May 27th, 2010

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K-pop Gets Patriotic for the World Cup

Korean groups churn out football songs but only one gets 'official' nod

VICTORY KOREA: K-pop outfit Super Junior (above) might not be in the official World Cup compilation CD but that didn't stop the boys from releasing their own football song

What is it with South Korean singers and their fixation with the World Cup?

As football fans around the globe count down earnestly to June 11 - the day Fifa World Cup South Africa kicks off - the K-pop scene, it seems, has been caught up in the same fervour.

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LOL @ the description of 2AM XD

Reported by: Tan Kee Yun for The New Paper

f(x) Krystal's athleticism - all thanks to her parents

Group f(x)'s Krystal (age 16, real name is Jung Soojung) won for her team in "Dream Team, Season 2" when it was broadcasted on the 16th, saying that "it was all because of blessings of genes."

Krystal made her first appearance for "Dream Team" in March, teaming up with Minho of Shinee and attracted attention by creating a record of 180cm for the high jump. On the 16th in "Girl's Dream Team," she has demonstrated her athletic abilities in the "sliding door" game, which tested for a person's running speed. She has beaten the whole KBS announcer team by uriously swing her arms back and forth and running 100 meters in 15 seconds, becoming "the hero for the 29th generation of Girls' Dream Team."

In her recent interview with Daily Athletics, Krystal revealed, "In my childhood in America, my father was a boxer and my mother was a equipment gymnast so I would exercise everyday." "When I wake up in the morning, I would put on my gloves and punch with my father. My parents's athletic blood flows in me so I'm pretty confident when it comes to sports."

She continued, "I'm the only member who doesn't dorm and lives with my parents. After my parents saw me on "Dream Team," they complimented me, saying 'That's our daughter.' " She smirked/smiled as she said this. Krystal is SNSD Jessica's younger sister and is now doing activities for their new mini album "NU ABO."

Source: f(x) Baidu, Daily Athletics (I don't know how to translate this, or if it should translated anyways. Sorry.)
Chinese Translator: CylinGirl
English Translator: allstar @ aff(x)

LOL I remember Sangchu's comment in that episode. "SM Entertainment must have a special PE school!" or something like that.

T-ara ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ and BEG ‘Sign’ amongst the 5 MVs deemed as harmful media for youths

Girlgroup T-ara ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ MV is one of the 5 MVs deemed as harmful/inappropriate media for youths.

The Broadcast Communications Committee recently assessed 119 MVs online recently and has deemed 5 MVs – T-ara ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’, Brown Eyed Girls ‘Sign’, Big Queens ‘It’s Okay’, Hwi ‘Late Regret’, Top.AZ ‘Can’t you trust noona?’ – as inappropriate and harmful media for youths.

The reasons for the assessment results is that there is feature of sexual contact between genders in ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’, and murder and violence in ‘Sign’. The committee revealed that the MVs were deemed inappropriate for feature of sex and violence.

When a MV is deemed inappropriate for youths, a logo will be attached to warm youths. Also netizens have to certify that they are of legal age to be able to watch them online.

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sources: kbites + TheTiaraTV1 + Rose1844 + InWonderlandz + ikumin0305 + AznSamManMV @yt
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Gay drama raises religious groups' eyebrows

Korean society seems much more tolerant about homosexuality these days. But what about a gay kissing scene on a prime time TV drama? That may be too much for at least some religious groups in this society where Confucian values are still dominant.

Nevertheless, homosexuality is no longer taboo as a soap opera theme. It’s emerging as a popular topic, raising the eyebrows of some religious groups.

Conservative Christian groups argue that it is inappropriate for terrestrial broadcasters to air TV dramas featuring gay love, insisting it negatively influences the “sacred” institution of marriage between men and women.

However, progressive religious organizations say that now is the time for Korea to openly discuss the controversial issue and find ways of properly protecting homosexuals and other social minorities.

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Source: The Korea Times
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Cho PD takes his new release to Twitter

Rapper Cho PD, who announced his retirement from music last March, released a new single called “The Wall” via Twitter on Tuesday.

The rapper said he chose to release the song on Twitter because he wanted to get away from the mainstream music scene.

“Rap music is unique for its ability to deliver messages to society. When people ignore this to get better rankings on music charts, it is a disgrace to rap music,” he said on Twitter.

The song generated controversy before its release for criticizing the societal trend that favors TV entertainment programs or celebrity gossip over more pressing issues such as the conflicts between the two Koreas and other divisions between political parties, generations and socioeconomic class.

Cho will release a final album in November before he retires.

Source: JoongAng Daily

I have a feeling he's the type that will be back in few years with another "final" album.


Source: Monosaic
wonders of the world | wonder girls

4minute girls are FIGHTING!

"4Minute is FIGHTING?!"

Yes, indeed they are fighting for their New Album!

A set of comical photos showing the 4Minute members ‘fighting over’ their new album, released on 27th May, was revealed recently, giving fans a good laugh. The girls surely has a sense of humor.

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they're so adorable! last picture is kinda epic lol.
Penelope is pretty.
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X-line: New obsession for young women

Kim Su-yeon, a 21 year-old student from Dankook University, is on a diet almost every day in hopes of achieving her ideal figure.

"To be able to wear clothes well, the X-line is the perfect shape. But to show off the body, the S-line is better... I think thin people look really ill, and it doesn't look good," Kim said.

Nowadays, many female college students like Kim are always trying to go on a diet and exercising their way to a slimmer body.

