May 21st, 2010

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Davichi and Super Junior claim No. 1 spot on Gaon charts

Korean female duo Davichi claimed the No. 1 spot on the Gaon singles chart with their latest single "Time, Please Stop" for the week of May 9 to 15.

According to the chart on Thursday, Davichi climbed up five slots to first place, knocking out former winner f(x) off the top.

Davichi, composed of members Lee Hae-ri and Kang Min-kyung, recently returned to the local music scene with their third mini-album "Innocence." The girls have topped several other online music charts with their title track "Time, Please Stop."

"Super Star K-Season 1" winner Seo In-guk jumped up three positions from the previous week to rank in second with his tune "I Love U," while f(x)'s "NU ABO" followed behind to round out the top three singles.

Meanwhile, the fourth album "BONAMANA" by boy band Super Junior became the best-selling album
on Gaon's weekly albums chart during the third week of May.

Red Devils' new cheer album "The Shouts of Reds" re-entered to charts at No. 2 and Vibe's new fourth full-length album "Vibe in Praha" successfully bowed in at No. 3.

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Nichkhun, “WooYoung cried the most when we were trainees”

2PM Nich Khun revealed that member WooYoung cried the most when they were still trainees.

Nich Khun was on KBS Happy Together 3 aired on 20th May when hs was asked which member cried the most during their training days, and his answer was, “WooYoung cried the most.” Member JunHo added, “Back then we were being scolded a lot because everything is not going well.”

Nich Khun then said, “For me, when I am being scolded, president Park JinYoung would use English and because of that, it did not become serious.”

When asked if they were scolded much in preparations for their recent album, JunHo explained, “President Park JinYoung’s resolution for this year is not to become angry. This time, we even personally pour water for him.”

cr: StarNews + sookyeong

Nickhun's surprising revelation of his ideal girls

2PM's Nichkhun revealed his ideal girl in the May 20th broadcast of KBS 2TV's Happy Together.

Park Mi Seon asked Nichkhun, "Didn't you mention that Hwang Jung Eum was your ideal girl some time ago?" And he answered, "That was scripted," which brought laughter.

Shin Bong Seon requested Nichkhun, "We have a script too. Say you like Shin Bong Seon," which received a witty reply, "That script is gone."

Nickhun mentioned his actual ideal girl, "I like Jeon Ji Hyeon. A person closer to my age would be Kim Yeona."

Guests in this episode include Rain, Lee Hyori, Kara's Goo Hara, MBLAQ's Lee Joon, Lee Seong Jae, Kang Seong Jin, 2PM's Nichkhun and Junho.

cr: Nate News + crystalheng @Wild2Day
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Rain clarifies rumours of scandal between Lee Hyori and himself on TV for the first time

Singer Rain clarifies for the first about the ‘radio scandal talk’ with Lee Hyori on TV.

Rain was on KBS Happy Together 3 on 20th May when he was asked, “Didn’t you and Lee Hyori had a scandal after having a speical dance stage.” Lee Hyori then explained, “It’s became of the strange talk he seemingly had on a radio show.”

Rain then explained, “Even though I only talk about it now, the truth is that I was actually in Hong Kong then for my concert. It was after that when I realised that it was a joke posted up on the internet by an elementary school kid.”

Lee Hyori then added jokingly, “It would be good if you have spoken up when the rumours arose.”

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who you kidding son
xxxholic / Moonlight

Goo Hara shocks everyone on Happy Together Season 3

In the continuation of the Happy Together Season 3 episode from last week, it was revealed that KARA’s Goo Hara had shocked everyone with a sudden action!

During the episode shown on May 20th, Goo Hara had prepared a U-Go-Girl special stage for her sunbaenims Lee Hyori and Rain, especially the latter whom Hara had revealed as her ideal type.

Before the performance, Rain started comparing Hara’s legs with his hands, saying that they were so thin. Then as everyone was focusing on Hara’s legs, Hara suddenly did something which left everyone flustered.

