May 9th, 2010

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Ha Ji-won and bro featured in Green Ride campaign

Clothing brand Benetton is back with its annual Green Ride campaign (here’s a look at last year’s crop of star representatives), which promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle. This year they are represented by Ha Ji-won and her younger brother Jeon Tae-soo, who are pictured together above, as well as Song Joong-ki, Lee Shi-young, Nam Goong-min, and others. The “Magic Bike Ride” photo spread is currently running in High Cut magazine.

The campaign features the “pixie bike,” or fixed-gear bike, and as with last year there will be a 2010 Benetton Green Ride Fixed Gear Limited Edition produced, which will go on sale on the Benetton Korea homepage, as well as T-shirts and bags. These will be sold beginning in late May.

Ha Ji-won (Haeundae) with little bro Jeon Tae-soo (King and I, Kid Gang), posing for their very first photo shoot together:

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Kim Yuna’s Festa On Ice fitting in Elle

Olympic gold medalist Kim Yuna is currently featured in ELLE atZINE, the fashion magazine’s website. The pictures show the figure skating champion at a fitting with fashion designer Lee Sang-bong, whom she’d sought out in preparation for her ice show last month, Festa On Ice.

Mostly I’m posting because I love that dress. I want that dress. Okay, maybe without the sparkly boobs, but it’s such a witty take on its inspiration, namely an old-fashioned scroll, which also happens to look pretty on its own merits.

Garments used in the show included a hangul print T-shirt (worn by other skaters as well as Yuna), a dress with an attached cape, and the others shown here.

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CL Gains Another Fan !

We all know how fierce the leader is on stage but it is still especially significant when other people actually point it out, on air even. Brown Eyed Soul’s member, Ahn Jung Yup, expressed his admiration for the charismatic leader on the May 9th episode of Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate.

When asked who in KPOP he wants to have a collaboration with, the talented singer stated that it was CL who has caught his attention. It is great to know that not only fans but also people in the same industry feel the same towards 2NE1’s leader. Just so you know, legendary Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles are listed as two of his favorite musicians, making this news particularly bigger. Plus, this person has pretty impressive pipes; it is an honor to be even mentioned by him.

The Quiett also picks CL as his favorite female idol group member

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Supernova - Magokoro Performance (HD) + other clips

Magokoro Performance+Talk


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And apparently it's not just Omona that hates Geonil's hair. He tweeted:

"i'll be cut my hair very soon! im sorry that but i wanna be long hair once! i promise u guys that i'll be back you'll never leave me alone!"

Geonil's Twitter

Who else is excited for Geonil's hair cut? (Even I'm sick of it by now)

Kara Plays Mom For a Day to 2AM

Watch Gyuri and Hara of Kara play moms of 2AM with Haha and MC Mong from the Haha Mong Show. =D

Part One:


+ Gyuri, Hara, Haha and MC Mong getting the boys out of bed
+ Changmin getting molested
+ Gyuri giving Jinwoon a shower and Hara brushing Seulong's teeth
+ Raiding Jokwon's room and finding socks of Gain's face
+ Jokwon's mutiple female idol contacts on phone
+ Seulong's tribute to Shin Mina on his computer
+ Hara and Nicole's love letters to Jinwoon
+ Jinwoon prank calls Nicole and confesses he wants to be MORE than friends. SO MEAN!
+ Jokwon's real mom makes a surprise appearance.

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2PM’s Junsu will perform despite knee cast


After experiencing knee pains and has been set into a cast, Kim Junsu continues to perform with group 2PM. A reprentative has confirmed that the member will have his cast for the next three weeks. He continues to lift his fighting spirit while performing minimal choreography with the group.

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Reported by: Kil Hye Sung
Source: NATE News
Translated by 49.5bananas @ Wild2Day
Credits: Oh!Kpop

Super Junior: Yesung

Super Junior Siwon's Message to ELF

Hi everyone! Today is Super Junior Choi Siwon's greeting. I don't know what to say.
This time there's no merchandise, but we have come back with our 4th album as present for everyone.
The 4th album that we really put in many effort in, it's really not joking.
You wouldn't feel bored/vexed listening to the album the whole day.
Right now, I'm working hard in preparing for Super Junior's 4th album first comeback performance,
also in the filming of Oh! My Lady drama.
Everyone will see a handsome prince.
Really looking forward for the fanmeeting with our everlasting friend, ELF.
ELFs, I love you all.

Source: SM Town
Credit: 饺子@ Choi Siwon Baidu Bar
Translated by: abrenda @ SJ-WORLD.NET
YT: blueprincez4

He talks so fast, lol.
Sexy voice is sexy, though *Q*
taeminiee ♥

K-pop albums dominate Philippines record sales

Kpop Fever brought more positive responses from fans! Manila Bulletin published an article today summarizing the albums that dominate the Filipino charts. From April 26 to May 2, record stores have revealed TVXQ’s Best Selection 2010 album topping sales. Super Junior, Girl’s Generation and U-KISS also managed to enter the chart’s Top Ten.

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"Milky White Skin" Kim Heechul's voice message to E.L.F

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Hello, I am Super Junior's Kim Heechul.
We Super Junior in this warm Spring day is releasing our 4th album to meet everyone (Shindong "YEAHHHH" in the background)
Last year we met everyone with 'Sorry Sorry', feels like just recently.
Ya~ It's already been such a long time since the 3rd album (Shindong "YEAHHHH" in the background)
The 4th album that we're preparing now will be releasing soon and meeting everyone.
I'm curious which song everyone will like. Of course, it should be the new single. ㅎㅎ
Please give us lots of support and love our music (Shindong: we have confidence!)
So~thank you, Kim Heechul will work hard. (Shindong "KIM HEECHUL" in the background) Bye everyone~
(Shindong "I LOVE YOU" in the background) *Kim Heechul. Milky white skin Kim Heechul!

*together with Shindong

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