April 28th, 2010

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[STAR DIARY] Lee Min-ho - Parts 1 & 2

Part 1:

When character Goo Joon-pyo first appeared in the drama "Boys Over Flowers", it caused quite a sensation. With a hairstyle that looked made him look like someone who had just jumped out of a comic book and strong facial features, Lee Min-ho seem familiar yet difficult to place.

Some say that Lee Min-ho "became a star overnight" as he became an A-lister after starring in "Boys Over Flowers." But he too had once been an aspiring actor who had been rejected at many auditions.

And after "Boys Over Flowers," he has been trying to set up a foundation for another take-off through MBC's Wednesday and Thursday evening drama "Personal Taste," co-starring actress Son Ye-jin. After appearing in five dramas and two movies in three years since making his debut, Lee Min-ho is now opening up about himself. "Lee Min-ho's Star Diary" will run in ten episodes. [Editor's Note]

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Source: asiae.co.kr - 1 & 2
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Jaebeom comeback revealed! Returning to Korea. Will release a single on Billboard charts in July!

Jaebeom is returning to Korea. It is 8 months since he had to leave for America last September because of words he had written on the Internet.

Jaebeom will be arriving at Incheon Airport with on May 31st or June 1st with the staff of the filim 'Hype Nation,' his parents, and his b-boy team AOM. On July 10th, Jaebeom will be releasing a new single titled 'Demon' for which recording has already finished through America's Billboard charts and the Korean music market, which is expected to represent his official return as asinger.

At the end of December, Jaebeom and famous American singers B2K will be touring 10 American cities and cities around Asia for the 'Hype Nation World Tour.'

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Reported by: Kang Soo Jin
Credit: Sports KHAN
Article: http://sports.khan.co.kr/news/sk_index.html?art_id=201004280800006&sec_id=540301

Translated by 49.5bananas @ W2D

hooo, boy. more info about jay's return to korea with his parents and possibly a press conference can be found here.

Gummy releases teaser for As a Man

Talented singer Gummy’s new mini album title song As a Man teaser was released earlier today.

The song As a Man has been receiving a lot of attention as one of Teddy’s productions and became an even greater subject of attention when it was revealed that SS501’s handsome Kim Hyun Joong and actress Jung Ryeo Won would be featured in the song’s MV.

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source : AKP / yunakimdaebak@YT

soo ... essited!! but it kinda reminds me of 'You & I' ...

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Cha Seung Won and T.O.P attend Cheonan memorial

Actors Cha Seung Won and Big Bang’s T.O.P who are currently starring in the anticipated Korean war movie 71-Into the Fire commemorated the memory of Cheonan victims.

The two stars attended this condolence call on the 28h, along with producer Jung Tae Won, director Lee Jae Hwan and Korean Film Council chairperson Jo Hee Moon. Wearing black tuxedos, the two men arrived arrived at around 11 and waited approximately 50 minutes for the memorial procession. Despite the cold weather, civilians who watched these two men mourn for the deceased shared similar feelings of sympathy.

Cha Seung Won commented, “An event like Cheonan naval ship sinking should never happen again.” When asked about the movie, he responded, “This year is the 60th anniversary of the Korean War. Through the movie, I hope to share its deep meaning with the younger generation.” [b]Regarding the tragedy, T.O.P expressed, “I feel even more sympathy towards the victims because their ages were similar to mine. I hope the younger people and the victims’ friends take the time to remember and commemorate the victims.”[/b]

71-Into the Fire is a heart clenching patriotic movie about historical events that took place in Korea during August of 1950. The movie plans to be released at movie theaters this coming June.


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All NINE girls of SNSD does not have a twitter account!

These days, kpop idol's and celebrities are starting to make and use twitter accounts and reveals their identity and also to communicate to fans. SNSD however are not one of these celebrities.

On the 28th, SM Entertainment officially said through an interview, "All the nine girls as well as the group SNSD itself does not have a twitter neither are we operating a twitter account with the group's name SNSD, all the nine girl's twitter accounts are fake and they do not use and have accounts, I do not want fans to get confused".

Earlier, Rain, Lee Hyori and ss501 Kim Hyun Joong also were announced not operating twitter accounts.

This fake twitter accounts are quite alarming because it may damage the image of these idol's and may create scandal's with what fake twitter accounts claiming the names of the idol's are saying. The agency's hope these fake twitter accounts will be closed as soon as possible.

Source: Starnews
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews

Oh really. so im following fake D:

F.Cuz getting Jiggy in Chinese

The Korean boy group, F.Cuz released their first Korean single, “Jiggy,” just a while back and in order to further promote their single, they have decided to release a Chinese version of it. The members studied their Chinese hard for three days in order to get the pronunciations right. They constantly repeated the phrases toward themselves without minding people around them: “The first time I met you, I went crazy and my heart beat non-stop,” “I want to hug you,” and other romantic phrases.

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Source: CpopAccess
Original Source: Chinatimes

Second round of ticket sales for 4minute's first live in Japan begins!

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It has been decided that fans will get a second shot at purchasing reserved tickets for 4minute's May 8th live performance, <4Minute LIVE Energy Vol.1 [MUZIK]>!

