June 15th, 2010

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Wonder Girls & 2PM live in San Francisco

HQ photos of Wonder Girls and 2PM live at the Fillmore in San Francisco on June 13, 2010! The last show of the first leg of the Wonder World Tour, and the last show that 2PM will open for (for now anyway, lol).

Omona's poster child doing her signature pose! ♥

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Source: Me (album (more pics there!); my YouTube)
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Supernova at the Pan-Pacific Festival in Honolulu, Hawaii

I was on vacation in Honolulu this past week and during the Pan-Pacific Festival on Friday night, I was walking down Kalakaua Avenue, and stumbled upon the Supernova boys performing on one of the street stages set up for the festival!

They performed 3 songs in Japanese, including Superstar. There was quite a crowd formed around them, compared to the other stages. Quite a few Japanese fangirls were there, some prepared with star-shaped glowsticks and fansigns!

Here are a few of my pictures of Supernova.. unfortunately I was not prepared to take any videos, but I thought some people might enjoy seeing these. :)

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After postponement, Lee Dong-gun enlists this week

As a Korean citizen born in 1980, actor Lee Dong-gun should have entered the military for his mandatory service no later than last year, and in fact he had received his papers and planned to enlist last summer. However, due to health reasons, he requested and was granted an extension. On June 15, he’ll report to the Chuncheon army reserve unit for a five weeks of basic training, after which he will complete two years of active duty.

I hadn’t even realized Lee hadn’t entered service yet, since the last I heard was his plans last year to go, but according to his people he has purposely kept this news quiet and hadn’t told anyone until just recently.

After debuting in 1998 as a singer and coming into fame as an actor with roles in Lovers In Paris, Smile Again, and My Boyfriend is Type B, Lee’s last drama was MBC’s When Night Comes with Kim Sun-ah in 2008. He hasn’t acted since then, which is partly due to the unfortunate passing of his younger brother, who was stabbed to death in Sydney in 2008.

Source: starnews
Via: dramabeans
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This is (kind of) a Zhou Mi post!

Zhou Mi recording collaboration with Kangta?

Zhou Mi's Meibo, June 14th:
In recording studio with Kangta hyung. Kangta is really worthy learning from, a really good sunbae. Looking forward to Kangta's new album! My throat has been acting strange for the past two days. It's not itchy and it doesn't hurt, but vocals aren't coming through properly - will have to go to the hospital as soon as possible for a check-up.

Source: Zhou Mi's sina blog
Translations: rikayla @ aiyatheydidnt

Zhou Mi, Siwon, Leeteuk & Eunhyuk @ Korean Impressions preview

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Videos source: KyumiBar@yt
Translations: evaporate & kitschful @ livejournal

If you are wondering about the first one, Zhou Mi is probably there because he wrote a song for Kangta's soon to be released new album \o/ You can read here. About the second one, Zhou Mi will be hosting the next episode of Korean Impressions together with that girl, yay!

Anyway, Siwon & Zhou Mi are so cute~ ROFL at Teuk trying to ~create a scandal~ and I'm laughing so hard at Zhou Mi jumping and flailing his arms around.

‘JaeBum’s sister’ T-ae is actually member from upcoming girlgroup RaNia

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Casted as Park JaeBum’s sister in upcoming movie ‘Hype Nation’, T-ae from newcomer girlgroup RaNia garners interests from netizens.

DR Music who is in charged of the promotions of the movie revealed, “T-ae will be taking up the role as JaeBum’s sister in the movie. Other that Hype Nation, T-ae belongs to girlgroup RaNia. They are set to reveal cool performances.”

It is known that RaNia is currently working on their debut album. The girls were recommended to be casted for ‘Hype Nation’ by Teddy Riley. The directors to the movie also referred to T-ae as one, “With great singing and dancing capabilities. Even though she is a newcomer, the potential for her to grow is infinite.”

T-ae said, “I am very excited that I get to appear in a Hollywood movie even before my debut. I know how big an opportunity this movie is to me. I will work hard.”

Meanwhile, T-ae is known to have modeled for Skoolooks brand with C.N Blue as well as in other CFs.

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source: kbites

Composer charged for attempted rape by a female singer

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Some dark and heavy news has hit the k-pop scene once again as it’s been reported that a composer by the name of Mr. Kim has been charged for attempted rape by a female singer only identified as Miss A.

On the 15th, the police reported that Mr. Kim was officially charged for attempted rape on Miss A. The composer is now in custody after 2 weeks since the alleged incident, but denies any sort of forced sexual encounters.

Mr. Kim expressed in disbelief, “Miss A said she liked it so all I did was hug her and then she goes and calls the police. I don’t know why she’s acting like this.”

According to Miss A, on May 28th at 10:30PM, Mr. Kim invited the female singer to his private studio to sing a track that he had created. When she arrived, he is said to have tried to get her drunk and force her into sex. Miss A fled the place while her clothes had been taken off and immediately called the police.

Their identities have been hidden for obvious reasons but knowing our super sleuth Korean netizens, perhaps they could unearth the true man that is “Mr. Kim”.

source: allkpop

New Jewelry member Park Semi

For god knows how long, we’ve all been awaiting for senior girl-group Jewelry to pick their replacement members ever since the beginning of 2010. Fans were already aware that two new members will be joining Jewelry much soon, to replace Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young who’ve bid their farewells to the group in early January.

Today, it’s been announced that Park Se Mi has been chosen to be Jewelry’s newest member. For those who don’t know, Park Se Mi has gained much fame for her participation in Superstar K Season 1, as one of the Top 10 finalists.

A related source revealed, “Park Se Mi is flawless to become Jewelry’s new member. Not only is she talented, but she is very passionate. She is currently going through preparations with Ha Joo Yeon and Kim Eun Jung.”

In addition, Star Empire Entertainment tells us that Jewelry will be “reborn” with brand new members to officially make their comeback as early as this August. The company also indicated that one more member will be added soon.

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source: allkpop / thamxy @ YT

so cute and talented!
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Min Hyo-rin turns sexy for Ceci

Singer and actress Min Hyo-rin showed off her sexy side in a recent photo shoot for the July issue of Ceci magazine. The concept of the photo shoot was lingerie, and Min Hyo-rin made sure to show off her curves in the provacative outfits. Different from her sweet girl image in last year’s drama “Triple”, many netizens are raving about her sexy look and skinny yet curvacious body.

Source: popseoul
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Preview of Nothin' On You - B.o.B feat. Jay Park

source: airplanetobu

Jay Park is set to resume his singer activities.
Jay Park is known to have participated in B.o.B ‘Nothin’ On You’ as a featuring. The song ‘Nothin’ On You B.o.B feat. Jay Park’ will have Jay with the vocals and B.o.B with the rap. Jay previously posted his cover of the song on his Youtube channel which had garnered overwhelming responses from fans.
Warner Music Group Asia Pacific revealed, “We could tell Jay’s great passion in music with his Youtube video. And he possesses the factors of the making of a global star including his versatility and his large fanbase.
Meanwhile, Jay is set to return to Korea within this week for the filming of ‘Hype Nation’.

They took down the full version =(
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See you in two years, Lee Dong-gun

Singer-actor Lee Dong-gun began his military service on the afternoon of June 15, when he headed to the army reserve unit in Chuncheon. Per his wishes for a quiet enlistment with little fanfare, Lee had only made the announcement of his departure two days ahead of time to purposely discourage a large fan gathering. Still, a small group of fans managed to show up to send off the star (including approximately ten from Japan — he has enjoyed some popularity there as a singer — who flew up to Korea for the occasion).

Lee said, “I’m enlisting later than intended, so I worry that I might be a hindrance to the others who train with me. That’s why I want to work even harder during training. All men have to go [and fulfill military service], and I thought it would be better to do so quietly. I’ll complete my two years diligently.” Asked whether he wants to serve in the entertainers’ unit, he answered, “I set my enlistment date so quickly I haven’t even thought of that. I haven’t made any plans yet.”

Lee spent his last day as a civilian (the 14th) having drinks with his friends. He admitted that aside from his family, he hadn’t alerted anyone as to his enlistment until two days ago, when the public also found out. “I thought fans might come from far away, so I purposely didn’t let them know. I hope you won’t be sad about it.”

After making his debut as a singer in 1998, Lee went on to act in Lovers in Paris, Sweet 18, Stained Glass, Smile Again and When Night Comes.

After putting in his five weeks of basic training, Lee will serve twenty months of active duty, which puts his discharge at around March 2012.

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3hree Voices preview from JYJ

The boys of JaeChunSu (Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu) or JYJ successfully wrapped up their THANKSGIVING LIVE concerts and a preview for their upcoming DVD release 3hree Voices has been released. Here’s a description of the DVD courtesy of YesAsia:
TVXQ’s Jae Joong, Yoo Chun, and Jun Su have formed a unit for a series of Dome concerts, but there’s more coming from the trio. Find out more about their lives off-stage in the 3THREE VOICES DVD, which features private and behind-the-scenes footage. Follow Jun Su in Sydney, Jae Joong in Canada, and Yoo Chun in Seoul, and hear from them about their activities and experiences during this time. A must-have for fans, the 4-DVD set totals to around three hours of Jae Joong, Yoo Chun, and Jun Su footage.

# Disc 1: Jun Su in Sydney (50 min)
# Disc 2: Jae Joong in Canada (50 min)
# Disc 3: Yoo Chun in Seoul (50 min)
# Disc 4: Offshot & Digest (30 min)

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Source: AKP + sharingyoochun3 + dbskfan09

Park JaeBeom will come back in Korea this week


Park Jae-Beom, a former member of boy band 2PM, is expected to fly into Korea within the week to start shooting his b-boy pic "Hype Nation," according to an official with the film on Tuesday.

"He is planning on arriving during this week, possibly before the weekend at the earliest," the official told Asia Economic Daily over the phone.

Park is currently talking with his traveling agency for a date which "will be set for sure around Wednesday or Thursday," the official explained.

The 23-year-old singer had originally planned on flying into Korea yesterday for the film which will be shot 70 percent on location in Korea, but was unable to over a matter in New York which delayed his entry.

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Goo HyeSun to take on the singer challenge, digital single ‘Brown Hair’ to be released on the 16th

Actress Goo HyeSun will release a digital single ‘Brown Hair’ on 16th June.

The song ‘Brown Hair’ was introduced as a song Goo HyeSun has personally composed during her recent appearance on KBS 2TV WinWin.

While her digital single will be released on the 16th, her movie ‘YoSeul’ will start screening from the 24th.


Source : TVDialy + Kbites + dkpop
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U-KISS’s Soohyun Debuts In Musical Stage

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U-KISS's Soohyun will debut as a musical actor through a musical stage performance 'Chorus Line'.

This musical was first premiered on Broadway back in 1975, where the story revolved around the dreams, hope and frustrations of young people to become a dancer. Soohyun was given the role of 'Mark', which portrays him as the youngest dancer in the team.

The production company, Nine Culture said "During the audition, Soohyun showed his choreographed dance and excellent singing skills, which resulted us to pick him to play the role of 'Mark'".

Musical 'Chorus Line' will be open to public starting from June 26th – August 22nd at COEX Art Hall. The ticket prices are ranged between 60 000 won to 100 000 won.

Credits: Yonhap News (Source) + jaymie501@ROCKETBOXX.NET (Eng trans)

Congratulations! So proud <3
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Big Bang on Female Weekly," If I Go On A Date... "

Exclusive Interview
Zoom Up ・ Real Voice
Questions directed to 5 of them!!
① Things you want to say "Goodbye" to?
② Anything pleasant happened recently that caused you to 'hands up'?
③ If you go on a date this summer...

