April 23rd, 2010

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Boyz II Men, "T-ara, Girls' Generation let's work together"

Boyz II Men showed a great interest in Korea for girl groups.

American group Boyz II Men given an interview to Mnet 'Popcorn' the last 16th April and declared "We are crazy about T-ara and Girls' Generation. Their music is good and we would like to work with them once."

They also declared "We also heard Brown Eyed Soul music. They have great capacity. Korea needs to gain more knowledge of music."

*cut the part about Boyz II Men's new album*

Source: tiaradiadem
Mankae and former mankae
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After School’s Bang! accused of choreographic plagiarism

8-member girl group After School recently made their comeback with Bang!, garnering much interest for their novel concept and catchy song. As always with After School, their choreography, which retains power yet sexy, is considered a high priority among others.

However, it has become clear that their comeback song isn’t the only thing creating a buzz as the choreography for Bang!–five seconds of it, to be precise–has been accused of choreographic plagiarism.

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Source: akp, fyd86

At least they didn't steal 5 dances...
But Kahi bragged about taking part in creating the choreography, I hope she didn't find that dancer's video on YouTube and steal it

edit: i made it look more organized so it's easier to understand the article
Angel diva Youbin
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After being queried about "first nights", WONDERGIRLS self-effacingly refers to have grown up

WONDERGIRLS is in Taiwan for the first time. They were startled the other night by Dee Hsu brazenly asking about "fight nights" on 'Mr Con & Ms Csi'. Group leader Sunye said shyly, "Nobody asked these kind of questions before, maybe it means we have grown up."
During the press conference on April 22, WONDERGIRLS got to flaunt their gift for languages.

Yeeun used Chinese to say, "I hope to eat beancurd & mango ice" & caused the audience to laugh heartily.

Chatting about Dee Hsu's "first night" subject matter, the group members appeared at a loss, looking at one another without reply. Finally, the microphone was passed to Sunye, & she implicitly answered at the outset, "I heard 'Mr Con & Ms Csi' is very popular. It was a honor to appear on the show." She then self-deprecatingly defuses the awkwardness: "We debuted at a very young age. To be asked this kind of questions now, does that not mean we have grown up?"

Group member Lim was a new addition, substituting for Sunmi who had exited due to studies. On rumors of being shunned & bullied, she denied them & said, "They are very good to me, made me feel much at ease." Sunye added, "When Lim was still a trainee, everyone [already] knew one another. She is a model student, quick to learn everything."

In addition, WONDERGIRLS's single-handed mentor Park Jin-young is going through a divorce dispute, charged with a lawsuit by his ex-wife & having his 35 billion won (about 99.15 million NT dollars) in personal assets frozen by the court.

Source: qoxie @ soompi

So classy... love them.. but I can't believe someone asked them about losing their virginity... 22 days til their new album!!
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SM Entertainment does not have a Twitter account!

SM Entertainment warns twitter fans that there is a fake Twitter account impersonating their company.

There has been a lot of fake Twitter accounts including SM artist's like Super Junior, SHINee and other SM entertainment artists and it has been attracting more attention. On the fake account of SM Entertainment there were announcements stating August comeback of BoA and comebacks of Super Junior and f(x).

However SM Entertainment confirmed that that Twitter account is fake.

SM entertainment said on a phone interview, "Our company does not operate an official Twitter account", "It was fake and a misunderstanding, I hope the fans are not fooled."

SM Entertainment says that they hope there are no misunderstandings with them from the fake Twitter page and they are seeking for the fake Twitter account to be closed.

Source: Starnews
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews (dkpopnews.net)
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JYP's Assets Seized in Messy Divorce

Singer and producer Park Jin-young has suffered a provisional seizure of assets worth W3.5 billion in an acrimonious divorce (US$1=W1,109), it emerged Thursday.

Park's wife Seo Yoon-jeong last July filed for a provisional seizure of JYP Entertainment headquarters in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul worth W2 billion and a share of the couple's apartment worth W1.5 billion.

If divorce negotiations fall apart, things will get messier for both of them as Seo's request for provisional seizure is likely lead to a lawsuit. Park announced his divorce on his official homepage in March last year. Since the announcement, Park and Seo have been through two arbitration sessions but were unable to reach agreement.

