April 24th, 2010


2010 Dream Concert Encounters Problems

“SNSD only gets 3 sections? We’re more popular … Why do we have less number of seats than Super Junior fans?”

A month before the 2010 Dream Concert is to be held on May 22, tensions are already rising.

At the Dream Concert, many popular artists come to the same venue and perform, making it unique. Since it only comes once a year, this is seen as an opportunity for fans to give their favorite singers strength, becoming one. On April 22, tickets went on sale at 7PM and were sold out within one hour, as a result of fans who wanted to go support their favorite singers.

Instead, problems are arising with the division of seats. At first, there isn’t any assigned seating arrangement for fans of one artist. Instead, the organizers contact the entertainment companies, assigning them sections so the the entertainment companies can report this to the respective fan clubs through their official websites.

Fan clubs that receive less sections argue, “Is the singer whom I love so much only worth this much? The division of seats are not a true reflection of the total fan club members.”

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Source: Shin Eunjung/sej@kmib.co.kr
Translation: Kimbap@Kpoplive.com

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Rain and Lee Hyori to appear together on KBS Happy Together

Singers Rain and Lee Hyori will appear together in a variety show.

On 23rd April, an official from KBS Happy Together 3 told StarNews, "Rain and Lee Hyori will take part together for the filming session on 24th April."

With the much hype caused by their comeback in the similar time frame and news of competition with their comeback, news of them appearing in the same variety show has garnered much attention.

Other star appearance for this filming session include Goo Hara and MBLAQ.

The show will aired on 13th May.


YAY Hyori and Rain~!
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Wednesday FFA will be posted at 3-4 pm Vancouver time. Need help?

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Sorry we're late. Have a good FFA. :3
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Slovak national anthem played as a background music

Slovak national anthem was played as a background music at Soul International drama awards 2009. Slovak ministry of international affairs now investigates the case. The spokesman of Slovak diplomacy Peter Stano said: "If it's true everybody who saw the video must confirm that it was not inappropriate. The abuse didn't happen" He also said that organizers probably choose it because they liked the tune. "It's not a negative use of anthem.", he concluded.

The origin of Slovak anthem comes from a folk song "Kopala studienku, pozerala do nej" (Fail Tr: She dug a well, she looked into it), but the anthem is not composed only from worlds but also the tune record.
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SITA, nu
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As a citizen of Slovakia I LOLed so hard :P

Seohyun teaches CNBlue some SNSD dance moves

It’s been quite a while since we saw a new episode of We Got Married so viewers were noticeably relieved that it was one of the few programs to have survived being being canceled for this week.

Today’s episode saw the CNBlue members dropping by to visit Jung Yonghwa and Seohyun in the studio where Seohyun suggested to them that they should learn some dancing. She then proceeded to teach them moves from Tell Me Your Wish and Oh! which was kind of a difficult task for the CNBlue members who were obviously more at home with their instruments. They do looked awkward and reserved but soon warmed up to the task. It was really dorky and cute though!

sources: allkpop + spodocskpark10@youtube

Laughter-less April continues with more broadcast cancellation

With Korea still mourning from the aftershock of naval ship tragedy, the month of April has been truly depressing for all of us. To multiply the sadness, all three major broadcast stations of Korea including MBC, KBS, and SBS have been cancelling all of their comedy shows for the past several weeks.
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It looks like this week is no exception, as more cancellations are being announced for this weekend. Although it’s been a long time since the tragedy occurred, the stations believed that cancelling the broadcast is appropriate; this is due to the high possibilities that the sunken ship will finally be lifted up on the 24th, which would lead to discoveries of additional dead soldiers.
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source : AKP

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no inki ... & i was looking forward to Haha Mong Show...

More of 4minute for High Cut

4minute is usually known for looking powerful and sexy on stage but they revealed their innocent feminine side in the May issue of High Cut magazine. We revealed a few pictures to you before but now we have a couple more new ones to show you.

