May 7th, 2010

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2PM to be on 'Style Magazine 2010'

2PM will appear on 'Style magazine 2010' (OnStyle Channel) at 7pm (KST.) on May 7th and have some interviews.
The show visited their photoshoot studio. 2PM will introduce how to wear spring season trend jeans with their favorite fashion items

Jeans with pastel coloured pink shirts for romantic looks, creating sexy looks by showing a bit of your underwear above your waist over jeans etc

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Kim Yuna Big Bang, co-starring in car CF, "What happened?" Curiosity erupted

Kim Yuna and Big Bang (G-Dragon, Taeyang, Seungri, Daesung, TOP) appeared together in CF shooting.

News obtained through NEWSEN's interview, Kim Yuna and Big Bang work together for Hyundai Motor's 'Shouting Project'. Kim Yuna and Big Bang's photos as well as teaser video have been made public, news of them shooting a CF together have surfaced.

On the 6th, netizens posted photos of Kim Yuna and Big Bang rehearsing for a dance in the practice room on major portal site bulletin boards. Besides the photos, the teaser video released by Hyundai Motor which featured Kim Yuna and Big Bang together have also sparked the curiosity of netizens and fans.

In the teaser video, Kim Yuna was at the airport, returning from overseas and Big Bang was standing in the crowd holding up a signboard that said "Miss Kim Yuna, please join in the 'Shouting Project'. Big Bang's Daesung and Taeyang revealed a very excited expression upon seeing Kim Yuna, TOP who felt embarrassed by the members lowered his head.

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Source: Newsen via Miseremei @ bigbanghaven

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2PM Junsu goes immediately to hospital after Music Bank performance

Male group 2PM member Junsu has suffered serious knee pains and was immediately rushed to hospital after a live broadcast.
It is known that Junsu was immediately taken to hospital on the 7th after 'Music bank' which was held at the KBS hall.

On this day a spokesperson for 2PM said 'Junsu suffered serious knee pains and was taken to a hospital, Yeoiedo Ingeun hospital and is currently tests.'

Fortunately before the pain worsened Junsu was able to be onstage for the pre-recording. But he was unable to be onstage with all the other artists.

Reported by: Gil hye sung
Credit: Naver News

Translated by jisookim
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Junsu finally shirtless on ONSTYLE
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WonderGirls in criticisms for SunMi-Hyelim composite photo

[Picture showing deadazzwrongness]

WonderGirls have recently been chosen as the singer of the month by American portal site AOL. But in introducing the girls, AOL has decided to put up a photo of the girls during their ‘Nobody’ days but had superimposed new member HyeLim’s face over SunMi’s face.

The truth is that the girls do not have the spare time to retake the photos for ‘Nobody’ promotions. With SunMi leaving the group in February, they had returned to Korea, new member HyeLim joined the group, they headed back to the States to prepare for their American debut album, and then did promotions in countries like China and Singapore etc.

But fans who saw the photo commented, “Even if it is a foreign site, but still”, “Even if you do not have a new photo, that is not the way to do it”, “didn’t they just reveal a new photo for their upcoming album, why of all?” etc.

With that, a JYP Ent rep worded carefully their stand, “This happened as there is no spare time for the girls to retake photos for their ‘Nobody’ promotions. Even in the States, the girls will be taking photos together soon for their new promotions.

Meanwhile, WonderGirls will release their American debut album ’2 Different Tears’ worldwide on 16th May.


The universe has been tilted out of balance with your lies, JYP!
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Gunpower found in Cheonan traced to torpedo: official

SEOUL, May 7 (Yonhap) -- Traces of gunpowder found in the wreckage of a sunken South Korean naval ship have been identified as those generated by the explosion of a torpedo, a government official said Friday.

The latest finding is expected to further back suspicions that a torpedo attack caused the explosion of the 1,200-ton patrol ship Cheonan near the tense Yellow Sea border with North Korea on March 26. The Cheonan broke in two and sank, killing 46 sailors.

"Explosive traces found in the Cheonan's chimney and the seabed on which the stern's broken-off side had been lying were all confirmed as those of the high explosive RDX, which is more powerful than TNT," the official said on condition of anonymity. "This explosive is used in torpedoes, not sea mines."

RDX, which stands for research department explosive, is a white crystalline solid and is considered the most powerful high explosive and a main ingredient in plastic explosives.

Four alloy fragments have also been found in the wreckage, which was salvaged last month, and an analysis has showed that they were an alloy of aluminum and magnesium used in a torpedo's casing, the official said.

Investigators are also looking into the possibility that a German-made torpedo might have been used in a move by North Korea to disguise the attack, as South Korea and the United States use German torpedoes.

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source: Yonhap News
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Singers Suh Young-eun and Bobby Kim top Gaon charts

Suh Young-eun's single album "With" featuring song "Something Stupid"

Korean recording artist Suh Young-eun's new song "Something Stupid" successfully debuted atop Gaon's singles chart for the week of April 25 to May 1.

According to the chart on Thursday, Suh took the title of the most-popular single for the week-long period, knocking former week's winner 2PM out of first place.

Suh's latest tune, released on April 27, is a duet with Stevie from R&B quartet Brown Eyed Soul.

