April 25th, 2010


Supernova's Song For You Movie BTS + J.P.~Reborn~ preview


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If you go to 1:12 in this video you can learn the dirty truth see a preview for J.P.~Reborn~
It's actually just the Japanese TTL, but the PV looks really nice. I would be mad that it wasn't a new song if the video didn't look good, but it's really slick. Anyway, I don't know if T-ara will be in this version but I'll probably end up finding out right after I post this if my luck continues the way it has been. -.-;

Sorry everyone for all the posts on Supernova all in one night. It's just that all of this really started releasing a couple days ago so I'm backtracking a lot of stuff.
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Visitors Entering South Korea to Be Fingerprinted, Photographed Beginning August

Beginning in August, all foreign travelers entering Korea, aged 17 or over will have their fingerprints scanned and faces photographed at international airports and harbors. Diplomats and those traveling on official duty will be exempt.

The Ministry of Justice said Thursday that a set of bills aimed at toughening the immigration process got an endorsement at the National Assembly, Wednesday afternoon.

Unlike other passed bills that usually don't take effect until after six months, the measure will be put into practice within three months in preparation for the G-20 summit in November in Seoul, the ministry said.

"It will more effectively keep suspicious foreigners away from the territory," said Sohn Hong-ki, a senior official of the ministry. "After all, the upcoming summit is expected to be held in a much more secure environment."

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Source: The Korea Times

'Paradise Meadow' The Birth of Actor Changmin

TVXQ's Magnae, Changmin will soon have his acting debut. The stage that was built for his debut, is [Paradise Meadow]. As the exact date for the show's debut is not being confirmed, the teasers and contents of the show are not released, causing fans to panic whilst waiting. The production team predicts the show to be released within the year. Instead of an appropriate opening, why not keep the 'secretive feel' and anticipate the show to debut. In the drama, Changmin married the female lead, Lee Yeon Hee despite his family's protests, portraying a scene of a romantic prince. Due to this, with the addition of Changmin's prince character, his love story with Lee Yeon Hee is most anticipated.

As all shooting for the drama have stepped into pre production, Changmin, who have completed Kohaku Uta Gassen Music Festival, have already headed to Australia for part of his drama shoot. Currently he is shooting [Paradise Meadow] in Jeju island with Lee Yeon Hee and Joo Sang Woo.

[Paradise Meadow] is written by Jang Hyun Joo,who wrote [Coffee Prince No. 1 Shop], together with Seo Hee Jin, Directed by Kim Chul Kyu, who directed [Hwang Jini]. With Changmin as the lead actor, and the three of them working strongly together, this drama is very anticipated. The production side said " A happy and vibrant story with beautiful music mixed, it is really a drama that is worth anticipated." Romantic scenes with special settings, with the addition of a new concept, [Paradise Meadow], it will definitely worth everyone's expectations.

Although it is not TVXQ's group activities, the 5 of them are still working hard with the fans' care and concern. Following, Yoochun will start his activities as an actor in both Korea and Japan in June. The Korea side have already confirm his casting in [SungKyunKwan Scandal]. Though this is a lonely period of time for fans, we can still see them grow slowly. This is the only thing that we can do.

Source: KBOOM June issue + BaiduTVXQ
Translation: suhanASHLEY @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

So I guess it's not going to be showing this weekend. ):
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Korean Finishes Second at McDonald’s Song Contest

A 20 year old female employee of McDonald's Korea won second place in the global firm's biennial singing contest dubbed the "Voice of McDonald's," which was held in the United States.

McDonald's Korea said on Friday that Hur Jin had sung Alicia Keys' "No One" in a field of 12 semi-finalists and was selected as one of three finalists. In the grand finale, she finished a runner-up, following Chenee Capuyan of the Philippines.

She will bring home $15,000 as well as an iPod touch in prizes. Plus, McDonald's will contribute $1,000 to charity in Hur's name. More than 10,000 McDonald's workers from 119 countries participated in the event.

"I started to work at McDonald's to make money for my dream to study abroad to become a vocal trainer, but I never imagined that I would be able to prove my talent and have it recognized around the world through McDonald's. I want to become a person who can give hope to students who dream of a career in music like me," Hur said.

Source: The Korea Times

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ZE:A celebrates their 100th day

On the 24th, newbie boy group ZE:A celebrated their 100 days since their debut earlier this year. All 9 members were present during the celebration when they shared an impressive cake, smiles and hopes for the group’s future.

The group’s leader Joon Young expressed his desires to celebrate more anniversaries in the future. Ultimately, their goal for the number of celebrations is ten. Member Kevin stated that they faced modest success upon their debut, but hopes that the group will continue to rise to the top.

