May 31st, 2010

After School Sub-groups?

Girlgroup After School will start their unique group activities.
According to their agency Pledis, “From June, After School will have activities as 2 unique trios, as well as solo.”
Though they cannot reveal which members will be forming the unique group, the Pledis official said, “They will not only be showing the usual sexy and powerful image of After School, they will also be doing a completely different concept.”
Ahead of their new album release in June, an After School member revealed, “Having to prepare for the album while promoting ‘Bang!’ is tough. And we felt burden to perform as a 7-member group. Please look forward to our new projects.”

Source: K-bites
Original Source: Newsen

Wonder who is going to be put in the sub-group..

New Invincible Youth Members Confirmed

Umuch speculation, it was finally confirmed that After School’s Jooyeon, f(x)’s Victoria and Sori will become the three new members of G7 on Invincible Youth.

This annoucement was confirmed by PD Kim Ho Sang on May 31st with the trio replacing the outgoing Hyuna of 4minute, Yuri and Sunny of SNSD who filmed their last episode on May 19th.

PD Kim said, “Although most of us know Jooyeon for her looks, she will now show her straight talking personality through the show. As for Victoria, we know all about her flexibility but she will show more of her other charms in the show.”

Finally, “Sori is a bit of an unknown in variety and it was a surprise for us to cast a non-girl group member. Sori has an awesome dancing background and has majored in ballet since she was young. She has also released single albums and we look forward to seeing her variety qualities on the show.”

Their first recording will take place this week and will be shown in mid-June.

Source: Allkpop

Leeteuk has always been a fan of Sunye

Super Junior’s Leeteuk
revealed a surprising past between him and the Wonder Girls’ Sunye.

In the most recent recording of Yoo Jae Seuk and Kim Won Hee’s Come to Play, five Super Junior members and the Wonder Girls were guests.

At one point, Leeteuk asked Sunye, “Do you remember oppa?”

He explained himself, “Sunye auditioned through a TV show. I’ve been a fan of her since. When that show was over, I saw her at a hamburger place and my heart was beating so fast.”

That’s kind of hilarious to imagine considering the fact that at the time, she was in elementary school and he was in high school. Pedobear approves!

The episode airs on the 31st.

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Yoobin’s doll-like body becomes a hot topic

The latest topic amongst netizens involves Wonder Girls’ Yubin.

On one portal site a post which exposed Yubin’s doll-like body has been receiving much attention. Netizens are praising the Wonder Girls rapper for her tan skin color and toned body.

During Wonder Girls’ performance of 2 Different Tears on Music Core, Yubin wore an outfit that revealed a peek at her chiseled abs.

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Singer/movie actor Mr. Kim caught for using drugs.

The Korean authorities have announced today that they arrested 11 people and charged 12 for alleged drug use. One of those that have been charged is a singer/movie actor only identified as 24-year-old Mr. Kim.

Mr. Kim is accused of purchasing marijuana and methamphetamine and smoking them 18 times between last December and late last month.

Netizens suggest that the description of singer/movie actor and being 24-year old matches none other than Taegoon, but it has not been confirmed.

Source: allkpop

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ngl, akp's going to get into serious trouble if they don't stop with the name droppings. :/
I take it back. It's not just akp. Still, people need to stop it with the name dropping. D:

Photo Of The Day! Uljjang rapper E.via poses with world star Rain

Recently back with new song 'Shake', uljjang rapper E.via reveals a photo taken together with singer Rain backstage.

E.via posted up the photo on her minihompy on 30th May, and amongst other photos she posted up are photo taken together with singers like Hwayobi, Lyn, f(x) Amber, Sulli and Rain etc.

The one that caught the attention of many netizen is the photo taken with Rain. The 2 had looked like they are close friends. In addition, Rain was seen with a tank top showing his toned muscles, much to the contrast of E.via's sweet and cute image.

E.via wrote jokingly, "World star Rain seonbaenim, really standing next to him, I almost wanted to ask 'Can I touch those muscles?'. Really cool really cool."

