April 22nd, 2010

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Jang Dong Gun and Ko So Young Wedding Photos Revealed

The “Korean version of Bradgelina Couple” Jang Dong Gun and Ko So Young have revealed their wedding photos.

The couple Jang Dong Gun and Ko So Young have completed their wedding shoot at a studio located at Gangnam on April 17th.

Their wedding ceremony of Jang Dong Gun and Ko So Young will be held on coming May 2 at The Shilla Hotel in Seoul.

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"Paparazzi photos" of the Wonder Girls for EXR

"Paparazzi photos" of the Wonder Girls, who were spotted with makeups and stylish comfortable clothes in their recent visit to Korea, have been captured on camera.

The photos revealed snapshots of the members such as Sohee walking with a take-out coffee in her hand, Yubin getting off the car, Lim shielding herself, Yenny jogging and Sun riding her bike. Well, the reason for all this was for none other than EXR’s photoshoot for the summer season.

The girls were able to showcase their mature and gorgeous feminine image through the photoshoot as they revealed their comfortable, yet polished styles.

The photoshoot pictures will be revealed in May’s EXR – Wonder Style II.

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Sohee is so fly! She looks good in anything!

Don't Leave Hara and Jinwoon Out!

‘Same-age idols’ KARA Goo Hara and 2AM JinWoon have been misunderstood to have a fishy relationship.

KARA Park GyuRi and KARA appeared for the filming of SBS ‘Haha Mong Show’ recently as visiting ‘mothers’ in the corner ‘Please take care of mother’. And together with the MCs Haha and MC Mong, they made a visit to 2AM’s dormitary.

It has been known that Goo Hara and 2AM JinWoon are really close friends and are of the same age. Goo Hara was especially curious when it came to JinWoon’s room and even expressed jealousy knowing that JinWoon is close with Nicole.

MC Mong said, “Goo Hara and JinWoon has a fishy atmosphere.” Goo Hara then refuted, “We are just friends. JinWoon and Nicole are closer.”

After which, JinWoon proposed to have a hidden camera ‘A Friend’s Love Confession’. To as how Nicole’s reactions to JinWoon’s confession will be, stay tuned for the show to be aired on 24th April.


weren't they rumored to be dating along with nicole on some strong heart episode...idek. just keeping the idol dating rumors rampant! though it should've been minho or her real bff seungri.


‘Best friends’ Nicole and Key spotted in ApGuJung together

Photos of group KARA member Nicole and SHINee member Key seen walking on the street in causal wear garner interests from netizens and fans.

A netizen posted up some photos on an Internet portal site bulletin board recently, and the photos featured the 2 singers working on the streets in normal causal clothes.

The photos were said to have been taken in ApGuJung. The 2, known to be really good friends, looked comfortable hanging out as can be seen from the photos.

Meanwhile, during the Nicole’s previous appearance on SBS ‘Strong Heart’ aired on 23rd last month, she commented, “Key is the best of all my best friends”.

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Epik High on CNN's Talk Asia Interview


It's basically just Tablo talking (Sorry Mithra fans! but he does make an appearance)

Highlights of Tablo talking about
+ hating Stanford
+ battling depression/Korea's view on depresssion
+ how Epik High got mainstream
+ how their albums bombed at first
+ the change of hip-hop music being accepted in Korea
+ being a celebrity couple
+ his insanely high hq
+ what he thinks about kpop today

the high cost of living

Forbes Korea reveals the top 20 hardworking idols for 2009

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Forbes Korea has released their yearly survey. This time they ranked the most hardworking idols from 2009-2010. After releasing his solo album and concerts and at the same time promoting with his group – Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon tops this year's chart as the Most Hardworking Idol. Big Bang's Daesung was also included in the ranking at #13 for his appearances on variety shows.

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Credits: BB-TH.com, Forbes Korea 2010
Translation: Eventys@FK, Reup: ^G_Girl^@withkara.com
Shared by sonethloveshizz @ sj-world.net

Via bigbangupdates

Sorry, I can't find the original online source for this. I assume that the article was printed in the magazine.
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Wonder Girls Taste Taiwan Delicacies

What is the thing that gets the Wonder Girls drooling? The answer is: Taiwanese Food. Gaining huge success & popularity from their hit single, the Wonder Girls, had the chance to taste a few Taiwan Delicacies, like Xiao Long Bao, Pearl Milk Tea (Bubble Tea) during the press conference held today (4/22). The food was so good that leaves the girls praising the food was delicious in chinese. With a packed schedule, the girls haven’t had a chance to visit Taiwan’s famous night market yet, but they have already set their interest on food like Soft Beancurd & Mango Shaved Ice.

To celebrate Wonder Girls’ first ever visit to Taiwan & album sales hit 50,000 copies in Taiwan, at the press conference, different snacks & fruits were specially prepared for the girls, such as bubble tea, xiao long bao, pineapple tarts, Taiwanese marinated vegetables, etc. Member Ye Eun after tasting the Taiwanese marinated vegetable, she immediately showed thumbs up & expressed in chinese that the food was really delicious.

Korea’s management company (JYP Entertainment) is really talented in grooming artists, not only allows the Wonder Girls to tour in the USA, and even managed to get the girls into the Billboard Hot 100 charts, claiming #76 spot on the charts. One of the asians has successfully crossover in 30 years. JYP Entertainment not only honed every single one’s language abilities, but also succeeded in entering the international market.

