June 1st, 2010


Actress Park Min Young and DBSK's Yoochun Will Star As Lovers

The actress for the role of Kim Yun-hee, who disguises herself as a man in KBS2’s television drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal” has been confirmed.

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Source: JoongAng Ilbo Japan + baiduTVXQ
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Guess who's planning a comeback!

2AM Seulong revealed that he is in the middle of planning "Dirty Eyed Girls 2."

After 2AM's birthday party at Seoul Melon AX Hall finished on the 29th, Seulong said, "Member Jo Kwon dances Lady Gaga-Beyonce dances well [...] Jo Kwon and I are considering whether we should make a comic work for Dirty Eyed Girls Part 2."

Seulong had appeared on a music video parodying Brown Eyed Girls' "Abracadabra" for Mnet reality program "Wild Bunny" last year with 2PM's Taecyeon, Chansung, Wooyoung, and 2AM's Jo Kwon. They left a strong impression with their ridiculous personalities 180 degrees different from their gentle image on stage.

While laughing, Seulong said, "We're even thinking about filming it with our own expenses and showing it to our fans as a UCC video. If a broadcast company gives us an offer, we will accept no matter what."

The party on this day was for Changmin, Seulong, and Jinwoon, who all have May birthdays.

Reporter: Yang Ji Won
Credit: JES (Joongang Entertainment & Sports)
Article: http://news.nate.com/view/20100530n08784

Translated by melodygreenleaf @ wild2day.org
Jun boku

Tohoshinki: Junsu's Solo Single Debuts At #2; Top Solo Artist Of The Year

According to the Oricon Weekly Rankings released on the 1st (for 7th June), Junsu (23), from Tohoshinki, who announced their suspension of activities in April this year, sold a total of 195,000 copies of his debut solo single「XIAH (Intoxication)」(rhythm zone) under the name 「XIAH junsu」. The total sales of 195,000 copies of his single in its first week of sales secured him second place in the Oricon Weekly Charts.

Yusuke held the record of selling 92,000 copies of his single「Lion」(released March 2010) in its first week of sales and Junsu exceeded that amount by a large margin to become the top solo artist of the year on the Oricon Singles Weekly Charts.

Tohoshinki is a popular vocalist group comprising 5 Korean male members and in Japan, they also attended the「NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen」. After the suspension of group activities, Junsu became a solo artist and it was announced that he will also form a 3-membered unit group with Jejung and Yuchun.

In addition, Junsu also attended the「Girls Award 2010」, Japan's largest fashion and music event, that was held at the Yoyogi Gymnasium (Tokyo), and wowed many of the audience with his sharp dances and vocal skills.

In the single「XIAH (Intoxication)」besides「Intoxication」the song「Beautiful Love ~君がいれば~」was recorded and this will be the OST for the new mobile drama of the same name, which stars Yuchun and will air on BeeTV. In the DVD version of the single, the PV for「Intoxication」and drama version of「Beautiful Love ~君がいれば~」was included. (Mainichi Digital)
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I know he would do well, but I didn't expect that he would do this well. Huge slap for SME though. 195,000 copies...


Dumbfoundead's Live Pre-Seattle Show Stream


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source: cececemoonsun@youtube

Notable moments:

-Hep is NOT single 
-Jay, on the other hand, is single. hey thar TAYLOR SWIFT?
-loves pizza, kimchi pizza included
-winking about 200 times but no one noticing because of his small eyes
-he watches his happy birthday videos (doing the supplementary Fire dance)
-Jay sings Mister and whole crew dorking out
-Singing Aladdin's A Whole New World with Junior

New TV show for the Wonder Girls?

Stalking Fans have pointed out that Mark PD has updated his facebook with a new project for Mnet. Mark produced the MTV Wonder Girls reality show as well as MTV diary of five girls in which Yobin and Uee participated. He also updated his status to " I will be flying to the USA on the 1st of June to 13th of July... Wonder Girls world tour" . Also a twitter account for "mnetwondergirls" was created under the name of Mark PD and was updated on May 27th.

