May 20th, 2010

Suju releases its Full World Cup Song

And the World Cup songs keeps on coming… Earlier in the week, Super Junior released a teaser for their World Cup fighting song titled Victory Korea and now the full track has been released!

This track will also promote the upcoming movie, Dreams Come True, a story about North & South Korean soldiers coming together through the game of Soccer (football). The MV for this one should be released soon as well, thanks to everyone who sent this in and check out the track below.

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*i am sooooo loving it.. eeeekk*
you think

Lyrics for MBLAQ’s Y are in trouble!

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MBLAQ’s comeback seemed to be on a good start with their music video for Y released just a few days ago and the track slowly rising in various charts. However, MBLAQ already received warnings from MBC, KBS and SBS due to the shooting scene in the music video, which they had to ultimately remove.

Now MBLAQ is facing more problems, this time, because of the lyrics.

MBC announced that the lyrics for Y were unsuitable for broadcast. The specific lyrics that were problematic were, “널 씹어서 뱉어준다” which roughly translates into “I’ll chew you up and spit you out”.

A representative of J.Tune Entertainment said, “We will alter the problematic section and request a re-evaluation from the specific broadcasting company”

Meanwhile, KBS did not find any problems with the lyrics of Y, and MBLAQ is awaiting the official review of SBS.

It seems like a rough start for MBLAQ, but hopefully they will overcome these conflicts and make a grand comeback! Stay tuned on allkpop for their comeback stage on Mnet M!Countdown tonight!


2PM & SNSD - Cabi song (Carribean Bay) MV

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also, gotta learn that little dance they do at the end, so cute!

and i think at the end, taec says, "To me, the best Cabi is you." But I could be wrong! Someone confirm?
who is the best cabi for you?

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Song Joong-ki in Elle magazine

This is the time of the month when the fashion mags release their teaser photos for the next month’s issues, which is why we’ve got a couple of them released at the same time. This one features Song Joong-ki, whose “pretty boy” concept goes literal (the term for pretty boy is directly translated “flower boy”) in the Elle fashion spread for the magazine’s June issue.

He’s known for his personable image and pretty features, and joked that upon seeing the photo concept, “You could call me ‘unni-like.’” In the accompanying interview, Song showed a hint of some of his acting ambition, saying, “When I choose a project, rather than just thinking of a role I could handle, I’m drawn more to characters that make me wonder if I can pull them off well.”

After wrapping up his drama OB-GYN, Song put out a men’s health and beauty book, Beautiful Skin Project, which topped the bestseller list within a month of publication. Next, he will prepare for the upcoming drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, which stars Micky Yoochun and is rumored to be considered casting Seo Hyo-rim as his love interest (which I would LOVE, because I find her a vivacious and endearing actress). The “youth sageuk” features four young men in the Joseon era and is already incurring “F4″ comparisons. Sungkyunkwan Scandal is scheduled for a September premiere on KBS.

Meanwhile, Song Joong-ki also has a movie coming out, Heart Is 2 (posters below), and recently participated in an animal rights campaign. The movie will release later this summer.

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[Star diary, Part 2] "On my 12th birthday, my present for myself is…"

Taeyang (23,·real name Dong Young Bae) has liked music ever since he was little. But, being raised at a relative’s home, he was sent to an acting academy. "It was probably because acting academies were booming in those days. My cousins were also going to acting academies, so I went together with them. But that wasn’t what I wanted"

Although he never cared for the acting academy, it was because of this he got the opportunity to become a singer. It was during his time at the acting academy, he was able to appear in Jinusean’s music video as ‘little Sean’.

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SM's Application To "Enhance" "Dong Bang Shin Ki" As A Trademark Has Been Withdrawn

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SM, the company which manages DBSK, has been informed about its withdrawal regarding its trademark application for the name "Dong Bang Shin Ki".

SM, who had applied for the trademark application for "DBSK" to the Patent Office in August last year, later withdrew their application towards the end of the year.

A SM spokesperson cleared the issue with Newsen on the 19th over the phone, stating that "it is a fact that we withdrew the trademark application for the name "DBSK" late last year" and "[we hereby also] announce that the enhanced document is also withdrawn.".

While the trademark application is currently cancelled, one cannot rule out the possibility that SM might once again apply for the enhancement of the trademark name of "DBSK".

