June 20th, 2010

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Looks like the SuJu boys caught an anchovy + Cinderella!

ShinsFriends: Finally!!! A new game has came out. There's no exact format but stage 2 of It's Refreshing!! "It's Embarrassing"(subtitle:the attitute of a newbie) The new victim has appeared!! Collapse )

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Source: Twitter - Shindong's, Eunhyuk's, Sungmin's, Heechul's
Trans: TwEFLs 1 2 3 4 5 and tsubein
Video: teynateukie87

LOL What how... TAME.
[edit]I just realized something... is the game still even about falling asleep outside the dorm? *blinks[/edit]*
Tae Yang is kinda HOT
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Taeyang Needs a Girl

Taeyang's title track (the one he's going to promote in music shows) for his upcoming solo album was today revealed to be 'I Need A Girl' and it's going to feature also G-Dragon:

Source: YG  Entertainment - TAEYANG

I guess we can look forward to seeing some cute GDYB moments. But LOL @ the name of the title track, I thought YB was already sick of explaining how he has never dated? But I guess he just cannot ever escape that topic.

Hyori's message on her Fan Cafe about Plagiarism Issue

Everyone, Hello... From Hyori
100620 01:21
It looks like it's been a while since I wrote an entry here.
After the release of my 4th album, many interrogations rose,
it was frustrating for me and you must have been curious about these issues at some point .
I've been asking myself whether I should tell you all of it or not, there were things to take into consideration,
and after I figured it out, time has passed... and it took me some time to talk to you.
It must have been frustrating for you as well, I'm truly sorry about that...

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source: hyoleesubs - cafe.daum

Super Junior teams up with One Way for upcoming repackaged album

Recent photos of Super Junior cutie Donghae with One Way leader Chance which entered the Twitterverse (Twitpicverse, technically…) yesterday have ignited the curiosity of many fans. Now we now know the reason why the duo has been hanging out as of late – aside from Donghae & Chance’s offstage friendship, Super Junior and One Way will be officially collaborating for SuJu’s upcoming repackaged fourth album!

Since the thirteen member boy man band has also released repackaged versions of their past albums, it’s no surprise that they’ll be following the pattern with BONAMANA; however, this news marks the first confirmation that the repackaged album is well underway.

“Recently I have been personally been in touch with SM Entertainment to work on a remix for Super Junior’s 4th repackage album,” leader Chance told allkpop today. “It has been confirmed for release.” Since One Way composes and arranges everything in their studio, Donghae has been personally visiting over the past week to record and work with the trio on the track.

Source: allkpop

So it was supposed to be a song with three English words. My bet is either My Only Girl or Shake It Up!
talking bout my girl [Sohee]

Chansung, Junho, Junsu and Jinwoon "cover" Nobody & Hip Song on 1000 Songs Challenge

Nobody @ 0:44; Hip Song (feat. Park Hyun Bin LOL) @ 3:13

Source: oneday2pm2am

LOVE ChanHo's interpretative dance to Nobody lol. And omg Jinwoon why are you such a crack up. Btw does anyone have a link to when Jinwoon covered another Rain Song--"How to Avoid the Sun"--on a previous appearance last year?
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Donghae’s Breakdancing Skills Cause Trouble on Star King

On the latest episode of Star King last June 19th, Super Junior’s Donghae showed off his break-dancing skills to everyone’s amazement. However, his extreme B-boy skills caused his microphone to be destroyed.

It all started with the latest guests’ unique dancing skills, a combination of Brazilian traditional dance and defensive movements ‘ala capoeira’ and yoga. Not wanting to be left out, Donghae stood up and also showed everyone his own B-boy skills.

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Sources: reviewstar.net
Credit: 海世代 + SapphirePearls
Chinese translation: Aidenly Coco
English Translation: minoko2440 @ SapphirePearls.com
Video: zazamax9
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Heechul unleashes Peanut Caramel

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Not really anything serious but just something that was thought up by Super Junior’s Heechul to show his love for the After School’s subgroup, Orange Caramel.

Orange Caramel have really captured the hearts of many with their cute concept since making their debut in the past week with Magic Girl and among them are Heechul who has done some photoshopping to create his own subgroup, Peanut Caramel, modeled after Orange Caramel.

The first version involved Ryeowook as Lizzy, Heechul as Nana and Shindong as Raina. The second version saw Ryeowook swapping with Eunhyuk. And then Heechul decided to go all-Heechul for the third version.

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sources: allkpop + twitter : 1 & 2

100620 - Onew's Star Call


Hi~ I'm SHINee's leader Onew, Onjoobong!
Everyone's cheer for my musical made me enjoy doing the musical
and it cheered me up a lot!! I learned many things because of you guys.
So, there might be many people who couldn't come to see the musical, and
I'm going to sing few words from the musical.
It's from.. when i was falling to Aurora.. that part! ^▽^
"Oh~ I was in love with you~ Wonderful moment~"
..Thanks~! haha..

video | forevershinee @ yt
translation | sweetieee13 @ yt; taken from vivz @ soompi

onew's last musical performance was on the 19th~

Lee MinHo at “One special day with MinHo” Fan Meeting!

