May 17th, 2010


2NE1 celebrates their first year anniversary

It’s been a long time coming, but they’re here now. Actually, they’ve already been here–for a whole year to be precise. That’s right, YG Entertainment’s hot girl group 2NE1 is celebrating their first birthday!

So how did 2NE1 celebrate this joyous occasion? No doubt the group had their own little party but firstly they gave a shout out to the fans and each member even sent out individual relay messages through UFO Town.

The first to send a message was leader CL as she said, “If I got further from your sight I would be more in your head, but would you also slowly let me into your heart? (Am I being a bit corny? keke)^^”

2NE1’s adorkable member Sandara said, “Wassap messaging friends~! It’s me, ssantoki (meaning mountain rabbit with ’ssan’ being the pun of her first name)! ^.^ ke Thank you for being my friends and not leaving me alone for a year. Let’s continue to do so~! You will~right?!↗Promise!^^ We all congratulate this one year anniversary~! I heart~!^^;kyah! Embarrassing~!”

Oldest member Park Bom said, “Has it already been a year?? Oh~~~Freaking fast (crying emoticon) We’ve had a lot of happy, sad and heartfelt moments…and like that the year goes bye~~ I feel a bit wishy washy because it’s gone by (crying emoticon) But from now on it’s only the start so let’s have some fun and play~~~ kekeke fighting *^^*”

Last but definitely not least, maknae Minji send out the last message saying, “Everyone of you has filled our year with happiness because of your interest and love towards 2NE1~^^ I thank you very much and I ask that you take even greater interest~ keke Fighting fighting yayaya!!”

Looks like our girls were definitely filled with enthusiasm but that wasn’t the only thing in store for the fans. Two videos, dedicated to the fans, have been released on a special website and features a recap of their year long success and an interview!

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sources: allkpop + taijizero2@yt

[Star diary, Part 1] Taeyang "I’ve appeased loneliness by listening to the radio"

The singer who has a calm way of talking, a humble attitude, and a unique and attractive voice. I met Big Bang’s Taeyang (23,·real name Dong Young Bae), who is favorable to anyone, even if they’ve seen him just once. Taeyang whose shy smiling eyes are impressive, looked aflutter before the release of his full album. He showed his own attractiveness on the last solo activity as well, but that was just a warm-up for the upcoming album.

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Source: Asiae
Translation: myokoon@alwaystaeyang

Happy Birthday YoungBae!
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12 Additional Wonder Girls tour dates!

Look what popped up on Live Nation today--12 more Wonder Girls tour dates/cities for the US & Canada! Now with 2AM as the special guest!

Wonder Girls Wonder World Tour 2010

Venue: The Pageant (St Louis, MO)
Date: Thu, 07/08/10
Time: 08:00 PM
Special Guest: 2AM
*Presale begins: Tue, 05/18/10 10:00 AM

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Source: Live Nation, Ticketmaster, WonderfulsWorld

Taecyeon's Totally Thrilling Army Talk

2PM Ok TaecYeon appeared flustered when asked about going to the army.

On SBS Family Outing 2 aired on 16th May, the Family members made a trip down to KangWonDo BaeGgop Village. And the Family members prepared a public performance for the Nodo armed forces which never been to a public performance by entertainers 63 years into its establishment.

And during the show, TaecYeon appeared flustered after being asked about going to the army. The Family members traveled to the headquarters of the Nodo armed forces in an army truck, and their comments were, “Really first time sitting in one of these.”

In the process, YoonA asked TaecYeon and Jo Kwon, “Oppa will have to ride on these soon.”

With that TaecYeon’s response was, “That.. we are now..” and was unable to continue his words.


Meanwhile, the show that day achieved a viewership rate of 10.3%.

souce: kbites via  via nate

-the whole thing is confusing ...does he even have to go?
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Wonder Girls on GOOM Radio (speaking English)

WG being awesome with their awesome English on GOOM Radio this past weekend!