In addition to sharing their hopes and aspirations for the future, a few confessions were shared. The boys also confessed that although they’ve already gained on-stage experience, they still get butterflies before heading out for a performance. It was revealed that whenever the boys watched themselves perform or make appearances on television shows, they would be overwhelmed with emotions. It was also revealed that aside from their debut, the group shared that their most memorable moment was when they landed in Japan for their showcase performance concert.

It’s been 100 days so far for these boys and they plan to take themselves to a higher level as the days pass by. They’ve garnered a decent fanbase with their debut song Mazeltov, but gained more love with their comeback song All Day. Let’s look forward to spending more celebrations with these boys in the near future!

source: AKP

2 Kim Jong Kook Articles

Haha, Hong Kyung Min, Cha Tae Hyun... Preview of the Amzing Guests at Kim Jong Kook's Concert

The 'powerful' entertainer Haha will participate greatly along with the 76 Dragon Club members for Kim Jong Kook's concert; Haha has prepared a sudden performance.

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Sources: o-cha@soompi & bntnews

Haha showing support for best friend Kim Jong Kook's concert.

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Sources: newsen & o-cha@soompi
It's Kim Jong Kook's birthday today :3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAN NAMJA~~ <3333

China Sohu Interview of Jang Geun Suk

Today, Jang Geun Seok will be hosting a fan meeting at Beijing’s Chao Yang Athletic Centre, but after the press conference he accepted a special exclusive interview with Sohu-Korea Entertainment. From Hwang Jin Yi to Minamishineyo, we have seen Geun Seok’s growth on the silver screens, from a child star who was worried about losing his sense of urgency and would become lazy, so would treat all roles with the same passion and respect.

As the “87th Generation of Leaders”, Geun Seok believes this has given him a feeling of responsibility. He rates his own acting a 7 on a scale of 10, and tries to learn something new from every co-star, even from his junior Park Shin Hye. A grudge bearer, Lee Hong Ki was once on Geun Seok’s black books because he didn’t pay up alcohol expenses. If attracted by a female, it will be because of her eyes, and when our reporter played the “4 character idioms” game with him, he resumed his hilarious character, saying “If the outlook on love is ‘surrounded by enemies’, then it would be bad.”

He said he wanted to “take over the world” at the press conference, and that lead to him mentioning his own goals. He repeated, “I want the whole world to know who I am, the Korean actor Jang Geun Seok.”

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Source: yule.sohu + (trans) featuredweekly.blogspot
Credit: gellie @ DailyKpopNews

I first started liking him during the Do Rei Me Fa So times. If you haven't watched the movie, GO WATCH IT NAO.

Variety programs cancellation leave fans frustrated

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It’s been nearly a month since the tragic naval ship incident but the variety programs are still on hold. Major broadcasting stations KBS, SBS and MBC announced yet another week of their fan favorite shows will not be aired as scheduled.

Although some programs have slowly been coming back but there are still many shows on lock down and it’s got fans saying, “All I ask that this is all resolved just a day quicker” and “When will I ever be able to see a new episode of 1N2D?”

KBS won’t bring back shows like 1N2D and Gag Concert, SBS still have Inkigayo and I Like Sunday offline and MBC’s Haddangsa is being replaced with a news show for the time being.

It’s understandable that shows went off the air out of respect for the tragedy, but fans are becoming more and more disgruntled with limited entertainment. How long before fans begin lighting torches and storming down doors with pitchforks and cabbages in the air? Yes, cabbages.

source: allkpop

TaeYeon’s teary farewell on ChinChin on 25th April

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon could hold back her tears as she says goodbye on MBC MF4U ‘ChinChin’ radio show on 25th April.

The show on 25th April will be TaeYeon’s last show since she first started out DJ’ing on the show in April 2008. TaeYeon mentioned during the show, “Today is the last filming for So Nyeo Shi Dae repackaged album, and also the last show for ‘ChinChin’, I feel a little different today.”

TaeYeon had remained a bright and cheery voice throughout the show until about 8.15pm when she read a listener’s comment which went “I gave up on eating my dish of ribs just to listen to noona’s voice”. The rest of the So Nyeo Shi Dae members were also present for the 1st part of the show that day.

TaeYeon talked about her experiences doing the radio show for the past 1 year past from her aegyo ment to some of the mistakes she made.

TaeYeon mentioned, “All this while, coming to do ‘ChinChin’ gives me the feeling of coming back home.”

Meanwhile, TaeYeon will focus on So Nyeo Shi Dae activities and her musical appearances after she ends her DJ-ing on ‘ChinChin’.

Singer IU will take over temporarily on the show from 26th April.

