June 21st, 2010

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Park Bo-young likely to face defamation charges

South Korean popular actress Park Bo-young, 20, who is in a legal dispute with the management agency she belongs to, is likely to face defamation charges by the agency.

Humane Entertainment said Saturday the prosecution cleared it of charges she lodged against it such as forgery of private documents in a contract, adding that it is considering filing a defamation suit.

Last April, Park charged the agency chief with fraud, claiming that the agency forged her existing contract and her warrant, using her seal without her permission.

In a press release, the agency claimed that "the management agency head rewrote articles of the contract based on an order from the fair trade regulators but there was no revision of substantial contents, such as contract period," which the prosecution accepted.

Furthermore, the press release said that the agency chief did not use Park's seal for other purposes, except for sending it to the Fair Trade Commission and Park herself.

The agency stated, "It is difficult for us to accept Park's statement that [our] trust has been crushed during the creation of the contract because, besides Park, there have been no complaints about edited contracts from other members of the company."

Source: The Korea Times

2NE1 Sandara Park to appear in MV for TaeYang’s 1st full length album ‘Solar’

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2NE1's Sandara Park will be appearing in her sunbae from the same company, Taeyang of Big Bang's first full solo album music video. Recently, in the entertainment district, there has been a fierce battle in order to cast Sandara Park in TV dramas and entertainment shows.

YG artists have a strong sense of belonging, and their bonds are strong as well. For example, on the weekend of the premiere of TOP's first, leading movie 'Into the Gunfire', more than 1 000 000 showed up, seated in the VIP area was his Big Bang band mates and of course, all the 2NE1 members showed up to show their enthusiastic support for him.

For this MV, even though Sandara Park has her regular full activities ahead of her, and is currently in the middle of busy schedules, she still made time. If it were not the title song, 'I Need a Girl' of Taeyang's first full solo album (on sale on July 1st), it would not have been possible for her to participate.

Taeyang's new song 'I Need a Girl' has G-Dragon featuring in it, however now with the entertainment district's hot topic, Sandara Park helping Taeyang out by making her appearance, the song is quickly rising up as this summer's most anticipated song.

Production companies that are seeking Sandara Park for movies and dramas are quickly accelerating their paces. At the moment, the demand for her even exceeds top stars such as Kim Taehee, Jeon Jihyun, Song Hyegyo, etc.

Last year, she breathed life into her role as Rie, the daughter of a ninja in the MBC drama "The Return of Iljimae", and she is currently at the top as a star who is equally able to succeed as an actor as well.

The 2NE1 members made their appearance in the idol world like a comet, and it has already been a long time since Sandara Park has risen to the status of a world-class top star. While she can be innocent, she can be equally sexy as well, and can even dance and sing. Any producers cannot help but to drool over her.

One of people close to Sandara Park revealed "Because of 2NE1 activities, she has had no time to appear in a full-fledged acting role", "However because there has been a lot of interest over (Sandara Park)'s acting, even during her busy schedules, she willingly accepted the role which helps ease some of her desire to act."

sources: nate + kbites
Translated by GEE @ ygladies.com
Jung Yong Hwa

Jung Yonghwa meets "Seohyun" on Gag Concert

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On the episode of Gag Concert that aired on the 20th, CNBLUE was in the crowd of the audience. Usually, celebrities come on so that they get made fun of by Wang Biho (Yoon Hyung Bin) at the end although he wasn’t around tonight with Song Joon Geun taking his place.

This time, there was even a bigger surprise for particularly one member, Jung Yonghwa. Song Joon Geun said, “I heard Yonghwa was coming today so I got (SNSD’s) Seohyun to come too.” Since the two idols are “married” on We Got Married, their relationship is a hot topic amongst the public.

People were excited to see Seohyun come out but it turns out it was comedian Kim Jiho in a SNSD Oh! outfit. He looked quite scary but hilarious at the same time. He went on to play out a scene from the show and made Yonghwa crack up for quite a while as he tried to run away from the horror who wanted skinship.

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Source: allkpop, cnbluesoul

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T.O.P’s Turn It Up unleashed on iTunes for worldwide release!

Big Bang’s resident rapper T.O.P has certainly gotten Korea buzzing with his solo single Turn It Up, and it looks like YG Entertainment is ready to unleash this track into international territory as well. On top of the June 21 release on Korean portal sites, DFSB Kollective  just announced that T.O.P’s latest track is now available on iTunes Music Stores around the globe!