Hara, with her butt facing Rain and the other guests, started taking off her pink shorts, revealing her hot pants. It might be nothing to us viewers, but it was certainly shocking to have a 19-year old doing this in front of you suddenly.

They eventually settled down after a big commotion and Hara’s U-Go-Girl dance left Rain flustered throughout the performance.

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Source: AKP, UnknownCarrot110

My stomach hurts from laughing so hard. Goo Hara is fearless. XD

Taecyeon gives Yoona a perfume present

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It was revealed that on the recent recording of Family Outing 2, 2PM’s Taecyeon had given SNSD’s Yoona a perfume gift to celebrate her Coming of Age day.

The two have been heavily rumored to be dating ever since being paired together as a couple for a MBC Gayo Daejun performance. Even though they have denied that they were dating, they just can’t avoid being put together, with the recent Caribbean Bay music video being just one example.

Yoona was noticeably surprised at receiving the perfume, “I have received lots of congratulatory message on Coming of Age day, but this is my first time receiving a present. I didn’t have any thoughts of receiving a present so it was touching.

The family members expressed, “There’s something strange about them. Are they really not dating?” to which the two replied “Now, we’re tired of explaining it.”

Looking like an epic episode with Heechul, Wonder Girls and now this.

You gotta wait though as this will air next Sunday on May 30th.

source: allkpop
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South Korea plans 'prudent' response to warship sinking

Foreign experts back the theory of a torpedo attack

South Korea's leader has told his security chiefs the response to the sinking of one of its warships must be "very prudent".

President Lee Myung-bak firmly blamed North Korea for the sinking when he addressed his security council.

It was a "surprise military attack from North Korea [that came] while South Korean people were resting late at night", he said.

Investigators said a torpedo hit the ship, killing 46 people.

The president is due to outline his plan of action early next week and this is thought likely to include taking the evidence of an attack to the UN Security Council in an attempt to win support for tougher sanctions on North Korea, the BBC's John Sudworth reports from Seoul.

The North would be "made to pay", South Korean Defence Minister Kim Tae-young told reporters at a separate briefing.

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Source: BBC

TaeYang: "During Trainee Days, a Summer was Unusually Bright"

part 1 here. + part 2 here.

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12-year-old Taeyang (23·real name Dong Young Bae) became a trainee in YG entertainment. Looking back, those trainee days were such a happy time for him. “I think anybody, anything will be sad during their trainee days because we couldn’t do anything then.”

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TRANS: Myokoon @ alwaystaeyang

Lee Joon, “During my school days, I liked Lee Hyori and dreamt of dating her”

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MBLAQ Lee Joon reveals his fandom on singer Lee Hyori.

Lee Joon recently attended the filming of KBS Star GoldenBell and talked about how he had liked Lee Hyori during his schooldays.

MC Ji SeokJin asked, “Are there any entertainer you liked when you were schooling?” And he answered, “I liked Lee Hyori when I was in elementary year 6. And I dreamt of dating Lee Hyori.”

He added, “Fin.K. knows me.” And the guest appearances and even the MCs were shocked, “Lee Joon is so famous?”. And Lee Joon explained, “While others would go ‘wa~~’, I would fold my arms and act chic and cool,” rousing laughter during the filming.”

The show is set to air on 22nd May at 5.15pm.

source: kbites
SHINee:Almighty Key

SHINee Onew-Key, “Couple fashion walk” act?

In May, the season reminiscence of early summer, SHINee members Onew and Key went out for a walk.

Leader Onew uploaded a selca picture on Me2Day of himself wearing a white t-shirt, backpack and a cap worn backwards during a walk on May 20th (yesterday). In the picture, the weather was very good and full of sunshine. Onew’s charming smile attracted more than 1000 fans to write explosive comments.

