May 18th, 2010


Supernova #2, 3, 4 on Oricon Daily Singles Chart for 5/16


Supernova had a concert/handshake event which is why the sales spiked. But the sales are higher than their first day sales! It'll be interesting to see the weekly numbers~

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And their performance on Music Japan was broadcast on the16th but NHK is too quick for me, because the videos that I did find had already been removed. :x I'll keep searching.....

Wonder Girls are back in Korea!

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Having released their new song 2 Different Tears this past weekend and held a successful album launch party, the Wonder Girls have returned home to Korea as they pursue a hectic promotional schedule for the next 2 weeks.

Almost immediately after concluding their album launch party, the girls were on the plane back home and reached Seoul on the 17th where they began filming for the latest episode Family Outing 2. The episode will be shown in early June and marks Kim Heechul’s first recording as a fixed member. It should be interesting to see Heechul and Sohee interact on the show as the former has publicly displayed his affection for the latter.

Wonder Girls will be performing on music shows from May 20th – 22nd starting with M! Countdown and followed by Music Bank, Music Core. They are also scheduled to perform at the 2010 Dream Concert on the 22nd as well.

For fans who can’t make it to the stadium, they can catch the delayed broadcast the following day on the 23rd through SBS. The telecast will take over the usual broadcast of Inkigayo which is pre-empted this Sunday.

Wonder Girls will also be recording KBS2TV’s Win Win on the 20th and the episode will be aired the following week on the 25th. We can expect more than those already listed as the Wonder Girls have received lots of program invitations and are working out the schedule before confirming anything.

A JYP Entertainment representative expressed, “Wonder Girls and fans have shown a lot of enthusiasm regarding the girls’ promotions this time because it’s been a long while. So we hope that fans can wait just a little while longer.”

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Source: allkpop, Wonderfuls World, iLOVEyoobin2

Poor girls. I wish they had some time to rest before starting their schedule :/
「錦戸亮」love me more.

4minute drops their 2nd mini album “Huh (Hit Your Heart)”

The concept photos instigated fans to build up the anticipation and the MV teaser featuring BEAST was enough to bring fans to the breaking point, but now 4minute continues to test the limit with the release of the tracklist for their 2nd mini album Huh (Hit Your Heart). Check it out below!

01 Who's Next? (Feat. Beast)
02 Huh
03 Invitation
04 I My Me Mine
05 Bababa
06 Highlight
07 태연하게 당연하게

Are ya'll ready to get your minds blown? The girls have an interesting list of songs ready for their fans and hopefully the songs themselves will deliver. Their prior mini album was excellent and we can only imagine that this follow up will be just as great. It seems as though the girls are going for a more hip hop urban sound and we’re definitely loving it! Check out the new tracks below!


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Cr. Allkpop, 4min4life @ youtube
Gooooooo Panthers!!!!
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Rain is attracted to Hyori (akp failed @ translation)

Korean pop stars Lee Hyori and Rain are making news for saying that they were both attracted to each other at one point during their decade-long friendship.

They made the remark while making a guest appearance on MBC variety talk show "Come to Play," which aired Monday evening.

"Lee Hyori is a person who has a lot of charms," said Rain on the show. "She exudes an unbelievable aura on stage but she is like a vulnerable little girl in some ways."

He went on to say, "Hyori doesn't know this but I think she has a power that attracts men."

When Lee asked Rain if he ever thought about her in a romantic way, he answered, "There is no man who would not regard Lee Hyori as a woman."

Lee then admitted to once having felt romantic feelings for Rain. "There was one time when I thought of Rain as more than just a friend -- when I bumped into him at a tanning shop," explained Lee. "He was in the next room and I heard him taking his clothes off. I started to imagine things."

The two singers, both famous for their huge sex appeal, are known to be close friends to industry insiders. When Rain recently made a comeback to the local music scene, he reportedly said that he is happy to see "one familiar face" on televised music shows, referring to Lee, who also came out with a new album titled "H-Logic."

♔ d'ray » four as one

SS501 to Comeback in end-May

5 member popular idol group SS501 will have their full comeback by end of this month, joining the music industry’s ‘Big Bang’ in May.

SS501’s management company DSP media told Money Together Star News on 18th “SS501 will return to their fans with a new album on 27-May. This album will be a mini album.

He added “5 members namely, (Kim) HyunJoong, (Kim) HyungJoon, (Heo) YoungSaeng, (Kim) KyuJong, (Park) JungMin, all members are currently diligently recording for the album.”

Coming June, with the expiration of contract between SS501 and DSP Media, there has been several rumors on SS501’s future movements, however one representative explained that SS501 members gives no attention to those rumors and are currently immersed in recording works for their album.

This representative said “We knew about the rumors going on, we heard over 5 types of rumors.” He requested “The rumors aren’t the truth, SS501 members are currently working hard on their new album, we will be thankful if you can put attention and concern on their album instead.”

source: + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

okay, I don't know what to believe, there're 2 another articles about boys coming back on 28th and 31th...but till THEY'RE COMING BACK IN MAY. But MINI album, damn you DSP D; Anyway let's celebrate
the high cost of living

YG Entertainment to hold open auditions!

YG Entertainment opened an online audition site ( on 18th May to scout for the next generation of pop culture.

YG Entertainment is known for debuting some of the top artistes in Kpop including Jinusean, Se7en, Gummy, and also top idol groups Big Bang and 2NE1. However it is known that there has not been a singer who debut through the company's open audition. The company previously held an open audition for the first time 6 years ago, and their stand was, “YG is a place where it is harder to become a trainee than a singer.”

