June 22nd, 2010

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Kim Ha-neul for Bazaar

The 32 year old is set to appear in the MBC drama Road Number One, a war drama about love found and lost. In the drama, the actress portrays Soo Yeon, a woman who is in a love triangle between two soldiers, namely Jang Woo (So Ji-seob) and Tae Ho (Yoon Kye-sang). The drama will air in South Korea on June 23.

Harper’s Bazaar Korea will hit newsstands (in South Korea only) on June 21.

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Source: Newsen
Via: kpopped
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Lee Hyori has moved from Mnet Media to new agency b2m Entertainment

In the midst of recent album plagiarism case, singer Lee Hyori will move to her new agency.

Lee Hyori will be moving to b2m Entertainment. The representative of the agency is also the manager Lee Hyori worked with during her Fin.K.L days.

An official said on 21st June, “Early this month, Lee Hyori has moved from her previous agency Mnet Media to b2m Entertainment. Even though Lee Hyori’s contract with Mnet Media will only end in August, she will be managed by b2m Entertainment for her activities.”

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori  recently acknowledged plagiarism in her latest 4th album. And she has all her promotional activites on hold currently to see to the case With that, it will be a while before we will get to see Lee Hyori on broadcast programs again. It is expected that the plans for her variety shows comeback will be revealed in detail in July.
Source : Kbites

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YG says "Taeyang's title song will be the most popular of all songs"


One of the biggest domestic music companies, YG entertainment’s de facto head Yang Hyun Suk revealed his strong confidence about Taeyang’s first full album.

Yang Hyun Suk told Money Today’s Star News on 22nd, “Taeyang has put in a lot of effort for his album that is being released on upcoming 7th because it’s his own first full album. Staff know that well, so they’ve given him as much support as they can”

And Yang Hyun Suk is confident, ‘I Need A Girl’, the title song of Taeyang’s first full album, is a song which has a rhythm and beat that will be even more popular compared to ‘Look Only At Me‘ and “Wedding Dress‘ off his mini album and single that has been loved by Taeyang’s fans till now, after releasing Taeyang will have even more fans through this song”

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Source: Star news
Translations: Myokoon @ AlwaysTaeyang

Photo of Sandara Park and TaeYang at new MV filming revealed!

A photo of MV filming for Big Bang TaeYang’s solo song featuring 2NE1 Sandara Park revealed.

Sandara Park posted the photo on her me2day on 22nd June. She wrote, “I will only show just 1 photo. Even though there are many really really cool features, do check them out through the MV.”

She also said, “It seems that many females will know how to become ‘TaeYang’s girl’ through this song and MV. YongBae will set to capture the hearts of many girls once again. Anticipation!”

Sandara Park is set to appear in TaeYang’s upcoming solo song MV. The song will be included in TaeYang’s first full length album ‘Solar’ to be released on 1st July.

Source: KBites

SJ/hae: in action

Super Junior to end Bonamana promotions and proceed to promote followup hit ‘No Other’

Super Junior will end promotions for ‘Bona Mana’ and will proceed with promoting of the followup hit.

SM Entertainment announced, “Super Junior will reveal their followup hit ‘너 같은 사람 또 없어/No Other’ on online music sites like Melon, Dosirak, Bugs and Cyworld etc on th 25th.”

The song ‘No One’ will be included in the group’s 4th repackaged album and is a synth pop dance song with trendy hip hop beat. The producers to the song are Reefa and C-2, who have produced for singers like The Game, Fabolous and Ludacris, as well as Ryan Jhun. And the lyrics are written by Kenzie.
And coming 28th June, the 4th repackaged album, which will include songs like the remix version of ‘No One’ and ‘Shake It Up’, will be released.

Meanwhile, the group will have their goodbye stage on 25th June on KBS Music Bank.

Source: sookyeong

Orange Caramel thanks Super Junior for Peanut Caramel parody

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In response to Super Junior’s Heechul uploading photoshopped pictures of the fictitious group, Peanut Caramel starring certain Super Junior members, Orange Caramel has expressed their gratitude in an interview.

