May 15th, 2010


U-kiss on Heroes Challenge

Actor Kim Soo Ro became a soccer coach for a sports reality program 'Heroes Challenge', and the poster of this new show will be unveiled on May 13th.

The poster that is going to be revealed will featured the celebrities that have been selected through the 'Kim Soo Ro soccer team' open audition, which are U-KISS, Marco, One Two and Sung Daehyun. The poster will show the celebrities with their serious and intense images, which is unlike their usual broadcast images. The viewers are already anticipate for this show.

In 'Heroes Challenge', 'Kim Soo Ro Soccer Team' which leads by Kim Soo Ro, is going to have matches with a strong opponent team that leads by the Korea's former national soccer player, Yoo Sang Chul. Lots of people have already anticipate on how the result is going to be.

Upon the revelation of the poster soon, Oh Young Geun PD stated "The celebrities that have been selected have shown us their extraordinary and fresh looks through the audition. Their unpredictable story will be unfolded and captures the viewers' attention."

The first broadcast of the sports reality program 'Heroes Challenge' will be airing at the end of May through E!TV and SBS Plus.


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ROCKETBOXX and Mimi@continukiss

So this must be one reason why the boys won't be a part of Idol United anymore. Now all of the members will feature in their own soccer show. You go U-Kiss.
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The Housemaid screens at home at at Cannes

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The film is currently at Cannes International Film Festival, where it screened yesterday (May 13). The Korean press has kept a close eye on the reaction, and particularly regarding its stars Jeon Do-yeon (who won Best Actress at Cannes for Secret Sunshine in 2007) and Lee Jung-jae. Initial press has been positive and while The Housemaid has been described as suspense thriller, it also drew laughs for its black comedy. In addition to the two leads, veteran actress Yoon Yeo-jung drew praise as the elderly housekeeper.

The cast and director gave the film’s official press conference at Cannes today, where the director explained that he was surprised when not just one but two Korean films were accepted into the festival’s competitive portion (the other is Poetry, which stars Yoon Jung-hee and Ahn Nae-sang). He also talked about the necessity for updating the film from the 1960 original, pointing out that Korea is well-known for its incredibly fast development in the past half-century, but that the central themes at the core (adultery, love, sexual relationships) are just as relevant now as they were then.

The Housemaid also released yesterday at home, and has already attracted an impressive 170,000 theatergoers in its very first day.

Sources: BNT News, E Daily
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Korean thriller "I Saw the Devil" pre-sold to France's ARP

Still cut of "I Saw the Devil" [ShowBox]

Upcoming Korean thriller "I Saw the Devil" has been pre-sold to France's largest distribution company ARP, according to the film's promoter on Friday.

The overseas sales representative for Finecut explained through a press release that the publication rights for "Devil" was sold over to ARP France on May 13, the first day of the Film Market at the Cannes Film Festival.

ARP bought the rights for the movie, which is still in production, after receiving information on the director, cast and synopsis for "Devil."

"We trust in the film because of how director Kim Jee-woon is able to show his own style of work through various genres like in his previous work 'The Good, The Bad, The Weird,'" ARP C.E.O Michele Halberstadt was quoted as saying.

He also added,"The moviegoers in France are big fans of Lee Byung-hun and Choi Min-sik so we have high expectations for this film."

The promotional video of "Devil" is scheduled to be shown in theaters at Cannes today and Sunday.

"Devil," helmed by famed director Kim Jee-woon, is about the revenge between a psychopathic serial killer (Choi) and a top secret agent (Lee) whose fiancee becomes one of the killer's victims.

The movie is set to premiere in Korea this summer.

Lucia Hong

우와! I hope it lives up to expectations.

Put this on your "to see list", Omona bbz.

that was unexpected

'disbanded' AST'1 vocal Hanbyul, new beginning with Monday Kiz

Monday Kiz revealed the new members that will replace the late Kim Min Soo.

Monday Kiz's representatives introduced new members Han Seung Hee and Hanbyul on the 11th. 23 year old Han Seung Hee, who has a similar voice to the late Kim Min Soo, joined Monday Kiz after a competitive audition of 5000:1.

Original member Lee Jin Sung who was also present at the auditions said that "he was surprised how similar Han Seung Hee's voice was to Kim Min Soo's" and that he "valued [Han Seung Hee's] passion for music and Monday Kiz".

The other new member Hanbyul was the lead vocal of AST'1 who sang for the "Boys Over Flowers" drama OST. After the disbanding of his group in 2009, Hanbyul participated in the Monday Kiz audition.