Seo is seeking compensation for what she says is psychological damage inflicted by Park.

Source: The Chosun Ilbo
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Jang Dong-gun, Ko So-young 'Ecstatic' Over Pregnancy

Actor Jang Dong-gun and actress Ko So-young, whose wedding is scheduled on May 2, are expecting a baby.

</b>Jang's agency in press release Thursday said Ko is in third month of her pregnancy.

Having a child was the most important concern for the couple since they started planning their wedding early this year. As both Jang and Ko are in their late thirties, their parents reportedly wanted them to have a child as soon as possible.

The agency said Jang and Ko and their parents are "ecstatic" and see the news as "huge blessing" for the marriage.

Ko is reportedly being very cautious as she is in the early phase of her pregnancy and took her condition into consideration when choosing her wedding dress.

Source: The Chosun Ilbo
wonder girls/ sunye; eeyah

park jinhee & kim haesook are a ~mother-daughter pair~

Park Jin-hee and Kim Hae-sook have teamed up to play a mother and daughter in the movie My Mom [친정엄마], which opens this week. This continues the trend of mom-and-daughter-themed movies that have been popping up in the past year, such as Aeja (with Choi Kang-hee and Kim Young-ae), Harmony (Kim Yun-jin and Na Mun-hee), and Wedding Dress (Song Yoon-ah, Kim Hyang-gi). And, of course, there was also Kim Hye-ja and Won Bin as mother and son in the lauded thriller Mother.

Plot-wise My Mom seems to most resemble last year’s Wedding Dress, although it doesn’t seem as blatantly tearjerking. (Wedding Dress featured Song Yoon-ah as a single mother with a young daughter who finds out she’s dying, and was marketed as a weepie.) The tone from My Mom’s preview (watch below) mixes a healthy dose of comedy with heartfelt drama, though I’m betting that includes its share of tears. (In fact, I’m positive it will, since the trailer totally made me cry.)

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sources: dramabeans, asia economy, segye, & kmdb01 @ yt

tell me this 2min (twominute!) trailer did not make you cry >:(

added video credits. sollee!
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Wannabe Stars Under Pressure to Get Cosmetic Surgery

Young people being trained at talent factories are often pushed into an intensive regime of plastic surgery to improve their looks. They have very little say in the matter, and some management agencies practically force aspiring stars to go under the knife to improve their chances of success.

Ten plastic surgeons in the Seoul metropolitan area polled by the Chosun Ilbo said up to 90 percent of young singers on TV or trainees at entertainment academies appear to have had cosmetic surgery. "Cosmetic surgery has now become essential for all young Koreans who aspire to become stars," said Yoon Won-joon of Migo Clinic. "Many of them believe they must go under the knife if they want to boost their star potential."

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Source: The Chosun Ilbo

TOP &amp; YB
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Kim Yu-na Donates for Rights of the Disabled

Olympic figure skating champion Kim Yu-na plans to donate her W40 million fee for appearing in a radio campaign for the rights of the disabled to the Korea Foundation for Persons with Disabilities (US$=1,121).

The Ministry of Health and Welfare said the campaign has been produced to mark Day for the Disabled, which falls on Tuesday, and will air on radio channels until April 30.

In the 40-second radio spot, Kim says that she has cried for joy twice this year--when she won the gold medal at the Vancouver Olympics and when the Korean wheelchair curling team won the silver medal at the Vancouver Winter Paralympics.

Source: The Chosun Ilbo
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Twitter ― Refuge for Korean Porn Sites

The National Police Agency (NPA) has shut down a Twitter account under the name of the shuttered porn site Soranet, but that isn't keeping computer users from accessing the illegal site.

Twitter (www.twitter.com), the global Internet phenomenon, now appears to be raising the dead.

In the summer of 2004, police shut down Soranet, a porn site
, which had more than 600,000 subscribers at the time of the clampdown, and nabbed more than 60 people for having involvement in the site's operation.

Six years later, Korea's most popular porn site ever looks to have gained a second life through micro-blogging, while exposing the holes in the country's Web filtering.

The new Twitter-armed Soranet is clearly more elusive than the older version, and seems to be creating a following just as impressive.

