May 16th, 2010


Lee Hyori thinks Son Dambi needs to do more

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After stopping traffic with her popularity on the streets, Lee Hyori joined her interviewer for a refreshment and an honest interview.

During the Guerilla Date interview on Entertainment Relay she was asked about Son Dambi. The prior question was, “Who is your female rival in the music scene?” She replied, “As of now, aren’t I still pretty good? But in about 1-3 years, I’m sure someone better than me will come out.”

Then the interviewer mentioned that many people say Son Dambi is the next Lee Hyori. She said, “Dambi still has a long way to go! It’s only been three years since she’s debuted. It’s been 12 years for me. Dambi still needs to do more.”

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Kim Hyung Joon parodies hit songs for his radio show

Many of you have probably already seen these floating around but, each week, on his radio program "Music High", Kim Hyung Joon will introduce his show with a parody of a hit song telling his listeners to stay tuned in. His parodies are extremely popular among fans, and some of his most recent (obnoxious? hilarious?) ones have been Hyori's "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", 2PM's "Heartbeat", and Secret's "Magic", each relatively short - only about a minute each :)

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He's kind of. crazy. but that's why fans love him, err. lmao I don't know why he does this, boy can actually. also, DSP, if you fuck up their comeback (which is supposed to be next week?) and not promote them properly?
taeminiee ♥

Wonder Girls Worldwide Album Launch Party

The WonderGirls had their Worldwide Album Launch party in LA.

After three opening acts, JYP introduced the host of the event, popular US blogger Perez Hilton. They played the English version music video for "2 Different Tears" before performing it live. A question and answer period soon followed.

Their most memorable moment this year was making onto the billboard Hot 100 chart, being the first Asian artist in 30 years to do so. They plan to perform in China and Southeast Asia,before coming back to for their US tour. When asked who they would like to collaborate with, they answered Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

They then performed the English versions of "Tell Me", "So Hot" and "Nobody". The live stream had more then 10,000 watching by the end of the show.

I'm so proud of you girls, *tears of joy*

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Song Seung-hun to Star in Remake of 'Ghost'

Actor Song Seung-hun will appear alongside Nanako Matsushima of Japan in a remake of the Hollywood blockbuster "Ghost."

The film's production company CJ Entertainment on Wednesday announced, "'Ghost,' probably the best romantic fantasy of the 20th century, will be revived 20 years after the original was made. The roles originally played by Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze will be reinterpreted by Song and Matsushima."

Song said, "I made up my mind to do it right after I read the screenplay, since the original was exceptional. I'm honored to have the part and I'll give it my best shot."

Song Seung-hun (left) and Nanako Matsushima

Matsushima is well-known in Korea as well through her performance in the Japanese version of the popular drama "Boys Over Flowers."

The film is being co-produced with Andrew Cripps, president of Paramount Pictures International. Shooting is scheduled to start in June, and a release date is being worked out.


I don't quite know who will play Oda Mae Brown but...

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Yoona: "I want to become closer to Sunye unni"

2AM Jo Kwon garners interests by calling up Wonder Girls SunYe.

On SBS Family Outing 2 aired on 16th May, the Family members paid a visit to KangWonDo YangGoo BaeGgop Village. Before their performance they had prepared that day for the armed forces officers, Jo Kwon made a call to his close friend Wonder Girls SunYe who was in the States, “Can you come to Korea now? I want you to come in 4 hours.”

So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA then said, “Unnie is in the same school year as me.” And SunYe answered, “That’s right, because I can’t go to school (often)..” It was an awkward greeting, but YoonA continued, “When unnie return to Korea, I wish to be good friends with unnie.” And Sunye, “Alright”.

Meanwhile, YoonA had a solo stage for the Family’s performance which received overwhelming responses from the 1,500 over armed forces officers.

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lol of course. Sunye is a goddess.

ETA: Video removed by SBS's evil internet claws T_T Prz to enjoy the picture instead.

Epik High gets robbed

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Tablo announced on his personal Twitter that Epik High’s car was robbed while moving around for their schedule.

Tablo wrote on his Twitter, “Someone came into our car, broke our window and stole my manager’s wallet and more. What is that?” He continued, “Please work as much as your greed and earn your money, robbers.” Epik High’s company said, “We heard about the incident. We will talk things over and take necessary action.” 

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SHINee Minho vs. 2PM Junho, who would Nicole pick as her marriage partner?

On the episode of KBS 2TV "Let's Go Dream Team Season 2" that aired on the May 16th, Jung Nicole showed her impressive athleticism as a member of the "Female Dream Team," which was formed for the spring season special.

While Nicole was preparing for her match, MC Lee Chang Myung asked, "Do you want to marry?" to which she replied, "Yes, I want to." When Lee Chang Myung asked her to choose between SHINee Minho and 2PM Junho, who were guests on the show as coaches for the female dream team and the announcer team, as her marriage partner. Collapse )

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