April 21st, 2010

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Teddy Riley, Snoop, T-Pain Link With Korean Superstar Jay Park

Hip-Hop/R&B producer Teddy Riley has teamed up with Korean superstar singer/rapper Jay Park to produce his new untitled album.

Park shot to fame in South Korea as a member of the chart-topping group 2PM.

The American-born B-Boy split with the group amidst controversy in 2009, after making controversial statements about Korea on his MySpace page.

He eventually left the group, but resurfaced in Seattle as part of the Art of Movement B-Boy Crew and through a variety of covers on YouTube.com.

Park’s cover of B.O.B.’s “Nothing On You” has received a staggering 4 million views alone, since being released in March.

Since linking with Teddy Riley, Park has completed tracks with Snoop Dogg, Daz, T-Pain, Krayzie Bone and others.

Additionally, Park has been tapped to star in Hype Nation, a flick about breakdancers from the East and the West.

“I scooped this guy up right away because he is an incredible talent and everybody wants to work with him in the U.S.,” Hype Nation executive producer Jason Lee told AllHipHop.com.

Park will return to Korea this June, where 70% of Hype Nation will be filmed.

Source: AllHipHop.com

Sex tape of female celebrity gets leaked!

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A shocking report has just been sent in, and yes, it’s scandalous! A singer, anonymously known as “A,” has once stopped her activities in the past due to an unfortunate scandal. She is creating yet another buzz online for having her sex video finally leaked.

Since last weekend, a file – with its title revealing the star’s identity – began to spread online like wildfire. The file apparently contains a video of that celebrity, engaging in sexual intercourse with an unknown man. Because the video clip has been recorded portrait and not the typical landscape, it is highly likely that it was shot using a phone camera.

In a phone interview with MoneyToday Star News on the 21st, a representative of “A”’s company stated, “After watching the sex tape, we approached “A” directly and asked her if she was the girl in the video. “A” replied that it is 100% not her.”

The representative added, “If you look closely at the video, anyone will be able to easily see that it is indeed not “A”. “

Of course, final conclusions can’t be made just yet. However, after watching the sex tape for themselves, netizens are certain that “A” is none other than singer Ivy.

As many already know, Ivy has once been engulfed by a scandal a couple years ago that involved ex-boyfriend and model by the name of “Yoo.” He had blackmailed Ivy with an alleged sex tape for an amount of $45,000. Although no such tape ever surfaced, the scandal caused Ivy to step away from her career as a singer indefinitely. Meanwhile, “Yoo” was sentenced to one year in jail and two years on probation.

WARNING: Viewer discretion advised.
Click here for a screencap of the sex tape revealing “A”’s face.

source: allkpop
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Music Bank canceled again!

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It’s been almost an eternity since a new episode aired (March 26th was the last), but we are sad to inform you that Music Bank will still be canceled this week.

Music Bank’s Go Won Seok PD said on the 21st, “Because we were recently so busy preparing for a new program, we barely tweeted. This week’s music bank is canceled again. The lives of our writers are at stake. TT.

This will be the fourth straight week that Music Bank has been canceled and the main reason for it was due to the upcoming state funeral memorial service for those sailors who lost their lives on the Cheonan. A decision will be taken later this week regarding other entertainment programs under KBS2TV.

M! Countdown will still proceed as usual on April 22nd.

Source: AKP


2NISE releases music video for She Said

Last week, new male group 2NISE released their first album and a music video teaser for their title track. Now a full length music video has been released for She Said.

As reported earlier the video features the ever-so-sexy Yoo Sara as the cheating girlfriend with Jewelry’s Baby J lending her rapping skills.

The music video takes on an interesting style as the whole thing is presented in the lead character’s point-of-view. As we step into the main man’s shoes, we see the unraveling of a sad love story where he is betrayed by his girlfriend.

The video has been slapped with a 19+ rating for it’s mature content. Although most of the music video is perfectly fine, there are a few elements here and there that insinuate sexual behavior.

Anyway, check out the music video below.

sources: allkpopAsianMusicVideoHD

Changmin in magazine "ELLE girl"

Changmin will appear in "ELLE girl" June Issue!

There will be an interview of Changmin from Tohoshinki in "Elle girl" June issue! (release date: Wednesday, May 12)

This is a must viewing for the fans, the long interview which Changmin spoke his honest feelings about his career in the future, girls, and fashions. There are fashion shooting pictures, showing his unknown side for the first time.