In the interview, the members said, “We saw the Peanut Caramel parody pictures on the internet and laughed for quite a long time.”

Super Junior fans had photoshopped the faces of Super Junior members, Ryeowook, Eunhyuk, Shindong and Heechul onto the faces of Orange Caramel members in their album cover picture. Heechul later uploaded the pictures on his Twitter and the rest is history as it caught on and became an instant hit.

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sources: allkpop + SuJuTV2

D-NA who has grown up with the tough scent

this was the article title...idk.

With the release of their single album Admiring Boy, 5 members Mika(20), Karam(19), Hyunmin(19) Injoon(18) Jay(16) have debuted on March. Their average age is 18.2 which makes them the youngest male group in korea. With their teenage looks and nice vocals they were in the spotlight. But, with their first mini album Awake, they have been born into new strong masculine males in about 3 months. They have also been changed quite a lot with their choreography, songs and expressions in their eyes.

◆ Korea's top composer volunteered

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cr; suno@metroseoul.co.kr (source) [link unavailable] + michKHUN and sera @enchanteDNA.com (translator)

Not surprised Injoon wasn't crazy about the concept lol. But "sewing machine dance" how cute~

Also! I direct you to a brand-new, long-awaited D-NA Pimp Post constructed by trappedintaipei and gwangchul.
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Donghae come to Thailand as Presenter of 'MAXIM Contact Lenses'

June 21, 2010 around 8.00 pm. at Grand Hall Siam Discovery, Thailand. Super Junior's Lee Donghae flighted from Korea for being presenter of Beauty contact lens product and contact lens for presbyopia under 'MAXIM Contact Lenses' brand.
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Thai to Eng translated by sonethloveshizz at
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Korea Republic came back from a goal down to draw 2-2 against Nigeria in a gripping contest at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban on Tuesday. The result sees the Asians through to the Round of 16 as second-place finishers from Group B behind winners Argentina, and will meet Group A toppers Uruguay in the first stage of knockout play on 26 June in Nelson Mandela Bay. Nigeria, with just one point from their three matches, are heading for home to ponder what might have been.

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[News] 2AM coming to Singapore in July for a Concert

700days since their debut, Kpop band 2AM will come to Singapore on the 10th next month.

On the 10th Of June, 2AM have debuted for 700 days already. This group was formed by the same producer of Rain and Wonder Girls, JYP. 2AM's members have chocolate abs and choreography that will not lose. Dancing skills is a common selling point in many other Kpop boybands, but they are of an exception to this skill, they go along the lyrical line to create a soft prince image as their selling point.

 When the debuted, their producer JYP decribed their musical style as what people would listen at 2 in the middle of the night, enjoying the music in peace. How enjoyable is their music? 2AM will be coming down on the 10th of July for Singaporeans to hear them live.

At the end of April 2AM were promoting their album 'I Did Wrong', after which they flew to the United States as JYP's guest performers. After awhile they revisited the United States to perform with 2PM to show their support for their JYP sisters, the Wonder Girls.

They have a packed schedule but Warner Music Singapore have successfully managed to invite them over to Singapore so they are able to meet their Singaporean fans for the first time. They will promote their album 'I Did Wrong' in Singapore. They will not only hold a press conference and be on radio, they will also hold a concert on the 10th.

These are the details of the concert:
Date: 10th July (Saturday)
Time: 5:30pm
Venue: IMM Level 3 Garden Plaza

Sr: Omy || 联合晚报
Cr: Wei Ting@
Dkpopnews for translation

Preview of 4minute’s MTV Friend Day show

Back in April we reported that the girls of 4minute would participate in a show for MTV titled 4minute’s Friend Day.

The basic premise of the show is to have celebrities befriend regular people (non celebrities). With these new friends, 4minute will go on various missions such as trips, going to school, going shopping, going to a cafe and more. They will choose one friend that is most memorable and hold a mini concert with them on July 29th.

A preview for this upcoming series was recently released.

