May 4th, 2010

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Davichi - Please Stop, Time Teaser Release!

Earlier we reported that female duo Davichi would be making their comeback with a new album titled Innocence. Now a teaser for their title track Time, Please Stop has been released!

As reported earlier, Davichi will be making a new transition into the genre of punk rock. Their last hit 8282 was a mixture of ballad and dance so this new track will be a mixture of ballad and punk rock.

The idea may have seemed strange to fans at first, but judging from the teaser, their comeback looks like it’s going to be another hit with an immensely addictive sound. Plus, T-ara’s Eunjung is featured in the music video as it tells a modern day version of Snow White including dwarves, an evil queen and an apple! Check it out for yourself below.

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Super Junior's Kangin To Enter Military in October

Last Year's Best Album winners, 13 Member Idol Group Super Junior's member Kangin (25, Real Name: Kim Youngwoon) will enlist in the army and become a soldier at the end of October.

A military official said in April, "Kangin will receive his enlist notice in September, and prepare to join the military at the end of October."

Super Junior's Entertainment Agency, SM Entertainment said, "The Company received news of Kangin enlisting in the military." and also said, "During this time, we discussed this with Kangin, and agreed to respect his choices. Kangin won't be participating in Super Junior's 4th Album Activities."

(only translated the parts about Kangin being enlisted)

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Translation: 눈웃음 (: @
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It's no wonder we haven't heard anything about it until today, he hasn't even gotten the notice yet. lol
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Brown Eyed Girls Promote The Red Devils

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Last week, we reported that Brown Eyed Girls member Jea had released a selca photo showing off her well toned tummy. It’s now been revealed that the selca photo was taken behind-the-scenes of a World Cup related photoshoot.

Luckily for BEG fans, there is an array of 20 hot red sexy photos just ready to be picked for your pleasure as they promote the Red Devils soccer team.

There are several individual photos for each member and the rest are all group shots. Either way, all the members exude a vibe of sexy prowess that’s just too hard to resist.

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Source: AKP

Narsha is lookin' fiiine.
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F(x) for 'Juloring Animal Detectives' OST

The Korean Japanese animation, 'Juloring Animal Detectives' will be first aired on the 3rd on KBS 2TV.

JM Animation from Korea and SATERIGHT from Japan has made 'Juloring Animal Detectives' togther and are planning to have 50 episodes.

The animation is about 3 siblings who are detectives and are able to turn into animals with a secret compact.

For the 2nd part of 'Juloring Animal Detectives', they are planning to have some famous idols be a part in the dubbing.

The opening song 'The truth is (Shh!)' will be sung by the girl group f(x) and the ending song 'Sour Sweet Fresh' will be sung by Jin Sollee, addding more fame into it.

This animation will be aired every Monday at 4:40PM.

Source: TV Daily
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T-ara EunJung criticised for swearing at HyoMin on Invincible Youth?

Amidst the criticisms against T-ara EunJung, who allegedly swore, during her guest appearance of KBS 2TV Invincible Youth aired on 30th April, there has been many netizens who had gone up to her minihompy to post encouraging messages to her.

With G7 member KARA Goo Hara absent from filming and doing CF filming in Japan, EunJung has stood in for her as guest appearance on the show. When during the show, EunJung was seen advising fellow member HyoMin on strengthening her existence on G7, HyoMin has always been worried about not getting enough air time on the show.

And in the midst, many netizens have pointed out that EunJung was seen swearing on the show which led to negative controversy for the singer. She said, “You have to be sure and go for it. Tell them ‘When I come back from Japan, don’t take out too much of my parts. Just go and tell them so” and at the end of her sentence, it seems that she had pulled a swear word from the look of her mouth to emphasize her stand.

After the controversy went out, many fans have visited EunJung’s minihompy and wrote messages, “I believe that EunJung is not such a person”, “Don’t get worried about such ridiculous criticisms” etc.

Source: Sookyeong

ooh netizens

i think she didn't "say" it, more of like, she just showed some mouth movement?

{FANCAFE} Kangin’s Message in Camomile “I’ll be Back”

Hello, it’s KangIn. How are you?
As you know, I am having a time to look back on myself. I am finally posting after several tries of erasing and writing again.
I really want to say that I’m sorry with my head bowing down to all of you who supported me and loved me all the way.
My days are now about regretting and reflecting on why I just went by so many things that are important to me.
I’ve had a lot to think about every time someone asked me if I was going to be part of 4jib activities.

As a result, I am finally posting this.