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Sources: Wonder Girls Soompi Thread + Mark's facebook +Mnetwondergirls twitter
TOP wink icu

Has Nichkhun Gone Bald?!

According to the latest photo of the 2PM boys uploaded onto his Twitter, it sure seems like it!

On the 29th of May, the Thai Prince Nichkhun stopped by his Twitter account and posted a photo taken with his fellow beasts, to the joy of his followers. However, unlike the majority of his previous photos, this particular snapshot generated a much more unique response, as in the photo, it appears that Nichkhun’s shaved his head.

After a closer look, it becomes apparent that the baby-faced beast has in fact, left the top of his head intact. “The quality of the photo isn’t good, so if you don’t look properly he [resembles] a bald eagle,” some netizens have helpfully explained, while others have been busy with reactions along the lines of, “I thought he had cut his hair and [so I] was [very] shocked!”

This photo was taken during “a Saturday, [when Nichkhun was eating] lunch with the [2PM] boys [along with] some other kids.” Besides giving off the appearance of a bald Nichkhun, the photo has also gathered much interest for displaying the loyal friendships between the members, a well-known trademark of the 2PM boys.

Source: news.nate.com
Translation: 49.5bananas@wild2day.org
Article Written By: glorilla@kpoplive.com

KARA’s Passport Photos Revealed!

Through an online community website, KARA’s passport pictures were recently revealed, showing off the group’s lively and youthful charm.

Jiyoung’s photo was shown first. In her passport picture, Jiyoung’s round baby face looks cuter, with her forehead being exposed, causing her cute face to stand out even more.

In leader Park Gyuri’s photo, the goddess’ sharp features were shown, giving the impression of an actress from the black-and-white movies that were made during the 1940s.

Due to her cute look in her passport picture, fans gave Han Seungyeon the nickname “Hamtori”.

Last but not least, Nicole’s picture was shown. In her photo, Nicole displayed her pure, smiling face.

Netizens have responded to the pictures, saying, “Jiyoung, it would be great if you can show us your forehead even once“, “Nicole is so pretty“, and “Why isn’t there a photo of Goo Hara?”

Source: seoulntn
Translation: aank1 @ karaholic

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‘Into the Fire’ T.O.P “I learned stability from married seniors”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Big Bang’s T.O.P. Even when he appeared in the drama ‘IRIS’ as Vic, not many people accepted his transformation into an actor as being sincere. But now T.O.P is the lead role in the war movie ‘Into the Fire’ (dir. Lee Jae Han) worth 113 million won, and even before its premiere it is known among critics that “this movie is T.O.P’s movie,” “this is T.O.P’s rediscovery,” and expectations are high.

I met T.O.P on May 20th at a cafe in Seoul for an interview to promote ‘Into the Fire.’ With his big screen debut film to release in a few weeks, T.O.P expresses pride rather than nervousness. He worked so hard to the point where he can say that “I put myself aside and committed to the role.” The day after filming a scene in the drama ‘IRIS’ he went to the set of ‘Into the Fire’ in Kyeong Nam Hap Cheon, and “as soon as I heard the synopsis I got sucked in to the character of Oh Jang Beom. Usually if I’m working on one project I don’t think about anything else, but as I was filming ‘IRIS’ I received the scenario for ‘Into the Fire’ and as soon as I got cast I felt as though I was transforming into Oh Jang Beom. At the end of ‘IRIS’ when Vic dies, I think the smoothness of Oh Jang Beom got projected without my even realizing,” says T.O.P. It’s easy to see how much he wanted to be a part of such a project.

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SOURCE: BigBangVIP.net
Source: Nate News
Translation: seungie
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SoHee ranked #1 in terms of power in WonderGirls? “Maknae on top”

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WonderGirls youngest member SoHee is ranked #1 for power in the team?