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sources: allkpop + 4minuteShows
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Before their comeback, 2NE1 went to the US again. 'Why?'

This summer, the girl group, 2NE1 will be resuming full-fledged activities. It was confirmed that this past weekend, they had left for the US, and curiosity has been gathering. Recently, after all the members headed to the US, the UK, and Japan, they headed back to the US. A lot of interest is focusing on the reason why.

2NE1's visit to the US was revealed when Park Bom uploaded a photo on her personal me2day saying, "Where am I?". But because member, Sandara Park is making an appearance in Taeyang's first full solo album MV, her departure was delayed for 2~3 days.

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Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100623n06727
Translated by: GEE @ ygladies.com
I love them, i really do but a debut in the US? uh no thank you. they are not ready and i don't think they'll make it.

Lotte Girls mini album unveiled + Kiss Me MV

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Up and coming female quintet Lotte Girls were the talk of the kpop scene when their names first started popping up around April.

As previously stated, the girls are set to make a Chinese debut prior to their promotional period in Korea under the name Le Tian Fa. Check out their tracklist below!

01. Kiss Me
02. 1234
03. 快乐不思议
04. 诱惑

The girls have also released the full MV for their debut single Kiss Me, so be sure to check that and the rest of the tracks below! Though the tracks are in Chinese, that shouldn’t discourage you guys from checking these girls out.

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sources: allkpop + HDAsianBang + maypaymusic + nextpartner
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After School reveals teaser for Playgirlz School

It's been a long time coming, but After School’s very first reality show is just around the corner, and MBC just aired the first television teaser for this upcoming variety program.

Although the first episode has yet to air, Playgirlz School will reveal exclusive behind-the-scenes footage as the members of After School show viewers life both on- and offstage. With the addictive tune of Benny Benassi's Rock N Rave as the background track, this twenty-second teaser doesn't actually show much content other than eye candy footage from performances of Bang!, but we do get a peek at what's to come. Check it out below!

While Raina, Nana and Lizzy are busy with their Orange Caramel promotions and Kahi gears up for her solo debut, this will be a nice way for fans to see the wonderful eight ladies together again. Make sure to tune into allkpop and MBC for more on this upcoming show!

sr: allkpop + PlaygirlzSchTV
Jung Yong Hwa

CNBLUE's Japanese single The Way released

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Yesterday, CNBLUE leader Jung Yonghwa was able to free up some time in order to celebrate his birthday before their upcoming busy schedule with Japanese promotions.

The boys released their Japanese single entitled The Way which consists of four tracks:

Part 1 – One Time
Part 2 – Ready N’ Go
Part 3 – Eclipse
One Time Instrumental

The first two tracks shows off CNBLUE at their best with an up-beat rock n’ roll feel. The third track, Eclipse, is a ballad where Jonghyun in particular gets to show off his amazing vocals.

In addition, the release event for this single will be held twice and is as follows,

2010/6/23 (Wed) at Shinsaibashi CLUB QUATTRO
2010/6/26 (Sat) at Yokohama BLITZ

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Source: allkpop, bluebluekorean

Jung YongHwa, “Sudden increase in anti-fans numbers? It was like a punishment”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

C.N Blue Jung YongHwa talks about his feelings towards his anti-fans.

Jung YongHwa was on KBS 2TV WinWin aired on 22nd June when he talked about the rise in number of his anti-fans after filming the drama ‘You’re Beautiful’, “There are a few unpleasant things.”

He continued, “To start with, antis said that my image in the drama looks like I could not sing. Back then, in order to break the prejudice, I practised harder than when I was a trainee. But more unpleasant things followed after that and I was sad that I have even more anti fans. When I was filming that drama, I didn’t have anti fans. But when I do what I wanted to do more which is singing, I have to accept all the criticisms – I have felt really bad.”

Jung YongHwa, “Anti fans turn out to be like a whip to me.”