“A hypnotic, boombastic hip-hop track, T.O.P’s ‘Turn It Up’ has already fired up K-Pop fans around the world as the 30 second teaser video on YouTube amassed an astonishing 300,000 hits in just 3 days,” the press release praised. With the music video release fresh off the press, it looks like the hype is only mounting as fans rack up views on the Youtube and Twitter users simultaneously tweet their thoughts on the music video.

DFSB Kollective, the Korean creative agency in charge of international digital distribution for Turn It Up, titles itself as “the first official K-Pop aggregator for iTunes worldwide,” creating a digital avenue for Korean artists to get their music onto the international platform.
DFSB Kollective has also worked with groups including Epik High, Dok2, Nell, the Brown Eyed Girls, Drunken Tiger, Leessang  and more. It’s also confirmed that Mnet Media is the official record label for this upcoming release.

Turn It Up is now available worldwide for purchase on iTunes Music Stores, complete with a bonus digital booklet for your viewing pleasure. Don’t hesitate and grab this sizzling track HERE while it’s fresh!

Source: Allkpop
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Former classmates reveal the explosive pasts of SISTAR

After making their sweet transition into stardom with their debut in Ceci,  it seems that rookie group SISTAR has been hit with their first big scandal.
One nifty netizen has taken the time to gather up comments made by former classmates and acquaintances of SISTAR’s youngest member, Dasom. It appears the 17-year-old had a rough past which in itself included drinking, smoking, stealing money and bullying. Though there has been an overabundance of former classmates speaking up with their evidence, it should be noted that this should be read with a grain of salt.

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if this is true, wow.

Mnet Media to file lawsuit against Bahnus Vacuum for Lee Hyori

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There’s no doubt in the fact that Lee Hyori’s title of a singer has been severely defamed, after admitting the fact that the plagiarism accusations surrounding many of her tracks in album H-Logic are true indeed.

By posting a self-written entry on her website explaining the situation, Lee Hyori has made her personal apologies to the victims of plagiarism, and announced to quit all her activities as a singer for now. Although it seems like a right thing to do, especially after bringing much harm and damage to others, fans and netizens were disappointed nonetheless to hear such news.

However, there is a something we should all understand before starting to point fingers – Lee Hyori, nor any artists signed under Mnet Media is responsible for writing the plagiarized tracks, but a mysterious songwriter well-known as Bahnus Vacuum.

After further investigations, its been revealed that Bahnus Vacuum is actually a group of songwriters consisted of seven domestic & overseas songwriters and composers. The team centers around its leader Lee Jae Young aka Bahnus, who’s received his music degrees at Cologne University of Music in Germany and Guildhall School of Music and Drama in England. Bahnus Vacuum was first introduced to Mnet Media through the company’s employee’s close relations with one of the members of the team.

Now we know more about Bahnus Vacuum, it’s time to hear more about their unfortunate fate. Intentional or not, the group has blatantly stole others’ intellectual property as if they were their own. Not only that, Bahnus Vacuum even made up lies saying how it was those others who stole off of him, with a false story explaining how the tracks were “leaked” while they were in development. Because the group has committed plagiarism and fraud, Mnet Media has announced that they will be filing a lawsuit against Bahnus Vacuum, and will be compensating for the damages to each and every victim of this issue. The company’s in the process of seeking these original songwriters all over the world, including England, Canada, and even Norway.

The fact that Mnet Media is being responsible for Lee Hyori’s issue is very noteworthy, since the company no longer holds Lee Hyori as one of their signed artists. The company explains how it’s morally correct to protect Lee Hyori, since Mnet was held in charge for the production of the album.

There really seems to be no bright side in this issue – the damage is permanent, and the reputation of K-pop has been downgraded even further by foreign audience. Do you think there is really no end to this?

source: allkpop

4minute’s Jiyoon will not be making a solo debut

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Earlier this month we reported than 4minute’s Jiyoon would be making her solo debut in July or August. However, it was been revealed that there was possibly a misunderstanding, and that she is not making a solo debut.

In a recent interview with TV Daily at the MBC Dream Center, Jiyoon said that it was her first time hearing that she was going to release a solo album.

On June 6th, media reported that Jiyoon would be releasing her solo song after 4minute’s activities for Huh were over, in August/September.

When asked, Jiyoon replied, “I too was surprised when I saw that article. So much so that I even asked the company if I was going to make my solo debut. However, even the company representatives were like, ‘Where did you hear that?‘”

When asked if there were any plans for solo albums, acting or other activities, Gayoon responded, “All we’re thinking about right now is 4minute’s album“.

Maknae Sohyun continued, “We want to get our name known to the public, not as individuals, but as a team.”

source: allkpop
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Taecyeon, “Please don’t come to our dorm”

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Boyband 2PM’s Taecyeon made a request to fans that visit their dorm.

