June 14th, 2010


[Video]U-Kiss at Showbiz Central, what's wrong?

After the performance of U-Kiss on Party Pilipinas their next guesting was on the same networks talk show 'Showbiz Central'.

The post title says what's wrong?

That's because the staffs or producers of the said talk show has mistakenly showed the picture of  Super Junior's Kibum instead of showing U-Kiss' very own Kibum, with that many fans are shocked and enraged with anger and dismay.  GMA network should have researched better before anything else and what's more disappointing is that its not the first time of U-Kiss to come to the Philippines and to GMA network.
Watch the cut here~
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EPIC FAIL. This is so embarassing.

Photo Of The Day! Kim HeeChul poses with SS501

Idol group SS501 was recently on SBS Kim HeeChul’s Young Street radio show as guest appearances.

And as usual, the production team to the show posted up a set of photos taken during the boys’ guest appearances on the show’s official homepage. And the response from netizens who saw the photos has been very positive seeing the fun behind-the-scene photos revealed.

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SS501/Super Junior Come to Play please. They can complain about being old together.

Beast Kikwang unleashes his sexy instinct

BEAST’s Kikwang unleashed his hidden sexy instinct on MBC’s Hot Brothers while performing a dance serenade to capture the hearts of the ladies.

That day there were a total of 100 female judges, ranging from 10~50 years of age, who participated in the episode’s segment called ‘Women Awards – Know our Hearts.’ Tak Jae Hoon, Park Myung Soo, Kim Ku Ra, Han Sang Jin, Park Hwi Soon, Noh Yoo Min, Simon D, as well as Lee Ki Kwang were to flaunt their various charms to impress the ladies.

Especially Kikwang, who already looked like he would snag #1 before revealing his charm, did a little tease by dancing to Bi/Rain’s Love Song and later showcased a sexy dance to Chris Brown’s Take You Down song with the inclusion of the ‘American style’ pelvic dance.

As soon as his dance ended, the Hot Brothers’ crew said, “We’re looking forward to a perfect score.” On the other hand, Tak Jae Hoon jealously remarked, “This young boy is naughty,” which caused a lot of laughter.

Girls, brace yourselves and enjoy this hot clip

source: allkpop + iKPopShow3

Why Lee Hyori will not be promoting a followup hit for her 4th album

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After it is announced that Lee Hyori will not be releasing a followup hit after ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ for her 4th album, there has been great interests regarding her activities to come.

The truth is Lee Hyori’s 4th album ‘H-Logic’ promotions was somewhat disrupted by the CheonAhn naval ship sinking in May. With the great popularity that the songs like ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’, ‘Bring It Back’ and ‘Swing’ received on music charts, there has been great interests from fans as to what the follow up hit to the album will be.

But with the CheonAhn naval ship sinking accident in May, the activities for her followup hit has become uncertain. After her comeback, her comeback stage was postponed for about 3 weeks due to the accident. In addition, with the opening of the 2010 World Cup games on 11th June, the followup hit activities was further postponed.

Another reason for that is also that Lee Hyori’s contract with her agency Mnet Media is coming to an end. There are plans for her to leave Mnet after her 4th album promotions and to set up her own agency with her manager during her Fin.K.L days.

But it does not mean that fans cannot look forward to Lee Hyori’s follow up song promotions. Lee Hyori will be participating in various World Cup events and there is high possibilities that she may continue to promote for a while after the World Cup season.

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Gooooooo Panthers!!!!
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North Korean teens exposed to South Korean dramas

More than half of North Korean teen defectors watched South Korean films and dramas when they were in the world's most reclusive nation, a recent survey showed Monday.

Yoon Sun-hee, a professor of journalism and mass communication at Hanyang University, questioned 144 students at Hangyeore Middle and High School, a special education facility set up in 2006 for young boys and girls who have defected, and found that 79 or 56 percent of them had seen South Korean movies and TV programs while in the North.

Pyongyang strictly bans its people from viewing South Korean entertainment to keep them from being "corrupted" by Western or capitalist culture.

The latest survey also confirmed that many North Koreans are exposed to the South's pop culture, known as "hallyu."

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Source: The Korea Times
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[News] Increasing tension on the lawsuit case, fans are concerned about Han Geng's future

On 13June,2010, Korea SME sternly responded the case of Hangeng, which many people thinks that the lawsuit as came to an end. SME stated that: Contract of Hangeng has not yet been terminated, he’s still under SME. All the activities of Hangeng had to yet undergo SME’s permission and authorization.

The case of Hangeng’s contract termination had caused a big chaos in the entertainment industry. Ever since the commotion settled a bit, Hangeng’s whereabouts has always been secret. After making a quick appearance in America, there had been rumors saying that he is leaving the group and planning to establish a dancing studio with Jay Chou. Moreover, fans had been debating over Hangeng’s case, spreading the news of the unfair treatments provided by SME to Geng, as well as analyzing the future routes of Hangeng, stating that the fans will support him forever.