Monday Kiz will release their 4th album on May 20th with a show case in Seoul Yongdeungpo Time Square.

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Their new single is awesome. I had no idea I was listening to Hanbyul this whole time omg
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Big Bang and Kim Yuna teaches you the Shouting Korea Dance

Many of you know about Big Bang and Kim Yuna’s partnership with Hyundai for the The Shouts of Reds (Shouting Korea) campaign. Not only will they record a song and film a MV together, but Hyundai is also releasing a set of videos in story form. You can see Part 1 and Part 2
This new song for this campaign is also bundled with a new dance and the boys of Big Bang along with Kim Yuna are here to teach you the moves step by step. Check out the dance moves in the videos below, thanks to jazZi^^ for the tip.

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cr: akp
vid: taijizero2

oh TOP, so cute x3
I know what I'll be doing for the rest of the day |D

Supernova #3 on the Oricon Daily Singles Chart + a cute interview


I think in this case it's rather more indicative of the fact that nothing's really selling well right now, considering KAT-TUN's still at #1 with Going!, which wasn't selling well to begin with, but still, good for them!
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When I watch their interview videos I start to think I'm a genius and I've suddenly learned how to speak Japanese. But then I realize, no, their Japanese is just pretty basic -.-;
[2pm] junho - he winks = i die


he was crying because he was touched that many fans came down and supported them despite the controversy, and the anti-fans. 

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>fancams: msonlybobo2@yt yuiiinh3rd@yt
>pictures:newsen osen sportskorea tvdaily (thx to wild2day for compiling some pics)
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wow thats a lot of pics ;_; brb crying all over this post negl
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Song Joong-ki publishes a bestseller

Budding star Song Joong-ki (OB-GYN, Triple) put out a book in April, which within a month has hit No. 1 on the bestseller list. It’s a “men’s beauty book” called Beautiful Skin Project — appropriate since Song is noted for possessing that trait. As he’s got quite the female following (unsurprisingly, since he’s adorable), approximately 30% of sales is attributed to women customers, despite the fact that it’s a health and beauty guide for men. (Ha. Well, I’d buy one if it had lots of pictures. Is that shallow? I think I’m okay with that.)

A number of celebrities have put out books, which can be separated in to a few distinct categories: essays, as in the case of Horan, Choi Kang-hee, and Kim Hyun-joo; novels and fiction, such as Shin-yi, Cha In-pyo, and Gu Hye-sun; photo collections, as with Lee Jun-ki, Kim Bum, and Park Ji-yoon; and how-to guides, which include this one and other similar titles like the beauty book by Eugene, the fashion bible by Lee Hye-young, and Kim Rae-won’s cookbook.

On the acting front, Song Joong-ki has a few projects planned for the near future, such as the period drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal with Micky Yoochun and the film Heart Is 2, which is the sequel to the heartwarming 2006 movie that starred Yoo Seung-ho.

Source: BNT News
Via: dramabeans
talking bout my girl [Sohee]

2 Different Tears #1 across Korean music charts + K-pop/Asian stars congratulate WG

With only about 24hours since its launch, 2 Different Tears is dominating charts of Korean music websites!

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Also, Korean stars like 2AM, 2PM, Joo, Lee Hyori, Yoo Jaesuk, Kang Hodong, SHINee, f(x) and other Asian stars congratulate/support Wonder Girls on their comeback!

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Sources: WonderfulsWorld, uponand20010
まゆゆ → AKB48 • Hi
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U-KISS's Dongho Sighed Out Of Discontent "We're Not Allowed To Date"

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U-KISS's Dongho sighed at the no-dating rule made by his company. He expressed his regret regarding his agency banning U-KISS members from dating on the May 9th broadcast of SBS “Shin Dong Yup’s 300”.

U-KISS's Soohyun and Dongho appeared were among the participants in this episode. In this episode, there was a topic discussing about dating. It is to find out the opinion of the participants about whether dating during school is better than dating after graduating.

MC Shin Dong Yup asked Dongho "What do you think of dating in school?" and he answered "I'm fine with it" while talking a deep breath, which aroused lots of curiousity.

Dongho then revealed "Instead of my parents, it's my company who banned us from dating. Our company told us that we are banned from dating" ans sighed deeply.

Agreed to what Dongho said, Soohyun stated too "I too, cannot date because of the banning rule. It doesn't matter whether you're in 10's or 20's, you're bound to that rule."

Then, Soohyun also revealed something about Dongho "Dongho might be the youngest, but among U-KISS members, he shows the most interest in girls.

Credit: Newsen (Source) ROCKETBOXX.NET (Eng trans)