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sources: kbites + DearCNBLUE
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Super Junior Repackage album setlist

1. 미 인 아 (Bonamana)
2. 너같은사람 또 없어 (No Other)
3. 진심 (All My Heart)
4. 잠시만 Good Bye (A Short Journey)
5. Shake It Up! (Remix)

6. 나쁜 여자 (Boom Boom)
7. 응결 (Coagulation)
8. 나란 사람 (Your Eyes)
9. My Only Girl
10. 사랑이 이렇게 (My All Is In You)
11. Shake It Up!
12. 잠들고 싶어 (In My Dream)
13. 봄날 (One Fine Spring Day)
14. 좋은 사람 (Good Person)
15. Here We Go

*new songs in bold

진심 (All My Heart) - was composed by Henry and Leeteuk
잠시만 Good Bye (A Short Journey) - was written by Eunhyuk, composed by Donghae.

Source : Yes24 + Komca + sj-market
Cr : Alice @
Fierce Taec

f(x)’s Amber is making a fast recovery from her ankle injury

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Fans have been worried recently after watching Amber sitting down on a chair, due to her injured ankle, for f(x)’s NUABO performances for last week’s Music Core and Inkigayo. However, things are starting to look a lot better as Amber is making a speedy recovery!

SM Entertainment stated, “There’s nothing serious about her injury, and she had sat on a chair for the performances as an aid. Her condition is much better now.

Hopefully her ankle will recover fast enough so that she won’t need a chair for upcoming performances!

Source: AKP

I'm glad that she is making a fast recovery! :D
Penelope is pretty.
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Han Chae-young meets with Hollywood agencies

Korean actress Han Chae-young appears to be eyeing for a Hollywood debut, recently meeting with several major Hollywood agencies including CAA (Creative Artists Agency) and William Morris, according to her agency BH Entertainment on Tuesday.

An executive at BH told 10Asia over the phone that the actress, who left for the U.S. earlier this month, had meetings with several agents and producers who had shown interest in the star.

The executive explained that the meetings were "not auditions," as reported by other media outlets, and that they are currently waiting for results from the meetings. Specific projects will be discussed if and after Han and one of the agencies decide to sign a contract.

Born Kim Ji-young, the 29-year-old actress grew up in the suburb of Chicago and speaks fluent English. She was reportedly discovered by a famed Korean comedian during her visit to Korea and put her college plans on hold when he suggested that she try acting.

She made her acting debut in 2000 through horror film "The Record" and shot to stardom throughout Asia with the success of TV series "Delightful Girl Choon-hyang" (KBS2, 2005).

Last year, she made a special guest appearance in the smash hit drama "Boys Over Flowers" (KBS2, 2009) and starred in the film "Good Morning President" alongside top Korean actor Jang Dong-gun.

Han was planning to make her international debut with the film "Soulmate," which was to be co-produced by Korea and New Zealand production companies, until the shootings reportedly got cancelled.

An increasing number of Korean stars have attempted to break into to the U.S. entertainment market over the past few years including actors Lee Byung-hun and Rain who both starred in Hollywood films last year.

Female pop group Wonder Girls also started promoting themselves in the U.S. since last summer and even placed their debut single "Nobody" on the Billboard Hot100 chart. They are currently carrying out a 27-city tour across the country.

Source: asiae.co.kr

[Star Diary] TOP⑥ “‘Into the Gunfire’ I want to make it exciting”

!!  for those going 'OMFG ENOUGH ABT ITG ):<' there's minimal relevant info on the article. js.  

I learned to draw even before I started elementary school. Maybe that’s why I’m so interested in clothes and interior design. One day long ago, I suddenly started to love clothes and I thought, ‘I just want to be surrounded by clothing.’ I started working at Lee Tae Won’s clothing store, not to make money but because I loved clothes. But reality is definitely OTL. The job of ‘selling’ clothes didn’t fit with me.

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S: asiae
TRANS:  seungie @ tumblr

HyunA talks about her revealing clothes

4Minute HyunA speaks up about criticisms that she has been exposing too much on stage.

4Minute HyunA had performed in a red outfit previously on 17th June during South Korea’s World Cup match against the Argentina team. Her revealing costume had garnered much attention from netizens. Some commented, “Even though it is good that they are cheering for the national team, the outfit is too revealing.”