The WonderGirls were on KBS WinWin aired on 1st June when they revealed a power ranking for the group. And it turned out that as compared to her unnies, youngest member SoHee has most power and is ranked #1.
YeEun said, “My view and YooBin’s often differ and we quarrel alot. I’m someone who is very careful with my words while YooBin’s personality is that she will say whatever is on her mind. And when we quarrel, SoHee will come in and fix things saying, ‘Why are you quarreling over such things?’. With that, YooBin and I will listen well to her.”
YeEun then points to SoHee and said, “Youngest on top”, to the agreement of the other members.
Meanwhile, SoHee explains the misunderstanding of her chic image, “There are people who thought I was angry seeing that I was with no expression.” MC Kim SeungWoo then commented, “When I see you on TV, I thought you were angry too. But doing a broadcast show together like this, I know that you are a cool friend.”

SOURCE: Sookyeong | Kbites

Srsly if you took the time to youtube Sohee she's actually a very nice, funny girl. She's just a little shy y'all.

Park KyungLim, “If SNSD is a cafe in Europe, WonderGirls is like a teahouse in Insadong”

Park KyungLim compares the 2 biggest girlgroups in Korea – WonderGirls and So Nyeo Shi Dae.

On KBS WinWin aired on 1st June, Park KyungLim said, “If So Nyeo Shi Dae is the cafe in Europe, WonderGirls give the feeling of a teahouse in InSaDong.”

She then gave collections of her experience with the WonderGirls, “I saw SunYe at a broadcast filming, and after that I saw again at the restaurant. I should be the one treating but in the difference of 2 seconds, SunYe has bought the meals first. After that, I met her at the radio program again, her expressions were just mother-like. She give off a really approachable feel.”


She added, “I met YooBin and SoHee near JYP’s office once. The weather was really hot so we went to an ice cream shop to get ice cream. I said ‘Choose whatever you want to eat’ and SoHee asked ‘Can I eat the one worth 700KRW?’. YooBin who was next to her said ‘There is the 500KRW one, you are really going to choose the 700KRW one?’,” which had roused laugther during the filming.

Park KyungLim said, “The next time I met them, I treat them like a family. They are friends who are full of affection.”

Original Source: Newsen
Translation Source: Sookyeong

As long as they have some amazing and delicious cookies & cakes I will love them both <3


After School GaHee will be doing the solo activities from this month

Girlgroup After School eldest member GaHee will release her solo album.

This was revealed on 1st June at 11am when the girls appeared for the brunch party to their essay book ‘Play Girlz’.

GaHee said during the brunch party, “Even though it is different from group activities, it is like the aim of a singer. I am preparing for the solo activities with vocal training and acting lessons.”

To come, the After School will be promoting as 2 unique trios and solo from this month. Nothing has been revealed as to how the remaining members will be regrouped into the unique trios.

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source: kbites
[2pm] junho - he winks = i die



The princess tweets a picture of the queen.

On the 1st, Super Junior’s Heechul tweeted a selca of himself and fellow SM Entertainment member Boa.

Along with the picture he tweeted, “The brother and sister who strongly have their own personal taste. When we fight, we fight until we see blood. But when we both have the same opinions, no one can say anything. We’re the hot-tempered brother and sister who fit perfectly with the statement, ‘Are you avoiding because you’re scared of the poo?’ hehe

In response to his tweet netizens commented, “Both are certified goddesses,” and “It’s nice to see the same company’s senior and junior getting along so well.

Source: AKP + Heechul's twitter + Korean twitpic

NichKhun, “When people tell me I’m pretty, it feels like an insult”

2PM NichKhun revealed that “When people say I’m pretty, to me, it’s an insult.”

NichKhun appeared on SBS “Strong Heart” and said, “I hate it when people tell me I’m pretty.”

This day, he said that his looks were feminine since he was little, and he revealed an episode where he got hurt because of his looks.

“Even now, if people tell me I’m pretty, it feels like an insult.” Saying this, he proceeded to prove that his face isn’t just pretty by showing off his silly and comical expressions, getting laughs.

cr: asiae + sookyeong