Still, it is good news for aspiring singers with YG holding an open audition after 6 years. The audition will scout for talent in 3 fields – singing, acting and producing and will be held from 18th May till 22nd June in Korea and the States simultaneously.

The first window of online audition:

•Korea – 18th Jul
•LA – 3rd Jul
•New York – 10th Jul

Those who pass the auditions will undergo training in the company and given the chance to fulfill their dream.

A YG Ent rep said, “We look forward to having new talents join the YG family. If one is able to show one’s charms to the fullest, one will be able to achieve good results.”

The official social media sites for the audition will be:


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SS501 coming back with more classic kpop sound

Korean idol group SS501 is gearing up for a comeback with their upcoming new album "DESTINATION" due out May 31, according to their agency DSP Entertainment on Tuesday.

DSP explained in a press release that some of the most talented musicians in Korea, Europe and the U.S., including prominent Korean-American music producer Steven Lee, collaborated to create the new album.

Lee, who had written and arranged all the tracks in the group's previous album "REBIRTH," also composed the title track, named "Love Ya," in the new album.

All the songs in "DESTINATION" have been arranged to piano accompaniments while incorporating a minimum of electronic sounds that are prevalent in current K-pop music.

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I hope this means zero autotune!
TOP wink icu

Do You Want a Body like Changmin’s?

Well, it’s not going to be easy! The singer went shirtless for a photoshoot to be included in the June issue of Cosmopolitan, which will hit magazine racks beginning May 20th.

During this photoshoot, he revealed his diet secrets, as well as the routines he went through to get his amazing body.

Changmin lost a grand total of 30kg, or about 66 pounds, in a time span of five years. During this time, he picked up the habit of dieting and continues his procedure of “waking up in the morning [and] having 500mL of water, a multivitamin, and half of an apple. Every three hours, I eat smoked chicken breast, one sweet potato, and if I get hungry I eat a little salad” to this day. This diet enabled him from becoming the singer with only his voice to be proud of to an entertainer with one of the best bodies in the industry.

Cosmopolitan then went on to explain that during the photoshoot, Changmin was allowed to do some brief exercises to loosen up his body, but because his muscles had become so large, the shirt that they had provided for the photoshoot did not fit him. The photographers were then forced to take pictures of him shirtless, which received a lot of attention from the female staff members – as it surely will for fangirling-prone magazine subscribers, too!

Original Source: Yoon
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Jaejoong Representative said “Hero Jaejoong and Japanese Model? A made up stuff”

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TVXQ Hero Jaejoong representative exposed denial regarding the rumored relationship with Japanese model.

Recently Josei 7 Weekly magazine reported the sightings of TVXQ Hero Jaejoong and Yano Mikiko enjoyed a date at Shibuya 109 cross walk.

The weekly magazine said, “While waiting for the traffic light, Hero Jaejoong and Yano Mikiko who wore mask in disguise shared a loving look to each other with linking arms.

Hero Jaejoong official representative had a phonecall with Newsen to clarify the issue, “They met to have some meal together with their managers, but they’re not lovers at all.”

Priorly in November last year Jaejoong was also ever rumored to date Japanese actress Abiru Yuu.

source: newsen
trans by: SYC

Would've been awesome if that was true but that's just me.

Jackie Chan to collaborate for production of ‘Hip Song’ MV

Singer actor Rain will work together with actor Jackie Chan for his ‘Hip Song’ MV.

Known to be close friends, the 2 will produce the MV for ‘Hip Song’ and also making use of the upcoming project movie ‘Karate Kid’ between Will Smith and Jackie Chan. The MV will go in line with the upcoming worldwide screening of ‘Karate Kid’ on 10th June. According to a JTunes Entertainment representative, Jackie Chan had proposed the idea and Rain had accepted and agreed to work together. The MV will be released on 20th May online.

It was known that Jackie Chan had attended Rain’s concert in Hong Kong and presented him with a bouquet of flowers last November. An official revealed, “This is a project with great meaning as it also meant the cross-border friendship between Jackie Chan and Rain.”

S: K Bites
TV: Glee - Heather Morris


Tracklist :

03. WITH V.I.P

- Price (Price) 20,000 won
- Reserve (Point) 400 won
- Shipping (Delivery Charge) 2,500 won
- Reservation period (Presale) 2010-05-19 ~ 2010-06-03
- Official Sale: 2010-06-04
- Total Number of Pages: 300p / Size: 135 * 195 mm
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More than just words for Jo Kwon and Sunye

Having been together since they were little under JYP Entertainment as trainees, both Jo Kwon and Sunye have been advancing along different paths since debuting with their respective groups as leaders.

They recently reunited again on Family Outing 2 after Sunye flew back to Korea for promotions with the Wonder Girls and Jo Kwon uploaded a picture of them on his Twitter on May 18th. While we are not sure if the picture is old or new, it’s certainly unseen as it shows Jo Kwon and Sunye posing like buddies.

Jo Kwon wrote along with the picture, “A friend I haven’t met in a while. In the end we didn’t speak, but we knew that we both had a hard time and cried… These tears are not just for hard times. They are for memories and hope.”

Netizens commented, “leader couple! Sunye is cute as always,” “Jokwon and Sunye..lovely friendship!” “You two look really cute…,” etc.

cr: allkpop