a shopping mall dance team...."

Part 1 of the 10-part interview series.

“Daesung and Taeyang are trees with thick roots that will grow well if you water them at the right times, and TOP’s a tree that may seem slightly weird at first but still looks great the way it is.
Jiyong’s a little too fancy of a tree but if you straighten it up once in a while, it will grow splendidly.

Seungri has too many useless twigs. There always has to be a gardener standing next to you. If we don’t consistently lop off all your twigs, noone knows where you’ll go next.”

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Original article
Translation by s.jayx@BBVIP.net

"Tide of Girl Groups is not Crisis, but Opportunity" - Hyori Lee

okay, you'll probably find this to be tl;dr but it's actually super interesting. hyori always has words of wisdom, so try reading it.  esp. if you have no idea who she is. =)

Interviewer: "Do you regard yourself as a star singer?”

Lee Hyo Ri: “Since I can see many vicious comments about me, I might rank among the top in terms of people’s interest.”

Interviewer: "There are opinions that you tried to emulate the style of pop singers such as Lady Gaga and Beyonce.”

Lee Hyo Ri: “I do not want to lag behind the international trend. More important point is that I have to make my own style while following the trend.”

There are no unnecessary words in the conversation with singer Lee Hyo Ri (31). She sometimes straightforwardly opens her heart and she is also very good at pushing and pulling during the talk. She can attract her fans both with her sensual eyes that are full of charisma onstage and her smiling eyes revealing her easygoing personality on reality shows.

SOURCE: kbsglobal

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Big Bang & 2NE1 for MTV WORLD STAGE VMAJ 2010

YG idol groups Big Bang & 2NE1 will be attending the MTV World Stage VMAJ '10 on May 29. Big Bang is included in the list of performers. 2NE1, on the other hand, was listed as guests/attendees. Will they also be presenting an award? Guess we just have to wait & find out.

List of performers ...
(BB on top left)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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credit : thanks to qazxc @2NE1 soompi / 으흥 @2ne1 dcgallery
original source : mtvjapan.com

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oh my gawd - can't wait!

IU Will Take Over Taeyeon As New Chin-Chin DJ

Having announced her decision to step down from her radio DJ job of Chin Chin yesterday, MBC Radio has been searching around for an adequate replacement to fill the position vacated by SNSD’s Taeyeon.

But it certainly did not take too long as they named 16 year old singer and high school student, IU as the new Chin Chin DJ. It will be a significant step up for the young girl who already appears on five radio programs weekly.

MBC also said that they are just trying IU out for now and could also revert back to a double-DJ system like before. For now though, it’s just decided that IU will begin hosting by herself from next Monday, April 26th.

Taeyeon’s last radio broadcast will be this Sunday, April 25th and we wish IU lots of luck in her new job!

Source: AKP
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Yesung and Sungmin Interview

The agility of the two men, as they run from one side of the rehearsal room to the other, is amazing. One second they're carrying swords and doing martial arts, and then before you know it they're holding hands with their female co-stars and singing. As they socialize with the ensemble in a market scene, the director meticulously takes notes on the movement of the actors. He doesn't hear the press agent say "It's a really scary practice". Like students about to take an exam, the two men are showing off everything they have as they run around the practice room. This is the second interview with Yesung and Sungmin, who lack experience but are passionate and vivacious, and are returning in their musical story, Hong Gil Dong.

"Idol singers always get the lead role because they're idols, right? I wanted to break this preconception."

Lately amongst preparations for their 4th album, musical rehearsals, and their Super Junior colleagues' difficulties, their hearts and minds haven't been at peace. This is the most crucial moment for Super Junior since the pop group was formed. However, there is one reason why Yesung and Sungmin are able to completely concentrate on the musical 'Hong Gil Dong,' their second musical.