And about criticisms that her costumes are much revealing as compared to the other members, HyunA spoke up about it during the girls’ recent interview with TVDaily, “Outfits are just part of the performances.”

She added, “I think as a singer, one should be able to pull off various types of stage outfits. On the international stage, outfits and costumes are just a part of a performance, but it is sad that in South Korea where the culture is more conservative, outfits like these become controversial.”

She continued, “I want to show that I can pull off the concepts on stage. I hope everyone will think of the outfits as just part of the performances.”

Meanwhile, 4Minute is promoting their latest song ‘HuH’.

Source: kbites

Upcoming JYP girlgroup miss A unveiled!

The veil to JYP Entertainment’s upcoming girlgroup miss A has been lifted.

JYP Entertainment revealed on 23rd June, “New group miss A will debut under our sub-label AQ Entertainment in early July.”

Already before their debut, miss A has been chosen as model for Samsung Anycall advertisement in China. The members of the group consist of Fei, Jia Suzy and Min (who has been receiving training in JYP Entertainment for more than 7 years.”

The girls are talented in areas like singing and dancing as well as languages. For their activities, they will be promoting in the Asian music market with Korea and China markets as their main focus.

Source: Newsen
Translation by: Sookyeong
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Korean producers tapping hit Taiwanese dramas for inspiration

With news of the Korean version of Japanese manga “Itazura na Kiss” being in the works, the upcoming update would mark the third international drama adaptation since the 1996 Japanese version of the same name and the Taiwanese duology “It Started with a Kiss” (2005) and “They Kiss Again” (2008). The original manga captivated readers and continues to expand its readership with the first of a dozen parts seeing an English release late last year.
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As long as they won't remake Fated to Love You I'm won't mind
Goo Hye-sun / Rage

Hangeng may need to pay 2 billion ₩ as redemption fee, frequently attending activities to repay debt

Recently, Korea SM Entertainment had stated that: Hangeng’s contract hasn’t yet terminated. Hangeng had accepted reporter’s interview, saying that the contract must be terminated. The attitudes of both sides are so stern that it only increases the tension of the case. People who understands the situation say that, if Hangeng ends his contract with SME, he will need to pay 2 billion won (about RMB 11million 5 hundred 80 thousand)* as a ‘redemption’ fee.

According to some sources, if Hangeng is to work under another company, he needs to pay 3 times the money that SME had used on his training, and 2 times of the relative money loss when he leaves. Hangeng had signed the contract with SME in 2001, and it’s been already nine years now, and only 5 more years till the contract expires. As Hangeng’s popularity had been soaring up high in China these few years, SME had arranged a lot of performance and schedules for him as well as Super Junior, and the fee used now will also be counted on Geng, that’s why Hangeng will need to compensate 2 billion won if he wishes to terminate the contract.

Although the law case with SME is still pending, Hangeng attends a lot of activities in China frequently, and he even sang the promotion song of Asian’s Games and Asian Game’s Voluteers. According to inner news, the price which Hangeng accepts the songs aren’t low, instead, it may even exceed 7 digits. The person also expresses that Hangeng knew he had to compensate a huge amount to SME, so the reason why he had high speculation of the prices every time he attend activities is to pay back the debt to SME.

*US $1,692,476.70

Source: ent.163.com
Translation: 3unam @ sj-world.net

ETA: There seems to be some false info and/or exaggerations in the article. You can find further clarifications here and here in the comment section. Both thanks to proleptical at geng_bao :)

Lee Hyori rocks Cosmopolitan in hot swimsuits

Photographed by Hong Jang Hyun, diva Lee Hyori (이효리) takes it off for July's Cosmopolitan! Posing in swimsuits, showing off her excellent S-line body shape. Entitled and god created woman..., the shoot took place in Bali's black sand beach. Staffs on set were left absolutely speechless over her well-toned body. Check out the absolutely hot photoshoot :

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source: eiffelinseoul