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I know some could care less about this but the lack of Dong Bang in Omona kinda makes me sad, so.. yeah.

ZE:A to end All Day promotions at 2010 Dream Concert

It was revealed that ZE:A will be ending promotions for their All Day single album at the 2010 Dream Concert.

On May 22nd, the ZE:A boys will be taking to the stage and perform All Day and Man 2 Man.

This will be ZE:A’s debut at the annual concert extravangaza and they were excited and nervous about it. They expressed, “We had a desire to do this before our debut so we’re really honored to be able to stand on the same stage with our sunbaes. It would be nice to end our promotions on this stage and we will work hard to put on a great performance.”

The 2010 Dream Concert will take place at the Seoul World Cup Stadium from 7pm on May 22nd and for those who are unable to go in person, there will be a delayed telecast on the afternoon of May 23rd through SBS.

Source: allkpop

*OH NOOOOO... DNW this.. :( though i agree that they need a break.. they all look exhausted in their last performance.. especially the leader :|*
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SS501 to release special preorder version of their new album

Korean idol group SS501's upcoming album will be available for preordering starting May 24, according to their agency DSP Media on Thursday.

DSP explained in a press release that fans who preorder the new album titled "DESTINATION" will receive the special preorder version containing 'before & after' concept photographs of the boys looking natural versus them wearing European style suits.

The regular version, due out a week later, will feature a sadomasochism ‘good & evil’ concept
with the boys sporting both clean-cut images by wearing white while showing strength by wearing black.

They once again collaborated with famed Korean-American music producer Steven Lee, who worked on the title track "Love Ya" on the group's previous album "REBIRTH," which topped various music charts late last year.

SS501 made their debut with the single "Warning" in 2005, releasing numerous albums as a group and pursuing individual careers in acting and appearing in variety shows.

The quintet is currently in preparations to give a performance at the "Dream Concert" on May 22 and are scheduled to give a comeback performance on KBS' "Music Bank" on June 4.

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lol please be shitting me: Dong Bang Shin Ki trio’s new group name ‘J.Y.J’?

Ahead of their Japanese fanmeeting concert coming June, it is known that Dong Bang Shin Ki Xiah JunSu, Micky YooChun and Hero JaeJoong will promote under the nickname of ‘J.Y.J’.

Previously an official announcement came that the group will discontinue their activities as Dong Bang Shin Ki after the 3 members’ discord with their agency SM Entertainment. And coming 5th June, the 3 members will hold a large scale fanmeeting concert in Tokyo Dome, and they will be holding the concert as ‘J.Y.J’ made up of the initials of each of the members.

A representative of the 3 members revealed on 19th May, “Ahead of their event, AVEX has decided to go with ‘J.Y.J’ for the logo for the concert. Even though they will promote as J.Y.J for the concert, it is not their confirmed group name. We will not know the group name until AVEX releases an official announcement.”

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More info on "North Korean torpedo' sank South's navy ship" report

Lettering on the torpedo that is said to prove its North Korean origin

A North Korean submarine's torpedo sank a South Korean navy ship on 26 March causing the deaths of 46 sailors, an international report has found.

Investigators said they had discovered part of the torpedo on the sea floor and it carried lettering that matched a North Korean design.

Pyongyang rejected the claim as a "fabrication" and threatened war if sanctions were imposed, say reports.

China has urged both countries to show restraint.

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak pledged to take "stern action" against the North.

The White House described the sinking of the ship as an "act of aggression" by North Korea that challenged peace.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said the report was "deeply troubling".

Pyongyang said it would send its own inspection team to the South to "verify material evidence" behind the accusation.

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Hyun Bin for Marie Claire June

Hyun Bin displays a different, fierce image in his new spread for the June issue of Marie Claire magazine.

In the accompanying interview, Hyun Bin talked about his most recent acting project, Late Autumn, which was filmed wholly on location in Seattle with co-star Tang Wei. He said, “I felt some pressure at being in a project that has been remade several times, but in order to express a new side to the character, I went into filming without watching the previous versions.”

Regarding Tang Wei, he said, “Working with her was so enjoyable. When the film was in the early casting stages, I received a lot of attention for working with Tang Wei, but I hope audiences can just watch the movie comfortably.”

Hyun Bin also has fan events planned, and explained, “I received two songs, which I then recorded. I’ll present them at this upcoming fanmeeting. Although I won’t be making a formal singer’s debut, I am planning to release a single album in Japan shortly.”