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Plus, bonus Kyuhyun Cyworld Update

Diary Update
Written on 2010.04.21 at 01:15 AM / Weather: cloudy / Mood: annoyed

Seasoned spicy chicken...
Shabu shabu...
Spicy sausage stew...
Chicken ribs...
Stir-fried spicy pork...
Fried rice...
Noodle with soybean sauce...
Sweet and sour pork...
Fried chicken with garlic sauce...
Stirred noodles...
Ice cream...

The biggest enemies of my life...

Especially snacks...........

Especially at night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aho ㅡ ㅡ

Aja aja!

Original Source. 조규현미니홈피
Credits to Gaia at SJ-WORLD.NET
NO additional credits WHEN TAKING OUT

Lee Jun-ki to enter military after shooting movie and drama

Korean actor Lee Jun-ki will be pushing back his military entrance date to fulfill his current work commitments, according to his agency JG Company on Monday.

According to an official at JG, Lee had received a notice from Korea's Military Manpower Administration to enter the army within the year to fulfill his mandatory two-year service.

"But he asked to defer the entrance date because he is currently working on a movie and television series," the official was quoted as saying. "Entering the military is something that should be and will be done without question, but I think he needs to finish what he has been working on before going [to the military]."

He added that final details regarding the issue will be sorted out sometime early next week.

Lee, 27, became a household name after appearing as a woman-like clown in the 2005 hit film "The King and the Clown" and most recently portrayed a passionate magazine reporter in MBC TV series "Hero".

The Hallyu star started shooting the film "Grand Prix" with top Korean actress Kim Tae-hee earlier this month and is scheduled to appear in SBS TV's 24-episode series "Faith" later in the year.

Reporter : Lynn Kim lynn2878@
Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

hibari/chrome; some tyl lovin&#39;

Tablo reveals news of Jay Park’s Seattle performance through Twitter!

Hiphop artiste Tablo reveals the news of Park JaeBum’s upcoming public performance in Seattle through his Twitter page.

Tablo wrote on his Twitter on 19th April, “My fam myk, dok2, kero, dumb and jay park havin a concert in seattle: RT @keroone @notoriousgonzo @onemyk & @dumbfoundead. featuring jay park (AOM)! may 30th. in seattle!”

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Source: Sookyeong

update y'all

Source: @keroone

oh shit I think I just died from the awesome

{CYWORLD} SJ Stylist’s Entry about 4jib MV Shooting

Super junior Music Video!!

At first, as I had to do the makeup for all 11, and also the name of Super Junior did pressure me when I went to film but everyone had a good personality and sense of humour than I had expected. Even though it was hard on me physically, it was still really fun. I took photos with Eunhyuk and Leeteuk hyungs as a fan.
It was just so funny. Everyone was doing their best, so I did my best with the makeup. Everything from the dance and film setting was all really hot!
Even the song is really addictive. I’m a fan now. Hehe.
I’m thankful for making the atmosphere easier to do makeup,
And also thankful for the fact that everyone like it.

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Source: Hong Minchul's cyworld
English Translation: Chrissy @ TwELFs.com
thank you EternalELF @ twitter and mmallow13 @ soompi for the tips

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Daniel Henney & Shin Sekyung for LG Cyon Teaser

Daniel Henney and lovely actress Shin Se-kyung just appeared in a LG Cyon’s “Cyon Café” commercial together. The mobile phone commercial is about a screenwriter and a photographer falling in love after meeting in a elevator. Their love is in full bloom when they get together in a coffee shop. Screenwriter Se-kyung is head over heels for the handsome photographer Daniel.

The full commercial will air April 21st.

Source: king0baka

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Source: popseoul


Tohoshinki to Release "COMPLETE" and "B-Side Collection" Albums

Tohoshinki is going to release 2 albums named "COMPLETE" and "B-Side Collection" on June 30th.
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Source: Bigeast Fanmail + mumo shop
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

Judging from the comments on dbsg apparently the way to a Cassie's heart is through jigsaw puzzles? XD Cute~
According to CDJapan the Complete+B-Side Collection is Limited Edition. Oh, I see you Avex, trying to wring as much money as you can out of the name Tohoshinki before it's gone. >.>
But seriously, that is a $50 jigsaw puzzle. D:

Yunho & Changmin@Gimpo Airport [100420]


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source: dbsg

I wasn't going to post this, because I'm supposed to be studying because the bandwidth on my first photobucket account ran out and the bandwidth on my second one is about to run out, but I couldn't say no to the lulziness of pink teddy bear hoodie Changmin :3 Oh and Yunho looks good too, but my bias is obvious XD

2PM, Rain & SHINee to be on 'Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate'

(click for bigger size)

JYP’s Best Pupil Rain Vs. 2PM on ‘Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate’ Comeback Showdown!

