May 29th, 2010

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Movie Poetry to be shown in the U.S.

The movie Poetry (director: Lee Chang Dong), which won best screenplay at the 63rd Cannes Film Festival is anticipated to be released in the US in the fall.

Regardless that Poetry’s genre is not an easy one to export to other countries, Poetry has been gathering much attention from the beginning and has sold overseas release rights to 9 countries including France, Taiwan, Greece, Spain, Brazil, and the US. In addition, other nations such as Japan, Hong Kong, and Thailand are actively seeking for release rights in their respective countries.

(The plot: A grandmother in her sixties copes with the onset of Alzheimer’s by attempting to write poetry. She lives with her grandson and learns that his bullying had something to do with the suicide of a girl, his junior high school classmate. Like Lee’s previous film Secret Sunshine, a central theme of Poetry is a woman coming to terms with loss. –javabeans)

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Stanford University Prescreening of "71-Into the Fire"

Korean actor kwon Sang-woo and director Lee Jae-han of film "71-Into the Fire" speak a press conference after attending a seminar for the 60th anniversary of Korean War held at Stanford University, Stanford, California on May 27, 2010. [Hwang Yong-hee/Asia Economic Daily]

Korean actor kwon Sang-woo and director Lee Jae-han attended a special seminar for their upcoming war film "71-Into the Fire" at the prestigious Stanford University Asia-Pacific Research Center on May 27 (U.S. time).

The two were among the seven speakers invited to speak at the seminar, held in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Korean War and organized by the Korean Studies Program at the university.

The event featured a screening of the film followed by a panel discussion.

"It is significant that a research center that has expertise in Asian issues would hold a seminar about the Korean War", said Lee at the event.

Lee further explained that the Asia-Pacific Research Center had supported the film since its planning stages and he had promised to attend the seminar even before he started shooting the pic.

The director appeared satisfied with the partnership, saying "it will probably help the film enormously when it is shown in the U.S".

It is the second time that the Stanford Asia-Pacific Research Center had supported an Asian film -- in 2006, it had backed Clint Eastwood's film "Letters from Iwo Jima" about the battle between the U.S. and Japan during World War II.

Lee, who studied filmmaking at New York University, directed his first feature film "A Moment to Remember" (2004) which starred top Korean actors Jung Woo-sung and Son Ye-jin.

He is reportedly planning to make his debut in the U.S. through directing the Hollywood remake of John Woo pic "The Killer".

"71-Into the Fire", based on the true story of 71 student soldiers who fought during the Korean War, stars actors Cha Seung-won, Kwon Sang-woo, Kim Seung-woo and T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyeon) of idol group Big Bang.

The film opens in Korea on June 16.

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Cinderella Sister's Seo Woo dresses up for a Fun Photo Shoot in Elle Girl Korea

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Seo Woo, as Koo Hyo-seon in Korean drama Cinderella's Sister (신데렐라 언니), is featured in a photo shoot in the June issue of Elle Girl Korea. Styling-wise, this got to be one of my favorite photo shoots this year- loving all the apparels and accessories used in this fun-looking photo shoot.

Spotted in brands such as Chanel, Burberry Prorsum, Suecomma Bonnie, Repetto, Adidas, Adidas by Jeremy Scott, Givenchy, Guess, Belle Nouveau, Alexander Wang, Mango, Miu Miu, Diane Von Furtensburg, Converse, and etc., stylist of this photo shoot, Kim Bong Beob mixed and matched street-wear brands with designer brands.


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Credits: Kokokoreano: Fashion Runway- The K Way

Kyuhyun; Blue

South Korea Expands Aid for Internet Addiction

SUWON, South Korea — Neither had a job. They were shy and had never dated anyone until they met through an online chat site in 2008. They married, but they knew so little about childbearing that the 25-year-old woman did not know when her baby was due until her water broke.

But in the fantasy world of Internet gaming, they were masters of all they encountered, swashbuckling adventurers exploring mythical lands and slaying monsters. Every evening, the couple, Kim Yun-jeong and her husband, Kim Jae-beom, 41, left their one-room apartment for an all-night Internet cafe where they role-played, often until dawn. Each one raised a virtual daughter, who followed them everywhere, and was fed, dressed and cuddled — all with a few clicks of the mouse.

On the morning of Sept. 24 last year, they returned home after a 12-hour game session to find their actual daughter, a 3-month-old named Sa-rang — love in Korean — dead, shriveled with malnutrition.

In South Korea, one of the world’s most wired societies, addiction to online games has long been treated as a teenage affliction. But the Kims’ case has drawn attention to the growing problem here of Internet game addiction among adults.

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Source: The New York Times

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SHAKING AND HIDING! 'I Saw The Devil' teaser arrives

It's going to be a long, intense, bloody and frightful summer of 2010. The first trailer out for this year's thriller-action noir by Dir. Kim Ji Woon (A Bittersweet Life) boosting the power actors of Choi Min Sik (Old Boy) and Lee Byung Hun (A Bittersweet Life, Good Bad Weird).

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Though Murderer - the sophomore feature from Chaser director Na Hong-Jin - will certainly make its share of noise there is no doubt what the event movie of the year in Korea is. After all, can anything else really be in the running when the director of The Good The Bad And The Weird teams up with the stars of Oldboy and A Bittersweet Life? Yes, Kim Ji-Woon's dark crime thriller hits screens this summer and he's brought Lee Byung-Hyun and Choi Min-Sik along for the ride.