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Yee {Hoho}

Notice from DSP regarding SS501's album (05/20/10)

Hello. This is DSP Media.

Group SS501 who has received much love through mini album 'Rebirth' released last September with songs like "Love Like This", "Wasteland", "Only One Day" will be having their comeback in the music world soon with brand new album "DESTINATION".

After successfully wrapping up their Asia tour in the first half of the year, SS501 who took 3 months to prepare for their new album have been busily preparing for their comeback stages to perform with their new songs.

This album which has been ongoing as a 'world project' has had released some of its album jacket pictorials which had been the talk of everyone since the beginning it was released. With numerous Golden Discs holder from US, Steven Lee, who was also involved in the previous [Rebirth] album production participating in this time round's album, we could expect a universal album from Korea-Europe-US with the many world-acclaimed musicians' involvement.

All the songs in this album will be accompanied by piano background arrangement, and will minimize all possibilities of even more prevalence of the same electronic genre in the music scene as of present. The beautiful melody of musical instruments along with only SS501's pleasantly emotional voice will be seen in their upcoming new album as they return to the scene this end-month.

Especially in the mixing of songs, it was done by US Pop star Ne-yo and Rihanna's mix engineer producer Kevin KD Davis who's been accoladed with several Grammy awards, as well as another producer Ken Lewis who's had achieved more than 50 golden discs, thus increasing by another notch of this world acknowledged audio album.

Title song has been chosen as 'Love Ya', for which its producer is none another than Steven Lee, this song will be accompanied by harmonious orchestra band along with piano background arrangement, you could feel the powerful vocals of SS501 and their emotions injected into the impactful song praised to be lined up as a large-scaled performance. US singer John Legend and Kayne West's engineer producer Ken Lewis who's had received the Grammy Awards before has personally participated in the mixing of this song, thus yet again upgrading the quality and anticipation of this album by another notch.

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{NEWS} Super Junior Siwon underwent a surgery

Super Junior Choi SiWon underwent a surgery to remove his salivary gland.

Super Junior Lee Teuk revealed during a press conference on 20th May in Seoul KangNam ApGooJung, “SiWon is unable to attend this press conference today due to health issue. He has received health examination at the hospital and is currently resting at home.”

An official also revealed, “SiWon underwent a surgery on 18th May to remove his inflamed salivary gland. During the filming for SBS drama ‘Oh My Lady’, he has been taken anti-inflammatory medicine for that. But his condition worsened and he has to undergo an operation for it.

The official added, “He is resting at home on the 19th, and is unable to attend for Super Junior’s activities. Even though it is not major health problem, his face is swollen.”

With that, it is still unclear whether Siwon will be performing with Super Junior for KBS Music Bank on 21st May. The official revealed, “It should not interfere with his activities much, but we will have to check his conditions tomorrow morning to determine.”

Meanwhile, Super Junior is recently back after 1 year and 2 months with their 4th album title song ‘Bona Mana’.

Original article: Newsen
English translation: K Bites
Via: TwELFs blog

TwELFs are currently trending with the hashtag #GetWellChoiSiwon. Let's wish our Super Horse a speedy recovery!

Big Bang’s TOP in Vogue: Dream of a Tin Drum

Source: Lee MiHeh
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Here (A beautiful translation. Thank you translator. :D)

’s boyish face is nowhere to be seen in his first movie, Into the Fire. The rapper that fans are used to seeing, rapping freely with a mischievous grin on his lips is now making his way up the hill of acting with his first movie debut.
Heavy smoke rises among the green forest, the banging of drums can be heard. In this lost world disguised with green solitude a crack is heard and the distorted peace is broken. Thump, dum, thump is the only way to describe the sound by Oskar, a character in the novel by Gunter Grass. ‘A conversation between a moth and a light bulb’ is the only weapon a weakling has to defy against the cruel world.

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SS501 Park JungMin, Show Room ‘Royale Avenue’

SS501 member Park JungMin transformed into an entrepreneur, his showroom ‘Royale Avenue’ is shown in a licensed fashion magazine ‘In Style’.