In our online, we will show in the same timing as the release of the magazine, Changmin's precious videos and the backstage of the photo shooting session, a great release!

And as our magazine’s very special plan, we will present 3 people with Changmin's autographed polaroid pictures. Please check in details "ELLE girl" to be published on Wednesday, May 12

Source: ELLE girl
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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Paradise Meadow/Ranch is also going to premier on the 26th~
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Seungri, "Most of Gwangju's female students seem to know you."

Previous part here.

So Seungri (21, Real name: Lee Seung Hyun) was a well known dancer in Gwangju. His talents gradually caught the attention of people in the entertainment industry.

“How would you like to consider becoming a singer?”

These short words of one casting manager inflated the young Seungri’s heart with dreams.

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[10.04.21] The reason why we can’t wait for Eric to return

Working on his solo album during his spare time in the midst of military duty
Returning as a hip-hop warrior upon his discharge from the army

‘6 months to go, gearing up for his comeback!’

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Shinhwa member and actor Eric (real name: Mun Jung Hyuk) has 6 months to go before finishing his military duty as a public service officer, and at the same time, is gearing up for his return to showbiz activities. Recently, he has been working hard day and night.

A rep of Eric’s, while sharing Eric’s recent updates, said on the 20th that Eric will be discharged from military service at the end of the year and that everyone is looking forward to his return. What’s most striking about Eric’s comeback plan is that he will not only be continuing with acting projects, but he will only be showing off his abilities as a solo artist. The rep said, “These days, he makes use of his time off after work to work on his solo album.”

He added that since Eric takes care of rapping in Shinhwa, “his first solo album will have a very strong hip-hop feel” and that “he’s working very hard to show everyone a different side of Eric.”

While working on his album, Eric is also in discussion over his comeback acting project. The rep said that with 6 months to go, “TV dramas, movies, there are a variety of options open to him. The fans will see him in an acting project upon his discharge from the army.”

Eric is currently serving as a public service officer and was last seen in the 2008 KBS drama ‘Strongest Chil Woo’ before enlisting for military service in October of the same year.

Credits: Sports Donga + Absolut Shinhwa

YES! FINALLY!!! Definitely count on hearing some ill beats and rhymes from Leadernim. End of 2010 is going to be awesome with Eric and Dongwan ending their military service and making comebacks. We're getting ever closer to Shinhwa's reunion!

2PM’s Taecyeon selected as DK’s main model

Singer-turned-actor, and now officially a model, 2PM’s Taecyeon has been selected to promote a fresh released Coca Cola product, Dynamic Kin.
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Through a press release on the 21st, Coca Cola’s representative revealed, “We have recently selected 2PM’s Taecyeon as our new main model for Dynamic Kin, or DK.”

According the a related source, Taecyeon will begin his job with a CF filming which will start in April.
Taecyeon will appear in the commercial to represent the product, which supposedly brings out the energetic youth inside of you. With his well-toned body, he will portray the role of a muscular surfer.

“Currently radiating his young and free energy on stage, drama, and variety shows, Taecyeon’s image was very suitable to be our model,” the representative added. “DK’s inner message we wish to convey can be brought to the viewers efficiently with Taecyeon.”

source : AKP

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100419 Key's me2day update

소녀시대 아시아투어콘서트 - 상해에서 Featuring 무대 마친 후 A: 좋은사람 소개 시켜줘~ B: 없어!!!!!ㅠㅠ

Girl's Generation Asian Concert - After wrapping up Shanghai's featuring stage
A: Please introduce me a good person~
B: NONE!!!!

Credits: SHINee me2day
Translation by ShiningAlmightyKey @ Shining SHINee World

Source: me2day // SSW

KIM HEECHUL is Now on Twitter!

I know everyone has been waiting for this!

EDIT 04/22: please refer to this post - Heechul's New Twitter
he changed his Twitter from @hee18 to @Heedictator

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Sources: Heechul's Cyworld, TwELFs, Heechul's Twitter

the SuJu boys are taking one day at a time getting on Twitter 8D BUT HEECHUL, YES YES YES! do want Engrish tweets! hahaha
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Junsu's New Single 悲しみ の ゆくえ Preview in BeeTV Drama


Tohoshinki's XIAH JUNSU(23) is going to sing the theme song title “Kanashimi no Yukue” for the new drama “A Lover Letter 5 years from now”. This was announced on the 22nd and the song will be in his solo single that is going to be released on 5/26.

source: yahoo jp
trans: rieko@sharingyoochun.net

credit: dirah9314

omg i love it! His vocals are so amazing here <3 cant wait to hear the full song :D
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Heechul needs a twitter tutor

2010.04.21 18:39
Title : Twitter

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I made this just for the sake of making one..
But how to use this (-┏)

Me who is behind the fashion

Me who dont have Iphone..
There is nothing like background music..
There is nothing like handwriting..
There is nothing like Ilchon*..