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sources: kbites + TheKpopSource06@yt
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updates on Lee Hyori faces multiple plagiarism accusations

Zack Taylor from Toronto's radio station Kiss 92.5 said Cookie Couture hired a lawyer to go after Hyori. According to Taylor, he tried to contact Hyori on Twitter and she blocked him. There is no verification if Hyori even has an official Twitter account.

Cooke Couture owns the entire song "Boy, Bring it Back."

Although it is unclear as to who Cookie Couture will be suing, it looks as though Hyori could be facing a major blow to her career.

Lee JaeYoung also known as Bahnus is the leader of the group Bahnus Vacuum. He apparently he gave 180 songs to Hyori to pick from. In the past, he has worked with British artists. It appears that Maxwell, Whitney Houston, Beyonce and other artists have asked to work with him.

Bahnus Vacuum is made up of 7 composers and he is the leader. One of the composers of Bahnus Vacuum had connections with an employee of M.Net, thus allowing Bahnus to give Hyori the demos.

He did not expect Hyori to chose "Swing," "Feel the Same" and "How Did We Get" out of the 180 songs he offered.

Of the six accusations, "How Did We Get" is credited for being used.

For Melanie Durrant's song, "Feel the Same" it is produced by DNA.

A representative of Lil Precious' management team said she had no idea her song had been stolen. Lil Precious wrote the song, "So Insane" herself.

Another possible representative of Lil Precious posted a comment on YouTube saying, "I can assure everyone we never sold the right to any of Lil Precious' song to anyone. We will be taking the appropriate steps to make this right."

Cookie Couture's song "Boy, Bring it Back" is produced by Chuck & Joe. The girls posted a blog on Myspace and addressed fans about this issue.

"Just wanted to let you know that the song 'bring it back' belongs to and is written by the members of Cookie Couture. It has been brought to our attention that korean artist "Lee Hyori" has stolen our material and is passing it off as her own.

Our lawyers are hard at work with this.

All of our songs were written, arranged and owned by us!

If you don't see Cookie Couture's name on it... then it's not official and chances are we have a thief on our hands."


Super Junior-M wins award and Zhou Mi mentions that they will record a new album!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Super Junior-M received the Mengniu Dairy China TOP award for Most Popular Group (polled in Mainland China). They were not present to receive the award personally, obviously, but Zhou Mi, Henry, and Siwon recorded an acceptance speech. Only Zhou Mi and Henry spoke and they mentioned that they are recording a new album. Video of their speech and a transcript below:

Watch speech cut here!
(Sorry, I tried to download it and upload it on YouTube but it's not letting me)

All: To everyone in the MusicRadio audience, hello, we are Super Junior M.
Zhou Mi: We're very happy to receive the Mengniu Dairy-sponsored award for Most Popular Group, but regret that because of work, we can't be at the ceremony to share our joy with you all, but we thank you very much for all of your support.
Henry: First, we'd like to thank our record company, SM, as well as MusicRadio, and um... and...
Zhou Mi: Mengniu Dairy!
Henry: Right! Oh, and of course, our fans.
Zhou Mi: Super Junior M has spent two years in China now, and because we have your support, we will keep working hard! Also, we will record our new album, and we hope that everyone will continue to support us. Thank you!
All: We are Super Junior M!

Credit: evaporate @ LJ for translation/transcript, Baidu for video cut

TaeYeon ends ‘ChinChin’ radio show with HyoYeon and DooJoon, and a smile

TaeYeon had her last ChinChin show at midnight on 25th April, with SNSD member HyoYeon and BEAST Yoon DooJoon as guest appearances. The 2 of them are also 89-ers like TaeYeon.

They also pose together for BEAST and SNSD’s dances in some of the photos revealed. Looking at TaeYeon’s smile in the photos, netizens’ comments were, “It’s so sad today is the last show for TaeYeon”, “You’ve worked hard all this while, TaeYeon”, “I feel more reluctant looking at her bright smile” etc.

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Source: TVDaily + sookyeong

When Super Junior still had 13 members...

They went to Hong Kong, had a photoshoot, and published a photobook entitled Boys In City Season 3: Hong Kong. On top of that, it was Hanchul's honeymoon trip, Donghae's abs exhibition, Captain Siwon Choi's yacht trip, and many, many more. Oh yeah, and with this, everything under the sun belongs to Hangeng. And since Hangeng belongs to Heechul, everything under the sun also belongs to Heechul. This is THE DIVA KIM HEECHUL'S LIFE THEORY.



