June 3rd, 2010

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Actress Yoomin starts a tag with "The most annoying question". And Hodong asks everyone about what question they don't like.

Junsu says that he doesn't like a question regarding their group name. Since they're 2PM, they sometimes get asked stuff like "What do you do at 2PM?". Junsu says they can't be sure what they do at 2PM every single day.
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Translation by Egle
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MBLAQ's Cheondoong Wants To Work With 2NE1'S CL

The figure that MBLAQ's Cheondoong wants to work with is 2NE1's CL.

Even as 2NE1's Sandara Park's younger brother, in their recent interview Hello TV, he selected world star Rain (Jung Jihoon) and 2NE1's CL as the people whom he wanted to work with.

Cheondoong said "It was after seeing Rain's performance that made me decide to become a singer", pointing out Rain as his role model. In addition, he revealed his strong ambitions, "I often hear that I'm nice because I appear to be gentle, but just because people say that I'm nice, there's no reason that I can't be strong", "Rather than giving up on everything like Rain, I'm going to work hard in order to become the best singer, and in order to achieve my dream, strongly".

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Translated by: GEE @ YGLADIES

Super Junior 4th Album in the Global Chart

According to mediatraffic website, the global albums chart, Super Junior are ranked number 7 with about 75.000 copies sold (such as number 8 Nas and Damian Marley).

week 22 / 2010 - June 5
the top-selling albums according to global
sales figures and national album charts
issue date: May 27, 2010

Remember few months ago, an other korean group was ranked in that chart. Indeed, Tohoshinki/DongBangShinKi grabbed number 1 spot and stayed 4 weeks in the global chart, selling more than 500.000 copies of Best Selection.

source: mediatraffic

JYPE upcoming new girlgroup Sisters for Samsung CF

Upcoming JYP girlgroup, known to many as the Chinese "Sisters", is recently featured in a Samsung CF.

And a song for the CF ‘Love Again’ was revealed online. This is not their debut song but there are speculations that they will debut probably within this year.

Source: weilunangeljia@youtube.com (check out her account for many more JPY sisters videos!!!) & sookyeong

They may not be debuting in Korea but I wanted to share this since they are part of the JYPE family and NGL I love them!!! I cant wait for them to debut!
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Elections Commission’s stand on BEG Miryo’s selca photo, “It did not violate the laws”

Amidst controversy that Brown Eyed Girls Miryo has violated the law with the reveal of a selca photo taken at the voting station on 1st June for the local elections, the Elections Commission had came out with their stand that, “There is no problem with that.”

The Elections Commission told Newsen on 3rd June through a phone conversation, “According to the criteria and regulations for Elections Commission, since the photo was taken before Miryo casted the vote, we see no problem with it.”

The rep added, “It is hard to say that she had violated the law since in the photos, the voting cards were blank.”



Just some harmless camwhoring~

40 people committed suicide daily in 2009

Nearly 40 people committed suicide daily last year, up from 35 in 2008, according to the National Police Agency Wednesday.

A total of 14,579 people took their own lives in 2009, up 18.8 percent from 12,270 the previous year.

By age group, those aged 60 and above comprised 4,614 or 32 percent of the total suicides ― indicating that more senior citizens are at risk ― followed by people in their 40s at 2,770 or 19 percent.

Though people in their 20s made up only 12 percent at 1,749, this represented a jump of 29 percent from 2008, and 35 percent over the last three years.

Around 28 percent of suicides took their own lives due to psychological problems, followed by 22 percent because of physical illness. Economic, domestic and love issues were next in the top five reasons.

"Statistics show suicides are rising sharply nationwide, though it's hard to pinpoint a single reason for the increase. Society as a whole should make greater efforts to stop people killing themselves," a police officer said.

News of people committing suicide comes out almost every day. On Monday, a man in his 40s and his 6-year-old son were found dead in his room in Goseong, Gangwon Province, in what is seen as an apparent murder/suicide, police said.

They had died from inhaling toxic gas from burnt coal briquettes in a sealed room. The man left a suicide note, saying: "I don't want to live anymore."

On May 12, a total of eight bodies were found in apparent group suicides in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province and Chuncheon, Gangwon Province.

Three men were found in an inn with burnt briquettes in a sealed room. The other four women and a man burned briquettes inside a car. Police suspect they plotted their deaths through Web sites encouraging suicide.

Korea has the top suicide rate among members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

As of 2008, 24.3 people out of 100,000 killed themselves, about 10 times the 2.5 out of 100,000 for Greece. Korea was the only country with more than 20 suicides per 100,000 people.

Source: meeyoo@koreatimes.co.kr

Kim Hyung Jun Fanmeeting in Manila [CANCELED]

Premiere Entertainment Philippines, Inc. and Triple S Philippines organize a fanmeeting for Kim Hyung Jun of SS501.  It will be held on June 14, 2010, Monday, at Isla Ballrooms 1 & 2 of EDSA Shangri-la Hotel in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila.  Fee costs 2,000 Philippine pesos (about US$43), inclusive of buffet lunch and souvenirs.