It wasn’t a surprise to see the other members communicating in Chinese, other than the new member Hye Lim, whom is a Chinese. Leader Sun Ye, also had completed a sentence in chinse saying “We really hope you liked our album”, showcasing her sincerity & language capabilities.

This trip to taiwan’s schedules were heavily packed, the Wonder Girls hasn’t got a chance to visit the night market yet, they expressed that they really hope to be able to taste soft beancurd & mango shaved ice. & even before a fan had gave the girls pineapple tarts as gift before in Korea, that left them a deep impression of it, praising the tarts were really delicious.

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Goddes Yenny is looking sexy! They all are, I guess they're losing weight to prepare for their comeback :)
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Song Seung Hun to Comeback with New Drama in Second Part of This Year

Actor Song Seung Hun is casted for drama “My Princess” (tentative title) and is set to comeback at TV screen.

On April 22th, Song Seung Hun’s agency, Storm S Company said, “Song Seung Hun has been casted for drama “My Princess”.” He added on, “After “East of Eden” which is aired last year, it has been a year.”

“My Princess” is a production brought together by writers Kim Eun Sook and Jang Young Sil who wrote famous works such as “Lovers in Paris”, “On Air”, “City Hall” etc and many are in anticipation of this new production work. It is scheduled to air in the second half of this year and filming preparation is set to start from August.

Song Seung Hyun has expressed on his comeback thoughts, “With the existing manly image which I displayed, I will also show out another tender image and I am getting more anticipation for this drama production work.”

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Jiyeon is a Thief

For the "Boyfriend Styling" mission of TV show "T-araDotCom", T-ara's maknae Jiyeon was caught stealing her unnie's items.

In the last episode of "T-araDotCom", the girls began their final mission to decide who would ultimately be the manager of the online shopping mall. They began to stylise "boyfriends" to help them expand their shopping mall range to include a men's collection.

The T-ara members had 20 minutes to create three styles for their male models, leading up to a runway show with their final selection.

In the episode, maknae Jiyeon complained "I can't even dress myself that well, how could I style anyone else?" before showing her envy at the items that the other members had selected. Jiyeon drew great laughter by being caught dressing her model in a shirt she stole from Soyeon. When Soyeon complained "Jiyeon always steals stuff" to which Jiyeon rebuffed "I wasn't stealing, I was just having a look"

But later, Jiyeon tried to snatch something from Hyomin but was stopped when Hyomin threw her body to protect her items. Jiyeon's excuse this time was that she "just wanted to touch it a bit" and that "it looked like nobody owned it" but eventually apologized.

Source: tiaradiadem, reviewstar.net

Jiyeon is so adorable and sexy!! I wish she would steal from me.

Do you want to be friends with 4minute?

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Girl group 4minute is out to find some new friends on MTV. The girls will participate in 4minute’s Friend Day where they will befriend a non-celebrity person.

The event is being run by MTV and Bing Metacone and they are accepting applications for those who want to be friends with 4minute

This is the second season of this short special show after KARA’s Meta Friends and was created to let these idols make friends with young people.

Since these idols debut at such a young age, they don’t have time to go to school on a regular basis and make lots of friends.

4minute will go on various missions with their friends such as trips, going to school, going to a cafe and more. They will choose one friend that is most memorable and hold a mini concert with them in July.

July 9th will be the official 4minute’s Friend Day. HyunA said, “Last year, I was jealous of KARA spending time with their friends on the show. I’m happy and nervous to think about 4minute going through the same thing.”

The show will begin airing in June.

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to the first question...A MILLION YESSES!!!! i can't wait to see the girls again on another show~♥
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Hyori gets herself caught in yet another plagiarism scandal

Lee Hyori, Korea's Artist of the Year, is in BIG trouble!

The 30-year-old Korean pop star has just been caught allegedy plagiarizing from Canadian pop group, Cookie Couture - The group released their track, Boy Bring It Back, in 2008 and Lee just released her very similar track, Bring It Back, this month.

Cookie Couture's Stacey Maroske said in a statement to ZackTaylor.ca yesterday,
"I was shocked when I first heard Lee Hyori's 2010 recording. I couldn't believe how similar the song was. It's almost an exact replica, even down to our vocal riffs. I mean we worked really hard as a group to write this song and perfect it back in 2008. It just seems really unfair that this song is being sold on iTunes by an artist who has stolen the song from us. It's plagiarism, and we hope we see justice."

Nobody from Lee's camp could be reached for comment about the alleged plagiarism.

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Apparently they're going to take legal action.. this doesn't look good
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Alpha Girls Have a Tough Time in Korea

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For while the alpha girls who are exceptional in their work and abilities, many are hopeless when it comes to practicalities such as dating or managing their money.

"Others envy my daughter, who's a doctor, but she's a pain in the neck to me," grumbles Hwang (61) concerning her 35-year-old single daughter. "Who would understand my worries?" Just that morning, the daughter rang asking her mother to take care of her unpaid electricity bills. Hwang used to brag about her doctor daughter, but now she is starting to worry about how much longer she will have to look after her. Kim, in her 50s, shares the same concerns about her daughter, a university instructor. She's appalled that her educated daughter has declared to marry a divorced man, and that she was the one who asked him for his hand.

Mothers of so-called alpha girls -- girls or women who beat their male counterparts in all areas from academic prowess to sports -- have a tough job in Korea.

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