-Challenging moments in their career
-What WG would be doing if they weren't singers
-Talking about their funky 80s concept
-Talking about their favorite SHINee members
-How America has changed them

Source: goomradio

LOL @ the DJ mispronouncing "soompi". Also, Park Yosa...looking good. And did Sohee refer to Justin Bieber as "she"? lmao.

Lee Hyori was turned on by Rain stripping?

´Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sexy diva Lee Hyori officially revealed the time that she became interested in superstar Rain.

On an upcoming episode Come to Play on May 17th, Lee Hyori stated that Rain looked like a “man” to her.

Hyori stated, “I never thought of Rain as a “man” in the attractive sense before, but a recent event made me think of him as one.” She continued, “Rain and I go to the same tanning salon, and the salon bed there are separated by a divider where the top part is open. Rain went to the next bed and I heard sounds of him removing his clothes and wearing body lotion. It made me imagine things without even realizing it,” causing laughter among the studio crowd.

In response to Lee Hyori’s honest confession, the MC asked Rain if he was ever attracted to Lee Hyori as a “woman.” To this, Rain answered concretely that he never did, causing Lee Hyori to become shy and stutter.

This episode of Come to Play had been recorded a long time ago but was held back from broadcast due to the labor union strike. This also marked the return of normal programming for all MBC variety programs after the strike ended on May 14th.

source: allkpop
12 changmin

Will DBSK Work Together Again Due To Cameron’s 3D-Technology?

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Whether or not DBSK, who is on the verge of disbandment, will work together again for James Cameron’s 3D-image technology, has become the focus of attention of the public.

Through a tripartite cooperation amongst SM Entertainment, Samsung Electronics and James Cameron, who is the director of the Hollywood blockbuster movie, Avatar, SM Entertainment will recreate and reproduce the music videos and live concerts of its artistes into 3D-images to be broadcast on worldwide home theaters, and DBSK is among the ranks.

SM’s producer Lee Soo Man participated in the co-signing ceremony held at the Samsung Electronics Head Office in Seocho-dong, Seoul, amongst the three parties, James Cameron, Samsung Electronics and SM Entertainment on 14th May at 11AM. In his explanation regarding the plans of 3D-image production, Lee Soo Man mentioned Girls’ Generation, BoA, Super Junior and DBSK. DBSK’s members Uknow Yunho and Choikang Changmin also attended the co-signing ceremony, saying “It’s an honour to be able to promote our activities through 3D-images” and [they are thus] determined to “give their best efforts to bring forth their best performances for everyone”.

Currently, DBSK’s other three members, Xiah Junsu, Youngwoong JaeJoong and Micky Yoochun, are carrying out their solo activities. Ever since the trio had filed a lawsuit against SM, DBSK seems to be heading down the road of disbandment. However, given that producer Lee Soo Man has mentioned DBSK before the presence of James Cameron in such a formal setting, it has since caught the attention of the public as to whether or not DBSK will be given another opportunity to work together again.

To this issue, a SM spokesperson conveyed, “DBSK is an idol group representative of [South] Korea, and we hope that they will be able to participate in director James Cameron’s 3D research project. However, due to the intensifying conflicts with the three members, the possibility of the five of them taking part in this project seems to be quite low.”

He later added, “SM is currently trying their best to enable DBSK’s five members to come together and carry out activities again. Even if we do not succeed, Uknow Yunho’s and Choikang Changmin’s activities will still be reproduced into 3D-images.”

On the other hand, BoA, Girls’ Generation and other artistes under the management of SM Entertainment will begin their production of 3D-imaging with James Cameron from June onwards. Other than their own concerts and music videos, SMTOWN Concerts, which feature all of SM’s artistes, will also be produced into 3D-images.

source: JoongAng Ilbo China
translation: kimuchi3005 @
credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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KARA World Cup song ‘We’re With You’ deemed inappropriate for broadcast by KBS

It has been known that KBS has deemed KARA’s world cup song ‘We’re With You’ as inappropriate for broadcast.