Aside with Onew’s picture rising popularity, Key also uploaded a picture of himself during his walk. Although the pictures were uploaded a couple of hours between each other, there were many similarities in both pictures. Both were wearing a white cap backwards, wearing white shirts, carrying backpacks and the venue where both pictures were taken at seemed like a park etc. From these small details, one can see that Key and Onew went to the same park for a walk on the same day and then they took the selca pictures.

Key wrote on the picture “Key2DAY!! Today’s 2DAY!! Ahh…the air is so good ㅠㅠ Today’s shots are at the park!!!”

Therefore, fans’ reaction to that was “Oh so you went to the park for a walk with Onew hyung”, “Kibum is so fashionable keke”, “I know that from afar its Key oppa keke…can see your apple hair” etc etc.

Meanwhile, SHINee’s endorsement brand Mexicana will have a gift event between May 15th and July 31st through lucky draw. The 4th winner will get the admission ticket for the fan meeting on August 12th at Konkuk University Youth Ceremony.

Translation by: vivz @ soompi

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/ships harder

2PM Junho, "Nichkhun is like a prince in Thailand"

2PM JunHo talks about member Nich Khun’s popularity during their appearance on KBS Happy Together 3 aired on 20th May.

JunHo said that when they arrive in Thailand, “The moment we got off the plane, there is another car waiting already.” He added that Nich Khun is like a prince in Thailand, but Nich Khun’s reply was, “I’m not a prince.”

JunHo added, “Before 2PM, Nich Khun is already popular in Thailand. He has filmed several CFs in Thailand.”

And regarding which other member has high popularity in Thailand, JunHo answerd, “WooYoung, because he is cute. But when Nich Khun hyung does a greeting, the response we get is deafening.”

Also JunHo recalls another episode, “Nich Khun hyung’s one word, and the swimming pool will be opened for him at night. I like swimming, and the 2PM members had wanted to go swimming at night. It was like 10pm, but Nich Khun hyung’s one telephone call, and the swimming pool was opened for us.”

Source: Newsen, sookyeong

2PM’s Junsu shows off his body and shares his thoughts on Thailand

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2PM’s Junsu is one of the few 2PM members to rarely show off his body but it seems things are changing as Junsu recently posted a shirtless photo of himself on twitter.

He tweeted:

“At the gym 3 weeks ago.. gotta work out but my knees killin me so I can’t …”

He also wrote about the unfortunate situation in Thailand:

“I feel bad bout what s going on in thailand. Hope this situation is over soon.. Tmr s gonna be a better day.”

sources: allkpop  + junsu twitter

YG Entertainment plays down talk that G-Dragon elbowed Seungri

There was an explosion of interest among fans after a video snippet of Big Bang’s Shouting Korea video with Kim Yuna was uploaded on the 21st.

The snippet titled “G-Dragon beating Seungri” had showed Seungri sitting just behind G-Dragon as they acted out a cheering scene. But amidst the excitement, Seungri accidentally hit G-Dragon and this resulted in the latter shooting him an annoyed look and elbowing him back.


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As a HUGE g-rian shipper, I LOL'd at this.

sources: akp
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Future Simon #1

[TRANS] Interview with Nichkhun for GQ June 2010

The magazine interviewed Nichkhun via email after the studio shooting which 2PM’s Without You had received the No.1 spot from Music Bank on the 3rd week of May. Nichkhun sent answers to us around 3 in the morning, apologizing for his late reply. He said that he was so busy and we might have been sleeping, telling us to have a nice dream.

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Full set of GQ pics here.

Credit : 콤콤 Ch'anrakkun/ GQ Magazine
Kor Thai by
Thai Eng by Kagetsu Crackerbaby K.

- acting sexy is tiring
- 2PM is family, all the rumours about him being a loner are untrue
- watches porn 'because he's curious' - but never with the other members
- understands Korea's obsessive nature towards everything
- won't be satisfied til he becomes a millionaire + has a family