An interior designer and Park JungMin, together with ‘In Style’ has been working together for a period of 3 months, and started the ‘Royale Avenue’ showroom project. Since December last year, the visitors to the internet shopping mall which he operates have increased exponentially and that made him, as an entrepreneur who operates the shopping mall, determined to do a renewal for it. From selecting an interior designer to getting decoration items, he puts in a lot of time and efforts in it, his love for his ‘Royale Avenue’ is like none other.

From 1-May, he announced his showroom and held an opening party for it. At “’Royale Avenue’ Show Room Open Party with ‘In Style’”, SS501 Kim HyungJoon, Shim EunJin and Rainbow were there to congratulate ‘Entrepreneur Park JungMin’ start in his business.

Matching contrasting black and white color, Park JungMin’s show room ‘Royale Avenue’ great interior design stands out, and its opening party will be seen through ‘In Style’ June issue.

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so proud of Park CEO, omg ♥ luxurious man has his own luxurious office.

Lee Joon, “I have once signed an autograph as world star Rain”

MBLAQ reveals that he has called himself Rain and signed an autograph for someone else.

Lee Joon was asked if he had received comments that he looked like Rain during his appearance on KBS Happy Together 3 aired on 20th May, “There are incidents where people had mistaken me for Rain when I was walking on the streets in the States.”

And when asked if he clarified that he is not Rain, Lee Joon said, “I said that I am Rain. There was once I even signed an autograph pretending to be him when he is just beside me doing filming.”

Also on the show, when asked which part of him he thinks he is better as compared to Rain, his answer was “face” which roused laughter duringthe filming.

Meanwhile, on the show, Rain personally talks about the rumours of love relationship between him and Lee Hyori.

source: kbites
Thanks ♥Jessi -Tuchung bear lollipop

Nichkhun shares his thoughts on Thailand

It seems like Super Junior's  Choi Siwon and his celebrity friends aren’t the only ones concerned about Thailand due to the sensitive political situation.On the 19th, half-Thai and popular 2PM  member Nichkhun published on Twitter his sad and hurt feelings towards Thailand’s unfortunate situation. These words that Nichkhun wrote in Thai have been translated into both English and Korean by fans, and is currently being circulated around the Internet.

According to translations, Nichkhun wrote, “Why did it need to be done this harshly, just who is the winner in this situation. Has the thing called ‘heart’ died? Please stand up and help us,” showing great sympathy towards the situation.Additionally, the singer also said, “After looking at the Bangkok pictures I was speechless and shocked. My heart hurt so much that tears began coming down. Exactly why? How?” further expressing his hurt feelings clearly towards the public.It’s just really sad when unfortunate events like this happens. I also pray and hope that the situation in Thailand gets better, and hope Nichkhun doesn’t take it too hard.

source : allkpop,khun twitt

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Kim Heechul, Taecyeon and Shin Se Kyung to host 2010 Dream Concert

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Many people were wondering which celebrities would be the MC’s for this year’s Dream Concert on May 22nd.

Well, the wait is over! Super Junior’s Heechul, 2PM’s Taecyeon and Shin Se Kyung will be the MC’s. This year will mark Kim Heechul’s third consecutive year as an MC. Time sure flies.

It looks like the show is off to a great start.

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holy shet its in 1/2 days. o_o
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Donghae and Siwon to film a taiwanese drama with Ariel Lin

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Ariel Lin with Donghae and Siwon again!

Ariel Lin has been waiting to film “Beautiful Challenge” for about 1 year plus, the male lead has changed from Jerry Yan, to Wu Chun and now it is rumoured that the new male lead will be Super Junior’s Donghae and Siwon. Also, Ariel Lin will be filming the Taiwanese Version of “Coffee Prince” and will be pairing up with Jerry Yan again.

“Beautiful Challenge” male lead has been changing from the initial Jerry Yan, to Wu Chun. After Wu Chun decided to work on movies instead of drama, the male lead has changed back to Jerry Yan. But the second lead is unpleased with his little acting role and decided to quit. Hence, our female lead Ariel Lin has been waiting for her male lead for a year plus already. Now it is finally revealed that Ariel Lin will work with Donghae and Siwon from Super Junior. Earlier on, Ariel Lin has filmed a MV with the both of them and has know them quite well, plus Arial Lin graduated from a Korean Language degree and hence there shouldn’t be any communication problems.

—– Omitted part on “Coffee Prince” —–

Credit: 记者陈尹宗/台北报导
Translation by minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls
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