May 26th, 2010

TV: Glee - Heather Morris

Who Whore it Better: TOP vs. Models

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Who looks better?

TOP, hands down no question
Models, like the outfits
Neither, they are just a dnw.

so omona who do you think wore it better in each case?

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100524 SHINee Onew UFO reply

source:weaReShining01, UFO TOWN (sry mods, can't find the exact link, hope it's alright) 

 translated by::rainbowgrlxoxo

"for those women who go on a diet to lose some fat,
honestly, boys like girls who have average bodies and arent VERY skinny. did u noe that?
if i see someone really skinny, i get anxious and want to feed her!
is it cuz i like food alot? but i would rather like someone who enjoys food alot than a person who doesnt eat much
eat three constant meals a day and exercise alot to make a healthy body, which is best to see. okay? so from now on, be healthy! promise!" 

his future wife is one lucky girl

it me

WonderGirls in tears, “SunMi is forever a Wonder Girls member”

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Tears fell as the WonderGirls talk about member SunMi as the forever member of the group.

The WonderGirls were on KBS WinWin aired on 25th May when they talked about member SunMi who left the group in February to continue her studies.

Leader SunYe said, “The most important thing is SunMi’s happiness. Even though WonderGirls’ happiness as a whole team is important, SunMi’s personal happiness is important too. Because this is about SunMi’s life, we thought we need to consider for her too. Even though at first it was hard to accept, but after that, we listened to SunMi more and could better understand and consider her choice.”

YeEun added, “There are people who asked if we are still in contact with one another. SunMi is forever a WonderGirls member. Today is our first broadcast, and SunMi has helped monitor us via text messages.” and was seen tearing after saying that.

SoHee said, “It seems SunMi monitors our activities more than we do for ourselves. She is currently studying hard now and we are supporting her on that. SunMi is always supporting and rooting for us, and she will not be forgotten whereever she will be.”

SunYe also send a video message, “I want to congratulate you for passing her GED examinations, and I hope we can have a session together and have a good chit chat. We will always be supporting you, so live well. Our SunMi whom we missed very much.”

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SISTAR releases debut album jacket photos

It’s been quite a long while since we heard about rookie girl group SISTAR making their debut and it looks like they went back to the drawing board to rethink their debut plans. But SISTAR is finally set to make their debut.

Ahead of their debut, Starship Entertainment has revealed a set of album jacket photos for SISTAR whose members comprise of Bora, Hyorin, Dasom and Soyou.

From the released photos, it looks like they are aiming for the retro concept with their funky look and unique makeup and colorful wigs.

The Brave Brothers will be producing their album which is set for release on June 3rd. They will then begin full-fledged promotions in the same week.

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source: allkpop

Super Junior to guest of Dream Team

With their BONAMANA album comeback, Super Junior will be returning to more than just the musical stage – it’s been confirmed that they will be appearing on the small screen as well with a cameo on KBS Dream Team!

It was announced on the official KBS website that the members of Super Junior have been scheduled to film an upcoming episode next week on June 2. Although the majority of the boy group will band together as a unit, member Eunhyuk will play against his groupmates as a member of the Dream Team instead. This episode will also feature Minho of SHINee, Junho of 2PM, Lee Sangin and Lee Byun Jin, and with the antics we’ve seen from the cast and Super Junior in the past, I’m sure their interactions will be more than amusing to watch.

So who will you be rooting for – the Dream Team or Team Super Junior? Stay tuned for more on this episode!

Source: allkpop


[Star Diary, Part 5] “Solo activity, the feeling of backpacking”

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Taeyang (23,·real name Dong Young Bae) finally debuted in Big Bang, after his tough trainee days. Doing activities in front of the public, he was able to give pleasure, but he has also had numerous secret conflicts.

To tell you the truth, I had some worries after my debut. Actually I’ve liked “black music” since my childhood and thought I could become like my favorite artists. I’ve always dreamed of that but after I debuted in an idol group, I had to be “popular” and do activities with songs which I’ve never considered singing. So I was confused for a while.

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Source: Asiae
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don't know what the lyrics of nu abo mean? take heart, f(x) doesn't know either

Hailed as Asia’s dance pop girlgroup, f(x) was recently back with their 1st minialbum and the title song ‘NU ABO’.

While the catchy number is well received by music fans, the f(x) girls confess that they do not know exactly what the lyrics to the song mean. The girls recently did an interview with 10Asia and revealed what they feel about the song.

10Asia: Many people wanted to ask this. How was it like when you first saw the lyrics to ‘NU ABO’? (Question by netizen ‘mooncatzz’)

* Krystal: For me, I don’t understand it.
* Sulli: I was like “What does ggoong-di-ggoong-di mean?” (Laugh)

10Asia: So have you asked about the meaning of the lyrics?

* Krystal: Actually, there is no such word as ‘mysteric’. There is ‘mystery’ but no such word as ‘mysteric’. And I was confused why we sang about ‘unnie (elder sister)’ when the song is about blood types. (Laugh) But after we filmed the MV, we understood the lyrics better.
* Luna: We thought amongst ourselves how the story and the interpretation to the lyrics should go.

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sulli grew by 25 cm wtf.