The response given out by SME today was very stern, stating that Hangeng isn’t freed yet. Undoubtedly, this will be like throwing a heavy bomb to the contract incident, pulling Hangeng, who has been facing lots of uncertainties, back to the whirlpool of chaos. However, Hangeng does not agree with his company, saying that “it’s usual to see K-pop entertainers terminating contract with their companies, if it’s for those who plan to work on his own, it’s really okay.

Stakeholders said that, under the current situation, Hangeng has been secretly working for his new album as well as the arrangements of his performance, and will have a new start in this July. Besides that, Hangeng will be entering the filming industry, and will be appearing on the silver screen soon.

From these, we can see why SME is that concern over Geng’s case, having two different opinions from each side, Hangeng decides to put away the lawsuit case behind, and putting all his effort into his own career. It seems that to exchange his freedom, Hangeng will need to walk the long and arduous journey in front of him.

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[news] Fans are greatly anticipating SJ Kyuhyun's comeback on stage

Due to his ear infection which required surgery, Super Junior member Kyuhyun had to rest after his surgery last week but fans are questioning on his return on stage and anticipation is growing greatly on fans.

On the 13th, Super Junior won Triple crown in "Inkigayo" for their 4th album for three straight weeks in a row, Fans celebrated the victory but was yearning for member Kyuhyun who could have celebrated the victory with the rest of the members, Kyuhyuh however have failed to hit the stage this week and fans are calling out for him.

His agency SM Entertainment said on the 14th, "Yes, Obviously the fans are waiting for him but he still needs to take some time off to rest. Currently as of now I am not yet sure when Kyuhyun will resume activities, there are no plans yet for him to get back on stage".

Kyuhyun has been resting for the past week, and fans are hoping that Kyuhyun will be back on stage this week.

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Condoms for all as Sth Korea celebrates

Sales of condoms jumped five-fold in South Korea as fans celebrated after the nation's footballers rose to the occasion in their opening World Cup game against Greece.

About a million red-shirted fans nationwide, including 200,000 in Seoul, packed boulevards, stadiums and parks on Saturday to cheer the side's 2-0 win over Euro 2004 champions Greece.

The biggest winners were convenience stores and fried chicken outlets as fans took to the streets, the JoongAng Daily reported Monday.

It said Bokwang Family Mart chain stores saw a near doubling of sales in spots where fans had gathered.

Stores in residential areas also did well as those tuning in at home bought three times the beer and more than twice the number of snacks.

After the game, fans in celebratory mood bought five times more condoms than during the team's lacklustre 2006 World Cup performance, the paper said.

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[*SS501] ずっときみにあいたい。
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SS501 cries for their fans and for each other

On June 13th, SS501 held a fan meeting at Seoul Times Square in Youngdeungpo right after celebrating their 5th anniversary last week. Many fans attended the event, and needless to say, all members of SS501 were very grateful to the point where they all started to tear up on-stage.

The talented group performed 8 songs at the event, including their latest hit Love Ya to which they recently dominated the K-Charts with on Music Bank.

They also left a special message for fans, and each other, as seen in the following videos:

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Credits: allkpop.com, WWloveHJL3 @ YT, SS501fighting @wordpress

crying rn I don't even... fuck. everything they said broke my heart.

Stanford University registra Tomas Black speaks up on Tablo’s recent criticisms

As if the official verification and official letter from the registra of Stanford University is not enough, Tomas Black of the college registra recently came out for an interview to talk about the false criticisms against Epik High Tablo regarding his educational certification.
Due to the overwhelming responses from fans and netizens surrounding the criticisms, Tablo’s activities is also put on hold for the moment.

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[News] Super Junior to release 4th album ''Bonamana'' in Japanese version

Previously, Super Junior's 4th album titled ''Bonamana'' has topped many of the album sales chart and they have sold over 70K albums in just 5 days after the album has been released. The title song ''Bonamana'' is also Super Junior's fastest rise to the top of the chart for a lead single.

After the released of Version A and Version B, now Super Junior's Japanese version of Banamana is set to release on 21th July 2010. Besides, Super Junior K.R.Y will be holding a concert in Japan on 1st of August.

Tracklist as below:
1. Miinah
2. Boom Boom
3. Coagulation
4. Your Eyes
5. My Only Girl
6. My All Is In You
7. Shake It Up
8. In My Dream
9. One Fine Spring Day
10. Good Person
11. Here We Go


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top; adorable


Remember back in January when Big Bang’s fierce rapper T.O.P revealed his single Turn It Up by screening the music video live at Big Show 2010? Well the actual teasing begins now as a sexy poster for the single has been released of the devilish man himself.

The photo looks exactly like the music video as it takes on the whole “luxurious” vibe. He’s sitting comfortably in a black chair as he dons on a pure white suit with fresh kicks and fancy jewelry to boot.

A music video teaser will be hitting the scene real soon!

source: allkpop