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On June 20,2010 popular actor Lee MinHo greeted his fans “Minoz” through a fan meeting held at Kyung Hee University, Seoul.

The event with the title “2010, The Special Day With Minoz – One special day with Minho” started at 15:00 local time.

Gag man Yoon HyungBin (popular with his gag character Wang Biho) is the MC for the event whilst many celebrities are spotted on stage performing with (for) Lee MinHo at the event, such as : 2AM and SeeYa. Close friends KimBum and Jung IlWoo were also seen at the fan meeting as the best friends celebrated Lee MinHo’s advance birthday which supposed to be celebrated on June 22,2010. Lee MinHo also gets a surprise guest, Taiwanese actor Joe Cheng who came and gave him a birthday gift at the event.

Meanwhile, another fan meeting is also scheduled to be held on Aug 28,2010 under the theme of “Pink Play concert” which will be taking place at Sheraton Walker Hill River Park Hotel , Gwangjang-dong, Seoul.

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sources: kbites + 1313meow

One Way to heat up the Philippines this July

Filipinos are pretty lucky when it comes to kpop – it seems like the Philippines are the #1 destination spot for Korean idols these days! It’s been announced that One Way will be the latest kpop act to visit the popularly titled “Pearl of the Orient” this July, joining the ranks of BEAST, U-Kiss, FT Island, Kim Hyun Joong, Super Junior, 4minute and many more.

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Source: allkpop

R2J to have a guest appearance please, lol. In case you're wondering who R2J are, they're Korean housemates on Pinoy Big Brother who parodied One Way's Magic.

Source: yorj
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DBSK’s Yunho Made a Promise to JoonSeo

Child superstar, 8-year-old Bang JoonSeo who claimed fame playing ChaeRim’s daughter in Oh! My Lady (2010), Kim NamJoo’s daughter in Queen of Housewives (2009) and Yunho’s younger sister in Heading to the Ground (2009), among other roles, shared her thoughts on her oppa, Yunho.

In an interview during her Heading to the Ground days, JoonSeo said that, “When my friends heard that I was going to act alongside Jung Yunho (oppa), they were all very envious of me. Compared to other days of filming, if I had a scene with Yunho (oppa) that day, I would be in an especially good mood, and no matter how long it took, I would never feel tired.”

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Source: baiduTVXQ
Translation: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com
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:__: Ok, I'm gonna stop... for now.

TY for the baidu-source, mods. I had no idea how to find it/how baidu works.
Super Junior: Yesung

Adult clips YeSung? Super Junior members, “YeSung is the master of all videos”

Super Junior members exposes member YeSung as one who has “mastered all type of videos.”

On KBS 2TV late night variety show ‘Night Star’ aired on 20th June, Super Junior members were the guest appearances on the show. MC Shin DongYeop asked, “So what would you usually do at this time?” and Kim HeeChul answered, “I can’t say this on broadcast” rousing laughters from his comments.

YeSung then said, “I like watching movies.” But with Kim HeeChul’s influence, the other Super Junior members and the MCs started pointing to him watching ‘adult clips’.

The MCs then said, “Tell us what you have in your external hard drive.” ShinDong said, “He has soccer videos, baseball videos and adult videos, – he is the master of all sorts of videos,” rousing laughter once more.

Trans: KBites

I KNEW IT. XD He is a dude, after all lol.

North Korean Jong Tae-se wants to marry, is eyeing WONDERGIRLS members

Ultra-conservative, impenetrable North Korea & Japanese-born & bred Jong Tae-se can be said to be a contradictory match yet also mutually complements. At the current World Cup, North Korea has gained extensive worldwide compassion through Jong Tae-se. Perhaps it can help break the deadlock. By joining the North Korean team, Jong Tae-se has elevated himself onto the international sporting stage & has gained a worldwide profile.

Jong Tae-se grew up in Japan & had pursued the same trendsetting stuff as other Japanese youngsters. He has a pretty good income playing professional soccer in the J-League. He is fond of sports cars, clothes, hairstyles & also popular culture. For this World Cup, he is equipped with laptops, game consoles & iPhone, not unlike footballers of other countries. Jong Tae-se has impressive football skills enough to be called "Asia's Wayne Rooney" or, as specially addressed in North Korea, "the people's Wayne Rooney." Moreover, his "teary offensive" during the Brazil match became a global focus. While singing aloud the national anthem is not that unusual, the way he cried unexpectedly drew the world closer to North Korea.

