June 17th, 2010


Two gorgeous leaders for High Cut

Popular boy group SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong and TVXQ leader U-Know Yunho were recently featured in High Cut magazine. In the picture above, Kim Hyun Joong is sporting an elegant black suit and wearing a Pasha Seatimer watch from Cartier on his left hand, which sells for roughly 5,177,025 won ($4275 USD).

Although Yunho has a very busy schedule, he took time off to snap some shots for the magazine while wearing fashionable Maison sunglasses and aiming for a simple, yet sexy look. He tops it off with a Ballon Bleu Cartier watch on his left wrist which goes for about 10,142,125 won ($8375 USD).

These boys sure do know how to show it off! This issue of High Cut will be released on the 18th of June.

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BEAST/B2ST holds its first fanmeeting in the Philippines

Dongwoon held my hand, waved and flashed the heart sign at me. And signed my CD, of course.

SM Megamall / June 16, 2010

BEAST is the BEST!

They held the fanmeet the same day that they arrived at the airport. Kikwang wasn't there :( I asked a coordi noona and she said that he will be late, will follow tomorrow (Thursday).

BEAST is here in Manila to do promotions and will be holding a concert with Kim Hyun Joong of SS501 in Araneta Coliseum on Saturday, June 19.

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『Dick Punks』strum

Swimin' Fish releases their MV for Fly

Swimin' Fish is a pop-rock group that's been around for a few years yet they've still remained under the radar for the most part. Recently one of their songs, Fly, was featured on the God of Study OST and now they've released a MV for it.

The group is made up of singer Lee Dawon, bass and leader Yu Hoseung, guitarists Inho and Im Seungchol and Seungho on drums.

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sources: xxdevxx @ youtube, Dawon's cyworld,

Yunho wants a girlfriend to control him (not sexual at all)

 In the July issue of magazine "Bijin Hyakka", Tohoshinki's leader Yunho had his first appearance. In the interview, he talked about his thoughts on love.

With a strong personality, so far it has been Yunho being the lead in relationships mostly. "This time it would be nice if someone could lead me. When there are friends and staff around, she can support me, and when it's just the two of us, she can control me, that would be the ideal girl." Right now, he's kind of looking for a girlfriend.

On top of that, the girl he likes will have the fashion of "jeans with a t-shirt and sneakers, having a casual look. But on the reverse too, businesswomen wearing a suit fitting them perfectly is something that I like".

Other than this interview, precious talk about his dream confession situation, his auditioning for the main lead in Korean drama "No Limit ~Heading to the Ground~" and such will be included in the magazine.

Yunho himself said "since the 5 years of my debut, this is the first time that I've laughed this much from a photoshoot", seeing Yunho like never before, and his surprising smiles, "Bijin Hyakka", July issue is a must get for fans.

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Super Junior’s Heechul and Siwon in Singles

Super Junior’s Heechul and Siwon recently participated in a photoshoot with Singles magazine for their July issue.

The concept of this photo shoot was of the two extremes of a daring suspect and a gentle detective. The photos seemed to have come straight out of a movie, with Heechul (the suspect) and Siwon (the detective) perfectly portraying their characters in the shoot.

In the interview, both were asked about their ideal types.

First, Heechul compared his personality to a threatening sword and suggested that he needs a girl who is like a sheath, to hold him. He continued by saying that he likes a girl who is gentle and elegant, that can lead him. Before he did not care whether a girl was younger or older, however, after seeing all the cute juniors lately, he has been leaning more towards younger girls.

Next, Siwon described his ideal girl as someone who is positive, with pure eyes. As for his future wife, he hopes for a girl who could understand his unstable career and could grow and trim the family like in Queen of Housewives.

Both Heechul and Siwon seem to like girls that can take care of them

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Fan threw a bra at 2PM Nich Khun at WonderGirls’ American concert performance

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

2PM Nich Khun got thrown an underwear by a fan during their American performance.

A video was uploaded on the 13th on Youtube which had garnered much netizens’ interests. 2PM had performed as the opening act to the WonderGirls’ American concert tour on 12th June in America Anaheim House Of Blues.

One of their performances was their debut song ’10 out of 10′ and while Nich Khun was doing his solo part of the song, what seems like a bra was thrown at him from the audiences. Nich Khun had seemed flustered at the moment but continued the performance with his sexy butt dance.

It has been known that is is common for fans to throw underwears at concerts of top stars in the States. However, Korean netizens’ responses to that was, “Must be embarrassing for Nich Khun”, “Why of all things a bra? This is too much”, “Cultural difference? But I still cannot understand” etc.

Meanwhile, 2PM will have their own independent concert in July in Seoul and Busan.

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IU and Seulong takes No. 1 spot on Gaon's singles chart

Korean songstress IU and 2AM's Seulong took the No. 1 spot atop Gaon's singles chart with their duet single "Nagging" during the week of June 6 to 12.

According to data released by Gaon on Thursday, the two artists’ song climbed up 11 slots to score its first win on the music chart, pushing down three-week winner the Wonder Girls.

"Nagging," the latest collaboration between IU and Seulong, was released on June 3.

The latest tune "2 Different Tears" by the Wonder Girls dropped a notch from the previous week to second place, pushing back "Love" by CNBLUE down one spot to third.

Meanwhile, SS501's new mini-album "DESTINATION" continued its reign on Gaon's album charts for the second consecutive week.

Super Junior's fourth studio release "BONAMANA" held onto its position in second, while CNBLUE's second mini-album "Bluelove" rose to the No. 3 position.