The reason that KBS stated for the decision is that the song made use of SBS’s world cup campaign sound in its background, which is indirect advertising for the other broadcast company.

A KBS official told StarNews on 17th May, “The world cup song made used of an advertisement song in it which made it an indirect advertisement, that is why we deemed it inappropriate for broadcast.”

Meanwhile, recently KBS has also deemed the songs ‘The Shouts Of Reds’ by Hwang SeonHong Band and ‘Ring For Me Once More’ by Kim JangHoon and Psy inappropriate for broadcast.

It seems that there is discord between SBS and the other 2 broadcast centres MBC and KBS since it has got the relay rights to the 2010 World Cup.

Update: The song is accepted for broadcast by MBC.

Source: sookyeong
인피니트 ; ot7
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f(x)'s Amber wishes Sunny a belated Happy Birthday.

Looks like T-ara’s Hyomin wasn’t the only one to leave a birthday message affection for SNSD’s Sunny on her 21st birthday on May 15th. f(x)’s Amber also left a birthday message for Sunny even though it was a belated one.

Amber posted her belated birthday message with a picture on May 16th at 12.04am through her me2day, “Everyone~ do you know what day today is? Although a few minutes has passed, but that (day) is Sunny’s unnie birthday!!”

She continued with her long message, “Unnie, sorry for this belated message. You know how much I love you right? Hehe, My Su Su Su Su Sunny unnie!! Happy Birthday!! Hope that you have been receiving blessings all this time! Although late, I hope everyone can congratulate her too…”

Netizens commented, “It’s so nice of Amber to remember Sunny’s birthday,” “They look good together“, “Amber has so much boyish charm“, etc.

source: allkpop

I love Amber more and more everyday, lol. ♥

Hyori for Marie Claire Korea; Next Step?

marie claire photos via NATE & video story via hyoleesubs, translated by forgotten260

After the May 16 live recording of SBS Inkigayo, Lee Hyori immediately boarded a plane to Bali. This timeime, she left to shoot a magazine cover. However, since she is in the middle of her fourth album's promotions, this trip has special meaning for her.

On April 12, Hyori released her fourth album's title song "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"  which also reigned Inkigayo and took home the triple crown.  The award-winning title song is different from recent digital sounds in the music world. Hip-hop songs are Hyori's new challenge. However it seems that fans haven't been adapting to this new image, since fans' reactions weren't as great as predicted. Hyori's activities weren't that much as predicted either. 
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♀ ❛ never was a good girl ❜
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TOP rushed to the hospital while filming Into the Fire

T.O.P who has taken the role as the soldier student in the film, 71 Into The Fire, almost went blind because of a corneal (eye) injury during fliming.

In an interview with Star News, "While filming 71 Into The Fire, my left eye was injured." he said "I immediately was taken to the emergency room in a hospital to have it checked."

"It was in the middle of the shooting and it was so cold on that day. My black cornea in the eye part was hurt" and continued "the doctor told me that if the bruise was just a little bit deeper than this, I will go blind."

"I could hardly open up my eyes because I had to go around with protective lenses on. It felt like I had to say a prayer every time I open my eyes."

It's the first time for T.O.P to join a war movie such as 71 Into The Fire, which have shooting action scenes and sometimes the casts suffer some injuries.

T.O.P told us that "I'm always careful not be injured. But when I returned to the hotel for a bath and I took off my clothes, then I would find that I got some bruises, wounds or I'd cut myself open somewhere."

"While I'm still young, I enjoy working hard and don't want to get any hurt. It was the moment that I'm so thankful." T.O.P said "I'm okay, I'm fine. It's painless now" with a laugh.

71 Into The Fire is the 11.3 billion won production.T.O.P stars Oh Jang Beom, the head of the soldier students. The film will be shown in theaters this June.

Original article
Translation by teambigbang

Nichkhun’s erratic behavior when angry

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The 2PM members were guests on Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time radio on the 17th. The radio host asked, “Nichkhun has an angelic image in public, but is he different when he’s angry?”