By the time the National Police Agency (NPA) blocked it on Wednesday, Soranet's Twitter account had garnered more than 100,000 followers. This made it the country's third most popular Twitter account, behind the Web pages of figure skating starlet, Kim Yu-na and novelist-and-television personality, Lee Woe-soo.

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Source: The korea Times
Super Junior: Yesung

SNSD's drinking habits revealed

SNSD (Sooyoung, Seohyun, Yuri, Yoona, Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Hyo Yeon and Tiffany) have revealed their members' drinking habits.

On April 20th, during KBS 2TV "Win/Win" SNSD members were talking about their drinking capacity when suddenly stories such as, "We tricked Seohyun to drink some alcohol, but she was a good drinker." and "Tiffany is a heavy drinker" attracted a lot of attention.

Also, on the same day during broadcast Yuri and Sooyoung revealed that, "When Hyo Yeon's drunk, she tries to organize everything." and did an expression of Hyo Yeon in her drunk state, "For instance, 'the tiles are similar. Tile's colors is very similar. This tile's color
is same as our tiles in the bathroom.' this is what her drinking habits are like" making the audience laugh at how Hyo Yeon turns very honest after drinking.

Furthermore, Tiffany also revealed that "One day, Sooyoung drank a can of beer and came into the dorm with her face all red. So I asked, 'Did you drink by any chance?' and Sooyoung in return answered, 'Why? I'm not allowed to drink?' provoking me." Sooyoung answered
back saying, "If I was under the influence, I shouldn't be able to remember anything but I remember everything" trying to deny these accusations but in the end she admitted it stating that, "I was too hasty in my answer" making everyone laugh.

On the other hand, SNSD through the "We Met Now" corner of the show, made the their fan's happy with the limbo contest in Yeouido.

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Rain is in the hospital

After a performance at Mnet Countdown, Rain was immediately taken to the hospital due to a serious flu. On the 22nd, Rain was at Seoul Samangdong CJ E&M center pre-recording for his new song, Love Song, for Mnet Countdown, but right after he was done with recording, he immediately passed out in the waiting room.

According to the entertainment staff, Rain had a serious case of the flu since the day before the recording but still managed to finish the pre-recording without any hardships but was taken to the hospital right after.

According to one of the representative, after Rain’s comeback, he has practiced everyday, non-stop along with interviews and various concerts in Japan. Due to having so many schedule, Rain has not been able to get a good rest sleep.

With his new album, Back to Basics, and his hit song, Love Song, Rain is continuously gaining popularity and love from many of his fans.

Take a break Rain! You’re still the amazing, global star!

Original article.
Translation by eunjin@kpoplive.com.

2AM Jo Kwon, “Whenever I sing ballads, I will think of Park JinYoung”

2AM Jo Kwon reveals that he would think of Park JinYoung whenever he sings ballad.

Jo Kwon revealed that during the filming of ‘Happy Together 3′ on 22nd April relating to an incident when he was recording ‘This Song’.

He said, “Producer Park JinYoung went through word by word for the recording and it took 11 hours to record. When the recording was done I was waiting for a comment like ‘You worked hard’ but instead what came out from Park JinYoung’s mouth was ‘Now you know why you debuted late?’.”

Jo Kwon’s situation was confirmed by OneTwo Song HoBum who used to train under JYP. MC Yoo Jaeseok had suggested for Song HoBum to try recording just one verse of ‘This Song’ and Song HoBum’s reply was “Then it will take me 5 days to do so”. Jo Kwon also personally demostrated how the recording went that took him 11 hours to complete the recording.

Source: Newsen + sookyeong
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some happy shit in here: Eun JiWon on his marriage, “It was like filming a photoshoot or CF”

Singer Eun JiWon who just became a groom on 22nd April, talks honestly about his feelings on his marriage.

Eun JiWon will return to Korea with his family after his wedding on 22nd April. He has returned to participate in the filming of KBS 2Days 1Night.

Eun JiWon was featured for an interview on SBS ‘One Night’s TV Entertainment’ upon his return and he said, “The wedding ended well. It was like filming a photoshoot or CF with my wife.”

Meanwhile, Eun JiWon has set up his love nest in YeoIlDo.

