May 12th, 2010


MBLAQ G.O, “I thought Kim HeeChul was gay so I avoided him on purpose”

MBLAQ G.O reveals why he had avoided Super Junior Kim HeeChul.

They were on SBS Strong Heart aired on 11th May when G.O said, “I thought Kim HeeChul likes guys so I avoided him.” this comment had those at the filming shocked.

Kim HeeChul also revealed that he has a thing for guys with moustache, “When the rumours that I like guys went out, I had to meet Mithra Jin in secrecy. Since I don’t have moustache, I have a longing for it. With that meaning, I like G.O.”

He added, “I got phone number of G.O, and I tried to contact him before. But his responses would always be ‘I’m having meal with Rain’ and he refused to meet up with me. In the end, we only got to meet each other for the first time today.”

G.O then said, “Honestly, instead of saying that I’m having meal with Rain, I thought Kim HeeChul likes guys.” confessing about the misunderstanding.

Kim HeeChul also spoke up clearly about rumours of him being a gay, “I’m an idol, this kind of rumours will not do. I really like girls!.”
Lee Teuk also commented, “As the team leader, I can guarantee that.” causing laughter during the filming.

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Meh, I used to like this guy but this plus what he said on idol maknae rebellion, he sounds a bit like a douche...even if he thought Heechul was hitting on him, I was totally expecting better
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Kim Hyun-joong offered role in Athena

Producers have offered a role to idol singer Kim Hyun-joong of boy band SS501 (who made his acting debut in 2009’s Boys Before Flowers) in the upcoming IRIS spinoff Athena: Goddess of War. Kim has met several times with a senior exec of Taewon Entertainment, the production company behind IRIS and its related projects, to discuss joining the production and possible character details.

This suggests that Taewon is following the casting formula of the original — that is, one big-name Hallyu movie star (Jung Woo-sung), a few solid stars with proven acting chops (Cha Seung-won, Su Ae), a controversial pick (Lee Jia), and an idol to attract the young generation.

A source with Kim’s management stated on the 11th that he would be working on SS501 activities through the end of the month so he has not made a decision. However, after getting the offer for Athena, he has been seriously considering the role.

Source: OSEN, hankook ilbo
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Key me2day feat. Yoogeun

키아빠의 어린이날 선물!!! 미니자동차와 바비!! 다들 기억 나겠지만 저 나이엔 선물 주는 사람이 최고지용 :-)

Key Appa's present for children's day!!! Mini-car and Barbie!! Everyone remembers but at that age, the person who gives you presents is the best :-)

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HaeWook → I want you more than they do

Ryeowook’s Audio Message — With Trans

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Hello everyone, today its Super Junior’s Ryeowook here to greet everyone. Our Super Junior’s new album, the 4th album is coming out soon. Woah~ It is really an album that we spent alot of serious effort to prepare, hope to receive many love from everyone, There isn’t much time left until our comeback stage, and in order to show you a better stage, our members are practising the dance with all our hearts, and hope that everyone can continue to await our comeback stage. And also our forever friends, E.L.F., we still have fanmeeting, hope that you all will take part actively, let’s enjoy (play together) it happily. Super Junior will comeback soon this May and hope that everyone will come and attend our activities and also show us tons of support. Must take care of your health, don catch a cold, i love all of you, I’m Ryeowook.

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I love him so much ;___;
HaeWook → I want you more than they do

ZE:A’s Heechul wants to get married after his contract ends

ZE:A’s Heechul revealed that he’s looking to get married as soon as possible.

On SBS E!TV’s Geo Sung Show, the stars got a request to plan a wedding for a “little couple” that was 19-years-old and already had a baby.

This led to a discussion about marriage and Heechul said, “As soon as my contract with the company is up, I’m going to get married.”

I guess he doesn’t plan on being an idol for that long, or maybe he’s one of those idols with 7-year contracts. It’s also kind of funny that he thinks it’s impossible to think about dating and marriage as an idol.

The episode airs on the 14th.

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I'll be waiting, bb \o/


Jang Woohyuk's Beijing Concert - May 8th 2010

On May 8th, Jang Woohyuk (formerly of H.O.T and JTL) held his first concert since his release from his military duties in December 2009. The date also marked Woohyuk's 32nd birthday.

During his concert, WooHyuk performed several songs from his solo career as well as going back to his H.O.T days with songs like Candy (which was a very touching H.O.T tribute) and Warrior's Descendants, and even starting off the concert with one of JTL's most popular songs; Enter The Dragon. Probably the most disturbing and hilarious part of the concert would when Woohyuk and his backup dancers donned tight shirts, denim shorts and wigs for an... interesting performance of BEG's Abracadabra.

A crowd favourite was definitely when Woohyuk began dancing Candy alone on stage in his well-known Candy outfit, only to be interrupted by a video tribute that had been made about his old group H.O.T. Although there were rumours of Kangta and Heejun having been invited to perform at his concert, it looks like clashing schedules stopped this from happening, but that didn't mean Woohyuk couldn't still have his own little 'reunion' on stage.