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All videos credits to randomRinnie @ youtube.com

These videos can make you really happy, or really sad to watch. IDK. :/


2NE1's Cosmopolitan Interview

No matter who you ask, out of all the idols in Korea, 2NE1 has been the group to be able to play around the most from the moment they started. This fun, fierce four member group was able to play around and have fun with make up at the Etude House commercial photo shoot too. We were able to meet with them at their play ground, and we will now reveal their unique beauty tips here that they only shared with Cosmo!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Scan credits to NE People, Provenance @ DC 2NE1 Gallery
Translated by
GEE @ ygladies.com

Heechul calls IU a traitor

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Super Junior’s Heechul anger towards IU is giving quite a laugh for netizens.

On the 25th, a picture of Heechul and IU was uploaded on to Kim Heechul’s Young Street radio’s photo gallery. Though they usually display cute affection in their photos, this time it was a different story.

In the photo, Heechul is standing away from IU and the reason is explained by the caption. The caption reads, “I treated you so well. Where do you think you’re going? ㅠㅠ I waited every week, thinking, we’ll get closer next week, we’ll get closer next week. But where are you going now? Chin Chin radio? You are a traitorrrrrr~~IU………….I’m not going to even listen to IU’s logo song!!! IU!!!!!!!!!ㅠㅠㅠㅠ”

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source: allkpop
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SNSD YoonA, “I feel sad and lonely the most when SNSD performs as 8 members without me”

Girlgroup So Nyeo Shi Dae member YoonA reveals that she had felt sad and lonely when she had to be excluded from the group activities due to her drama filming.

YoonA had appeared together with the other SNSD members during the recent filming of KBS 2TV ‘Talk Show Rock’ where she talked about doing solo activities.

YoonA was one of the first to do her solo activities, and she said, “Even though filming the drama is hard, I feel the most sad and lonely when the members performed on stage as 8 members without me. I will choose performing as 9 on stage over solo activities.”

She added, “My wish is to always have the 9 SNSD members. And I really recommend that HyoYeon unnie gets to appear on reality programs.

Meanwhile, the girls talked about their recently Asia tour which started last 17th. The overseas fans were seen singing and dancing together with the girls during their performances, and the girls said, “We saw that a while back, and they were doing all the right steps. We were amazed and thankful and we even teared. This motivated us to continue to work hard in the future.”

Source: sookyeong

I agree with the bolded part

Some WG news...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Korean Group, Wonder Girls, took off from Taiwan with lots of gift from fans and 20 boxes of pineapple cakes from Taiwan, but the topic about Xiao S’s question still goes on. Korean media states that her question was too rash, some fans even say that she’s sexually harassing them. There was more than 30 related news posted on Korean news .

With 2 members at only 18 years old, asking a sexually question is too much. Wonder Girls arrived at Taiwan, to record for a variety show, Kang Xi Lai Le, hosted by Xiao S and Cai Kang Yong. Xiao S asked a question about their first experience with sex. Korea Media, on hearing the news, stats that the members of Wonder Girls, Sohee and Hyerim, are just turning 18 this year, asking them about the first time is just too much.

Many Korean fans are curious about Xu XiDi’s history, and Xu XiDi (Xiao S), becomes the second most searched online. Most articles referred Xiao S as the sister of the female lead in the Taiwan version of “Meteor Garden” (Liu Xing Hua Yuan) or as Koo Jun-Yeop’s ex-girlfriend’s sister to describe her.

Xiao S states that it’s just for the effect of the show.

Wonder Girls, after ending the fan-meeting, went to “Din Tai Fung” to eat soup dumpling (Xiao Long Pau) while YeEun and Hyerim, who are currently in a diet, returned to their hotel to eat their diet meals.

Wilber Pan’s manager, who knows Wonder Girls, brought him along to the celebration dinner. Pan Weibo wanted to bring them to the night market, but because of the rain, they decided not to. They flew to Shanghai yesterday, revealing that they will go to Taiwan again.

Xiao S, through her manager, Joan states that asking the question was purely the show’s plot. As a female, she definitely wouldn’t allow another female artist to answer a similar question. Each time she ask such a question, Tsai Kang-yung will stop her, it was meant for the effects of the show. “Kangxi” will not allow artists to answer uncomfortable questions.

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Source: Yahoo TW News, Wonderfuls World
Translated by: ZwChin @ Wonderfuls World

Gummy’s mom to release an album

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Usually a daughter follows in their mom’s footsteps but this time, it’s the other way around. Gummy’s mother Jang Sook Jung is going to release her first album on the 29th.

This is a rather cute gesture because Gummy herself is in the midst of her own comeback at the moment. I guess they’ll see each other both on stage and at home.

Gummy proved her loyalty to her mother by helping produce her mother’s album. The title track Women Too…, a song that sends a toast to all women, is one of the ten total tracks in the album.

The two are even sharing the same haircut! Like mother, like daughter…

Source: Allkpop