Three out of four female college students consider X-line, a term referring to a slim waist with ample breasts and hips, to be the ideal body shape, according to a survey by Amore Pacific's V=B Program. The survey covered 1,000 female college students from Ewha Woman's University and Dongduk Women's University from May 13 and 17.

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Source: The Korea Times
Big Bang <3
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Wonder Girls soar to the top of Gaon charts with "2DT"

Korean female idol group the Wonder Girls successfully bowed into the No. 1 spot on Gaon's singles chart with their latest song "2 Different Tears" during the fourth week of May.

According to data released on Thursday, the girls claimed their first win on the chart, pushing out former winners Davichi off from the top slot.

The quintet made a comeback to the local music scene early last week after the global release of their new album, of the same name as their new song, which also marked their official debut in the United States.

Rounding out the top three singles was R&B duo Vibe's latest tune "Please Come Back Again" which climbed nine slots to second place, while "Time, Please Stop" by Davichi followed behind in third place falling back two ranks from the previous week.

Meanwhile, K-pop male idols Super Junior remained on top of Gaon's weekly album chart for the week of May 16 to 22 with their fourth full-length record "BONAMANA" for the second consecutive week.

Wonder Girls' new single album "2 Different Tears" and CNBLUE's latest second mini-album "Bluelove" entered the charts at No. 2 and 3 spot, respectively.

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Source: - 1, 2, 3

SPAO releases new World Cup photos featuring So Nyeo Shi Dae

With the hype of the 2010 World Cup building up with various cheer events and songs released by Korean celebrities, clothing brand SPAO also released new photos for the World Cup season.

And in the new photos revealed, the So Nyeo Shi Dae members are featured in red and white fashion code posing as cheerleaders cheering the South Korea team on for the World Cup.

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sources: kbites + SapphireSG@yt
Gooooooo Panthers!!!!
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Lee Jung-hyun song ranks No.1 on top Chinese portal

Korean singer and actress Lee Jung-hyun's new song has been ranked atop one of China's largest portal sites, according to her agency on Thursday.

AVA Entertainment stated in a press release that Lee claimed the No. 1 spot on Chinese portal site with the title track "Suspicious Man" from her newly released seventh full-length album "Lee Jung Hyun 007th."

AVA added that another song from the album, "Eeny Meeny Miny Moe," was ranked at seventh on the website which has over 400 million members.

Lee also became the most searched and only foreign celebrity to place on QQ's real-time chart as well.

Lee, 30, made her debut into the entertainment industry in 1996 through movie "A Petal." She appeared in several other movies and dramas thereafter but is most well-known for her singing career which she has expanded into several countries in Asia.



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Big Bang who last year in June was promoting in the Japanese music market and attracted a 60,000 audience and had a successful tour, will be coming back with their Korean activities at the end of August.

YG Entertainment Executive Producer, Yang Hyun Suk, had an interview with Herald on May 27th. He said “Big Bang’s Korean activities are aimed to be held this coming August.”

Yang Hyun Suk, “Big Bang obtained a big result from their Japanese activities. Except for the Red & White Ceremony, they won 5 other awards, including the best newcomer award.”

“Big Bang will be the first Korean dance group to be invited to the ‘Summer Sonic Festival 2010′ in Japan this coming August 7th and 8th, in Tokyo and Osaka. After participating on the main stage they will rush back to Korea for their Korean activities” he said.

TRANS:  alee @ ibigbang

+ 6 million? is that legit? O_O fixed (:
☆ baekhyun; composition

Super Junior to hit Singapore for the first time

Ever since their booming return with Bonamana, Super Junior has once again successfully spread the Suju fever all around. Naturally, because of their catchy tunes and endearing personalities, the boys have developed quite a fanbase worldwide.

They’ve hit up quite a few places already to spread the Super Junior lovin’, but on June 6 the boys are headed to Singapore for the very first time for the Super Junior Galaxy Showcase presented by Samsung and SingTel.

There is a catch, however; the only way fans will be able to get tickets and attend the show is if they purchase the Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone. Once you purchase the phone, you will receive your tickets. But fans better hurry up because only the first 800 people to purchase the phone will be able to attend this event!

For those interested, you should visit this website for more information. Good luck to everyone! This showcase will definitely be something you won’t want to miss!


Apparently the newspapers say it will cost about $1300 to watch their showcase, even with tickets in hand.

Wow. SHINee didn't even cost a hundred per head.
Woodong-like CL. Muscular Sandara Ok.

2PM to end album promotions + fly to US for WG tour in June

2PM will end their album promotions and fly to the States in June.

Currently promoting the album ‘Without U’, the group has been promoting as 4 members as member JunSu is down with knee injury and ChanSung hospitalized for enteritis.

A JYP Entertainment rep revealed, “Even though we have planned for the goodbye stages this week, the situation don’t allow. The album promotions will end naturally and the boys will be flying to the States in June.” 2PM will be doing opening guest appearances for WonderGirls’ American concert tour.

Also, member TaecYeon will fly to the States with the member after his current drama ‘Cinderella’s Sister’ comes to an end on 3rd June. The JYP rep also added that the boys’ individual activities like MC on SBS Inkigayo, on Family Outing 2 and on KBS WinWin will go on as usual even though they are going to be touring with the WonderGirls.

Meanwhile, after touring with the WonderGirls, the boys will return to Korea to prepare for their own concert.

Source: Newsen; Sookyeong

SO EXCITED. This post is brought to you by vintage WonderPM.