The f(x) 10Asi photoshoot is here posted here
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2PM @ Kimbumsu Dream Radio - English recaps

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DJ says that since it's only 3 members present, they can become "avatars" for those 3 who are absent

 Junho says that since everyone has basically flashed their abs here or there, there's no nudity in Without U concept and they're saving flashier performance for the next album.

 DJ asked Junho what he thinks of people saying that he looks a bit like Rain. Junho said that lately people say that his face has changed somewhat and it gives away a different feeling. Like "It's Junho".

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Source:here@2pmalways , pics here.
Eng Recaps by Egle @2pmalways

Rino Nakasone Joins the Pussycat Dolls

So Nyeo Shi Dae, SHINee and f(x) are going to have to look for a new choreographer soon, because popular dancer and former Harajuku Doll Rino Nakasone is now a member of Nicole Scherzinger and the Pussycat Dolls.

The five-member group announced Saturday that all of its members except lead singer (recent Dancing With the Stars winner) Nicole Scherzinger, would be replaced.

Nakasone has created the moves for numerous Korean artists, including SHINee, Girls’ Generation and f(x). Before she started working with Korean artists, she choreographed for pop artists such as Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and Avril Lavigne.

The other three new members of the Pussycat Dolls include Vanessa Curry, a former LA Lakers cheerleader; Kherington Payne, a participant on the American reality show, “So You Think You Can Dance”; and Jamie Lee Ruiz, a former member of Girlicious.

When the group first debuted, I had a sense that the roster would have a sort of rotating lineup, which serves the group fine, since there  are only really one or two people that sing. Nice to see a little diversity this time around. And the best part - more Rino on out TV screens!

Source: Seoulbeats, JoongAng Daily
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2PM @ Lee Soyoung's Music Show - English recaps

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The DJ screamed out with joy since she is one of the DJs whom Khun had offered to pay for a meal, totaling 5 of them. They ordered over 10 dishes and Khun paid for those all. Therefore, The DJ asked Khun if the price was shocking. Khun said he was OK about that. She teased him ‘the rich boy.’

The DJ continued by asking whether Khun often pay for member’s food. Khun said that he usually did that. Junsu told that when they had been trainees, Khun was the one, often paid for others. “You had been rich already?” the DJ questioned. Ha made an excuse that he had solo activities in Thailand, so he had a little more money than others did. That is why he paid for his friends and seniors.

They talked about Junsu and Wooyoung’ sickness. Junsu hurt his knee while dancing. Wooyoung had his vocal cord swollen while Nichkhun was and is completely healthy yet running short of money.

On wooyoung’s Birthday, his fans gave him so many presents that he was grateful and cried. The Most expensive gift is the keyboard, which he uses for his composition, and it allows him to play beautiful pieces. He thanked the fans and expressed that he was so happy.


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source: here@2pmalways , pics here
Eng translation:Kagetsu Crackerbaby K.@2pmalways

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Cho Yong-pil Sets Ticket Sales Record

Cho Yong-pil performs at the 40th anniversary of his debut at Olympic Stadium in Seoul in 2008.

Veteran singer Cho Yong-pil has set a new record for selling the greatest number of concert tickets in the shortest amount of time. Nearly all of the
100,000 tickets for Cho's "Love in Love" concert scheduled for Friday and Saturday at Seoul's Olympic Stadium had sold out by Tuesday afternoon.

Interpark and Auction, where the tickets are being sold online, have sold 98 and 95 percent of their allotted tickets so far. Both firms reported that nearly all seats have been snapped up, with the exception of a few hundred in the back with restricted views. The tickets allotted to concert planners such as YPC and Insight Entertainment have all been sold already.

Older fans were especially passionate. According to Interpark, 54 percent of its ticket buyers were in their 40s or over, 26.2 percent in their 30s and 19.6 percent in their 20s. Nearly two thirds were women.

It is the first time since Michael Jackson's concerts on Oct. 11 and 13, 1996 that a singer is holding two days of concerts at Olympic Stadium, the nation's largest venue in terms of seating. Some 65,000 people came to see Jackson at the time.

Source: The Chosun Ilbo

Lee Hyori chosen as Korea’s best pop girl

Recently back with new album ‘H-Logic’, singer Lee Hyori has been chosen as Korea’s best pop girl.

Neo Bob recently did a survey on 559 individuals from 3rd May to 24th May regarding ‘Korea Mass Culture Leader Pop Girl’ and Lee Hyori has came in #1 with 46.6% of the votes from those surveyed.

The representative Shin JaeKyu of Neo Bob said, “After going solo, Lee Hyori has been the hot issues amongst the masses for her music, choreography and fashion etc. And her confidence has especially made her the star whom many females want to be like. She is also #1 for being the star with the most ‘lovecalls’ from the fashion industry for her great sense of fashion and affinity.”

For survey, ranked #2 is So Nyeo Shi Dae (25.5%) and #3 is WonderGirls (24.5%).

source: kbites
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Three fierce bitches to host MC Music Core this week

On last week’s episode of MBC Music Core, we were notified that the MCs Tiffany and Yuri were going to be absent for the next three weeks due to SNSD’s oversea promotions. The two girls also told us not to worry as amazing people will fill their spots.
Well, it turns out that they were correct! Three amazing people have been assigned to MC this week’s Music Core, and they are none other than Wonder Girls‘ Sunye, Yubin and CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa!