June 16th, 2010

100615 - Minho's Star Call

After I became an University student, I've been spending my Univeristy life diligently.
Not long ago, I participated in my school's sports event, when participating in events, I think that Univeristy life is very interesting.
Everyone, especially those who are high school students now, graduate quickly.
I hope all of you spend your univeristy life happily.
And our album will be released soon, everyone please look forward to it.

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And it begins...

Super Show 3 Promotional Poster

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Pre-ordering of Super Show 3 tickets in Seoul opened yesterday evening at 8PM KST for the official fanclub members and it will open again on Thursday, June 17th, at 8PM KST for others.

shared by hyukxenhae @ TwELFs

Pre-ordering info from @ TwELFs via Twitter

They all looked mighty fine in this but why what's going on with Siwon's pants? I want Kyu's shoes!

Though I would've wanted for them to get a much needed rest in between 4jib promos and SS3, I am still excited as hell for this. I know it's going to be as epic (or even more) as SS2. Time to bring out your blue glowsticks Omona!
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SNSD’s Tiffany is receiving treatment for her throat

It was revealed today that SNSD’s Tiffany has been having issues with her throat recently again.
A representative said, “It’s fact that Tiffany is receiving treatment for her throat but it’s not serious. Although further tests are required for a more detailed diagnosis, long-term treatment isn’t required. To aid in a speedy recovery, Tiffany is being hospitalized for treatment.”
With Music Core happening in just a few days time on June 19th, and marking Tiffany and Yuri’s MC return to Music Core after a three weeks break, it’s still sketchy whether the former will return as scheduled. A Music Core representative expressed that they are aware of the situation and will make a decision soon.

We wish Tiffany all the best!

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Get better Fany!

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Krystal’s shocking confession, “Unnie Jessica has taken away my money before”

f(x) Krystal gives a shocking revelation that her sister So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica has once stolen away her money from her before.

Krystal had revealed that during f(x)’s appearance on MBC Golden Fishery on 16th June that during their childhood days, Jessica and her fought a lot.

Shin JungHwa asked, “Your unnie has once apologised and cried on broadcast when talking about you. What did she do wrong?” Krystal answered, “Even though we are both sisters, before debut we have quarreled a lot. As sister, unnie has taken away my clothes and money.” The MCs on the show were shocked to hear that Jessica had taken away money away from her younger sibling.

Shin JungHwa then asked, “Do you have the same taste in clothes with your sister?” Krystal answered, “Right now, very different. Unnie is fresh and cute and really likes lovely pink. I like more ‘down’ style.”

Currently, f(x) is promoting the title song ‘NU ABO’ off their 1st minialbum.

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loooool. bad jessica.
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f(x) Sulli, “Kim HeeChul has teased me a lot when I was young, like saying that my feet smell”

f(x) Sulli talks about how she had cried a lot because of Super Junior Kim HeeChul.
During the girls’ appearance on MBC Golden Fishery on 16th June, Sulli revealed, “Since I was young, Kim HeeChul had made fun for me a lot. He would tease me that my feet smell, or come up and ask me if I washed my hair. Because I was young, I have felt very hurt by them.”
But she added, “I have also teased Kim HeeChul. I have smeared mud on his pants with a muddy ball.”

Meanwhile on the show hat day, Super Junior Kim HeeChul made a special appearance as he was filming MBC Come To Play at the same time too. He said, “Please love the f(x) dongsaengs.”

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lmfao heechul, nevar change ♥

Stars attend Goo Hye Sun’s Magic movie premiere

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After much anticipation and delays, the VIP premiere for Goo Hye Sun’s movie, Magic was finally underway on June 16th, a week before the movie’s public opening.

There is much anticipation for the movie because Goo Hye Sun is not just acting in the movie, but also producing, directing and writing songs. This is also Goo Hye Sun’s first full-length movie after her successful short film, The Cheerful Caretaker last year. Magic focuses on young musicians in love.

A list of fellow stars attended the premiere which include 2NE1’s Sandara Park, Lee Young Ja, Park Ji Bin, Kim Joon, Choi Kang Hee, Gummy, Nam Sang Mi among others. The movie will open in theatres from June 24th.

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Penelope is pretty.
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10Asia Interviews Gummy

There was a time when the phrase 'living as an actress in Korea' was common. It was probably not just because it shows how their position as an actress means many things but also because they live differently from actors and women who live normal lives. But 'living as a female singer in Korea' also strays from leading an ordinary life. Female singers do not have too many choices left to make in order to survive in Korea in 2010 -- most of them are a member of a girl group who signed with an agency in their teens or are singers who pursue sexy styles. Other than that, one can also be acknowledged as one of the few 'diva-style singers' who exude much talent in singing. Yet when these singers enter their thirties, they start worrying about the publics' changed response to them and concerns over how to spend the rest of their lives. Below is an interview with female artist Gummy who talked about how she lives her life as a female musician.

10: I'm enjoying listening to your album. It's a good album.
Gummy: Thank you. What did you like about it? (laugh)

10: You're good at singing ballad songs but I knew you'd be good with music that is more trendy and has a stronger beat to it. It seems you have found a new style starting with "I'm Sorry." It's like a second generation of Gummy has started. (laugh)
Gummy: You're right. I have always wanted to do melodic hip-hop music. That's why I had continuously looked into it. I had sung a few such songs before too although the entire album wasn't like it. It has also become much easier for me to sing songs too because I used to have a hard time singing my past ballad songs live if my throat was in bad shape.

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Source: asiae.co.kr - 1 & 2

*stans* If you are still missing her minialbum get it right now from YesAsia!
How I Met Your Mother; Barney & Robin

Yoo Jaesuk, Haha, Kim Jong Kook to Be Permanent Member on SBS New Sunday Variety

Who are the others?

[Newsen Park Se Yeon reporting]

Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, and Haha have been chosen as permanent members of new corner of SBS 'Good Sunday'.

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Sources: o-cha@soompi & yahoo
THANK GOD. More KookRi actions please. Can't wait to see my seobang (cough) on variety programs again! & also, jaesuk + jongkook = win.

Choi Siwon uploads his latest bible study group photo

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Super Junior’s Choi Siwon has been keeping fans updated about his bible study group sessions and he has uploaded the latest group photo to his Twitter account.

On June 16th, Siwon tweeted, “God hates sin, but God loves the sinner. Everyone has a mistakes, No worries! He loves us always!”

From the photo, we can spot the usual gang of three – Donghae, Alice Soy and Ryeo Won, plus singer/actress Uhm Jung Hwa among the group.

sources: allkpop + siwon tiwtter

A Hundred Q&As about Big Bang on The Television

PART I. A Hundred Different Faces of Big Bang

⑴ What was your dream career when you were in kindergarten?
GD: I think I have aimed to become a singer since I was born.
T.O.P: Actor. I encountered music only after I attended primary school.
SOL: Though I liked singing, I had not thought about becoming a singer at that time.
D-Lite: A clergyman. Cause I was born in a Christian family.
V.I: A choreographer or a dancer.

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Translated by Jane @ bigbangupdates
LOL of course they chose HIM as the one who'd make the most annoying proposal

ZE:A’s Moon Joon Young and Kim Dong Joon’s caught up in a love triangle?

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Earlier we reported that ZE:A’s Kim Dong Joon would appear on Mnet Scandal and more details have been released. ZE:A’s Moon Joon Young and Dong Joon were reportedly seen clashing in a triangle love line as they were filming for Mnet Scandal, a show well known for pairing star celebrities on dates with a non-celebrity.

Amongst the ZE:A team members, Joon Young and maknae Dong Joon share a close relationship. On the recent filming of the Mnet Scandal episode this relationship was put to the test as both were pitted against one another in a competitive date for the girl. With this intriguing battle, word has already spread amongst the fans and they’re quite excited to watch this episode.

Joon Young was spotted on set at a park, he was neatly placing breakfast items, which he had personally prepared. Seems like he was planning a nice breakfast picnic. On the other hand, Dongjoon took the girlfriend out on a date to Myung Dong where he bent down on his knees and offered to put the shoes on the girl’s feet (Cinderella).

The two boys’ attempts in grasping the heart of the girl; who will win out? We’ll just have to wait for this episode to broadcast. In the mean time, check out some of the photos from the upcoming episode below.

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150610 A cyworld entry from Yoogeun's mum

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2010. 06. 15 화 00:13

쇼파에 앉아있다 갑자기
온유아빠 보고싶다.
그러는것이 아니던가. !!
키아빠도 아니고 민호아빠도 아니고.
유근에게 다시 물어보니
다시한번 이런다 온유아빠보고싶어~
아쿠야. ..
유근이도 문득문득 그때가 생각이 나나부다.
엄마도 될수있음 안잊게 할려고
아빠들 소식들도 유근에게 전해주고
영상도 보여주고하는데..
시간이 갈수록 말도 잘하니
이제서야 그때일들이 떠오를때면 말로 표현해주는구나.
유근이가 커서도 기억할수있게 엄마는 도와줄께.
넘넘 소중했던 추억인데. 니가 어렸단 이유로
커가면서 잊혀진다는건
엄만 원치않다..

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source dc shinee, SHINee soompi thread (sry mods couldn't find the exact link, hope it's alright)
translated by lala_land

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f(x) Amber, “My agency did not force me to keep the short hairstyle”

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f(x) Amber talks about her short hairstyle.

f(x) members were on MBC Golden Fishery aired on 16th June when Amber revealed, “I’ve heard from many people that I am like a guy since I was little.”

When asked by the MCs on the show if she had kept the short hairstyle because her agency had made her to, Amber answered, “No. Because it is very comfortable, I cut it short.”

Also on the show, Amber mimicks the expression of her lookalike animal, which had everyone in the studio laughing.

source: kbites

A Boy Like A Flower, A Man Like A Weed.

"Before a flower, now a weed,” this phrase was on my mind as I was on my way to interview TOP. It may have been because I could remember TOP’s performance on MBC “College Music Festival” from two years ago. TOP performed Craig David’s ‘Rise & Fall’ with Kim Hyun Joong, and ‘before a flower, now a weed’ was a verse in his rap. “The homework is a subject on time/you can’t be distracted for even a moment, it’s prideful/if anything, red hot youth is courageous /before a flower, now a weed.

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Source: 10.Asiae
Translation: Seungie @ seungie.tumblr.com via 21Bangs

This is NOT his Star Diary but a very interesting piece nonetheless. TOP is indeed fascinating.
( comic ) it's a liberating feeling

Sandara Park Looks the Same as Five Years Ago: Human Preservative Secret?

Girl group, 2NE1 member, Sandara Park's human "beauty preservative" is hot topic.

Recently, in an online community site, Sandara Park's photo from the Philippines five years ago, was posted by fans, drawing attention to her good looks.

In the photo, Sandara Park's oval face, cute cheeks, and over-all fresh and innocent look is the same as now.

Netizens react with, "What kind of preservatives does she take?" "She seems a bit younger now," "I wonder what she eats that she's not getting old," "She should disclose her secret already," over her "beauty preservatives" secrets, with wonder in their minds.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 surprised everyone with their latest single release, "Try to Follow Me," last February, although they haven't done any activity on music programs, fans still have high hopes for a near comeback.

Source: news.nate
Translated by Knucklepink@YGLadies.com

Guys, she's totally a vampire! Bella Cullen ain't got stick on her.