Netizens' comments were, "She took a tour backstage?", "Envious", "I want to touch the muscles too" etc.

Meanwhile, E.via performed the song 'Shake' on 28th May on KBS Music Bank.

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gotta love this gurl!!! xD
Oh pain!
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Group 8 to produce TV adaptation of Japanese comic

Korean production company Group 8 will be producing a new TV series based on popular Japanese comics "Itazurana Kiss."

Group 8 explained in a press release that the local TV version will be helmed by Hwang In-roi, who previously directed "Goong" (MBC, 2006) and "The Return of Iljimae" (MBC, 2009), and adapted for the small screen by noted television writer Go Eun-nim.

The original comic series "Itazurana Kiss," which sold over 27 million copies in Japan, has been made into animation and TV dramas in Japan and Taiwan as well, where the local TV version scored the highest viewership rating for the year.

Group 8, founded by musician Song Byung-joon, is known for creating television dramas based on comic series such as "Goong" and most notably last year's smash hit "Boys Over Flowers," which turned little-known actor Lee Min-ho into a household name.

The Korean TV adaptation, set to premiere this fall, will soon wrap up casting and go into shoot in early July.


Whatever, nothing can triumph the epicness of Taiwanese TV adaptation. Also I think Group 8 only did fail! Goong S and not the awesomeness that was Goong. So be prepared for another rushed mess like BOF.
talking bout my girl [Sohee]

JYP to WG: "No dating for 2 more years"

Wonder Girls are attracting attention because they have revealed that Park Jin Young keeps telling them to put off dating.

The Wonder Girls have participated in a recent recording of KBS2TV’s “Win Win.”

When the MC’s asked the Wonder Girls, “Don’t you want to date now?” they replied, “We want to date, but JYP told us to wait 3 years to date when we debuted. But when we promoted in the US, he told us to wait 2 more years.

The Wonder Girls proceeded to complain in a cutesy manner, “How much more do we have to wait?”

At the question of “Is there something you want to do when you have a boyfriend?” Yeeun said, “I want to have couple rings with him, and leave his name on the ‘thanks to’ part of our album.” Sohee said, “I would like it if when we come back to Korea after we finish an overseas performance, my boyfriend waits for me at the airport and welcomes me with a hug.

On the other had, they provoked curiosity by saying that the Park Jin Young who told them to wait to date has introduced them to men.

Sources: Star News; Sookyeong

Lol I'm sure Heechul will be right there waiting, Sohee...Also, if JYP gave his blessing for Kwon to date GaIn, I think Sunye should get an okay too. XD so she can date Jay again
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K-pop group Super Junior's concert causes stampede at Shanghai Expo, one death reported

A Korean pop concert held yesterday at the Expo Culture Center caused something of a stampede - reports of how bad it got vary, from the Epoch Time's rumor that someone died to Shanghai Daily's blithe announcement that the streets were "blocked by fans."

If anything, this event was a warning about the power of K-pop: South Korea had planned a "classical and pop" concert that included insanely huge acts - Kangta, BoA and Super Junior, whose Shanghai shows sell out at 10,000+ seated stadiums each year they come. They're so insanely huge that it almost makes you wonder what organizers were thinking when they arranged that show.

To get in, all you supposedly had to do was get an Expo ticket and line up at the center, an act which, if you're a student, costs 90RMB. That's way less than the Super Junior 2009 show's ticket prices at Yuan Shen Sports Center, where the cheapest you could get in for was 480RMB. Unfortunately, there were only 5000 tickets available, and half of those had already been given to South Korean groups - a fact that eager Chinese K-pop fans hadn't been made aware of.

By midnight on Saturday, according to Lianhe Zaobao, there were already 2000 people waiting outside the Expo's Pudong door. Night watch people were blindsided. By the time the limited amount of tickets sold out (The Standard reports there were less than 500), roughly 5000 people were waiting around.