To participate in the event, visit the Triple S Philippines forum.  Fans outside the Philippines who are interested to attend send an e-mail to "triplesphil (at) gmail (dot) com".

Source:  Triple S Philippines on Facebook

June 14 to 18 is going to be one hell of a week for Pinoy K-Pop fans.  Iiyak ang wallet natin dito.

UPDATE:  Triple S Philippines announced that the event is canceled.  PEP, meanwhile, has yet to come up with an official announcement.  Thanks to jennykoi  for the heads up.
Super Junior: Yesung

Super Junior KyuHyun resting after successful surgery for ear infection

It has been revealed that Super Junior KyuHyun’s surgery for middle ear infection has ended successfully and he is currently resting after the surgery.

He underwent surgery for middle ear infection on 3rd June in a hospital in Seoul. According to a SM rep, after the surgery, KyuHyun will need to rest for about 3~4 days at the hospital, “KyuHyun is resting after the surgery which was a success. He will be under examination for 3~4 days in the hospital and he should be discharged from the hospital on Sunday.”

With that, he will not be showing up for KBS Music Bank and MBC Music Core. And Super Junior will have to promote their comeback title song ‘Bona Mana’ as 9 members for the time being.

Trans: KBites

Yayyyyy bb! I'm glad it went well and that they're letting him rest.

Seo In Young shares her banana diet secret

Talented singer Seo In Young, who recently made a comeback with her special mini album Lov-Elly, revealed her method for losing 6kg in two months.

On the 26th, this singer posted on her Cyworld minihompy a picture showing herself holding a banana.

Seo In Young wrote along with the picture, “Recently, I can’t live without bananas. It’s good for keeping your body in shape and it tastes good.”

The Jewelry member gained attention by appearing in Love is Bitter, Pain is Calling MV with her slimmer look. In order to lose the pounds quickly, Seo In Young exercised and controlled her diet consisting of chicken breasts and banana.

Netizens commented, “She was already skinny but now that she lost even more weight she looks pretty” and “I should try the banana diet too.”

Meanwhile, the song Love is Bitter, Pain is Calling is gaining great fame and interest as it has already placed first place in various online music sites.

source: allkpop
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Actor Joo JiHoon’s most recent features in the army revealed!

The most recent of actor Joo JiHoon in the army revealed!

Photos of Joo JiHoon in the army were recently posted on online community portal sites garnering much interests from fans and netizens. Last year was not a good year for Joo JiHoon after he was found guilty of drug use. He then paid a fine and served community service, followed by army enlistment earlier this year.

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Source: sookyeong
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2PM @ Sixth Sense Battle Quiz ENG RECAPS

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Junho reveals his diary from 1st grad, "check for ghosts" / Wooyoung , "Nichkhun is angelic , but he snores"
Junho reveals his diary from 1st grad, 'check for ghosts'

2PM's Junho revealed his diary from 1st grade, causing explosive laughter.
On the recent recording of KBS 2TV 'Star Golden Bell Grade 1-Class 1,' Junho talked about stories from his student days. During the filming, Junho revealed his diary from 1st grade, catching people's attention.

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onew's interview for THE MUSICAL's june issue

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Six o’clock as the sun slowly began to set; we awaited Onew on a rooftop as we prepared for the photo shoot. Soon after the preparations ended and the staff exchanged words back and forth, Onew appeared. But my, he seemed more like a curt British gentleman than a young boy walking slowly towards us in his jeans and sky-blue jacket (of course he was still as cute as ever). The café’s guests began to bustle around and take pictures of Onew’s unexpected appearance, and we had to hurry to get the job done. But honestly the crowd’s reaction is nothing to be shocked about. He is after all, SHINee’s leader.

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article by bae kyunghee, photos by kim hogeun, THE MUSICAL
scans by blingspecial.er.ro, found through shakizi (click for original uncropped scans)
translated by okdubu @ omona_prection 


Kim HeeChul expresses interests for SoHee once again, “Her overwhelming cuteness”

Kim HeeChul has once again expressed interests for WonderGirls SoHee.

Kim HeeChul was on MBC FM4U ’2pm Date with Park MyungSoo’ when he was asked, “Is there anyone whom you are interested in?”. His answer was, “I don’t like it that when people are asked such a question they answer that they like everyone. I like being honest. I like female singers like 4Minute, Secret and After School – those who have the cutesy image lately. Awhile ago, WonderGirls returned to Korea and I saw SoHee. She is really someone whose cuteness is just overwhelming. Usually I’m someone who is alright with most females, but SoHee is just really cute.”

Already before this, Kim HeeChul had expressed his interests for SoHee on different variety shows like SBS Family Outing and MBC Come To Play.

Netizens’ comments are “SoHeeChul is just compatible. It’s good if they date”, “He really only like her as a fan?”, “It seems that he really likes her. Cute” etc.

source: kbites
picture: Heechul twitter


Edogawa Conan (Kudō Shinichi)

SNSD's Photobook Pictorial Book To Go On Sale on June 7!