They sure look pure and innocent for this spread. I think this is the first time I’ve seen Jiyoon in a dress. Not only is she in a dress but it’s a very girly one.

HyunA said, “It was new and fun to try a different style of a photoshoot.” Jihyun said, “I felt like a true woman.” Gayoon said, “It felt like Spring because we wore such bright colors and we usually wear black.” Jiyoon said, “It was my first time ever wearing such girly clothing but it was refreshing and charming in its way.” Sohyun said, “I was happy that I got to wear clothes I love.”

Don’t they look good in this type of clothing?

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lovely, lovely shoot~ i want the girls to have a sweet princess stage concept like this some time~ they don't have to ALWAYS be fierce divas!
AKP & 4minute soompi thread.

Yu-na’s Canadian Coach Mulls Leaving for Her Rival

The man who made the South Korean-born Kim Yu-na become the queen of the world’s figure skating might leave her for her archrival.

Brian Orser, the Canadian figure-skating coach for Kim, was recently offered a position to become a coach for Asada Mao, Kim’s Japanese rival, JoongAng Ilbo said on Saturday.

Bad chemistry between Mao and her Russian coach Tatiana Tarasova was blamed for Mao’s motivation to seek out Orser, it was said.

Tarasova has been coach to more world and Olympic champions than any other coach in skating history. As of 2006, her students have won a combined total of 9 Olympic gold medals in three of the four Olympic figure skating disciplines, earning her the title of "Champion maker".

But the personal dynamics between this champion maker and the Japanese figure skater didn’t work out quite well. Some media outlets made unflattering remarks about “Bell,” Mao’s most recent free-skating program, choreographed by Tarasova, the “worst.”
Now Orser is in a dilemma whether he should take the offer or not,” it said.

Korea Times

The 2010 World Figure Skating Championships were held today in Turin where Mao Asada won gold and Kim Yuna won silver.

Comedy version of BEAST’s Mystery MV released!

BEAST is stepping into bigger career fields now.

The boys have transformed into directors for their self-made music video for their hit song Mystery.

Instead of boring fans with a typical music video, they decided to carry a comic theme for this one. This is quite a treat for fans since Mystery doesn’t have a music video in the first place.

On the 3rd episode of B2ST Almighty, BEAST decided to have their fans’ wishes come true and the fans wished for a music video for Mystery. BEAST is singing about the type of curry that their old girlfriend had liked in this hilarious video.

There’s even a bollywood concept in the middle of it which will probably crack up most of you guys. Dongwoon dressed up in traditional Indian clothing and did the head spinning Mystery dance.

Yoseob is the girl in this music video and I must say it is quite the cherry on top.

Junhyung wrote it, Hyunseung directed it, Doojoon was the cameraman and Kikwang took care of the lights. It gets better: SNSD and KARA come on as guest stars!

sources: allkpop + mybeastyboys3@youtube

Various DBSK News~

pic source: SYC

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Source: Tohomobile Staff Blog + linhkawaii
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Source: Seki Yoshihiro's Twitter + Chiba Ryuuhei's Twitter
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Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[100423] Jejung Supports Lady Gaga At AIDS Performance

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For you TL;DR folks, Tohomobile announced that it was closing and then announced that it would reopen the next day with fewer features for free. Miscommunication abounded.
Jaejoong hangs with Yamapi at a Lady Gaga Charity Concert.
Heaven's Postman to show in Japanese theaters on May 29th. One step closer to DVD?
HQ! Yunho models for Evisu and looks amazing even though I think there are girls who would envy his chest

But actually this whole report was just me getting distracted in my original mission. I've been hearing around that Changmin's drama is supposed to premiere on Sunday but I can't find any articles that say an exact date. Anyone have anything?

Song Joong Ki joins Yoochun in Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Song Joong Ki will join TVXQ’s Micky Yoochun in an upcoming drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

The drama is something like the historical version of Boys Over Flowers. Including Song Joong Ki and Yoochun, there will be four beautiful guys, just like Boys Over Flowers.

