May 10th, 2010

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[STAR DIARY] Lee Min-ho - Part 10

After Lee Min-ho wrapped up "Boys Over Flowers", it took viewers a year to see him again on the small screen -- in the currently-airing TV series "Personal Taste." But for Lee, he had only taken a break from work for about two or three months.

"I rested really well for like two, three months. I went skiing often, watched old dramas that I had not seen, went out for lots of good food and played many video games at home."

Now that he was a top star, it was only natural that he would start worrying about his next acting role. "I didn't feel pressured but I did think that I should act well. I worried a lot too -- over whether I play a macho role next or a cheerful character. But since I am still pretty young, I wanted to portray a cheerful character."

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I think this is the last part with Lee Min-ho in this interview series.

f(x), “We are excited to promote together with WonderGirls who are our close friends”

Girlgroup f(x) talks about promoting in the same time period as ‘seonbaenim’ WonderGirls.
f(x) is back earlier this month with their 1st minialbum ‘NU ABO’ is currently up #1 on various album and music sites. And WonderGirls will also be back with a new album ’2 Different Tears (2DT)’ after one and a half years.

Recently in an interview with Newsen, f(x) talks about promoting in the same time period as the WonderGirls, “They are seonbaes whom we really like. Personally they are also our close friends, so we feel excited promoting together.”

Especially for member Luna who comes from the same high school as WonderGirls new member HyeRim (LiRa Art High School). Recently, their high school even posted up photos of them as ‘proud faces of the school‘.

Luna said, “I was originally really close to HyeRim.” Already the 2 are known to be close friends even before their debut, even though WonderGirls are considered seonbae to f(x) in terms of promoting, Luna can be said to be more of a seonbae than HyeRim.

Sulli also revealed that she has known HyeRim before their singer debut, “I first met HyeRim unnie at church and we became close friends. After that she got more close to Luna after they went to the same school. After she joined WonderGirls, the 3 of us will be able to meet and play.”

f(x) added, “We will promote and show our charms unique to ourselves, different from the WonderGirls.”
Meanwhile, the 2 groups will meet again on the 22nd for Dream Concert where they are both performing artistes.

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Se7en completes recording for his album!

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It’s official: Se7en is finally making his comeback after a three year absence from Korea!

We already knew he’d be returning soon but it looks like things are following through as of now.

On the 11th, it was made known that he will release his comeback mini album on July 1st. The album will hold six brand new songs and the album itself is complete.

Now, it’s time for Se7en to practice his moves and singing for the official comeback.

He was going to make a comeback in the end of May but he knew he needed more preparation. A representative stated today, “This might be just our thinking but the song came out so good that we decided to put more time into the music video and more. We have decided July 1st as the album release date. All six songs have been recorded. You will get to see a new Se7en. It’s going to be a sensation.”

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icu YGE tryna replace the word july with summer so we forget that that's the time when BB is supposed to come back. icu. icu.
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Bonamana MV Release!

Super Junior, with their comeback ahead, will release the music video for their 4th album's title song "Beauty" on the 12th.

The music video, which was filmed on a set located in Namyangju at the end of last April, will be released on their official site, as well as music sites. It was directed by director Jang Jaehyeok, and the sensual video will show their transformation into sophisticated and intense men.

In particular, the unique rhythm and witty lyrics have created an interest in the upcoming performance of "Beauty", and the combination of sophisticated choreography and music is expected to become a hot topic of conversation.

On the 10th, Super Junior achieved a record breaking rise to the 1st place spot on music site charts, and the already explosive reaction from fans is foretelling of the upcoming "Super Junior Fever" that will occur once again.

Meanwhile, Super Junior's 4th album "Beauty" will be released on the 13th, and they will perform their come back stage on the 14th on KBS2's Music Bank.

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False alarm for Lee JungHyun after being caught at domestic airport for holding on to ‘illegal firea

Singer Lee JungHyun gets into an embarrassing incident for being arrested at the airport.

Lee JungHyun who is preparing for her 7th album ‘Lee JungHyun 007th’ was in the States to gather the clothes and props for her album recently, and when she was back at the domestic airport she was caught up at the customs for holding on to ‘illegal weapons’.

It was then found out that the ‘illegal weapons’ turned out to be model firearms accessories for Lee JungHyun’s upcoming album jacket. Yet another happening for Lee JungHyun in her preparations for her 7th album.

Meanwhile, there has been much interests over the upcoming album after the teaser video for the title song ‘Suspicious Man’ has been released.

The full MV will be released at 11am KST on 11th May on various internet portal sites.

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Haha and Tiger JK to collaborate for sad ballad song ‘Alcohol Bottle’

Entertainer Haha and musician Tiger JK will come together for a collaboration on music genre that is different from their usual style.

It is known that Haha’s music follows usually the reggae style from his previous hits like ‘You’re My Destiny’ and ‘Story Of A Short Kid’, and Tiger JK is known for his hip hop music.But for their collaboration, they will be doing a ballad song ‘Alcohol Bottle’. The song will be a sad ballad number with rock and hiphop song arrangement mix, and without Tiger JK’s signature rap.

Meanwhile, Haha also revealed the release of the new song on his Twitter on 10th May, “My album will be revealed at noon today. A precious person had helped me. And he is Tiger JK hyungnim.”

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Super Junior: Yesung

Super Junior Yesung's Message to ELF/Fans

I am Super Junior’s Yesung. This time round, Super Junior will comeback with our 4th album, with our title song “미인아”. The previous album “Sorry Sorry” had received lots of love and care from everyone. This time round, Super Junior will work harder in our activities, and hope that everyone can strongly support us. Also, hope that everyone (cute people) that has been with Super Junior will await our our newest album.

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his voiiiice ♥♥♥ :')