Source: sookyeong

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hey! that's not ivy

After going into hiding after a second sex tape was leaked a week ago, singer Ivy is not having a good year. Due to her previous sex tape scandal, many netizens assumed that it was her, but it wasn’t.

So who was it? The woman posing as Ivy is actually Chinese. The sex tape was confirmed to be an edited porn video. In the original video, Ivy couldn’t have been in the sex tape because the woman was speaking in Chinese and the background music was a Chinese song. The joker who tried to gain attention used advanced editing skills to edit out the Chinese music background.

Now that the sex tape is a fake, will Ivy’s career ever recover?

Source: popseoul

gurl you ok now
taemin ; oic
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Bang-ja Chronicles releases trailer

The poster and trailer (watch below) are out for the upcoming Bang-ja Chronicles [방자전], which releases in June. The movie plays with the famous tale of Chun-hyang, which is a story of young lovers in the Joseon era, and stars Kim Joo-hyuk and Ryu Seung-beom.

The film comes from a writer-director who’s familiar with risque material; Kim Dae-woo wrote the script to the 2003 film Untold Scandal, which was an adaptation of Les Liaisons Dangereuses starring Lee Mi-sook, and wrote and directed the 2006 movie Forbidden Quest. Following those racy sageuks, Bang-ja Chronicles has also earned a rating of 19+ for its sexual content.

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Source: osen
Via: dramabeans

Lim &quot;Too Cute&quot;
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WONDERGIRLS & the fans have fun together singing to 'Nobody'

WONDERGIRLS's last public day in Taiwan was naturally set aside for the numerous fans who adored them! Since last night, many fans had started queuing, hoping to get a closer glimpse of WONDERFIRLS's svelteness. For this fan gathering, WONDERGIRLS performed 3 songs including the classic 'Nobody' which was presented in its Chinese version.

Here comes the signature 'Nobody'! WONDERGIRLS is in Taiwan for 4 days, with only one platform to showcase their golden vocals. The organizers even freighted in WONDERGIRLS's exclusive 'W' microphones. Attired in golden tassel dresses, they were completely authentic in flavor when paraded for the Taiwan fans. WONDERGIRLS: "Hello everybody. We are the WONDERGIRLS."

They proffered their hard-learned Chinese, which touched the Taiwan fans. The site's 400-500 crowd was insufficient. The second & third floors were also packed with a human tide. Many others were shut out outside, watching through glass windows & reluctant to leave. The downstage fans were holding balloons, posters, someone even drew a giant 'W' on their face to welcome the idols.

Reporter: "How does it feel to be so close to WONDERGIRLS?"
WONDERGIRLS fan: "It's not bad. They are prettier in person."

The entire event lasted a short 50 minutes, causing many unsatisfied fans to holler for more. But WONDERGIRLS disclosed that they are launching their new multiple-language album in May, & will not rule out returning to Taiwan for promotions. The fans are asked to wait & see.

Source: qoxie @ soompi

I'm glad to see they still have so many loyal fans.. Youbin lost so much weight, and Yenny is just an angel! Lim is quickly becoming my favorite member, she's so adorable now that she's more comfortable being a new member of such a huge girl group, she's lookin' like a prettier version of Park Bom. So hyped for their new song!

CNBLUE’s fan club has an official name

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Big Bang has VIP’s, 2NE1 has Blackjacks, TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki has Cassiopeia / Big East and now CNBLUE has BOICE. Earlier today, a representative from FNC Music’s Fanclub revealed that after two rounds of voting and out of 6 potential candidate names, the vote for the official fan club name was BOICE. Voting was conducted by FNC Staff Members and CNBLUE and more than half of the people participating chose BOICE.

BOICE (pronounced as VOICE) is a combination of the words Blue and Voice. Blue represents CNBLUE and Voice represents the fans. The two words together show symbolism that CNBLUE will always be together with the fans.


Lee MinHo, “I was offered to star in a movie by Goo HyeSun, but I rejected it”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Actor Lee MinHo reveals that he has been given a proposal from actress Goo HyeSun from drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ to star in a movie.

Lee MinHo was featured for an interview on MBC ‘Section TV Entertainment’ aired on 23rd April when he was asked if he was offered to appear in the movie directed by Goo HyeSun in her upcoming director-debut movie. His answer was, “Even though I was offered to appear in the movie, it will be inconvenient/uncomfortable for me to meet Goo HyeSun as actor-director since we were once partners in a drama.”