Taecyeon wrote on his twitter on the 19th, “Please don’t come to sukso… Its the only place where we can relax and rest… yelling our names in the morning only causes troubles for us.”

On the other hand, 2PM is awaiting concerts on 7/31 and 8/1 at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.

source: taecyeon twitter + kbites
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Lee Byung-heon’s legal troubles at an end

After more than six months, Lee Byung-heon’s legal woes have been resolved cleanly after the suit filed against him by ex-girlfriend Ms. Kwon has been withdrawn. The court closed the matter after judging that Kwon no longer intends to pursue the suit after she missed two hearings and failed to request a new pleading date; she returned to Canada at the end of last year and has made no effort to continue her case.

Not only does this free Lee from legal entanglements, the records of the case are essentially purged and will not be retained, making this lawsuit — at least in the eyes of the law — disappear as though it never happened.

A brief refresher: On December 8, 2009, Kwon filed a civil suit against the star, accusing him of luring her into a sexual relationship with false promises of marriage. She demanded 100 million won in compensation, and later also accused Lee of illegal gambling while filming overseas. She released photographs of the two together to prove that she was telling the truth about being in a relationship with Lee. He was also the target of blackmail by men connected with Kwon who threatened to make a stink if he didn’t pay up. He refused, and countersued for defamation. In the spring, he was cleared by the court of gambling charges.

Good news for Lee! Now he can focus on work; his upcoming thriller I Saw the Devil (from The Good, The Bad, The Weird director Kim Ji-woon) will be released later this summer.

Source: E Daily, Seoul.co.kr
Via: dramabeans
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Runaway adds Daniel Henney to its cast

So Daniel Henney is joining Rain, Lee Jung-jin, and Lee Na-young in spy drama show Runaway, and I’m kinda ambivalent about it.

In Runaway, he’ll form a love triangle between Rain and Lee Na-young’s characters. (I’m guessing the name of that triangle is acute isosceles, wherein he’s the short leg. Seriously, I can’t imagine him being compelling against those two; Rain has serious screen presence and Lee can be mesmerizing.) Henney’s character watches over and protects Lee’s character, “but the details of the character have not yet been decided.” This suggests he wasn’t cast because he fit the script, but that they’ll be creating a role for him. I suppose this means Daniel Henney : Runaway :: Oh Ji-ho : Chuno.

I wonder if Henney will communicate solely in English, as he has in most (all?) of his roles; he speaks pretty good Korean but it seems he’s self-conscious about using it if it isn’t perfect. On the upside, it’ll be nice to have an English-speaking character in a drama actually knowing how to speak English.

Runaway is looking at a September premiere on KBS.

Source: Star News
Via: dramabeans
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They fled from the nightmare of North Korea – only to be sold into slavery in China

Soldiers and police cordoned off a bridge near northeastern China’s Dandong city last month as a special train rolled across the Yalu river carrying North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il.

The high security surrounding Kim’s secret crossing from North Korea into China might have given the impression this stretch of water dividing the two Communist-ruled police states marked one of the world’s most secure borders.
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source: heraldscotland

It's sad that they go from one nightmare to another

BEAST & Hyun Joong singing with kids + Kikwang's sexy dance (Manila, Phils)

Last Saturday's concert in Manila, Philippines was actually a charity concert to benefit needy young mothers of Abiertas House of Friendship. It was organized by Underwood Manila in partnership with GMA7.

For the finale, all the artists went up the stage with the kids of the foundation to sing "Heal the World". They were all ADORABLE.

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Infinity Challenge members parodies famous art works

The members of Infinity Challenge (Haha, Jil, Jung Joon Ha (정준하), Jung Hyung Don (정형돈), Noh Hong Chul (노홍철), Park Myung Soo (박명수) and Yoo Jae Suk (유재석)) recently came together for Vogue July's shoot. Entitled Shoot Must Go On, they parodied famous art and portrait works like Liberty Leading The People, The Scream and more. Check out the very interesting shoot :

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Source: EiffelinSeoul

Core Contents Media to unleash another girl group

It appears that despite having groups like Davichi, SeeYa and T-ara already under its label, Core Contents Media are going to add another girl group to their ranks this fall.

During the recent Korea Republic game against Argentina in South Africa, Core Contents Media artists like T-ara, Davichi, Black Pearl, etc together with Kim Soo Ro had gathered to watch the game together.

But the sight of a fresh-faced girl in photos have attracted the attention of netizens, who have labeled her as a Goo Hara (KARA) lookalike.

