May 8th, 2010


Schedule breakdown of May debuts & comebacks!

First off, major apologies for posting this six days late!
We’re back with another schedule wrap-up article for May, and this is definitely a month that any music fan isn’t going to want to miss. After all, fans have been anticipating this month as early as the beginning of April due to the fierce competition between the artists that returned in April and those that’ll be making a splash this month. We’ve already got Rain, Lee Hyori, 2PM and more duking it out on the music charts, but it’s only getting hotter from here!


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How I Met Your Mother; Barney & Robin

Daniel Henney, Kim Jong Kook, Sangchu, Surprisingly Attending American NBA Match

[Newsen Bae Seon Young reporting]

Singer Kim Jong Kook on May 3rd (Korea time) attended the semifinal round of the western conference playoff game of US basketball team LA Lakers. (Kim Jong Kook)'s attendance has attracted attention.

The pictures were released by the Public Relations department of the NBA team official.

In the pictures Kim Jong Kook was seen with the hip hop group Mighty Mouth's Sangchu. They also released pictures of Daniel Henney who was Agent Zero from the movie 'X-Men'

Sources: o-cha@soompi & newsen
Sangchu + Kim Jong Kook = <3333
Super Junior: Yesung

Super Junior Shindong's Message to ELF

Hello everyone, I am Super Junior's Shindong!
During this warm summer, Super Junior returns with our brand-new fourth album.
It feels as if it was yesterday when the song SORRY SORRY was released.
I cannot believe it has been so long since then.
I am already a singer who has released four albums, I am an idol!
Fourth album, wow~ It is already the fourth album.
In terms of years, it has been almost five years.
Our fourth anniversary has also passed... This is too amazing.
I am not sure which song it is in this new album that everyone will like...
Although the title song is not bad, the album also contains many nice songs.
Because it is a standard album, please love the other songs too.
Got it?
I'm Shindong!

Source: SMTown
Credit: 雪凌儿 @ SJ 宝蓝阁
Translated by yurim_sj♥ @ SJ-WORLD.NET
YT: blueprincez4

SNSD Taeyeon to have a kissing scene for her musical

SNSD Taeyeon who will be having her music debut through "Song of the Sun", she will be in a touching kissing scene in the musical.

On the Seoul Sejong Cultural Center last 7pm at the M Musical Theatre, they were having a rehearsal stage for the musical and in the story, her boyfriend "Go Jun Sik" will be singing a sweet love song "Yesterday its you, Tomorrow its you" and was directing to a beautiful kissing scene.

In the movie, originally there was a kissing scene but in Taeyeon's case it was only a lip-touch, and even asked the seniors if its really necessary to have a kissing scene and they said yes. Although she did not know what to do she was able to deliver the acting.

She is playing the role of Koaru who is diagnosed with 'xeroderma pigmentosa'. Taeyeon showed great singing abilities and also acting abilities that impressed the staff as well as fans.

Meanwhile, the musical will progress until May 29.

Source: Newsen
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews

F.T Island: Leader Sets the Valley on Fire, Song Seunghyun nearly intoxicated

FT Island, titled as the first group of Flower Boys in the Korean music industry, were actually all trouble makers when they were younger! Guitarist Song Seunghyun liked to chase after anti-bacteria trucks when he was younger. Leader Jonghun liked playing with fire at the valley (hill/mountain) at the back of his home, assuming he would be able to put out the fire with his urine. Turns out, the fire became out of control, almost causing the entire valley to burst into flames.

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Source: F.T Island @ Soompi