Song Joong Ki is most known for his role as the current MC of Music Bank. Other than that, he’s been in various TV dramas and movies.

The casting is almost done and filming begins in May.

Source: allkpop


Supernova - Song for You Movie (Teaser) English Subs+News


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from choshinsei official web and tokyograph.com

translated: kickykic@stargaze.co.nr
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credits: css official japanaese site
translated: kickykic@stargaze.co.nr

And before I forget (again) some of the members of Supernova are on Twitter! They tweet in a mixture of Korean, Japanese and English. Kwangsu, Jihyuk, Geonil and Sungje.

The song sounds really nice. Very chill. As for the plot...nooooooo, Sungje, how could you? Why would you lie??? Yeah, it's overdramatic and kind of cliche, but it looks cute. I'm kind of surprised they cast Sungje as the lead considering Geonil is the one with acting experience, but it's not bad. And I hope that's everything because I keep finding things to post. :\ LOL, okay, it wasn't, added the All About You PV and hopefully fixed all the funky html.

Lee Hyori’s advice to junior singers, “Don’t go into acting so carelessly like I did”

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Lee Hyori, who is recently back with her 4th album ‘H-Logic’ reveals her strategy to differentiate from other singers and gives advice to junior singers.

Lee Hyori was featured for an interview on MBC Section TV Entertainment on 23rd April when she was introduced the singer who is both hardworking and beautiful. And when asked what she thinks the junior will learn from her, Lee Hyori picked her hardworking features despite the money and popularity she gets. And as for what she feels that the junior singers should not follow after her, “I hope they don’t go into drama carelessly like me.”

She explained, “I thought they should keep in mind that the image of a singer is very strong.” Lee Hyori attempted acting in drama ’4-leaves clover’ in 2005 but it was a disappointing production for her.

And about coming back in the same time period with top star Rain, Lee Hyori commented, “I’m not sure if we will harm each other in terms of album sales, but I feel that we are supporting each other.”

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sources: kbites + 6xrauren@yt
yunho ; oh boy

Children of Empire, For Japan Activities Being Praised as ’2nd TVXQ’

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ZE:A (Children of Empire) is expected to continue the Korean wave in Japan.

On April 21st, Children of Empire was introduced through Yahoo Japan ‘Zoom In Search’. After having appearance in visit Korea program at Tokyo TV, popular model and talent Yoshikawa Hinano said, “If Children of Empire starts to be active in Japan, they’re going to be as popular as TVXQ”. Because of this, at Yahoo Japan Search result soon the group notched the 8th position.

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Source: Newsen
Translation: sharingyoochun.net

Kim HeeChul after seeing his own photos, “Wa, I’m like a doll”

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Super Junior Kim HeeChul who is the DJ to SBS Radio Power FM ‘Kim HeeChul’s Young Story’ reveals a new photo of himself.

The photos featured him with some bread which were given as presents to him, and he was seemed looking happy upon receiving the presents.

Kim HeeChul’s reaction after seeing the photos taken of himself was “Wa~ I looked like a doll.” It was revealed that the production team of the show who took the photos were flustered after seeing HeeChul’s reaction to the photos.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “Even though he does look like a doll, but how can someone say it himself”, “I hope people will understand his personality” etc.

source: kbites

Uh Oh! SNSD’s Hyoyeon takes a fall

SNSD’s Seohyun is definitely one who is known for making mistakes during Oh! because of the time she tripped, the time she almost fell and the time she messed up the choreography.

But Hyoyeon has joined the list.

Yes, SNSD’s dancing queen herself fell back and landed on her buttock while performing Oh! at Korea’s New World Super Concert on the 24th. SNSD came out for an encore performance and all was going well until Hyoyeon made a cute fall.

She seemed a bit embarrassed but Yuri came to the rescue and pulled her up immediately. You can see Sooyoung and Yuri holding in their laughter because who doesn’t laugh when their friend falls?

Check out the fall at 2:05:

sources: allkpop + beanfunSUB@yt