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Because nobody posted Gaon chart info on last week:

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Source: asiae.co.kr - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

'Into Gun Fire' reaches #1 in Box Office on first day!

More than 100,000 people attended the release of “Into the Fire” on it’s first day and topped the box office at number 1. Choi Seung Hyun (TOP), Kwon Sang Woo, Cha Seung Won and Kim Seung woo starred in this movie.

According to the Film Council of the Integrated System of Cinema tickets, “Into the Fire” which was released on June 16th garnered an attendance of 114,131 people nation wide, and a record total of 249,223 people. “The Office” had the number 1 spot for two weeks of being released and “Into the Fire” has gone up to beat them for the number 1 spot.

“Into the Fire” is rated 12+ and it’s a unique blockbuster masterpiece that has not been seen recently in Korea, therefore it’s attracting lots of attention from Korea.

This movie is based on a true story about 71 impressive student soldiers that defended and a fought a war for Korea, Pohang. “Into the Fire” has now grabbed the megaphone and attention from “A Moment to Remember” which was directed by Lee Jae Han who is also the director of “Into the Fire”.

“Into the Fire” was also selected as the closing movie at the Hawaii International Film Festival.

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TOP's interview with 10Asia

“The rapper with a wolf’s facade and a sheep’s nature” This paradoxical sentence written by a fan, may be the most exact description of Top. He may be a rapper with a sharp look and a tough voice, but he also holds a rather emotional sensibility that enjoys music by Damien Rice and Labelle.

And he may be a member of one of Korea’s most renown idol groups, but during his past teenage years, he spent a long time wandering and fighting battles within himself. Therefore asking him what he wants to achieve as an actor, or asking what kind of projects he is planning as a popular rapper, would be useless to say the least. This is because from his youth until now, he has spent all of his time in front of his desk writing lyrics to express himself, which he will continue to do. He says that he chose because he “saw himself” within his character. How did he contain his 24-year old persona, into the 17-year old Oh Jang-Bum. We spoke with Top about acting, rapping, and the self..

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UN warship hearing angers N Korea

Seoul and Pyongyang have cut most cross-border ties after the sinking

North Korea says its military will respond if the UN Security Council rebukes it over an alleged torpedo attack on a Southern warship in March.

In a rare news conference, the North's UN envoy Sin Son-ho demanded that Pyongyang be allowed to send a team to investigate the sinking of the Cheonan.

His comments came a day after North and South gave their versions of events to the UN in separate hearings.

The US said the comments represented more "provocative behaviour".

"We're looking for North Korea to change its unacceptable behaviour, to cease belligerent actions," said White House spokesman Philip Crowley.

"The last thing we want to see is further tension in the Korean peninsula."

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Source: BBC

Super Junior Choi SiWon casted for drama ‘Athena’, a spin-off production from ‘IRIS’

Super Junior Choi SiWon is known to be casted for upcoming drama ‘Athena: The Goddess Of War’ a spin-off production from large scale action drama ‘IRIS’.

According to an official on 18th June, Choi SiWon has been casted for the drama. He will be taking up the role of Kim JoonHo, a rookie ellite. Earlier speculations for the role casting points to Kim HyunJoong but it seems that the speculations have misfired.

The other stars casted for the drama include Cha SeungWon, Jung WooSeong, SooAe and Lee JiaH, and the first filming was known to have started recently. The shootng will take place in 6 countries including Europe and Japan.

The drama is set to air later this year.

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cha seung won + siwon ? sold.

Gyuri and Shindong share some juicy secrets on Star Golden Bell

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On Star Golden Bell, Super Junior’s Shindong and KARA’s Gyuri unleashed several interesting episodes of one another.

Shindong and Gyuri are currently DJs for a radio station together and they’ve become good friends. Ji Suk Jin, the MC of Star Golden Bell, asked them, “How are you guys getting along through the radio program?” in order for them to reveal some of their funny episodes.

Gyuri answered, “At first, it was a bit awkward. In order for us to become closer, we started sharing secrets. Shindong told me information along the lines of who was dating who.”

Shindong made everyone laugh by exposing, “All of that information belongs to Leeteuk!”

Gyuri didn’t stop there. She was asked to share another secret and she revealed, “I once looked through Shindong’s phone when we were still in the awkward stage, and I opened up one strange folder where there were many pictures of people not wearing a lot of clothes…” leaving everyone on the set laughing.

Lets hope the latter one was a just a mild joke. We’ll just have to watch this episode for ourselves when it airs on the 19th!

source: allkpop
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Seulong loses 11 pounds for W Korea

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2AM’s Seulong dedicated himself to losing 5 kg (about 11 pounds) just for W Korea’s photoshoot.

The studio brimmed with his charisma and manly aura, and the concept of his overall look – exposing his physique – was made fit for summer with an addition of water splashing poses.

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I think Seulong broke my brain with all his sexy.

EDIT: More pictures have been found~

[Star Diary, Part 1] Into the Gunfire, I have to lose myself.

The last part of ‘Big Bang’s Star Diary’ will be in the form of big brother TOP’s journal. ‘TOP’s Star Diary’ is based on an interview with TOP. There will be parts 1 through 10.

The sound of exploding bombs, the whirlpool of war. I can’t tell if this is a dream or reality.

I was thrown onto the set of the film Into the Gunfire. Even until yesterday I had shaken up the stage as Big Bang’s big brother, and today I am thrown into war as student soldier Oh Jang Bum. My voice is hoarse from reading so many of Jang Bum’s letters and I am exhausted from filming such long war scenes. But the hardest thing is all the different roles inside of me.

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