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For more fancams, please visit siwunzakiyah's Youtube channel

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talking bout my girl [Sohee]

JYPE Confirms Allegations Made By Ex-tutor?

The head of JYP Entertainment Jung Wook on Wednesday confirmed allegations by its former employee that their client the Wonder Girls had not been covered by health insurance since January and their $2,500 citation from the NYC Department of Buildings was, in fact, in default status.

He also revealed the group had been on student visas when they first arrived in the U.S. last April. He said the group had been registered at an undisclosed language institute as students but applied and received O-1 visas upon learning of the possible legal repercussions.

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Source: KoreaHerald, WonderfulsWorld

ffs, Jung Wook needs to be fired. I was reserving judgment until we got a confirmation, so now I don't feel bad about busting out the haterade. Why did he even try to deny it in the first place, only to have to make this statement now? Also, it'd be nice if we had a separate tag for JYP and JYPE...
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Kim Tae-hee pairs with Song Seung-heon in My Princess

Kim Tae-hee has been cast as Song Seung-heon’s leading lady in the upcoming romantic-comedy drama series My Princess.

Not much has been explained about Song’s character, but Kim plays a lively character who dreamed of being a princess when she was younger, but “returns to reality” and goes back to school as a late university student. The twist? One day she becomes a real princess.

Must… resist… snark… reflex…

Oh, screw it. Now THIS is going to be awesome. By which I mean awesomely entertaining in the so-bad-it’s-good way. Because individually, these are two stars who are known for being as limited as actors as they are gorgeous to look at. (They both remind me of really beautiful robots.) Together they will be blinding with their good looks and, if they’re lucky, might just scrape together enough acting talent for one regular actor. (Okay, that last part might have been a little harsh. They have both had projects where they’ve been decent in the overall scheme of things. But in those examples, they were mostly paired up with or overshadowed by much more talented co-stars and epic storylines. Example: their most recent projects, IRIS and East of Eden.)

On top of that, My Princess comes from writer Kim Eun-sook of the Lovers trilogy, City Hall, and On Air. She’s known for sharp, fast-flying dialogue and lots of banter, which is not an area in which either is particularly gifted.

Still? I’m actually looking forward to this. Either they’ll surprise me and be adorable and funny together, or it will be unintentionally amusing. Win-win?

Kim Tae-hee is currently filming the movie Grand Prix and will begin working on the drama in late August. My Princess is looking at a premiere later this year.

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leaving in javabeans' commentary in cos lol A+
because i'm fly, in the list of cool

Brown Eyed Girls, Baek Ji Young and IVY will party it up in Seoul this Friday

S Beer presents the QUEEN OF BEER National Tour at CLUB HEAVEN in Seoul. Baek Ji Young, the Brown Eyed Girls and IVY are the frontliners this Friday, May 14, 2010 together with DJ. KiAnn, Shut Da Mouth, Brain-X, Psytonic, Fin, Mindbender, Catalyst, Roxy, VJ. Grayman, Shyeye and WeirdTV.

Club opens at 9PM. Party starts at 10PM.

Source: Club HEAVEN Naver

I really think this would be a hot party. I wish I lived in Seoul. :( lol.

YG Entertainment artists will not be attending the 2010 Dream Concert

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Korea’s big 2010 Dream Concert is coming up next week but unfortunately it’s been confirmed that YG Entertainment and all of its family members will not be attending.

The concert is being held on the 22nd and will feature big name solo artists like Rain and Lee Hyori. Not just that but idol groups from JYP and SM will be attending; like Wonder Girls, 2PM, SNSD, Super Junior, etc.

YG Entertainment however decided that that no YG artists will be joining the already big list of names involved. They reasoned, “There has been almost no recent activities from our singers. It wouldn’t be possible for them to sing last year’s hits, don’t you think?”

They also added that because G-Dragon would be guest appearing at Flo Rida’s concert on the 22nd, it would not be possible for Big Bang to attend anyways.

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what about gummy?

Rapper JYKUN drops names, causes an 'uproar'

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Hip hop rapper JYKUN released his first full album Re Birthday on the 11th, and it’s already causing an uproar with his new song lyrics. The performer has been receiving flack from many kpop fans for making fun of various artists from YG, SM and JYP Entertainment.

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im so sorry but i love ya haters~~
++ anyone got teh lyrics?

Lee Hyori loves dating gossip about idol members

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During the taping of KBS 2TV show Happy Together, it was revealed that Lee Hyori loves idol dating gossip. Kara’s Goo Hara revealed, “Some time ago, Lee Hyori called me and was asking which idol was dating which.”

Lee Hyori responded to this by saying, “When I was with girl group Finkl back in the day, I actually had two cellphones and secretly gossiped about these things behind my company’s back, but now I’m so busy that the most I get out is to the lobby so I don’t know who’s dating who.”