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source: allkpop
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Former Brown Eyed Girl, Yoari releases MV for Excuse Me

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Yoari is a name that most of you probably aren’t familiar with. She was originally the 5th member of Brown Eyed Girls but NegaNetwork (BEG’s label) had other plans for her before the group debuted. Thinking she had more of a rocker image, Neganetwork put her in a rock band titled Sprinkler. Unfortunately for her, Sprinkler never really took off while the Brown Eyed Girls flourished.

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article: allkpop
video: ray9596

love this song and her voice!  i wish her the best of luck :)

T-Max holds concert for one Japanese fan

4-person male group T-MAX held a concert for one Japanese fan.

T-MAX appeared on music cable channel MNET’s “The Pub,” showing a performance for a single Japanese fan who traveled to Korea for T-Max.

At this stage, T-Max performed the theme song of KBS2TV’s drama Boys Over Flowers, “Paradise,” and “The Words I Can Tell You,” and “Don’t Fool Around” from their official 1st album on the birthday of this Japanese fan.T-Max also gave this fan back hugs, and fed her tteokbokki (korean dish), making special memories with her.

On the other hand “The Pub” is a program where the featured artist has a meeting and a performance for one fan who has a special story with that artist, and it is the first time that a foreign fan has featured.

T-Max’s members Shin Min Chul and Kim Joon were joined by new members Joo Chan Yang and Park Han Bi, making T-Max a 4-person group.

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[Star Diary] TOP⑤ "Now it's time to get back together"

It seems like recently my personality has gotten softer. When I was younger, I was so obsessed with hip-hop that I had a tendency to be rebellious, but I’m starting to realize that that’s not all good. These days I’m making an effort not to become lazy.

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'after we finish our jacket photo shoot today'  akglskdakgdha :DD
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Eternal maknae celebrates his birthday

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려욱 생일축하파티 통영공연을끝내고 올라오는길에 휴게소에서 맞이한 려욱 생일!!! 에프엑스 동생들 너무고마워!!!! http://twitvid.com/QRVVT http://twitvid.com/EP6HO http://yfrog.com/1skhavj

Ryeowook's birthday party
After our performance was done in Tongyeong, when we were going back, we celebrated Ryeowook's birthday at a highway service area!!!
Thank you very much to f(x) dongsaengs!!!

Source: Shindong's Twitter
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

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Happy birthday Wookie!!!

Taeyang D-9: "Solar" Track Names 7 and 8 revealed!

07 Breakdown, Produced by Teddy
08 니가 잠든 후에/ After you fall asleep (featuring Swings), produced by GD and Choice 37.

Some background on Swings (real name : Johnathan Moon): "He is a member of an underground hip hop crew called Overclass who delivers his lyrics passionately with a perfected flow."

And to update on the “I Need a Girl” MV – Dara posted up a picture showing signs of filming going on in the background!
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Source: ygbigbang.com/taeyang via alwaystaeyang & ibigbang

So excited for all this!
zhang liyin » standing in the boundary

North Korea deserves a boycott, and it worked against South Africa

All I'd wanted was a ticket to today's unbelievable 7-0 win by Portugal over North Korea in Cape Town. Instead, I got stuck in Johannesburg, which turned out to be a stroke of good luck. There, I watched the game on TV in a gloriously faded old Mozambican restaurant called the Troyeville Hotel. Down in Cape Town, it poured rain on spectators and players through the entire match. After the kickoff, I asked my companion in the Troyeville, an American soccer writer, what difference the weather would make to the play. "Some teams actually like playing in the rain, because the ball moves faster over the pitch," he told me. "It also depends on what conditions they're used to." Then we both had the same thought: does it rain in North Korea?

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Source: Newsweek

TL;DR → The writer believes North Korea should have been suspended from the the FIFA World Cup because its players are living a "dual life" as in one life, they are allowed to play sports as if it was a normal world, whereas they are denied universal rights in their 'other life'. The other argument is that sports helps humanize the peoples despite its government and practices.

What side are you on, Omona? Do you think FIFA should have banned North Korea from the World Cup?

Lee Byung-hun's ex-girlfriend resumes lawsuit last minute

Hallyu star Lee Byung-hun's former girlfriend has requested for a new date of pleading to be set last minute, resuming a half-year long legal battle against the actor which was thought to have been withdrawn.

[ A cardboard LBH poses with TaecYeon ]

"In the afternoon, we received a mail from her containing an application for a third trial regarding the compensation suit she filed against Lee," Judge Jung Hyun-myung at the Seoul Central Prosecutors' Office said late on Monday, adding a new date of hearing would be set the following day.

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