June 19th, 2010


Remember B2Y? One of the guys is acting in Yoochun's drama now! Plus new single coming out.

B2Y's handsome member Han Yeon has been added to the cast of KBS drama 'SungKyunKwan Scandal'.

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For those of you who don't remember, B2Y is the group that came out with the disco concept last year; or as some of you might remember, one of their members has an 18 inch waist.
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Hyoyeon's one-sided love mystery "solved"

Remember this post about hyoyeon's one-sided love? well, it seems like we finally get to know who's the lucky man!

The Clues
1. no double eyelids
2. witty/funny
3. great dancer

The 5 Suspects
BEAST Doojoon, 2AM Jokwon, Big Bang Daesung, 2PM Wooyoung & Junho

The Perfectly Flawless and Very Credible Experiment
Yell out the suspects' names and see her response. if it's the name of the one who stole her heart, she will instinctively react out of ~love~.

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EDIT: please don't get confused by the name of the video. ^^
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Big Bang's 2010 Big Show Live Concert Album info and countdown to Taeyang's album release

Big Bang - 2010 Big Show Live Concert Album

After focusing mainly on solo and Japan activities in 2009, Big Bang started off 2010 with a three-day concert tour at Seoul's Olympic Stadium from January 29 to 31. The group as always lived up to their name, putting on a Big Show to some 40,000 screaming fans. The 2010 Big Show Live Concert Album features 17 live tracks from the tour, including representative Korean hits Remember and Haru Haru, their recent Japanese singles Gara Gara Go and Koe wo Kikasete, and solo numbers Heartbreaker and Strong Baby. The live album also comes with a Bonus CD containing T.O.P's new solo Turn It Up, Big Bang's Iris theme song Hallelujah, and remix versions of Lie and Stylish.

Expected release date: June 25, 2010 (in YesAsia)

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Countdown to Taeyang's Album Release Starts

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Sources: YesAsia, YG  Entertainment - TAEYANG
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Orange Caramel's "Magic Girl" Plagerized?

K-Pop group Orange Caramel has released their debut mini album. Their title track is "Magic Girl", a song which, to some ears, bears a striking resemblance to °C-ute's "Hare no Platinum Doori". That song, sung by members Nakajima Saki & Hagiwara Mai, was released two years ago on "3rd Love Escalation".

The producing credit for "Magic Girl" is credited to Cho Young Soo, a famous composer in Korea who has done songs for 4minute, SeeYa, SG Wannabe, MC Mong, HyunA, and others. "Hare no Platinum Doori" was of course produced by Tsunku.

Orange Caramel is a new group, created from three members of the popular Korean group After School. Ironically, it was After School who sang the "Love Machine" remake Dream Girl, the theme song for the 2009 Korean Up-Front Agency audition TV show.

Check out the tracks here and judge for yourselves. Pay close attention to the chorus of the Orange Caramel song; it's very similar to the chorus in the °C-ute song. Both songs repeat the chorus melody twice, and both songs raise an octave near the end of the song.

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It sounded very hello-projecty to me when I first heard it, and the chorus pretty similar, but plagiarized? IDK
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More info on that Hollywood produced kpop girl group

(Read here the previous article on topic.)

With numerous local bands and soloists waiting in line to become the next big thing in the United States, a U.S.-based entertainment agency and its head is thinking outside the box and planning to do it backwards.

"The fact that many Asian entertainment companies have been coming to the U.S. to buy music and work with U.S. producers has given us the desire to reverse the trend and create a group from Hollywood and send them to Korea to cater to the music industry out there," Stephen Um from West Side Entertainment told The Korea Times.

Um started working in Hollywood from the early 2000s and realized that there was no Asian presence in the U.S. music industry. While working with various figures in Hollywood, including producer Cudda Love who nurtured stars such as Nelly, he found that he could start using his experience and expertise to help Asian entertainers. Thus, Um and the agency have begun working on creating a girl band in the U.S. The five-member group will consist of two Korean Americans, two Koreans and one Korean-Japanese.

"The biggest priority in choosing the right members is that they need to know the Korean language and culture. Since our activities will be in Korea, our group members will need to respect the people and communicate with them efficiently,"

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Source: The Korea Times

[Star Diary] TOP③ "Seung Hyun I don't want any dirt to get on you"

Reminder: TOP’s Star Diary series is written in his point of view, as if we were reading his journal entries.

I shed some tears at the Into the Gunfire premiere without even realizing. It’s not because I kept remembering how hard it was to film, but I think even now I haven’t yet broken away from Oh Jang Bum. Because no one knows Jang Bum’s heart like I do…

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Onkey nylon

In which we demand for fancams and pics.

Leeteuk danced to Sorry Sorry in the nude?

On the June 19th broadcast of Star Golden Bell, Super Junior’s Leeteuk revealed the ultimate fangirl fantasy: he’s danced to Sorry Sorry naked.

The lovable leader started off by saying, “I went to the sauna and got caught by a group of people, and I danced for them.”

However, he revealed that it wasn’t all that easy, even with his celebrity status, as he continued, “Someone poured cold water over me. They splashed water on me in the bath and tried to pick a fight by saying, ‘Hey you, celebrity,’ and I angrily responded, ‘What?’”

He explained his apprehension as he said the group of people opposite of him had tattoos of lions, dragons and tigers. He told the crowd, “I just continued and yelled at them, ‘What?’ However, they suddenly asked me, ‘You do Sorry Sorry, right?’ and they asked me to dance for them.”

Leeteuk, being the nice guy he is, granted their request by dancing to his hit song. Originally he was just going to dance to one measure of the song, but the people said they liked the next part of the choreography. In the end, Super Junior’s leader had no choice but to embarrassingly cross his arms and shake his hips in his birthday suit.

Source: AKP

LMAO guys, it seems he was kinda forced into it. You're making him sound like a streaker. Considering the fact that a sauna is a public place and he is a celebrity, he probably had either some trunks on or a towel hiding his junior. XD
The poor guy already looks dead on his feet most of the time, I think the last thing he wants is to be asked to dance some SuJu while he's at a sauna. And he might be my main SuJu!bias but this post was actually more for the LOL than for some "omgDOwant".