Interestingly, Jong Tae-se is a "crybaby" at heart. He once said that he is easily moved to tears from watching Korean dramas. As for prospective nuptial targets, he hopes to marry a member of South Korean girl-group WONDERGIRLS of Nobody fame in Asia. But this ought to be the dream of many South Koreans too.

Jong Tae-se is indeed courageous in expressing his true feelings. The North Korean team is lucky to have him & thereby partially softening the country's stereotypically conservative & isolationist image.

Source: China Times + translation by: qoxie @ soompi's WG Thread

Who is watching tomorrow the Portugal vs North Korea  WC match??

f(x) to follow-up with Mr. Boogie?

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Popular idol group f(x) recently made an appearance at Cans Mister Radio back on the 15th where various songs by the girls were played including their latest hit, NU ABO.

When f(x)’s Mr Boogie was played at this event, a fan caught Victoria, Sulli, Luna and Amber wanting to dance to the song. In the video below, you could see some faint choreography being done by Victoria and Sulli doing some hand movements which seem to be in sync.

In the other clip, Amber and Luna can be seen doing the same moves while jamming out. Could this mean that the girls will be following up their recent promotional activities with Mr. Boogie? You decide for yourself.

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Source: AllKpop
How I Met Your Mother; Barney & Robin

'Relief Pitcher' Yoo Jae Suk, Haha-Kim Jong Kook--Will it be 'Victory or Defeat'?

[TV Report Kim Jin wook reporting] Yoo Jae Suk descends upon the mound to lead SBS 'Good Sunday' as the MC for its new corner. This comes 5 months after he left the program's popular corner 'Family Outing'.

With Yoo Jae Suk's return to SBS as its MC, there is a great expectation that 'Good Sunday' will regain its form again after 'Family Outing 2's poor performance and the cancellation of 'Gold Miss Is Going'. The (program's) 'victory or defeat' is entrusted to Yoo Jae Suk to bring a new 'fresh' concept.

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Sources: nate & o-cha@soompi
so, who do you want to see as the new members?

Taeyang D-10: "Solar" Track Names 5 and 6 revealed

05. You’re My
06. Move (feat. Teddy)

“You’re My” was composed by Jeon Goon, lyrics were done by Jeon Goon & 최깁원, the arrangement was done by Jeon Goon and the rhodes piano was done by 길은경.

For "Move" feat Teddy the composition was done by Kush & Teddy, the lyrics & arrangement by Kush and the rap lyrics by Teddy.

S: www.ygbigbang.com/taeyangbigbangupdatesibigbang

T.O.P, "The reason I’ve become such a workaholic.."

Reminder: TOP’s Star Diary series is written from his point of view.

I’m normally the type to have mood swings, but I think I became more so while filming Into the Gunfire. It was difficult for me personally, but I think it was also hard for my manager, who had to put up with me. I am incredibly sorry and grateful.

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S: asiae
TRANS: seungie @ tumblr

Yang HyunSeok, “Big Bang and 2NE1 will do well even if they are to debut in the American music marke

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Big Bang to 2NE1, and even Se7en and Gummy. This summer, we are seeing the comeback of some of the biggest artistes in Kpop. As Yang HyunSeok word it, “YG mobilization”.

Since 2NE1′s minialbum released last July, there has not been any offline album release from YG Family. And the question is why the 1 year blank for some of the great artistes in Kpop like Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en and Gummy?

Yang HyunSeok explained, “For a singer, the contents is very important when it comes to determin win or defeat. The YG members had made use of the time to make and practise their new songs. From July, the YG singers will be back in order.”

And recently having moved to a new office building, YG producers like Teddy and Perry, as well as some of the top American artistes, have been staying long term in the building to do music producing for the YG singers in full swing. Yang HyunSeok said, “These are some of the artistes who would not have come even if invited with great amount of money in the past. They were awed by Big Bang or 2NE1. They even praised them that they would be able to debut in the States.”

Some here are the line up for the comeback of the YG singers:

* 1st July – TaeYang’s 1st full length album
* 21st July – Se7en’s comeback after 3 years.
* 24th and 25th July – Gummy with her independent concert after 4 years
* Also upcoming – 2NE1 and Big Bang

source: kbites

f(x) Victoria makes impressionable entrance on Invincible Youth with performance of drunken fists

f(x) Victoria makes her entrance on KBS Invincible Youth with a wham.
On KBS Invincible Youth aired on 18th June, the new members of the show were introduced. As for Victoria’s entrance, she did a performance of Chinese martial arts Drunken Fist while holding a wine bowl.
And the other stars on the show were very shocked to see Victoria’s great agility. Victoria the introduced herself, “I am f(x) leader Victoria. I did tumbling all the way from China to here.” With the urging of the MC, she demostrated tumbling. Goo Hara also followed suit with her own style of tumbling.
Meanwhile, netizens’ responses to Victoria on the show, “Victoria’s reaction is daebak, it was so funny”, “Whatever she do, it’s cute” etc.

wonderfulgeneration1, kbites

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