To this, Wooyoung replied, “Yes. When he’s angry, you can’t go next to him so you go behind him. He speaks English, Korean and Thai all at once.”

Choi Hwa Jung then requested, “Could you demonstrate for us something you say when you’re angry?” Nichkhun politely replied, “It’s not appropriate for air. Beep~Beep~”

S: allkpop

... think wild bunny episode one. 
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Star Diary: Seungri Part 8, “JEKYLL&HYDE”

Seungri has challenged dancing, singing and other specials talents of his for the musical, thus getting positive comments.

“Originally, the number of people attending the musical was only 30% [I think he's talking about Sonagi]. However it has soared to 90%. It was really a hot sell, and the comments received were great. I’m so happy. I was like I always were, dancing and singing, and at the same time, I could feel the charm of acting.

Singers also need acting skills. Although some singers think that their acting skills are bad, personally, I feel that singers are like artistes who stand on the stage, and use their vocals and dancing skills to perform. When actors/actresses kiss during TV dramas or movie, the audience would usually say, “Wow! So pretty, so handsome!” TOP and Lee Hyori’s kiss on stage is just the same thing. Watching it with a happy mood is enough.”

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Original Korean article:
Translated: quixified
Source: iBigBang

For some reason part 9 was translated earlier than this one.

Kim Hyun Joong in a car accident!

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It was revealed that SS501’s leader and actor Kim Hyun Joong had been involved in a car accident recently.

DSP Media said on the 18th, “Kim Hyun Joong and someone else was driving together when they crashed into another car. His ribs have bruised and have been damaged by abrasion. He will have to rest for two weeks. At the Dream Concert on the 22nd of May, he will only perform a ballad song off of SS501’s newest album.”

The dance moves will be too hard to handle in his condition so he will sing the ballad Let Me Be the One and One Day on stage.

S: allkpop

zhang liyin » standing in the boundary

SS501 fans wants Dee Hsu to keep her hands off their boys

Korean group SS501 will be attending the 21st Golden Melody Awards as performers and presenters on June 26th. Fans of the group are already leaving messages on the TTV forum, which is airing the show, about their concerns over Dee Hsu (Xiao S). They are worried that the host will get a little too close or ask them some inappropriate questions.

Xiao S recently created some controversies when she asked the Wonder Girls about their “first night’ on Kangxi Lai Le. SS501 fans are worried that she would do the same, so they have asked TTV to give her a friendly reminder on their behalf.

In response, TTV’s Deputy General Manager said Xiao S is very intelligent and will adjust her performance accordingly, “Don’t give her too much pressure. Let her be herself. TTV won’t restrict her, or put her under pressure.” They also revealed that SS501 will be performing a song in Chinese.

Source: Cpop Access

Xiao S is all sorts of awesome, ok. Fans just don't understand. D:
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‘Night Star’ PD “Onew, has potential like Lee Seung gi”

“At first Lee Seunggi was not the Lee Seunggi he is now, either.”

The potential of SHINee’s Onew, who is taking on his first challenge as an MC through KBS 2TV’s weekend variety program ‘Night Star,” was rated highly by the head PD.

‘Night Star’ is a nighttime variety which seeks out citizens who work during the night to deliver nighttime snacks and promotes good deeds with viewers through Nocturnal Lightning. Onew took on a role in the MC group together with Shin Dongyup, Yoon Jongshin, movie director Jang Hangjun, and Gil.

On the first broadcast on the 16th, however, Onew was overshadowed (?) by his four seniors who are strong fast-talkers and showed the image of being unable to properly show his thoughts. This image of Onew resulted in criticism on the program’s viewer message boards. On the first broadcast Onew did not have a particular role.

Jo Seungwook PD, who is in charge of production, said “Lee Seunggi is experiencing much success on variety programs now, but at first Lee Seunggi was not the Lee Seunggi he is now,” and evaluated “Of course Onew cannot do well right from the beginning, but he has potential like Lee Seunggi.”

