May 22nd, 2010


Wonder Girls on KBS ‘Win Win’ Program

Wonder Girls appeared on KBS’s “Win Win’ program on 21st May around 10:20PM in Seoul. From the photos it seems like our girls got to spend some time interacting with their korean fans and even play games together!

Wonder Girls is also scheduled for the recording of Dream Concert on 22nd May(today).

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Source: WonderFanaticos 1, 2 + WonderfulsWorld (A lot more pictures at the sources)

My poor babies! They have been working ALL DAY LONG! Seriously day and night :(

They have participated in two music shows,  an open concert, WinWin, FO2 and it seems that Yeeun and Sohee recorded a CF in Lotte World. And lets not forget that they will participate in Dream concert and the rest of the music shows of this weekend. WONDER GIRLS FIGHTING!!!!

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SNSD’s manager flings SNSD’s fan cellphone to the ground

The manager of SNSD has found himself in the middle of a controversy after breaking a fan’s cellphone at an event.

SNSD had attended a football tournament final earlier today as cheerleaders, performing and kicking footballs.

Sounds like a typical outing for the girls up to this part, but there was a twist to the story. As they were leaving the field and surrounded by fans, the group’s manager grabbed a female fan’s cellphone, which has been used to take pictures of the members, and then threw it on the ground, damaging it.

SM Entertainment has not yet commented on this incident.

source | allkpop

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After debuting 9 years ago, girl group member...Dana returns in musical "DaeJangGeum"

Debuting in 2005, CSJH did not come as a 'girl group' but as an 'acapella group.' Their agency, SM Entertainment, did not intend them to be a nation only group, rather to become an Asian star. While promoting in Korea, China, and Japan, in 2009, member Stephanie injured her back and caused the group to halt all promotions. In June, the remaining 3 members returned to Korea from Japan.

During this time, Lina opened a shopping mall transforming as a CEO, Sunday has featured in singer H-Eugene's 'Love Alarm', and Stephanie has been accepted into a Korean art and dance school. In the past month, Dana has stared in the musical 'DaeJangGeum' as JangGeum. She has stood on stage once again for the first time in a year in front of fans.

"Thank you for the opportunity and trials."

We met Dana on the 16th just before the musical began.

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cheonsang nacwon via tenjo-soul @ soompi

I completely did not know she helped to train f(x) in singing as well! Her musical run ended yesterday, and there were lots of good reviews about her :)

Dana keep to your word and comeback soon!

Dream Concert was full of rivals?

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In the action packed event that took place on the 22nd, the biggest singers of Korea got together to perform their best. During the Dream Concert, many groups and singers were compared to others because it looked like a lot of rivals were back together. Let’s look at these so called “rivals.”

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2PM fans divided, 2PM vs. Park Jaebeom

There is a strange atmosphere among 2PM fans.

On the 22nd at 7PM at Seoul Sangam World Cup Stadium, the 'I Love You Korea 2010 Dream Concert' opened. On this day, 2PM performed their title song 'Without U' and 'Don't Stop Can't Stop.' Unlike other artists, when they took the stage, shouts of 2PM mixed with shouts of former 2PM member Park Jaebeom.

Last year, before Park Jaebeom had been permanently expelled from 2PM [T/N: But after the Myspace controversy was revealed, as the 2009 Dream Concert took place in September], a 6-membered 2PM had taken the stage at the Dream Concert. Then, too, cheers for Park Jaebeom had engulfed the stadium, but the appearance was that of fans cheering together for 2PM and Park Jaebeom. However, this time, when the 2PM members took the stage shouts of Park Jaebeom's name burst out from all corners of the stadium, covering cheers for 2PM. The anomaly of two different shouts mixing for one singer's stage arose. In actuality, those shouting support for 2PM were not so much 2PM fans as much as fans of other artists cheering them on.

One fan said, "It's not that I don't understand the thoughts of fans who are waiting for Park Jaebeom, but this went too far," she said.

However, 2PM finished their stage in spite of this, and Ok Taecyeon was especially a great success as an MC.

Reported by: Baek Ji Eun
Credit: Sports Chosun
Article: Click Here
Translated by: 49.5bananas @