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Source: 週刊女性
Photos: 가호애미@bestiz
Translated by JANE @ www.bigbangupdates.com
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"My girlfriend? All of my fans are my girlfriends!" ICU WHAT YOU DID THERE GD. MHM.

Seo InYoung in sexy black mini for recent D.Lux Society launching event

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Seo InYoung was recently spotted at the launching event for D.Lux Society in Seoul ShinSaDong Coffee Smith.

And photos of her at the event have been garnering interests from netizens over portal community sites online. After losing 6kg for her solo singer comeback, she was seen showing off her slender build in a black mini outfit.

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Jae Chong talks about TVXQ JaeChunSu project

Jae Chong blog entry about JYJ on the 3rd of June
Been writing songs for a Korean group DBSK (or better known as TVXQ in Japan)...They've been the best selling group in Asia basically crushing everyone's sales...They actually make up for 40% of all revenues made by Avex Japan...That's HUGE!!!  Too bad my old group SOLID sold 4 times more than them tho...hahaha!  But of course...different generation...^^  Anyways, this is sort of "top secret" but I guess what better place to talk about "top secret" projects than a public blog like this one?  haha...Basically, DBSK used belong to SM Entertainment in Korea...For those of you who don't know what that is...It's basically one of the biggest entertainment companies in Korea...Anyways, 3 of the 5 members recently defaulted and sued SM Entertainment for "slavery" contracts (I can explain about that...but that will take 10 pages...). 
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Source: Jae Chong blog

Rivalry between Rain and Stephen Colbert continues

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For those of you who have been avid followers of Rain during his debut into the American media, you may recall his friendly rivalry with satirist and comedian Stephen Colbert.

If this is news to you, here’s a quick run through. Well, it appears as if Stephen Colbert has more to say to this “Biggest Badass Star!”

On the latest episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert talked about his Korean arch nemesis in a segment called, “Who’s Not Honoring Me Now?” Describing Rain as a “man who takes cruel pleasure at beating me in things” Colbert listed out all of Rain’s achievements in comparison to himself. In addition, he questioned Rain’s validity for winning the 2010 MTV Movie Awards for the “Biggest Badass Star,” stating, “Clearly, he only won the Badass award because his movie has the word ‘ass’ in the title twice…and was bad.”

Later, Colbert concluded his segment on Rain with the statement, “But you know who you didn’t see in that [Ninja Assassin] clip? Me. Who’s the better ninja now?” Smart one Colbert! Check out the clip below!

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sources: allkpop + colbernation

Family Outing season 1 members in Yoo JaeSeok’s new SBS variety show

Yoo JaeSeok returns to the variety show scene on SBS after 6 months.

After leaving the show SBS Family Outing in January, coming July, Yoo JaeSeok will be appearing in a new variety show on SBS. It seems that he will return to the show down of the weekend variety show kings with Kang HoDong and Lee KyungKyu.

There are plans for stars like Kim JongKook and Haha to appear as fixed appearances on the show, and also Lee Hyori will be doing guest appearance on the first episode.

S: sookyeong

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Kevin and Eli’s bromance on Chef’s Kiss

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SBS E! TV’s Chef’s Kiss is garnering a lot of attention and currently stands #1 in terms of views.

In Chef’s Kiss, U-Kiss’s Eli and Kevin work together as a team, and throughout the show the two boys overly care and talk to one another using love-filled messages – leaving the other members downright dazed. You might wonder why. Well, Eli and Kevin’s bromance gets as close to the level of watching an episode of We Got Married.

Meanwhile on the recent episode, U-Kiss visited a grocery market to purchase ingredients. The market workers showed their loving interests towards Dongho, and in turn, the other members displayed their wide array of dancing and singing skills to also get noticed by the workers. Later that day, U-Kiss caught a 60 kg (about 132 pounds) tuna and personally sliced the meat into bite size strips.

Dancing, singing, tuna catching/slicing, and some brotherly love; curious to watch this upcoming episode of Chef’s Kiss?

Credits: allkpop


LOL. "We Got Married" level?

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Well regardless I ship Elvin~ ;DD ♥
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