June 12th, 2010


Suju, KARA, 2AM, Ukiss and BEAST shouted,”TAEHANMINGUK Fighting!” + 2AM & RAINBOW wc mini concert

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As South Korea started their 1st match today ni the 2010 World Cup against Greece, Koreans are all in hype and that includes the Kpop celebs.

Super Junior Donghae also showed some supports with the Super Junior boys by wearing red clothes.

KARA JiYoung tweeted her supporting photo as she headed to COEX to watch the game.

Whilst the BEAST leader DooJoon tweeted a photo of GiKwang and HyunSeung who looked stunned and says that the boys showed the same supports though they can only watch the game inside the car due to schedule.

South Korea just bet Greece 2:0!

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N. Korea threatens 'sea of fire' in 16 years

North Korea Saturday warned of a "sea of fire" on Seoul against the South Korean move of installing propaganda speakers along the tension-charged inter-Korean border.

It was a rhetoric the North used for the first time after it did so 16 years ago.

"The South's carrying out psychological warfare amounts to the declaration of war. Our military response wouldn't be one to one-to-one response, but will be a merciless military attack that will even anticipate making Seoul a sea of fire," the North's General Staff of the Korean People's Army said, the Hankook Ilbo newspaper said.

North Korea last time used the rare rhetoric in 1994 during an inter-Korean negotiation.

In response, South Korea designated North Korea as its "main enemy" the following year.

The South Korean military so far has installed propaganda speakers at 11 locations along the Demilitarized Zone and also at checkpoints in the often disputed West Sea.


IU and Defconn are shocked as HeeChul watches adult video…?

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Super Junior Kim HeeChul watches adult videos?

Recently on SBS PowerFM Kim HeeChul’s YoungStreet, guest appearances were IU and Defconn. And they revealed a concept photo taken together. In the description, Kim HeeChul was supposed to be looking adult videos on his phone, and IU and Defconn pulled a shocked expression.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “I thought he was really watching it”, “How old is Kim HeeChul”, “IU is looking at HeeChul, IU!” etc.

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W/E HERE'S SOME GOOD NEWS: S.Korea Won 2-0 To Greece at First Match in 2010 South Africa World Cup

South Korea has defeated its opponent Greece at its first match and is setting its way for the top 16 at the FIFA World Cup 2010.

South Korea team leaded by manager Heo Jung Moo carried out the match with its 2010 South Africa World Cup Group B opponent, Greece, on June 12 at 8:30pm (KRT). South Korea had won Greece over at 2-0.

The first goal was scored by Lee Jung Soo at the first half of the match and team captain Park Ji Sung scored the second goal at the second half.

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