When the crowd realized all tickets were gone, they began to get violent. A witness on the internet said that "several girls were stepped on and over by several guys. So messy, so messy, All the crying and yelling turned into one big wave. There were so many shoes. One girl even fell from the second floor." The original post has already been harmonized on Tianya. Lianhe says the rumor that this girl died hasn't been confirmed, though Hong Kong's Apple Daily seems to be reporting it as fact (watch the YouTube video in that link or below, it has some images of police guards frantically running to contain the crowd).

What they both agree on is that hundreds of people were injured, whether from the pushing and shoving or from heatstroke. The Expo official report itself said that "In the event, several tourists suffered from heatstroke and abrasions and were rushed to nearby medical facilities at the park." That's a little more than "blocked by fans," isn't it?

Which actually makes me wonder - it seems that Shanghai Daily is still the only China-based paper that's picked up on the news and their version was way more sanitized than the dozens of Mandarin reports in Chinese media. It almost feels like Chinese media controllers, for the first time I've noticed, are more scared about what the outside world thinks than what their own people think.

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Source: shanghaiist

Note the discrepancy. Some articles say that the death is a rumour while the Apple Daily news in Hong Kong is reporting it as a fact. In the meantime I will go read more Chinese articles to check.


Four groups of guests performed during the Live Event - JAY'ED took the stage first, followed by W-inds, VANNESS and Big Bang.

The final guests who adorned this one-night-only special live were - BIG BANG!

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omg they performed tell me goodbye ;O

Super Junior DongHae, “Once I have my eyes on a girl, I will make her my girl”

Super Junior DongHae reveals his unique theory of love relationship.

DongHae was recently on MBC Yoo JaeSeok Kim WonHee’s Come To Play aired on 31st May. And on the show, he said, “Once I have my eyes on a girl, I will make her my girl.”

But before he had said that, DongHae had revealed that he has once impersonated as an overseas fans and hugged WonderGirls SunYe. And the MCs asked, “By any chance, do you have a thing for Sunye?” And DongHae explained, “I’m a fan. Since I saw the audition, I have been watching her on TV. I hope she will continue to do well.”

Meanwhile, on the show HyeLim also chose Super Junior KyuHyun as her favourite member on the show.

source: kbites

Secret confesses, “We are not the nation’s younger sisters but younger brothers”

Group Secret reveals, “We are the nation’s younger brothers.”

Currently promoting their 1st minialbum ‘Magic’, Secret was recently on SBS radio ’2pm Escape Cultwo Show’ as guests on the show.

They were asked the question, “Now is the time of the girlgroups. What is the differentiating charms of Secret as compared to other girlgroups?” and leader Jeon HyoSeong replied, “I guess we are strong and have the charms of younger brothers. Nation’s younger brother image?”

With that, the viewers have asked the question, “Who had looked at all of you and see you as guys?”. Secret then gave a modest answer saying that they are not on the pretty side as compared to ther girlgroups.

The show is set to air on 3rd June at 9pm.

source: kbites

Ahead of debut, Infinite reveals preppy style album jacket photoshoot

Ahead of their official debut, upcoming boyband Infinite reveals a photoshoot with preppy look concept.
Releasing their debut album on 9th June, Infinite reveals the album jacket photos featuring the members in preppy style. The concept also follows the 1950s Brit boy style.
Meanwhile, the boys’ own variety show Mnet ‘You’re My Oppa’ ended recently and the boys were seen in tears in the last episode.

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omfg geeky concept <3
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Amber reveals photo taken together with YoonA, “Happy birthday YoonA unnie”

Girlgroup f(x) member Ambe reveals a photo taken together with So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA while posing affably.

Amber posted up the photo on her me2day on 30th May and wrote a message to congratulate YoonA on her birthday. Amber said, “Everyone, have you congratulated unnie on her birthday? If not, do it with me. YoonA unnie, happy birthday. Thank you for always taking good care of me. I hope you have a good one today on your birthday.”

Meanwhile, f(x) is promoting their 1st album title song ‘NU ABO’.

Source: TVReport
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나 어떡해요 언니!!!!!!!