4jib album’s work is almost over, now waiting to meet the fans..
And for me, I thought that it was too early for me to take part in 4jib album activities and thought that I’d better have more time to think about myself… So I don’t think I’ll be seeing you guys for the upcoming activities.

The army.. where as a Korean man, you have to go once in your life..
I was wondering of when I should go and now I think it’s time for me to do so.
I don’t have an exact date, but I will be enrolling in the army in a short while.

But I’m always cheering for our members up close, and on the stage with them all the time.
The album was done by our members who tried really hard, so please give lots of love.
As KangIn cannot exist without Super Junior, Please give a lot of support and love.

I want to be back as soon as possible to be with the members so you guys can see it.

Please cheer for Super Junior, as it’s my beginning and end.

All of you fans make sure you stay healthy.

Hope everything works out for you.

I’ll be Back~~^^*

*he wrote in English

English Translation: Chrissy @

Awww. I'm gonna miss you Kangbear.
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[STAR DIARY] Lee Min-ho - Part 7

Actors Lee Min-ho (right) and Ku Hye-sun in TV series "Boys Over Flowers"

Although the location shoot in New Caledonia was difficult, what shocked Lee Min-ho the most during the filming of "Boys Over Flowers" was the car accident.

"I didn't have a driver's license but I had to shoot a driving scene. So I got my license in a rush and drove the car on a provisional license. And the car I was driving in the scene was a Lotus GP3." That is when last January, Lee Min-ho ended up crashing into a guard rail while shooting the driving scene for the show.

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Lee Min-ho's Facebook attracts half-million fans worldwide

Korean actor Lee Min-ho is making news for attracting over half a million fans to his official Facebook page (, according to his agency Starhaus Entertainment.

"We set up an official fan network to prevent social networking piracy for people overseas and it is getting a great response," said an official at Starhaus, referring to the recent fake Twitter incident that Lee had warned his fans about.

The fake account had reportedly accumulated over 60,000 followers who thought it had been opened up by the actor.

The actor currently has over 540,000 members on his Facebook page
, a popular social networking site that connects and enables interaction among Internet users around the world.

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TV: Glee - Heather Morris

Big Bang and Caffe Latte is searching for a 6th member

In the mold of the Lollipop Girl search by LG CYON, another company is searching for a 6th Big Bang member… albeit a temporary one.
Caffe Latte is running a promotion from May 3rd to May 30th titled Taking a photo with Big Bang (I’m the 6th Big Bang member!!). One lucky winner will be selected on June 4th and their face will be plastered on various Caffe Latte products along with the other 5 members of Big Bang.

Pretty awesome that Big Bang is participating in these types of contests. You can read more about the contest here.

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Pre-Order “2 Different Tears” On iTunes Now!

Pre-order Wonder Girls’ first ever english album (EP) “2 Different Tears” on iTunes now! It's just 3.99!!!


1) 2 Different Tears
2) So Hot
3) Tell Me
4) Nobody
5) 2 Different Tears Remix
6) Nobody Rainstone Remix
7) Nobody Jason Nevins Remix
8) 2 Different Tears (Korean)
9) 2 Different Tears (Chinese)
10) 2 Different Tears (Karaoke)
11) 2 Different Tears (Instrumental)

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Source: Soompi Wonder Girls Thread


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Why Are Hallyu Stars Breaking Into Chinese Regions?

Recently there has been a surge of Korean actors being casted in productions from Chinese speaking countries and they are determined to step up the Hallyu fever to greater heights in those places.Han Ji-hye has been casted as the lead female role in the drama 'Cheon Dang Soo' in China, Song Hye-gyo was busy filming the movie 'Il Dae Jong Sa'(一代宗師) by top Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai, Jeon Ji-hyeon is also in China at the moment for her movie 'Seol Hwa wa Bi Mil ui Bu Chae', while Jang Hyeok is filming a Chinese version of the Korean drama 'All about Eve' in China as well.
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f(x) NU ABO MV to be released on May 6th!

f(x)'s first mini album title song "NU ABO" is ranking on music charts. After just five days of the release of the teaser, they are ranking on TOP100 Chart, Monkey, Bugs Top100, and Melon at #1 and #2.

At 11am on May 6th, the MV will be revealed. The music video was shot in the middle of April on the set of Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province. The music video will be funky and free-spirited with a powerful performance. The MV will be released at various portal sites and on their official site.

Also, do not forget about their comeback on Music Bank on the 7th, Music Core on the 8th, and Inkigayo on the 9th!

Source: Nate
Translation : Linda @ iheartfx

So excited, can't wait! :Db Also this is my first post here, so sorry in advance for any mistakes.