The film is Oldboy star Choi's first major role since returning from a self imposed exile begun in protest over changes to the Korean screen quota system and marks the duo's first time working together. Lee and Kim, however, go back now over several films and their collaborations have always been stellar. This is also the first time Lee and Choi - two of the nation's biggest and most recognizable stars - have ever appeared together.

Story? Lee plays a cop driven to take vengeance after Choi's character kills his fiance. Stylish this will certainly be with Kim at the helm but pretty? No way. Check the teaser below.

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TAEC @ Mnet Radio - Eng recaps

Hebergement d'images

Taec has up to 355 nicknames in total
DJ Jinpyo said happy birthday to jungwoo (it was jungwoo’s birthday in ep 17 of cinderella sister)
He loves the nickname ‘Okcat’ the most
Taec had 5 hours of sleep before going to mnet radio after filimg all night for 3 days
Taec played the alto saxaphone in a jazz band
His pink mickey mouse pants he wore in the states were actually his pajamas
His girlfriend 6 years go cheated on him for his close friend. Taec didnt want to believe it but ended up seeing them date with his own eyes
He's uncomfortable with his relationship with yoona after the scandal.
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KARA Nicole’s ‘bare face’ reveal criticised by fans “It seems that the reveal was of bad intention”

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Girlgroup KARA member Nicole’s ‘bare face’ revealed has garnered much interests from netizens.

Nicole had appeared with no-make on SBS variety program ‘My Partner’ aired on 28th May, talking about the topic of exercising with MC Nam HeeSeok. And Nicole was seen shy with no makeup on, and her hands were covering her face many times during the filming. She was also seen wearing a cap, much under-dressed as compared to her usual features performing on stage.

Netizens’ comments to seeing her ‘bare face’ are, “She looks like actress Yoo HaeJin”, “Nicole looks like the 2nd-generation to Yoo HaeJin and Kim HyeSoo” while there are some who commented, “Nicole is one of the stars whose bare face should not be revealed” etc.

Fans seemed to be unhappy with the reveal of Nicole’s bare face on the show. It seems that Nicole was thrown off guard with the sudden show up of the filming team for the filming, and she was seen with no makeup. And she had seemed flustered about it that she kept on covering her face during the filming, and to make things worse, the camera had did close-up on her face during the filming.

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Sexy diva Son DamBi’s comeback date is fixed! Comeback is set in late-June!

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Son DamBi will have her singer comeback this late-June.

It has been finalised that Son DamBi will be having her comeback this June, and she is currently preparing for her comeback. News of her comeback first surfaced beginning of this year, but after over 6 months, the comeback date has finally been fixed.

There is great interests as to the concept and the music that Son DamBi will have her comeback with. It has been revealed that she will have a change in composers for her comeback album. She will be working with Kim TaeHyun and not the Brave Brothers who did her previous hits like ‘Crazy’ and ‘Saturday Night’. Kim TaeHyun is the hit maker who produced songs like ‘Bang!’ for After School and ‘Crazy Because Of You’ for T-ara.

An official revealed on 28th May that Son DamBi will be back with a dance song in a different form never tried before in Kpop. Much thought is also put into the choreography and concept for the new song.

And as for the album, there will be a minialbum with 5 songs including the title song. It is known that Son DamBi has been working on the album since last year.

With that, Son DamBi will make her return as the sexy diva this July, which also happens to be the same time that singer Seo InYoung will be releasing a new dance song, we are set to see a diva showdown between the 2 in July. Earlier there was anticipation that there will be a showdown between the Son DamBi and Lee Hyori this month but Son DamBi’s comeback date was unfortunately pushed back.

This will be the Son DamBi’s comeback 1 year and 4 months after her previous ‘Saturday night’.

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SNSD and Super Junior Tops Album Sales Chart So Far This Year

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Many artists have made a comeback so far this year, but only two have sold over 100,000 copies of their albums up until the end of May.

According to Hanteo, one of the research websites for album sales, out of all albums released from January 1st to May 26th, only SNSD’s 2nd official album and Super Junior’s 4th official album sold over 100,000 copies.

SNSD was in first place with their official 2nd album “Oh!” selling over 117,077 copies since January 28th (release date), and Super Junior was in second place with their official 4th album “Bonamana” selling over 106,891 since May 13th (release date).

The two groups’ streak did not end there. SNSD also took over third place with their 2nd repackage album “Run Devil Run”, which sold 47,455 copies since March 16th, and Super Junior made it to fourth place with the B version of their official 4th album, which sold 37,410 copies.

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dang SME just rakin up moolah left and right.

Hollywood to Produce KPOP Stars!

WestSide Entertainment, the company that worked with famous Hollywood producers in trying to crossover Asian artists, this time will be working with one of the Hollywood producers that just worked on the Bone Thugs N Harmony recent reunion album to create a group composing of Korean Americans girls from the US and native girls from Korea and possibly Japan. The group will be launching a digital single in Korea this Fall.

With recent trends of Korean singers wanting to come to the US, WestSide and their Hollywood partners will be reversing this trend and instead will be bringing really good American style music and sophisticated group concepts to cater to the Korean music market. WestSide is in talks with several Korean entertainment companies in Korea to partner up with for this upcoming project.

Auditions (online and physical place will take place very soon so stay tuned!

-WestSide Family!-

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