2PM, Rain and SHINee will make an appearance on the special 100th episode of SBS TV ‘Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate.’

Coming the 21st is the recording of ‘Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate’ Special 100th Episode. On that day’s recording an announced comeback of 2PM including Rain and SHINee, who is currently postponed from activities, will appear together.

Especially after the 2PM’s announced comeback, the first recording schedule was anticipated by the fans’focused interests.

Along with JYP’s best pupil Rain’s accompanied appearance captured many viewers’ interest.

The 100th special episode recording thoroughly kept as private is scheduled to broadcast in May.

Source: TV Daily
Translated by: joodit @ weareshining.com (WRS)

2PM for comeback stage on M!Countdown

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

2PM will have their first comeback stage on Mnet M!Countdown.

After releasing their 3rd single ‘Don’t Stop Can’t Stop’ on 19th April, 2PM will have their comeback stage on Mnet M!Countdown on 22nd April. It is said that the group will be performing 2 songs ‘Without U’ and ‘Don’t Stop Can’t Stop’ off the single.

The CP of M!Countdown commented, “With the comeback of the big stars like Rain and Lee Hyori on M!Countdown, the show has received much love from viewers. With the reform of the show only in February, we will continue to work hard to produce more accurate and faster musi ranking, as well as collaboration for special stages.”

S: sookyeong
'You wanna see me fall right? *HATERS!*, Like a candle on a windy night~'

SuJu Yesung vs Bi – The race to no.1 on Digital Music Award

Super Junior member Yesung and Bi now are engaged in a competition.

Yesung’s original soundtrack: ‘It Has To Be You’ for KBS2 TV drama ‘Cinderella Sister’, which is currently no.1 on Cyworld Digital Music Award of the month, is competing against Bi’s ‘Love song’.

Yesung’s ‘It Has To Be You’ is also on another music site: ‘Dosirak’ along with Lee Hyori’s ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ and Bi’s ‘Love Song’, occupying top 5 of the most popular songs.

On ‘Bugs’, ‘Melon’ and other music charts, the song also makes its way to high ranking in top 10 and wins no.1 in the OST category.

Beautiful lyrics and heart-breaking melody, excellent blend of Yesung’s rich voice and the song’s beat - ‘It Has To Be You’ quickly appeals to audience’s ears. And once listened, the highly addictive mellow melodies will never be forgotten.

‘Cinderella Sister’ OST also claims no.1 in other sectors. Best Idol groups Super Junior and F(x), mature voice Joo, these talented singers have participated in ‘Cinderella Sister’ OST and are displaying their sweeping potential on various online music charts.

Translated by LaCrymaMosa@sj-world.net

Source: Nate

let's do the victory dance

SISTAR leader HyoRin’s Christina Aguilera cover garners interests

Upcoming girlgroup SISTAR (consisting of HyoRin, DaSom, SoYoo and Bora) leader HyoRin’s audition clip garners overwhelming interests from netizens.

Recently a clip featuring HyoRin singing a cover of Christina Aguilera’s ‘Hurt’ was uploaded on various video sites. And many netizens are amazed at how HyoRin covered the song in her own style despite having no mic.

Meanwhile, SISTAR is set to release their debut single in May.

wow! they're beautiful and talented (what we know so far)! they're shaping up to be the fearsome foursome! ♥ SISTAR hwaiting~
sookyeong. & 4HIPSTAR @ youtube [dot] com