* friends on cyworld, only those whom you add as your ilchon can leave comment on your cyworld’s first page, see/read the entries/photo that you set

source : 김희철 미니홈피
translated by evanesco @ sj-world.net
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Gummy: There Is No Love MV!

For the anticipating fans at home and abroad, Gummy has released a music video plus the full song of one of the tracks in her upcoming album Loveless.

YGE explained, “Because this album is made after two years of absence, we produced two music videos at the same time to give more strength to Gummy.”

The title track has been announced to be Because You’re a Guy, which is produced by YG’s resident beat-maker Teddy. This has been the very first time the two artists are collaborating, despite the seven years they’ve been working together under the same company.

Teddy revealed, “Because You’re a Guy was made with efforts to show the clear and sweet charm Gummy has that’s not yet known to the audience. Unlike the previous R&B songs Gummy sang, Because You’re a Guy will be focused on hip hop beats.”

S: allkpop + clandestinepain @ YT
i <3 u  teddy but perry where u at?

Kim Tae Woo reveals the truth behind idols and dating

On April 20th, singer Kim Tae Woo was a guest on Mnet Radio and stated that, “If idols say that they are not dating, it is 90% likely to be a lie.”

Kim Tae Woo was once a member of the hit boy band g.o.d. during the early turn of the millennium. While the group was wildly successful, it seems they all hid a few secrets from the public.

MC Kim Jin Pyo and Mithra Jin were discussing the particular meaning behind the music when Kim Tae Woo revealed, “g.o.d.’s Ordinary Day was a song that I could relate to with my girlfriend.”

At this surprising statement, Kim Jin Pyo asked whether or not Kim Tae Woo was dating at the time. His response was even more shocking when he revealed that all the members were in relationships as he said, “At the time, all of the g.o.d. members were dating. Probably 90% of the idols were in a relationship.”

Kim Tae Woo further dove into the subject saying that idols must deny dating no matter what and because of this, most idols end up dating one another. He also said that 90% of the current idols that deny being in relationships are lying and that they are probably just being very careful.

Though many fans have always suspected that idol members carry out their love lives in secret and out of the spotlight, it seems that Kim Tae Woo’s comments have further strengthened the suspicions. Who do you think are some of the potential secret couples out there?

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Ahead of comeback, 2PM is up ‘all kill’ on major daily music charts with ‘Without U’

Ahead of their comeback, group 2PM’s new song ‘Without U’ is up “all kill” on 6 major daily music charts.

The song which was revealed on 19th April is up #1 on the daily music charts of sites like Mnet, Melon, Dosirak, Bugs, Soribada and Monkey3 on 21st April, showing the great interests for the group’s comeback.

JYP Entertainment revealed, “The 2PM members are really excited about their comeback stage on 22nd April. We hope that everyone will show them the support and interests.”

The group will have their 1st comeback stage on 22nd April on Mnet M!Countdown.

source: newsen
translation: kbites

SNSD members jealous of Seohyun's marriage

SNSD, who were guests on KBS 2TV ‘Win-Win’ that aired on the 20th talked about how the members got jealous whenever Seohyun talks about her boyfriend Jung Yonghwa.

Seohyun is now in a pretend marriage with CN Blue’s Jung Yonghwa on MBC ‘We Got Married’

During that Win-Win episode, Wooyoung asked “Seohyun is now ‘married’, so what do you think of her husband, Jung Yonghwa?” and
Seohyun replied “It was awkward at first but he was very considerate/thoughtful and tried hard to match my personality, so that’s good”. The
members expressed their envy after hearing her reply.

Hyoyeon added “On the day when she’s going to meet Jung Yonghwa, she’ll wake me up even though I’m really tired just to talk about her husband. That’s like rubbing salt in the wound since the rest of us can’t date”

Tiffany seconded Hyoyeon’s statement, saying “Recently, it does seem like Seohyun is really dating” – a statement which attracted a lot of attention.

There was also a guest appearance by Ok Juhyeon (T/N: ex- Fin. K.L member), who came as a first generation girl group idol to give advice to her juniors.

Translated by: sparkskey @omona_prection