Many fans who were unable to apply for tickets or were rejected have voiced their displeasure in not being able to see the girls, and there are only a small number of tickets left! Those who signed up for 4minute's mail magazine will be able to apply, as there was an application attached when they first signed up for the service. Universal Music Japan recommends fans visit the site right away in order to grab those last remaining tickets!

4minute recently released ringtones and mobile mp3 versions (chaku-uta) of the Japanese version of "Muzik" on the 24th. While the girls made their debut just about half a year ago, they've already scored number ones on the charts in Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and they've won countless newcomer awards. Will they be able to stir up the Japanese charts as well?

i'm so excited for next week! go girls, go~♥
4minute International Forums & CDjournal [dot] com.
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[STAR DIARY] Lee Min-ho - Part 3


Early in his career, there was a time when Lee Min-ho was working under a stage name although not many people know about it.

"After I had finished shooting 'Secret Campus', I worked under a stage name for about two years I think because my real name Lee Min-ho seemed too ordinary. So I talked with the president of my agency and we decided to change my name. A lot of names came up, like very cheesy ones that sounded like comic book characters. Haha."

The name they had eventually agreed to use was 'Lee Min,' minus the "ho" from 'Lee Min-ho.' "The major reason I chose that name is because [Korean actor] Jung Woo-sung's character in the film 'Beat' was named Lee Min. It looked cool."

But after he changed his name to Lee Min, he got involved in a car accident and not working much when he was cast in the drama "Mackerel Run." "But when I looked up 'Lee Min' on the Internet, the only search word that would come up was 'overseas immigration' [the latter word in Korean has the same pronunciation as 'Lee Min']. So I thought I shouldn't use that name." And so he changed his name back to Lee Min-ho.

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Source: asiae.co.kr

Epik High’s Tablo to sue netizen for defamation

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It has been reported that Epik High’s leader Tablo (real name: Lee Sun Woong) is pressing charges against a specific netizen “for defaming him by spreading false rumors.”

Seoul Mapo Police Station stated on the 28th, “Mr. Lee filed in his letter of complaint for requesting to press legal charges on a netizen who spread false rumors online. The rumors were suggesting that my academic backgrounds were all false.” To protect the reporter’s identity, the policeman only revealed that Mr. Lee was a celebrity of Canadian nationality who has reportedly graduated Stanford University.

According to the police, a netizen has repeatedly posted his claims online that he’s proved that Tablo was lying about his seemingly-flawless educational background all along. Netizens and fans alike were shocked to hear the story, as they were more than aware of Tablo’s Stanford history.

Apparently, that netizen couldn’t find the name Daniel Armand Lee under the list of Stanford graduates. He also predicted Tablo’s family will be ostracized from society, whereas his company will go bankrupt because of his unforgivable lie.

S: yahoo! news
TRANS: allkpop

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Nam Gyuri releases a new single featuring One Way

Nam Gyuri surprised everyone when it was announced that she would be leaving her group SeeYa just a year ago. After many confusing reports saying she was resigned with Core Contents Media (SeeYa’s label) and that legal cases would be pursued, she finally split for good and disappeared for a while. Well, she’s finally made her solo musical comeback with a new single called Taste of Love!

The single has been released and the track is called Ride to Me featuring the Australian / LA boys of One Way!

S: allkpoploveonewayforums @ YT

one waaaay :)
pika pika!

f(x) Amber under criticisms again, “She’s really not a guy?”

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Girlgroup f(x) member Amber has once again been caught under criticisms of her gender through her recent photoshoot.

Amber was seen doing a couple concept with the other members for the group’s latest K-Swiss photoshoot. And she was seen wearing guy’s outfit throughout the whole photoshoot, playing the role as a guy.

An official said, “Amber wears the guy outfit and plays the role of a guy, taking turns to take photos with the other members.” It was said that not only in terms of the appearance, Amber’s facial expression was also much masculine, creating the perfect couple atmosphere.
There has been much criticisms of such about Amber even before her debut. With her short hairstyle and powerful stage manner, she was confused as a guy member by many fans.

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Penelope is pretty.
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Immigrant Wives to Be Barred From Working in Entertainment Joints

Foreign wives of Korean men will be barred from working at bars, room salons and other late-night entertainment establishments as part of government efforts to prevent the abuse of the nation’s international marriage system.

The government also plans to grant permanent resident status to musicians, artists and professional sports players living here for more than five years to attract foreign talents.

The Ministry of Justice Wednesday announced these and other changes to the country’s “Immigration Act” and submitted the revised bill to the National Assembly in the near future for approval.

It said it will ban foreign nationals tying the knot with Koreans from being hired by bars and other entertainment joints.

Foreign spouses of Korean nationals are granted F-2 visas.

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Source: The Korea Times

I realize that fake marriages and prostitution are problems in SK, but isn't this a bit too excessive? Like if you were a bartender by profession and then married a Korean guy you couldn't apply for any bartender jobs in Korea. But yay for making life easier for foreign entertainers with this permanent resident deal!