Jo PD said “It is not an easy task for Onew, as someone who is new to variety, to display variety feel among sunbaes who possess tough talking abilities,” and revealed “However, as SHINee’s leader he has shown a sincere and responsible image, and on the ‘Star Golden Bell’ variety program his wit is not unusual and that is why we invited him.”

Jo PD said “I am fully anticipating Onew’s activities in the future as the young blood of the program,” and affirmed that “He will find his place if we just wait and see a little.”

* The last paragraph was not translated, as it did not pertain to Onew.

source | edaily
translation | live laugh love @ soompi

SNSD Hyoyeon has a crush on a male idol

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

SNSD’s Hyoyeon revealed on Strong Heart that she is currently crushing on a male idol.

In the upcoming episode, which will air on the 18th, Hyoyeon confessed, “I have a crush right now, it’s a male idol group member.” All the guests’ jaws dropped upon hearing this.

She continued, “I always check to see if our schedules are overlapping. When I have the same schedule as him, I put more effort into putting myself together.”

In the episode, she’ll talk more in depth about how she began liking him and what move she will make next. But will she reveal the idol’s name?

Yuri also revealed that she’s had a crush on a male celebrity since debuting.

S: allkpop

A+ for being open like that. Idols, pls to be following~

UN expert: space for freedom of expression diminishing in the Republic of Korea

SEOUL (17 May 2010) – At the end of his 12-day country mission, UN Special Rapporteur Frank La Rue noted that the Republic of Korea has come a long way since the restoration in 1987 of a multi-party political system. However, he expressed concern that “since the candlelight demonstrations, the full respect for human rights, and in particular the right to freedom of opinion and expression, has been diminishing.” Mr. La Rue indicated that this situation is “primarily due to new and more restrictive interpretations and application of existing laws.”

While welcoming that the courts in the Republic of Korea have played an important role in upholding the right to freedom of expression in cases where there have been limitations to this right, he cautioned that “the increasing number of prosecutions creates a chilling effect in respect of the exercise of the right to freedom of expression, regardless of the outcomes of the decisions of the courts”.

Recognizing that the Republic of Korea has one of the highest levels of Internet connectivity in the region and the world and will host the G20 summit in November 2010, the UN Human Rights Council envoy said that “for the Republic of Korea to be a leader internationally, it must show its commitment to a truly democratic model of governance with full respect for human rights.”

In an end-of-mission statement*, the UN independent expert highlighted six main areas of concern and made preliminary recommendations regarding: restrictions and regulations of freedom of expression on the Internet, defamation, freedom of assembly, freedom of expression prior to elections, the National Security Act, public broadcasting, the National Human Rights Commission of Korea, and the right to freedom of opinion and expression of public officials.

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source: UNOHCHR

Interesting article. And to reduce things to kpop ('tis unavoidable ._.), I can't help but wonder how decriminalizing defamation and getting rid of the real-name ID system would affect the behaviour of psycho knetizens out there.

talking bout my girl [Sohee]

2PM- Wonder Girls vs BEAST-4minute 'Two roofs one family' showdown?

Wonder Girls... 4minute 'challenge'

Strictly speaking, 2PM- Wonder girls and BEAST- 4minute are part of separate agencies. One side is JYP Entertainment and the other side is Cube Entertainment. The fact that Cube’s President Hong Seung Sung was the former president of JYPE and that some members of BEAST and 4minute were JYP trainees makes the people who know this think that these ‘two roofs for one family’ are clashing.

The Wonder Girls opened fire first. On the 26th they released “Two Different Tears” simultaneously all over the world for the first time in a long time. The reaction was amazing. Even the 2PM situation and claims of unfair treatment of the Wonder Girls didn’t get in the way of releasing their song online.

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Reported by: Yoo Myung Joon
Credit: NATE News
Translated by michystar @ W2D

TEAM EVERYBODY! 8D Though realistically WonderPM's probably got it in the bag.