The sexy queen also added, “If any idol member wants to date, they can use my place as a secret hideout.”

This episode will air on the 13th.

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수호 ★ your guardian angel

Xiah Junsu nominated for The Musical Awards

TVXQ's Xiah Junsu (real name Kim Junsu) has been nominated for The Musical Awards' 'Best Newcomer Award'.

Xiah Junsu had his first experience as a musical actor in the musical 'Mozart!' and although he was a little unstable during the first couple of shows, many critics said he overcame this as the shows progressed; he was also able to show an almost sold-out ticket power.

Xiah Junsu's nomination is receiving attention for the fact that aside from Ok Joo Hyun, who has settled firmly into the musical industry, Xiah Junsu is the only idol star to be nominated for The Musical Awards.

Others who were nominated alongside Xiah Junsu were Choi Suyoung of 'Notre dame de Paris', Juwon of 'Spring Awakening' and Aenok of 'Romeo and Juliet'.

On the other hand, the fourth The Musical Awards will take place on June 7th at the Sejong Cultural Hall.

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i'm so proud TT___TT <3

Lee Jung Hyun Opens Up About Boypren

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Lee Jung Hyun revealed that she has a boyfriend who is currently in Hong Kong.

In an interview with Newsen today, she revealed this information.

She said, “I’ve known him for six years and I started dating him four years ago. When I was busy, I could only meet him every two months.”

“Truthfully, It’s hard to call him because of the time difference and because I am also preparing for my album,” she admits. “He is a person who makes me feel comfortable like my family.”

To let us know how serious the relationship is, Lee Jung Hyun also says that she plans to get married within three years, but right now her work is more important.

Lee Jung Hyun recently released her seventh album, Lee Jung Hyun 007th this Tuesday.

Her comeback stage will be on the 13th on M.Net Countdown.

Source(s): OMGKPOP + Newsen
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She spends a lot of time in China, so I'm not surprised.

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The meaning behind f(x)'s Cheek-Touch Dance

Girl group f(x) has given an explanation about their 'Cheek Touch Dance' to us.

On the 4th, f(x) has revealed their 1st mini album, 'NU ABO' and had their comeback. f(x) has shown us their amazing fresh, live performance.

In their song, a particular dance move has caught the fans attention. The part of the dance when the members are 'looking' in a mirror and putting on their makeup, also known as 'Cheek Touch Dance' are gaining a lot of attention, as well as the part of the dance when they shake their arms and go 'Na na na' and lastly Victoria's splits.

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Source: Newsen
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Vote for Rain as MTV Movie Awards ‘Biggest Badass Star’

It is finally time, Clouds, to do what we’ve been itching to do—get over to and give Rain a HUGE thumbs-up for his superb portrayal of “Raizo” in Ninja Assassin. Online voting started at noon EST today and will go until June 5th. Let’s help our Ji-Hoon get what he so richly deserves: the » 2010 MTV Movie Awards title of Biggest Badass Star. Anyone who has the sheer strength of will to transform himself from stage performer into a zero-percent body fat killing machine, and can hold his own against Sho-sama (a shinto jinen martial arts master and head of his own institute, who has been in practice for 57 years) in any capacity should wear that crown for life. Seriously.

MTV’s voting page for Biggest Badass Star is now up, and right HERE. The Rain clip they chose is of that unique and ultra-cool Ninja chase through Berlin traffic, something we haven’t seen in a ninja movie until now. We like.

The “About The Show” page has also been updated, and states: Final nominees are now in! Vote for your favorites nominees to help determine who should go home with the coveted Golden Popcorn. Which is exactly what we’ve been waiting to see… FINAL nominees. Not what has been posted there before today, which was: And now it’s our turn to tally up your choices. Once your nominee frontrunners are established, the winner voting pool will open on May 12… Which meant: MTV was still counting votes. And: Voting for nominees is closed. But don’t let that stop you from browsing through some of this year’s eligible actors. Which meant we could look through the people who were “eligible” for the final list. That page full of actors was not the final list. 
Source: CloudUSA | MTV Movie Awards

8 South Koreans found dead in apparent suicides

SEOUL, South Korea - Eight South Koreans were found dead in two separate cases of suspected group suicide, including five people who apparently inhaled toxic fumes together in a parked car, police said Thursday.

Four women and one man — all in their 20s and 30s — were presumed to have inhaled the fumes by burning coal briquettes inside a parked car in Hwaseong, just south of Seoul on Wednesday, police official Song Ui-chan said.

Song said two of the five left suicide notes, though he declined to elaborate on their contents. An investigation is under way to find out whether the five met and planned a suicide pact over the Internet, he said.

Separately, three men were found dead hours later in Chuncheon, about 50 miles east of Seoul, police said without elaborating.

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source: msnbc

ngl, Asia has high suicide rates in general...