"Scatter" by trio Monday Kiz claimed second place last week, climbing a spot from the previous week, while "Loveless" by songstress Gummy made an 11-slot jump to rank in No. 3 to round out the top three singles.

Meanwhile, hip-hop artist Bobby Kim's third album "Heart & Soul," which went on sale last Sunday, was the best-selling record during the final week of April.

Previous winner 2PM's "Don't Stop Can't Stop" followed sequentially, falling back one spot, while the soundtrack for MBC drama "Personal Taste," starring Lee Min-ho and Son Ye-jin, bowed into the album charts in third place.

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[STAR DIARY] Lee Min-ho - Part 9

Lee Min-ho during a promotion tour in China

When "Boys Over Flowers" ended its run on television, Lee Min-ho became a top star overnight. With the drama still being broadcast in other Asian countries, he became the front-running Hallyu star for the new generation. But his huge popularity also drew forth huge misunderstandings about him.

"What I heard the most was that I changed when I became famous," Rumors, by its nature, always spread through people who did not know Lee Min-ho rather than through those who knew him.

"Seriously, I heard all kinds of rumors about me. That I was dating a lot of female celebrities or that I was going to switch agencies, things that I wasn't doing at all. But when I kept hearing stuff like that, I did become very sensitive."

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2-in-1 SNSD Yuri Post

SNSD-2PM Transform into Sexy Lifeguards in "Cabi" M/V
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The "Caribbean Bay(Cabi)" teaser videos that have been gaining much interest with popular groups SNSD and 2PM, havs finally been revealed.

On the 7th, the SNSD-2PM Cabi teaser video received a lot of attention from the netizens when it was revealed, and it was on top of the popular searches on various portal sites.

In the teaser video that was revealed, SNSD and 2PM show off their fantastic chemistry and sexy lifeguard images.

Yuri, who has already set the bar by catching the fans' eyes with her sexy charisma as "Black Soshi", looked even more drastic and mature. This gained the netizens' interests once again.

2PM's Taecyeon, nicknamed JjitTaecyeon [meaning "Ripped" Taecyeon], Chansung, and Nickhun, show off their perfect abs and wildly handsome image, gaining compliments from netizens.

On another note, the full Cabi music video that carries the "Who is the hottest cabi?" topic, will show off the best lifeguard or "cabi", and stories of their youthful competitiveness and love. It is to be revealed at the end of this month.

Source: News Cheonji
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SNSD's Yuri is Still Sexy When She Flips Her Hair
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Yuri (or Kwon Yuri, 21) from the girl group, SNSD, showed off her voluptuous body.

On the 7th, the teaser for SNSD and 2PM's Caribbean Bay (or Cabi) music video was revealed. SNSD's Yuri, Yoona, Seohyun, and 2PM's Taecyeon, Nickhun, and Chansung are transformed into lifeguards.

Yuri especially gained interest with her even more drastic and mature look in the video. In the trailer, she showed her change from a girl to a lady with her flexible and voluptuous body and attractive eyes.

Source: SSTV
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TVXQ 3 Members Vs SM Hearing 'On Parallel Sides'

TVXQ 3 Members "The unfairness of the contract is grave" vs SM "The way we treat TVXQ is not bad compared to other agencies"

Three members of TVXQ (Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun) and SM Entertainment had their first hearing today regarding an objection to the verdict on a contract suspension injunction that was made last year, and were unsuccessful in closing the gap between their conflicting stances.

The legal representatives of the three members of TVXQ and SM met at the Seoul District Courts at 5 p.m. on the 7th to state their stances on the lawsuit made by SM Entertainment regarding an objection to the contract suspension injunction verdict.

This hearing was held after SM filed for the lawsuit on April 12th as an objection to the partial acceptance verdict made by the Courts last year.

At the hearing, SM's representative stated, "Compared to other agencies in Korea, TVXQ's income division is not unfair," and emphasized that TVXQ's income division was not a pressing issue in the exclusive contract.

The representative also strongly questioned the three members' action of signing a separate contract with their Japanese agency AVEX although only the contract suspension injunction, not the actual lawsuit, had been partially accepted by the Courts.

On the other hand, the three members' representative stated, "The length and the income division section of the exclusive contract between SM and TVXQ is so unfair that the situation is very grave."

The judge in charge of the hearing (Judge Choi Sung Joon) questioned both sides of the possibility of a settlement, but no groundbreaking outcome came of it.

The Courts asked both sides whether a settlement could be made if the contract was fixed but received different answers.

When the Courts asked both sides if a settlement would be possible if the Courts shortened the length of the exclusive contract and if the income division was made more equal SM's representative said "Yes, a settlement would be possible," but the three members' side gave a skeptical answer and said, "The three members have lost their faith in SM and they think negatively of the prospect of working with the agency again."

However, the three members' side stated near the end of the hearing that, "If SM's desires for a settlement are sincere, then I will talk to the three members and will report back to the Courts."

On the other hand, Kim Young Min and Nam So Young attended the hearing as SM and SM Japan's representatives respectively but none of the members of TVXQ attended. The Courts will examine all files submitted by both sides till the end of this month and reach a verdict regarding SM's objection to the contract suspension injunction verdict.

Source: [spn edaily]
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