Girls' Generation first-ever pictorial booklet is set to go on sale starting June 7, according to their agency SM Entertainment on Thursday.

SM revealed through a press release that book titled "少女 (in Tokyo)," to be available both online and offline, has already received approximately 35,000 preorders.

The photographs in the book were shot in Tokyo late last year, featuring the girls looking natural while undertaking day-to-day occurrences such as traveling, playing sports and partying.

The pictorial book also includes behind-the-scenes images of the girl group and a DVD including the making of the book.

Girls' Generation, composed of members Tiffany, Taeyeon, Yoona, Jessica, Sunny, Sooyoung, Seohyun and Hyoyeon, have been one of the most popular female idols in the country since their debut in 2007.

They recently topped several online music charts in Asia last week with their second repackaged album "Run Devil Run."

source: dkpopnews 

LBH's plane does not crash, concert still delayed

Lee Byung-hun apologizes for concert delay

BAMF Lee Byung-Hun landing back in Korea with his intricately woven hat intact. LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!
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Hallyu star Lee Byung-hun had to apologize to his Japanese fans for delays and confusion over his concerts due to a seating problem Tuesday in Tokyo.

The two concerts titled "Dramatic Live Stage IRIS," featuring the songs from the television drama IRIS, which were held at the Saitama Super Arena, were both delayed for one hour because of a rearrangement of the seats.

An additional stage was abruptly set up in the zone reserved for standing room only tickets, leaving some 2,800 fans to seek other seats for both the day and night concerts.

The organizer noticed the problem only one hour before the event and prepared alternative seats on the fourth and fifth floors but the fans continued to strongly protest and 15 cops were called to the venue.

The organizer explained that there was a miscommunication between the ticket issuer and the concert operator.

"I am sorry for delaying the concert for a seating problem. Please understand and I will perform more than I prepared," Lee told his fans at the concerts.

The Korean drama series "IRIS" is broadcast through TBS in Japan every Wednesday night after it scored huge popularity in Korea for its dynamic action scenes shot at global location and its star-studded casting such as Kim Tae-hee, Jung Joon-ho, Kim So-yeon and even T.O.P. from boy band Big Bang.

And like a true BAMF he was true to his word.
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Korea Times
TimelessLBH+ylin @yt
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Jang GeunSeok and Park ShinHye pair up again for Garden5 CF

After the hit drama collaboration ‘You’re Beautiful’ last year, actors Jang GeunSeok and Park ShinHye come together again for a CF appearance!

The 2 recently did a CF for Garden5 together, a pleasant surprise to many fans of the pairing in drama ‘You’re Beautiful’. Go under the cut for the CF as well as the making video.

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Celebrities send their love through “Cartier Love Day”!

On June 3, 2010 a charity + exhibition is held by top brand Cartier under the title “Cartier Love Day” in which the brand presented their Cartier Love Collection.

In the event, Cartier presented their “Love Summer Bracelet” collection which is previously known for using 11 celebrities for the photo exhibition. The celebs are: Rain (Jung Ji Hoon), Ji JinHee, Kim Hyunjoong (SS501), U-Know Yunho (TVXQ), Kim HeeSun, Son YeJin, YoonAh (SNSD), Yoon EunHye, Ha JiWon, Kang Ji Hwan, and Lee MinHo.

The event took place at Cartier boutique located at CheongDam-dong, GangNam-gu, Seoul.

The event is trying to deliver the message of love and will be held for 10 days from June 4 – June 13,2010.

As for every purchase of Love Summer Bracelet will donated to International Vaccine Institute.

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source: kbites
original source: newsen
TV: Glee - Heather Morris

This is a TOP-filled post.

Big Bang member as well as actor TOP (real name Choi Seunghyun) responded to his performance in the war movie 71-Into the Fire'
On June 3rd afternoon, TOP participated the '71-Into the Fire' (director Lee Jae-han, Taewon Entertainment) movie preview and press conference held in Seoul Lotte Cinema Konkuk University.

On the question about his expectations on the movie's box office, he replied modestly "My performance in the movie is still lacking, I have not learned enough."

In order to perform well as the 17 year-old student solder Oh Jang-bum, TOP said, "I did my best not to give everybody the impression that I am acting."

When asked about the most impressive scene, TOP mentioned, "Kwon Sang-woo, Cha Seung-won and Kim Seung-woo are very outstanding seniors, I am very impressed with every scene that I shot with them."

Kwon Sang-woo who attended the event with TOP revealed, "After watching the movie, TOP cried a lot." And Kim Seung-woo, "Because this is TOP's first movie, the impression is particularly different," he said, encouraging his junior TOP.

Meanwhile, the blockbuster war movie "71-Into the Fire" is based on the true events during the Korean War where 71 South Korean student soldiers fought against the North Korean army to protect a support line along the Nakdong River.

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