Meanwhile, he was also asked about his complexion during the interview and his answer was, “I lost weight on my face.”

S: sookyeong
lol what kind of an excuse it that

Seungri 'Star Diary' 3/10 "Why aren't you clearing away your hyungs' plates first?"

PART1: here
PART2: here
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So where’s the person who recognised Seungri’s talents?

They didn’t tell me to come or anything but I just turned up at YG to audition. I followed Director Park Dae Hong, who had been helping me in Gwangju. When I went, they videoed me singing and dancing. I thought to myself ‘Let’s really go for it this time’ and went nuts. I threw off my shirt and stuff. (laughs)”

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original article
trans by: sjay.x @ bigbangvip.net

look at that strong baby~
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Lee Hyori rocks Gaon chart with "Bang"

Korean pop sensation Lee Hyori proved to be an unstoppable force, making a banging debut on top of Gaon's singles chart for the week of April 11 to 17 with her new single "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang."

Lee successfully claimed the title of most popular single for the third week of April, pushing back her previous chart topper "Swing" off the No. 1 spot.

The songstress, who returned to the music stage last Thursday on televised music program "Mnet Countdown," has been conquering numerous online and offline charts with several tracks from her fourth album “H.Logic” since its release on April 12.

The recent tune "Magic" by four-member girl group Secret broke into the top three singles post at No. 2, followed by "My Heart is Heavy" by trio SeeYa which climbed three slots from last week.

Meanwhile, the soundtrack to the SBS hit series "Shining Inheritance" became the best-selling record last week, knocking out former winner Rain.

Rounding out the top-selling albums was the special edition second mini-album "Honey" by K-pop female idols Kara which made a significant 50-spot jump to second place, followed sequentially by their first album "Blooming" which ranked in third.

The Gaon music chart, considered the Korean equivalent of the U.S. Billboard chart, was launched last month. Its data has been accumulated from online and offline sales statistics from the country's major web-based providers and record distribution companies.

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Source: asiae.co.kr - 1, 2, 3

XIAH junsu's New Single "Intoxication"

MTV Making The Video: XIAH junsu "Intoxication"

The camera made it inside the film shooting session for the MV of "Intoxication", XIAH junsu's solo debut single!

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Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

How will he pronounce "Intoxication"? :D
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Lee Hyori on new MV, “Since I did not have any concept in mind, I went for the alien concept”

Lee Hyori talks about the MV for her comeback song ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ off her 4th album ‘H-Logic’.

Lee Hyori was recently featured for an interview on ‘Section TV Entertainment’ while she was filming for a jeans photoshoot. When asked about the unique concept of ‘the queen from outer space’ for her MV, Lee Hyori said, “Because I did not have any particular concept in mind, I went for the alien concept.”

She added, “So many singers have covered so many different concepts. So I thought I could try transforming as the queen from outer space.”

When asked if she felt burdensome after coming back the same time as Rain, she said, “I don’t know if we will harm one another in terms of album sales, but I get the feeling that we are supporting each other.”

The show will air on 23rd April.

Source: sookyeong

at least it isnt vampires lol

Another new girl group set to debut

A new five member girl group sponsored and managed by "Lotte Group" called "Lotte Girls" are set to debut.

According to Lotte, Last year they held public auditions for two korean members and the they chose Choe Su Jeong and Gim Ye Seul and 3 Chinese members which are Go Keom Jo, Yang A, and Wang Jeong Hui and looks like these girls are set to debut in China.

Lotte Group held a about six regional auditions last September 2009 in China and had over 3,000 candidates who auditioned and only three were chosen and two were chosen in korea through a single qualification audition and thus forming a five member girl group.

This girl group is intended to raise the brand awareness in the local market especially in China but there are also plans for korean activities.

They will appear on CCTV this may and will be introduced throughout China and they will be exposed to various broadcast programs as well as in the second Shanghai Expo this coming august where they are planned to appear on stage.

Lotte girls have heavy expectations and will be competing against SNSD and Wonder Girls who are branching out to the Chinese market. 

Source: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews
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